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A.T.C Clearing & Shipping Pvt. Ltd.

Popularly known as ATC; we are a Full ATC GROUP AT A GLANCE
Service - Pan India group of companies
providing Total Logistics Services .We are n Estd : 1957
one of the leading Custom House Agent n 50 glorious years of standing
(Custom Broker),International Freight n Financially Sound
Forwarder, IATA Air Cargo Agent, nOn approved List of Leading Banks
Licensed Multimodal Transport Operator, n Pan India
Import-Air Consolidator, Export Ocean n Global network
Consolidator / (Groupage) and n 18 offices in 11 cities of India
specialized Exhibition Forwarder at n 2 overseas offices - USA & Dubai
Mumbai.dealing with all your Transport, n Illustrious clientele
Logistics and Cargo requirements by sea, n Full service
air and road. Founded in 1957, ATC n Own Trucks - Forklifts
registered a continuous and sustained n Group staff strength - 250+ employees
growth and continues to be financially n Total Logistics Solutions
sound. We have constantly enhanced the n Door to Door Service
service coverage. n Approved Customs Broker
The company has kept pace with n IATA Approved
changing times increasing needs of n FMC (USA) Registered
clients and has widened range of n Respectable client base
customized services. To ensure effective n Over 500 customers representing most
handling of cargo the company has reputed large Indian companies,
specialized divisions for import and multinational organizations and small
export, sea and air, custom scale sectors
clearance/international freight forwarding. n Large client base in industrial sector
With an extensive network of associates n Clean high end customers
in all major countries, we are also n Offer services by Air, Sea, Road and
exclusive member of United Shipping Multimodal
Associates in India.

Large enough to cater to big customers

Decentralised enough to render personalised service

Total logistic solutions and door to door service

Service Concept
Tax Efficient

Law Total
Compliant Solutions

Speed Optimized Customer Focused

Keeping with high value system and n High Value System

knowledge based service differentiation, n Knowledge based service
ATC offers customized and customer differentiation
focused speed optimized service, n Tax Efficient
offering one stop Total Logistics n Law Compliant
Solutions. While doing so we are n Speed Optimized
strongly law compliant and tax efficient n Total Logistics Solutions
not just ourselves but also in service n Customer Focused

Business Accepted & Transacted Subject To 'Standard Trading Conditions of FFFAI’

Copy Hosted on Website; Hard / Soft Copy available on request.
Business Strategy

Pan-India Global Network

Full Service

High End Clean

ATC offers full spectrum of Door to Door n Full spectrum of Door to Door Logistics
Logistics Solutions with its entire repertoire of Solutions
services. We are fortunate to have very n Respectable client base
respectable client base of over 500 customers n Over 500 customers representing most
representing most reputed large Indian reputed large Indian companies, multinational
companies, multinational organizations and organizations and small scale sectors
small scale sectors. n Specialized in Engineering and Automobile
While being specialized in Engineering and industry
Automobile industry we have large client base n Large client base in industrial sector
industrial sector, catering to clean high end n Clean high end customers
customer. n Network of 18 own offices in India
With a network of 18 own offices in India, 2 n 2 Overseas Offices
Overseas Offices and a Global network of n Global network of Associates
Associates we offer services not just from n Custom Clearance
anywhere from India, but also Globally. n International Freight Forwarding and NVOCC
The full service repertoire includes Custom (Non Vessel Owning Common Carrier) /
Clearance, International Freight Forwarding Multimodal Transport
and NVOCC (Non Vessel Owning Common n Import, export and transit
Carrier) / Multimodal Transport. Not only we n Offer services by Air, Sea, Road and
handle import, export and transit but we can Multimodal
offer services by Air, Sea, Road and n Port to Port or Door to Door depending of
Multimodal, Port to Port or Door to Door basis customer requirements
depending of customer requirements. In n Warehousing & Distribution
addition we can also offer Warehousing, n Order Management
Distribution, Order Management, Tracking n Tracking including web based tracking
including web based tracking.
Salient Features
We are licensed Custom House Agent, n Licensed Custom House Agent
Licensed Multimodal Transport n Import – Export
Operator, IATA accredited Air Cargo n ICEGATE Registered
Agent. We are registered with n Experience: DEEC, STP, FTZ,
Customs for filing manifest, B/E, S/Bill EHTP, 100%EOU, EPCG, DEPB,
from ICEAGATE. Our U.S.A. office is DFRC, DFCEC, Exhibitions, Project
registered with US FMC as NVOCC. Imports, High Seas Sale, Re-import,
Re-export, Temporary Imports;
As a licensed Custom House Agent we Export from Bond, Stock & Sale
have experience of handling (including Modvat), Job Work...
consignments covered by various
schemes and notification of the n Licensed Multimodal Transport
government. We have been IATA Operator
accredited Air Cargo Agent since 1990. n IATA Air Cargo Agent since 1990
Our staff is qualified in Rule 9 and n Custom Approved Air & Ocean
Category I Examination of Customs Consolidator
n ICEGATE Registered
n Advance Manifest Filing
n FMC (USA) Registered NVOCC &
n Joint Stock Company With All
Working Directors
n On The Approved List Of Leading
n Illustrious Clientele
. n Covered by Liability Insurance
n Trucking - Own Trucks
n Warehousing - Own Forklifts

Our staff is qualified in Rule 9 and Category I Examination of Customs

ATC Group

Associated Container Line Pvt. Ltd


In an environment of hyper competition Advantages of making

and information jungle, more so in a shipments through NVOCC &
dynamic or ever challenging world, you
need someone who understands your MTO
needs correctly and offers a customized n Flexibility in choosing the schedules
solution for all your shipping needs. n Back up knowledge of routing and
ACLPL, your friendly NVOCC, is an transit time
expert in working out routing and transit n Value added services at the
time that fits your requirements. We destination
know where and how to find competitive n MTD is negotiable upon issuance after
freight rates, availability of special custom clearance
equipment (Open Top Container, Flat n One Stop Shop
Rack Container, High Cube Container…) n Customer Focus and people who
and various options in routing and transit understand your needs
time. You therefore have the privilege n Being Neutral we are not committed to
and flexibility at competitive price. Be it any single line or route
FCL shipments, LCL (Groupage), Odd
dimension cargo, Convention cargo At a Glance
going to gateway ports or Odd n Multimodal Transport Operator
destinations and whether moving on port n ICD / CFS – Port – Ex W
to port basis we have a customized n Service Contracts
solution for you. We are licensed n FCL / LCL / Break Bulk
Multimodal Transport Operator. n Over Dimension – Special Equipment
n Buyers Consolidation
n DDU / DDP / Ex - Works
Ocean Export, Break-bulk ,
n Track & Trace
Freight Forwarding,
n Carting Space in CFS
ATC Group

Associated Groupage Logistics Pvt. Ltd.


Associated Groupage Logistics (AGL) is At a Glance

specialized in Ocean Freight Forwarding n Ocean Freight for Import & Export
and customers i.e. Importers are n Exhibition Forwarding
benefited by consignee suitable shipping n Customs Clearance - Sea & Air
schedules and transit time and n Air Freight for Import & Export
competitive ocean freight rates. n Emergency Spares
n Collection of the consignment ( Ex
AGL is Licenced Customs House Agent, Works )
Licenced Multimodal Operator, IATA n Pre Carriage Arrangements
Accredited Agent, RBI & Customs n Documentation
Approved Break Bulk Agent, US FMC n Customs / Port Formalities, in the
Registered NVOCC, ICEGATE country of Shipment & Transit
Registered and also DDP/DDU capable. n Packing
n Third Party Inspection
AGL provides Door-to-Door service. n Consignee Suitable Shipping
Services also includes dismantling of Schedules & Transit time
2nd hand machinery, packing, n Competitive Ocean Freight Rates:-
palletisation and local supplier LCL - FCL - Break bulk - Multimodal
consolidation, tracking and monitoring of n Tracking and Monitoring of
consignments, Import customs clearance Consignments
at the destination. n Follow up with the Suppliers
n Multiple Supplier Consolidation
n Door to Door/Integrated Logistics
n Import Customs Clearance At The
We also handle transit handling Destination
cargo to Nepal and Bhutan via n DDP / DDU Capable
Kolkata and Road Transportation n Site Handling : Shifting & Installation
to Bangladesh. n Transit Cargo to Nepal, Bhutan &
ATC Group

Associated Consolidation Services Pvt. Ltd.


ACS customers can take advantage of At a Glance

competitive freight rates and n Competitive freight rates
convenience of regularly scheduled n Regularly scheduled flights for Import
flights for Import Air Consolidation. We Air Consolidation
can organize pick up from the suppliers, n 3rd country shipments
track the shipment and coordinate with
the suppliers. We also offer this service Approvals
for 3rd country shipments
n Customs Permission For Advance
Manifest Filing.
ACS Customers Advantages n Ground Handling Agent (Air India)
‚ Competitive Air Freight Rates Break-Bulk Approval
‚ The Convenience Of Regularly n ICEGATE
Scheduled Flights
‚ Preferred Space Availability
‚ Monitoring, Tracking And Control
n Air Import Consolidation Service To
‚ Optimised Transit Times
Major Customs Airports In India From All
‚ Multiple Supplier Consolidation
Major Airports Of The World.
‚ Professional And Personalized Service
n Door-To-Door Service (DDP / DDU).
‚ Coordination & Follow Up With
n Free Hand Cargo
n Third Country Exports
‚ Door to Door Service – DDP/DDU
n Neutral Handling
‚ Transit & Transhipment Cargo
‚ Third Country Shipments
‚ Advance Prelaert
Professional And Experienced
‚ Advance Documentation
Staff To Cater To Every Single
‚ Quick & Reliable Availability Of Original
Specialised Need Of Customers.
Set Of Documents On Arrival.
Repertoire of Services
We are big enough to cater to each of n Custom House Agent
your requirements not just locally but n Air Cargo Agent
globally and we are small enough to n International Freight Forwarder
render a customized and personalized n Groupage / Consolidation : Air - Sea
service. While maintaining high level n NVOCC: Service Contracts - Rate
of integrity we are financially sound by Agreements
following prudent financial practices. n MTO : DDP / DDU
We offer customers specialized n Over Dimension Cargo
services with each Strategic Business n Warehousing & Distribution
Unites specialized in single sub n Road Transport/ Own Trucks
activity. n Packing & Palletisation
n Forklift & Crane Hire
n FCL Consolidation For Single


Extended Freight Forwarding

Beyond traditional Freight Forwarding n Project Forwarding
we also provide Extended Freight n Exhibition Forwarding - Site
Forwarding Services Handling
n FCL Consolidation for Single
Shipper/ Consignee
n Express Spare Part Forwarding
n Buying Agent
n Coastal Shipping

Business Accepted & Transacted Subject To

'Standard Trading Conditions of FFFAI’
Copy Hosted on Website; Hard / Soft Copy available on request.
Value added services
n Pre-scrutiny of Documents n SVB & Customs Valuation
n Refunds / Bond Cancellation n Insurance matters & Claims
n Incentives – DEPB, DBK, DFRC n Octroi Refunds
n Appeals n Refund Claims on Customs
n Information on Foreign Country n Defending Less Charge Demands
n Regulations n Arranging Survey
n Tariffs & Costs n Claims on Carriers & Custodians
n Selection of Shipping Route & Line n DDP / DDU
n Assistance in RBI/DGFT n Express Spares
n Import Policy & Custom Tariff

Refunds & Appeals

n Defending SCN n DEPB / DEEC Credit
n Refund Claims On Customs n Preparation Of & Representing
n Defending Less Charge Demands Appeal Cases To Commissioner
n Claims On Carriers & Custodians Of Customs Appeals & CEGAT
n Bond Cancellation n Octroi Refund
n Duty Drawback Claims n Conversion Of Shipping Bills

Ancillary Services
n Trucking : Own fleet of Container n 2nd Hand Machinery Dismantling
Trucks n Assistance in RBI & DGFT Matters
n Cargo Handling : Own Forklifts & n Tracking of consignments; chasing /
Skilled Labor; Loading - Unloading; follow up with supplier / buyer
Site Handling, Packing, Unpacking & n Warehouse with Overhead Crane
Shifting near Docks & at Truck Terminus
n Packing & Palletisation

We offer customers variety of value added service each being rendered by

person experienced and specialized in the same.
Professional Memberships

We take active part in various Trade Bodies including International, National, Local
Associations and Chamber of Commerce. We also participate actively not just by
membership but by being a part of Managing Committee, Expert Committee and
Governing Council and take other responsibilities as Office Bearers.

n International Federation of Freight Industry and Agriculture (MACCIA)

Forwarders (FIATA) n Mahratta Chamber of Commerce,
n Indo German Chamber of Commerce Industries & Agriculture (MCCIA)
(IGCC) n Official Sponsor Of PYC-ATC
n Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Interclub Snooker Challenge
n Pune Custom House Agents
n Federation of Indian Exporters Association
Organisations (FIEO)
n Chennai Custom House Agents
n Federation of Freight Forwarders Association
Association in India (FFFAI) n Kolkata Custom House Agents
n Association of Multimodal Transport Association
Operators in India (AMTOI) n Delhi Custom House Agents
n Air Cargo Agents Association of India Association
(ACAAI) n Maharashtra Economic Development
n Bombay Custom House Agents Council( Textile Export Association at
Association (BCHAA) Andheri)
n Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce,
ATC Network

( This Map is for

Schematic Representation
and is not a Political Map

n Pan-India n 18 own offices

n Global Network n 2 overseas offices in Dallas,
Texas, USA and Dubai, UAE

ATC has own offices all over the country n Pan-India

and also has two overseas offices in n Global Network
Dallas, Texas, USA and Dubai, UAE. n 18 own offices
Through membership of exclusive n 2 overseas offices in Dallas, Texas,
networks and working with competent USA and Dubai, UAE
and independent associates, each office n Memberships of exclusive networks
in respective locations we are able to n Competent and independent
offer services using associates where associates
Tradelane specialist, activity specialist n Handle shipments to odd destination
and location focused. We are also able and difficult locations.
to handle shipments to odd destination
and difficult locations.
Group Companies & Divisions

A.T.C. Clearing & Shipping Pvt. Ltd.

Associated Container Line Pvt. Ltd Associated Groupage Logistics Pvt. Ltd. Associated Consolidation Services Pvt. Ltd.

ATC Group Companies Divisions Of ATC

n Associated Container Line Pvt. Ltd. n Associated Global Logistics

n Associated Container Lines (Usa) LLC n Associated Container Line
n Associated Container Lines (Dubai) n Associated Consolidation Services
LLC n B.M. Associates
n ATC East India P. Ltd. (Kolkata) n S.M Enterprises
n ATC West India P. Ltd. (Baroda)
n ACL North India P. Ltd. (Delhi)
n Pan Gulf Logistics (Bahrain)
ATC Offices
Corporate Office Ahmedabad : Nagpur :
901, Peninsula Towers, 405, Anand Mangal Bldg., Adarsh Society, Plot No. 66A, Flat No. B-16,
Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel (W), Behind Omkar House, C. G. Rd., Ureovela Colony, Anand Apartment,
Mumbai 400 013, INDIA Ahemedabad - 380 009. Ring Road, Nagpur - 440 015.
Tel : (91) 22 - 6651 3000 (100 lines) Tel.: (91) 79 - 2656 6600 Tel.: (91) 712 - 224 3882
Fax : (91) 22 - 6654 1556 / 57 Fax : (91) 79 - 2646 6616 E-Mail
E-Mail : / E -Mail : Contact person: Mr. Milind Pathare
Contact Person : Mr. Pillai Madhavan Contact Person : Mr. Navroz Langrana
Hyderabad :
Air-Import & Export Solapur : # 2001, 2nd Floor, H. No. 1-7-264,
103, Samarpan, 1st floor, New Link Rd., 67/3, Gaibbi Pritisangam Hsg. Society, Emerald House, S. D. Road,
Chakala, Andheri (East), Mumbai-400099 Near Bank of Maharashtra (Camp Br.) Park Lane Circle,
Tel.: (91) 22 - 2832 0336 / 2832 0439 / Saat Rasta, Solapur - 413003 Secunderabad - 500 003.
2832 0449 / 2832 0460 2832 0542 / Tel.: (91) 217 - 561 8248 Tel.: (91) 40 - 5548 9058
2823 1880 / 2823 1872 Fax: (91) 217 - 231 5081 Fax: (91) 40 - 5548 8259
Fax : (91) 22 - 2826 2748 / 2826 6645 E -Mail : E-Mail : /
E-Mail : export@atcair (Export Air) Contact Person : Mr. Sanjay Dixit Contact person: Mr. G. Anthony Joseph (Customs Clearance) (Import Air Consol) Chennai : Associated Container Line Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person : Mr. Arun kaikini 303, Wavoo Mansion,48/39 Rajaji Salai, (NVOCC)
Chennai - 600001. 901, Peninsula Towers,
Dronagiri ( Nhava Sheva / JNP ) : Tel.: (91) 44 - 2526 2572 / 73 Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel (W),
412 Freight Forwarders Premises Co.Op. Soc. Fax: (91) 44 - 2526 2571 Mumbai 400 013, INDIA
Opp. Dronagiri Township, Plot No.5, E-Mail : / Tel : (91) 22 6651 3000 (100 lines)
Sector 1, URAN 400 707. Contact person: Mr. Sridhar R. Fax : (91) 22 6654 1558
Tel: (91) 22 - 2747 1612 / 2747 1627 E-Mail : /
Fax : (91) 22 - 2747 1621 Nashik : Contact Person : Mr. Ashutosh Sathe
E-mail: / F-4, M.I.D.C. Ambad, NASHIK-422010 Tel.: (91) 253 - 238 0532, 238 2844 Associated Groupage Logistics Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person : Mr. A. N. Phatak Fax: (91) 253 - 238 3244 (Import Ocean Forwarding)
E-mail : 901, Peninsula Towers,
PUNE I - City : Contact person : Mr. Sharad Jadhav Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel (W),
303, White House, Tilak Rodd, Mumbai 400 013, INDIA
Pune - 411 030. Aurangabad : Tel : (91) 22 6651 3000 (100 lines)
Tel.: (91) 20 - 2448 4608 / 2443 3373 A-5/7 Gadiya Vihar, Shanoor Wadi, Fax : (91) 22 6654 1556 / 57
Fax: (91) 20 - 2447 5385 Aurangabad - 431 005. E-Mail : /
E-Mail : / Cell No.: (91) 98233 31014 Contact Person : Mr. Ravindra Rajwade / E-Mail : Mrs. Madhavi Bakhle
Contact Person : Mr. Sushil Raddi Contact person: Mr. Manish Kapoor
PUNE II - Pimpri : B. M. Associates
Amarjyoti Apartment, 1st floor, Great Social Bldg., 4th floor,
Yashwant Nagar, Telco Rd., Sir P. M.Road, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001.
Pimpri Waghire, Pune - 411 018 OVERSEAS LOCATIONS Tel.: (91) 22 - 2265 1356
Tel. / Fax : (91) 20 - 2748 1903 E-Mail :
E.mail : Contact Person : Mr. Ishwar Kawaldar / U.S.A.
Contact person : Mr. S. P. Kulkarni Associated Container Lines (USA) LLC S. M. Enterprises
6650 Rivers Avenue, Suite 132 Sethi Mansion, Kumtha Street, Fort,
New Delhi : Charleston, SC 29456, U.S.A Mumbai - 400 001.
810 Modi Corp. Tower, 98 Nehru Place, Tel : 1 843 797 6635 Tel.: (91) 22 - 2263 0837 / 38 / 39
New Delhi - 110 019 Fax : 1 843 576 1879 Fax : (91) 22 - 2265 4698
Tel.: (91) 11 - 4161 7596 / 97 / 98 Contact Person : Mr. Kumar E-Mail :
Fax : (91) 11 - 2642 4100 Email : Contact Person : Mr. Kailas Gawade
E-mail : / Contact Person : Mrs. Anita Baldwin Email : Associated Warehousing Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Contact person : Capt. Rajan Nath / (Open Warehouse)
Mr. Benny John U.A.E. Plot No. 32/1, 32/2, Kolkhe Village,
Associated Container Line (LLC) Old Mumbai - Pune Highway, Panvel,
Kolkata : P O Box 116158, DUBAI - UAE Dist. Raigad.
Saberwal House, 55 B, Mirza Ghalib Street, Tel : + 971 - 4 - 3939230 E-Mail :
8th floor, Kolkata - 700 016 Fax : + 971 - 4 - 3939238 Contact Person : Mr. Prakash Gokhale
Tel. No.: (91) 33 - 2216 6170 Contact Person : Makarand Moghe
Fax : (91) 33 - 2216 6169 Email : Warehouse:
E-mail :atcei / Contact Person : Mrs. Shriya Joshi Wadala Truck Terminal, Near Anik Bus
Contact person : Mr. Avik Dey Email : Depot, Wadala, Mumbai 400037
Tel.: (91) 22 -2403 6086