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Busy week for area reghters

Two structure res, seven grass res reported

Fireghters from across the county were stretched to the limit last week as they responded to two structure res and seven grass res in the course of only ve days. Heartland Energy County law enforcement ofcials responded to reports of smoke late Wednesday evening. Upon discovery of a re in the east building on the Heartland Energy Solutions site, reghters from the Mount Ayr, Diagonal and Ellston re departments responded at approximately 10:45 p.m. and remained on the scene until 4 a.m. Thursday. Fire ghters from Mount Ayr, Diagonal, Kellerton, Tingley and Ellston were called back to the building at approximately 6:45 a.m. when smoke reappeared. Mount Ayr volunteer re chief Mike Wimer explained that in cases of structure res, all departments in the county have a mutual aid agreement regardless of the site of the re. Mount Ayr reghter Bill Stull suffered a broken right leg Thursday morning. Stull, who was still hospitalized as of press time Tuesday, reported he and another re ghter were nearly done with their work when a section of the ceiling collapsed, pinning and twisting his leg. Wimer estimated the building suffered 20-30 percent re damage but 100 percent smoke damage. Damage was contained to the east building. Tuesday morning Judy Shaha, ofce manager at Heartland, said as of that morning no damages estimates were available. Ofcially, the incident has been labeled an accidental re of undertermined origin. Shaha said the re started in a storage area on the west side of the east building, also known as the blade building. Shaha reported plastic had not melted on the blade molds, and most equipment had been moved to the east end of the building or outside under cover. Its really the best of the worst, she said, in reference to the lack of damage to equipment. She added Heartland still had enough nished blades on hand to outt four turbines while the blade facility is brought back on line. Johnson house After a long night at the Heartland re, reghters were once again called out just before noon Thursday to a house re at the residence of Peggy Johnson on Highway 169 south of Mount Ayr. Fireghters from Mount Ayr, Diagonal and Ellston found smoke rolling from several windows in the house. Chief Wimer estimated the home as a total loss. Although the structure is standing, the interior was gutted by the re. The origin of the re is still undetermined and under routine investigation. Johnson, the director of the Ringgold County Neighborhood Center, reported no one was home at the time of the re. She said investigators believe the re may have started in the bedroom or laundry room along the north wall. Although the interior of the house was gutted, she said she was able to save a tub of photographs she had been working on for scrapbooks. Johnson is currently residing in a motel in Lamoni. But she said she would like to rent an RV to live in at the site and eventually plans to rebuild if possible. To assist Johnson, ofce aides Debra ____________________________
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Smoke continues to roll from the home of Peggy Johnson just after noon Thursday. The structure, located south of Mount Ayr on Highway 169, was considered a total loss.

Local residents participate in mission trip to South Africa

On Thursday, February 14, 13 Ringgold county residents or former residents boarded a plane in Des Moines. Thirty hours later they stepped foot in Johannesburg, South Africa, the beginning of a two-week adventure of a lifetime. Included in the group were Brandy Anderson, Rhonda Brand, Clare Magers, Chad and Jennifer Main, Bill Priest, Bruce and Michell Ricker, Blake Ricker, Lindsay Ricker, Cyndi Sobotka, and Drexel and Lora Wall. The group comprised the Ringgold County Mission Team afliated with Dr. Jim Blessman and his wife Beth through their humanitarian mission, Blessman Ministries. Headquartered in Urbandale, Blessman Ministries has built an African headquarters on the 3,000 acre Shikwaru Game Farm located three hours north of Johannesburg. The ministry hosts between seven and 12 two-week mission trips per year at its compound in South Africa. The Ringgold county connection to Blessman Ministries is a natural: Dr. Blessman grew up in Cleareld and his parents, Leroy and Betty Blessman, were lifelong county residents. During their time in Africa, the Ringgold mission team aided the Blessman ministry personnel with several tasks. They took part in three optical outreaches, during which the missionaries matched pairs of donated eyeglasses with local children and adults. Main said she especially enjoyed watching their faces light up when they could see clearly for the rst time. The team also worked in one feeding center and visited a local school. One highlight of the trip for the Ringgold team was taking part in directing a three-day Holy Spirit Camp for 83 children at a nearby feeding center. The team conducted seven activities including water balloon volleyball, creating Holy Spirit doves out of papiermch, learning to play music on plastic recorders and a challenge course that taught teambuilding skills as well as other activi-

A reghter inspects the interior of the east building at Heartland Energy Solutions Thursday morning. Cause of the re is still undetermined.

School board approves budget

The Mount Ayr Community schools board of directors approved the 2013-2014 budget, a number of sharing agreements, three quotes for summer work projects and contracts for the next school year as part of its regular meeting Monday, April 8. 2013-14 budget. After a public hearing, the board approved the district as presented for the coming school year. The budget estimates collecting $3,678,113 through utility replacement and property tax. The levy rate for next year is just over $16.56 per $1,000 valuation, the same as 2012-13. As part of his presentation during the public hearing, superintendent Joe Drake provided board members a list of estimated levy rates for most schools in southwest Iowa. The comparison revealed Mount Ayrs levy rate of $16.56 per $1,000 valuation was similar to levy rates in neighboring districts. For example, the 2013-14 estimated levy rates included $13.03 at Bedford, $15.67 at East Union, $16.99 at Lenox, $17.15 at Central Decatur, $18 at Lamoni, $18.01 at Diagonal and $21.66 at Cleareld. Sharing agreements Following a recommendation from activities director Delwyn Showalter, the board voted to renew the sharing agreement with Diagonal for baseball for the 201314 school year, but they also voted to discontinue sharing agreements in any sport administered by the state on a coed basis, meaning the boys and girls district and state competitions are held together. The sports affected are bowling, cross country and track. The situation arose this season when, because of the sharing agreement currently in place with Diagonal for boys track, the boys team was bumped up to Class 2A, even though only two Diagonal athletes are currently out for track. As a result, the boys and girls track teams must travel to different sites for their state-qualifying district meets. Showalter added that Mount Ayr could have hosted a Class 1A district meet, but now families and track fans will be required to choose to follow either the boys team or girls team as they travel to different sites. Director Duane Schafer asked Showalter if this decision would negatively impact relations between the school districts and sharing arrangements in other areas. Showalter replied he felt the Diagonal administration understood the situation and discussions about the issue had been cordial. He also stressed the decision would not jeopardize the opportunity for Diagonal students to participate in track. He explained the state requires no minimum number of participants to form a track team; therefore, Showalter said, Diagonal track athletes could continue to use Mount Ayr facilities, practice with Mount Ayr athletes and travel to meets with Mount Ayr teams. The only difference would be the Diagonal athletes would compete in Diagonal uniforms rather than Mount Ayr uniforms. Showalter also pointed out this decision would have no effect on current or future sharing arrangements in football or baseball. The board approved a new sharing arrangement with the Bedford school district. Under the arrangement, Mount Ayr Spanish teacher Gilberto Castrege would provide instruction to Bedford students via the Iowa Communications Network system. Bedford has agreed to pay $200 per pupil per semester as well as any associated ICN costs. The sharing agreement with the Creston school district for the services of Eric Ehlen was renewed. Under the terms of the agreement, Ehlen teaches one class in Mount Ayr and spends the remainder of his work day teaching in Creston. In turn, Creston pays 80 percent of his salary and covers 80 percent of transportation costs. The board also renewed a number of 28E sharing agreements with Southwestern Community College in Creston. The agreements cover the following courses: Art Appreciation, Composition II, Health Careers, Welding Career Academy, Business Systems Networking, Electrical Technology, Auto Repair, Carpentry and Building Trades and a large number of online courses. In addition, a new course was added for Mount Ayr students. Digital Engineering will become part of the Business Systems Networking offerings. Summer work contracts The board approved bids for work ____________________________
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Michell Ricker has her hands full on the Lion Walk during the Ringgold county mission trip to South Africa. ties. One of the favorite activities was a polar plunge, where the children would jump into a water trough lled with ice water. During the three days, several of the missionaries slept at the village with the children, an adventure in itself. Ricker recalled listening to the beating of drums and dancing in the village most of the night. The Ringgold team had also transported 10 suitcases of donated items from family and friends in Iowa. These items included homemade eyeglass cases and dolls as well as articles of clothing, toys, personal hygiene products and many others, which are donated to the childrens church. The church leaders reward children with play money if they do such things as read their Scripture, bring a friend to church and other tasks. The children may then buy the donated articles with their earned money. Main and Ricker both agreed they liked the reward system better than just handing out the articles to the children. They have a sense of achievement, said Ricker. Handouts are just not good for their selfesteem. Main concurred. Its not like Oh, theres another group of Americans coming next week so lets wait for them to bring us more stuff, said Main. That would just create a poverty cycle. The team also brought donations of money raised via several fundraisers conducted prior to the trip. For example, Main and her husband Chad held a freewill offering open house at their newly renovated home with all the proceeds donated to Blessman Ministries to further their humanitarian activities. When not working with the ministry, the Ringgold team had plenty of opportunities to experience Africa up close. They participated in what is known as a lion walk, where they literally walked with lions while holding on to their tails. They were able to ride elephants and enjoy a safari at the Entebeni Big 5 game farm. Several of the Ringgold team participated in a big-game hunt on the Shikwaru Game Farm, and meat from the animals was __________________________

Snapshots of Ringgold County

Pumptown, Ringgold County
As part of our commemoration of the Record-News 150th year of publishing, each week we will feature a photo of life in Ringgold County. Snapshots of Ringgold County photos will vary as the seasons and events dictate. The town of Beaconseld is often referred to as Pumptown thanks to the unique placement of an old hand water pump at the intersetion of the towns two main streets. In the background is the building that was home to the very rst Hy-Vee store. This is the sixth of the photos in our commemorative series.

The city of Mount Ayr is prominently featured in the March/April edition of the Iowa History Journal. The feature article, written by Mike Chapman, traces the founding and naming of the town, but it focuses more on recent efforts to revitalize the community. Civic cooperation is the main theme of the article. Through cooperative efforts among city government, the local chamber of commerce, local volunteers, Iowa State Extension, charitable organizations such as Dekko Foundation and the South Central Iowa Community Foundation and generous benefactors, Mount Ayr is depicted as a community that is alive and well. Highlighted in the article are a number of recent community betterment projects, including the Princess Theater, Teen Center, Lucky Lanes bowling alley, Ringgold County Hospital, Mount Ayr Inn and the Historic Square beautication project. The article also features the inuence of California businessman Paul Ramsey and the efforts of local volunteer Michell Ricker in a number of revitalization projects. Chapman focuses on Ramseys boyhood ties to the community, his development at Lesanville and his investment in the development of Ramseys Supper Club and Heartland Energy Solutions as well as many of the other projects listed above. Ricker is quoted throughout the article about her familys decision to return to Mount Ayr in 1996, the importance of cooperative spirit within the community and the inuence of Ramsey in so many of the revitalization projects. Mr. Ramsey has modeled for all of us the I can spirit, and a spirit of community investment has caught on, she says in the article.

Mount Ayr shines in journal article

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Cleareld school dissolution surveys are due by April 15

Surveys seeking Cleareld school district patron input concerning the districts dissolution are due April 15. The surveys have been distributed by the Dissolution Commission that was recently appointed by the Cleareld Community school board of directors to begin proceedings toward dissolution of the Cleareld district after the 20132014 school year. The commission has the responsibility to write a dissolution plan that will include the distribution of the districts assets and liabilities (including the school building and site) among neighboring contiguous districts - Bedford, Diagonal, Lenox and Mount Ayr. In addition, territory currently within the boundaries of the Cleareld district will be reassigned to the neighboring districts. Commission chair Doug England has sent a survey to each voter and landowner with land currently in the Cleareld district asking for their preferences for reassignment of their property. Parents are also asked which district their children currently attend, or if not yet school age, their preference of which district they would like their children to attend. Residents have until April 15 to return the survey to the Cleareld district ofce or to any Dissolution Commission member. Commission members include Sara Deskin, Doug England, Gina Knox, Becky Kerns, Bob Cameron, Michele Sobotka and Patty Parrish. The commission will review the surveys and attempt to accommodate patron preferences as they develop the dissolution plan that will be presented to the Cleareld board of directors. If approved by

the board, the plan will be taken to Cleareld voters for their approval. A letter accompanying the surveys states the reasons for dissolution. After years of declining enrollment and state budget limitations, it states, ...the district cannot continue to operate and stay compliant with Iowa code. Over the past weeks, the Cleareld board had approached the contiguous districts to seek their interest in reorganization with the Cleareld district, but as the letter states, for a variety of reasons the neighboring districts declined our invitation, thus forcing the decision for dissolution. All Cleareld district patrons are strongly encouraged to return the surveys by the April 15 deadline so the commission can begin work on the dissolution plan.

Opinion A bit more thankful for being well THOUGHTS

It doesnt take long with a bout of illness to realize that one should be thankful for each day that is normal. We should always be thankful for every breath, but until it is hard to breathe we often dont realize what a blessing each breath is. When we go along and arent coughing so hard it feels like we are trying to get our toes to come up, we should be thankful. But it takes some of that coughing sometimes for us to appreciate it. When our body temperature chugs along at about 98.6 degrees we dont give it a thought. But get a fever and bounce back and forth between hot and teeth-chatteringly cold and that 98.6 normal seems pretty comforting. Our heart beats along at a comfortable pace for us and we dont give it a second thought. When it starts racing or slowing down, however, all of a sudden we realize what a blessing it is that it beats along without us taking any thought of it. When we have a box of Kleenex sitting around for weeks at a time and dont have to use one from it, we dont even remember its there. When you go through a box of Kleenex in a couple of days, you remember how nice it was not to need it. When food looks and smells good and you have an appetite for it we may say a thank you prayer before we eat it. But when our digestive tracts get upset, our smeller isnt smelling, or our taster isnt tasting, those prayers when things get back to normal seem a little more heart-felt. I guess thats just the way of human nature. Its been over a week since I rst came down with an upper respiratory bug of some kind, and I cant remember when it has taken this long to shake it. Valle, sympathetic for what I was going through, decided to join me in misery a couple of days into my saga. So two sickies took care of each other for what has seemed like an interminable time. We both took trips to the doctor to see about our illnesses, which we rarely ever do. Most of our trips are for routine checkups, not because we think we really need it. But it looks like we are going to make it. Valle is back in school after some of the few sick days she has taken in her career. Fortunately for me, I can now be sick and not have to worry about missing work.

Mount Ayr Record-News

Thursday, April 11, 2013

LOOKING BACK in the Early Files

Fifty Years Ago (From the Mount Ayr RecordNews, Thursday, April 4, 1963.) Kathy Greenland of Grand River won rst place honors in the annual Ringgold county spelling contest held Saturday in Mount Ayr. Russell Manning of Kellerton placed second. Vera F. Dickens, county superintendent of school, conducted the contest. Connie Sandage, an art major in the College of Fine Arts of Drake University, Des Moines, was recently selected for membership in Mortar Board, national leadership society for women. Miss Sandage is the daughter of Weldon Sandage of Kellerton, who was privileged to attend the tapping ceremony and coffee. Ricky Defenbaugh topped 52 entrants to win the state championship in the Class A high hurdles at the state meet held Friday night in Iowa City. He ran 8.1 seconds in the nals of the 60-yard high hurdles. Defenbaugh rst won his preliminary heat in 8.4 seconds and then ran his best time of the day in the semi-nals when he hit eight at. Selected as a member of the Des Moines Registers second all-state basketball team is Jerry Waugh, outstanding member of the Mount Ayr Community high school Raiders. Students of the Mount Ayr Community high school received four I ratings and nine II ratings in one of the state contests of the Iowa High School Speech Association held Saturday in Perry. Those who received I ratings were Connie Richards, oratorical declamation and interpretative prose; Jeanne Marler, oratorical declamation, and Patty Grout, interpretative poetry. Ratings of II were awarded Connie Bethards, Connie Perlenfein and Nancy Weeda in humorous declamation; Norma Wallace and Beverly Merritt, dramatic declamation; David Neas, oratorical declamation; Vicki Newton, interpretative prose; Norene Denney, interpretative poetry, and Jane Kinne, original oratory. The students were accompanied to Perry by Karen Flohra and Mrs. M. H. Obermeier, coaches, Mrs. Donald Kinne, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Merritt, Mrs. P. J. Neas and Mrs. Donald Weeda. Contracts have been offered by the board of education to 63 teachers and principals in the Mount Ayr Community school district. Salary increases, totaling $14,202 and ranging from $100 to $400 per year, have been proffered the teachers. Those who had received four-year college degrees prior to September 1 will receive an additional $150, and teachers who have earned 90 hours of college credit will receive $100. Supt. C. Arthur Hansen was issued a new three-year contract to begin July 1, 1963, at a starting salary of $9,600, which will be advanced to $10,000 beginning with the 1965-1966 term. Jack Sweet of Ellston is included among the children of the advanced primary and intermediate grades of the Hospital School for Severely Handicapped Children at the State University of Iowa, Iowa City, who will present The Sorcerers Apprentice, an operetta in two acts, this week at the school. The birth reported at Ringgold County Hospital this week was a daughter, born March 28, to Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Campbell of Mount Ayr. Obituaries this week were James Thomas Stanley and Roy Forest Byerly. Twenty-ve Years Ago (From the Mount Ayr RecordNews, Thursday, April 14, 1988.) Four Mount Ayr Community Future Farmers of America chapter members were among outstanding FFA members from across the state receiving the Iowa Farmer degree at the 60th annual Iowa FFA leadership conference in Des Moines Friday. Jeff Cooper, Ed McCreary, Doug Hickman and Todd Kramer all received the award, the highest degree conferred on members of the Iowa Association FFA. Only a little over two percent of the members of the FFA chapters in Iowa each year receive the Iowa Farmer degree. An oncology clinic will start at the Ringgold County Hospital Thursday, April 21, with Dr. Robert Shreck of Des Moines as the doctor in charge. This was the word received by the hospital board at their April 11 meeting. Administrator Gordon Winkler said that Dr. Shreck had been at the hospital, met with the hospital and medical staffs and arranged to conduct two clinics each month in Mount Ayr. Billi Hunt, a member of the Jolly Jinglers 4-H Club, worked on Project Roots with residents of the Ringgold County Group Home recently. In January she came to the home to teach the residents about conservation and what trees do for us, with the residents each planting a tree. On April 1 she came to give awards to the residents provided by the club and Woodsey Owl packets consisting of a comic book, coloring sheets and more. The last Friday in April is Arbor Day, and in honor of that day, Hunt will return to help the residents plant a bigger tree on the group home grounds. In a contest featuring over 3,800 students, Lywanda Case was one of the 100 chosen to attend a luncheon dealing with the United States Constitution. The event, sponsored by the Iowa Bar Association, was attended by a few high-ranking government officials. Lywanda was accompanied by social studies teacher, Delwyn Showalter. The luncheon was located at the Savery Hotel in Des Moines on Tuesday, April 5. Three Mount Ayr Community high school seniors and one from Grand Valley Community high school have been named as state of Iowa scholars. Named as scholars were Leslie Barker, Emily McAlexander and Angel McDonnell from MACHS and Racinda Jackson from GVCHS. The obituaries in this issue were Velma Josephine Wimer Kimball, Eunice Clara Woods Robison and Leland K. Link. Ten Years Ago (From the Mount Ayr RecordNews, Thursday, April 3, 2003.) A project begun two years and nine months ago to have an Enhanced 911 network (E911) up and running in Ringgold county is now a reality. The network was ofcially cut over to the 911-trunking system at 10:15 a.m. on Friday, March 28.

& other things


I hate to think what we would be like if we caught something really debilitating. I know there are many people around who cant see the end of their suffering coming in a week or two, and a touch of illness makes one understand their plight with more understanding. So after almost a week under the weather, hacking, blowing, chilling, laying around, and generally not accomplishing much, it was like a breath of spring Sunday evening to get out to the community sing at the United Baptist-Presbyterian Church. There was a good crowd for the event, but there is always room for more. Its kind of like open mic night. Area individuals, churches and groups like Ringgold Singers offer selections that are organized by Deb Larson. Theres time for everyone to join in singing together as well. I think of it as Ringgold countys own Gathier Reunion evening. Groups perform and then everyone can join in on old favorites. Maybe it was just the week of being cooped up before hand, but somehow the music seemed especially beautiful Sunday night. It was another blessing for which to give thanks. This year the sing followed the always amazing Ringgold Cares food packaging weekend where the Ron Schafer family helps organize a wonderful effort where more than 100,000 meals are packaged to help feed the worlds hungry. The hundreds of volunteer hours and the dollars raised to provide the food and the transportation are another example of the fact the Ringgold county does really care. Sick or well, its nice to live here. I just need to be more thankful when its well, I guess.

Stover will revolutionize ethanol production

The federal government, despite sequester and harder times, is a big buyer -- of almost everything. Now ag secretary Tom Vilsack has nudged it into being arbiter for purchases of corn stover, the residue of corn processing that could expand ethanol without cutting into corn supplies for feed and food. Vilsack signed a deal with corporate giant DuPont to establish guidelines for how the company will collect corn-plant residue for a state-of-the-art ethanol plant in central Iowa. The Associated Press (AP) said the residue, or corn stover, will be collected while maintaining the quality of the soil, a huge way forward for growth in ethanol. DuPont is building the $200 million plant at Nevada and it will use, the AP said, 375,000 tons of corn leaves and stalks (stover) to create cellulosic ethanol. Scheduled to be online in 2014, the plant will be the nations largest and make 30 million gallons annually -- without depleting the states

Letter to the Editor

To the editor: Listening to this administration reminds me of what Grandma said in one of her letters. There are those that have the ability to see, but are blind. There are those who are blind, but are able to see. Iran...When Iran speaks, I listen and I believe what they say. North Korea... When North Korea speaks, I listen and I believe them. This administration, when they speak I listen but I can only believe less than half of what they say. Offense and defense...I feel a well thought out offense is a better defense. Lloyd Miller Tingley

corn supply. As the AP noted, until recently ethanol was made from the actual corn kernel, but expansion of ethanol nationwide as a motor fuel began to cut into corn supplies needed for livestock feed and foodstuffs. Gas prices rose signicantly as corn became scarce and the drought pushed corn prices ever higher. It became one of the biggest criticisms and concern of the ethanol industry. While cellulosic production of the fuel has been a reality for some time, full-scale plants based on it are absolutely new and revolutionary. Millions went into research to gure out how to break down stover so it could be rened into ethanol. The result is that commercial cellulosic plants are new, but promising and expanding. The AP said about 70 projects are under construction in the U.S. Two, including DuPonts, will be built right here in corn-producing country. At the DuPont announcement Vilsack told the AP, Cellulosic advanced biofuel is here and its here to stay. This is an industry that is making America more energy secure. Its creating jobs. Its helping to reduce the cost of gas to consumers and its reducing our reliance on foreign oil. According to the AP, expansion of cellulosic ethanol, demand for corn stover and other biomass useful in the process will increase as the plants expand production. Farmers will benet from the growth in the industry because,

Operation Southern Exposure April 12-13

the AP reported, companies are willing to pay them for the stover -- which usually sits in the elds and decomposes after harvest. Payments are typically about $15 a ton; two tons of stover per acre is usually removed, equating to about $30 an acre. A certain amount of stover must remain in the elds to replenish nutrients for the next crop and to control erosion of the soil. The guidelines established by the USDA and DuPont will help ensure that farmers, ethanol producers and the environment are all on the same page as this revolutionary process expands, grows and prospers. Ill see ya!

Study seeks 1960-63 MACHS graduates

Fifty-three years after the landmark Project Talent study was rst administered, researchers are seeking the classes 1960-63 from Mount Ayr Community high school to discover what became of their lives. In 1960, Project Talent assessed the aptitudes and abilities, hopes and expectations of 440,000 high school students from across America. The study was conducted by the American Institutes for Research (AIR) and the United States Ofce of Education. The Project Talent generation is very important in the history of this country, says Sabine Horner, Project Talents Director of Outreach and Communications. They came of age during an era of great upheaval and they transformed the United States as we knew it. Project Talent is an opportunity to share their perspectives and experiences in a meaningful way that can benet future generations. Large studies that follow people from adolescence to retirement are both rare and extremely valuable. They allow researchers to make connections between early life experiences and later life outcomes. A new follow-up study can tell us how family and educational background impact the life course, up to and including the retirement process. Researchers can also learn why certain people stay healthier and happier and are more able to enjoy their later life. Members of the classes of 1960-1963 from Mount Ayr Community high school are asked to contact Project Talent to register their interest and provide details of where they can be contacted to receive further information. We are also interested in any informa-

tion that can be provided about the whereabouts of other classmates. Participants can call the project on 1-866-770-6077 or send an email to You can also visit the Project Talent website:

More on county res ___________________________

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The Ringgold county sheriffs ofce has announced Operation Southern Exposure will be conducted April 12 and 13. This enforcement period will concentrate on trafc related offenses throughout the southern half of the state. The goal is to raise awareness in an effort to reduce trafc accidents and trafc-related offenses not only during this time but throughout the year. Law enforcement ofcials ask citizens to do their part to help ensure the safety of everyone on Iowas roadways.

CASA seeks volunteers

The Court Appointed Special Advocate Program is recruiting volunteers to serve as advocates for children in juvenile court. CASA volunteers are appointed by the court to work in the county they reside in for the best interest of abused or neglected children under the courts jurisdiction. For more information please contact: Jennifer Grace @ 1-866451-3213 or jennifer.grace@dia.

Debra Hoffman (515-720-3532) and Alice Dillenburg (641-4643352) are asking for help, either in housewares or cash donations. Items may be left at the Neighborhood Center in Mount Ayr. Grass res As if two serious structure res in less than 24 hours werent enough, Wimer reported county reghters had also responded to a total of seven out-of-control grass res around the county between Wednesday and Sunday. At one point Wimer said he had been without sleep for 39 hours, and other reghters were in the same condition. Sheriff Mike Sobotka said warm spring temperatures together with dry elds combined to make last week a prime time for res. He urged county residents to use caution when beginning what they think will be a controlled burn. He added county residents should thank not only the volunteer reghters for their importance service, but also the employers of the volunteers who allow them to drop everything and respond to emergency needs. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover Card for your transactions with the Mount Ayr Record-News.

An old Mount Ayr site may soon become known well beyond the reaches of Ringgold county. Junk Ditch Road is the name of an acoustic band that is making a name for itself in Arizona and is working on its rst recording, if the website of the band is to be believed. Members the band include Chris Heinen, Terry Kottom, Dave Klaus, Cody Roe and T. J. Casey. The band plays at a coffee house in Tempe, AZ on some weekends. When the Iowa Jazz Championships are held in Des Moines Tuesday, the Mount Ayr Community Raider jazz band will again be taking part. The Raiders qualied as a wild-card entry in the festival after placing ahead of 14 bands during the jazz festival season and winning events at Woodward-Granger and the Bluffs Jazz Fest. Also qualifying for the jazz championships in a wild card spot was the Lamoni Community high school jazz band, directed by Aaron Comer, a Mount Ayr Community high school graduate. Comers band will be competing in the Class 1A division. Two households in Ringgold county have ventured into a relatively new business that ts well in a home-based business setting, is environmentally sound and supports local agriculture. The business is soy wax candle making. The entrepreneurs are Rick and Sherry Wiley of rural Diagonal with their business Keeper of the Flame, and Carole Akers of rural Kellerton whose business is Caroles Soy Creations. Dr. Peggy Whitson, Ringgold countys own astronaut, will return to the area this week for a series of appearances to share experiences from her six-month stay in space on the International Space Station. Whitson graduated from Mount Ayr Community high school in 1978. A Mount Ayr Community elementary school fth grader placed fth in his division at the AAU state wrestling tournament in Cedar Rapids Saturday. Dylan Lame was fth in the fth and sixth grade 205 pound division in the tournament. He is the son of Jennifer Lame of Kellerton and Chuck Lame of Lamoni. Matthew Wimer was the state champion in the 189 pound junior high division at the AAU state wrestling tournament in Cedar Rapids Saturday. He is the son of Michael and Shelly Wimer of Mount Ayr and the grandson of Jerry and Karen Wimer of Mount Ayr and Allen and Shirley Davidson of Grant City, MO. Births reported this week were a son, born Feb. 3, to Bobby Richards and Heather Eggers of Kellerton; a son, born March 15, to Karen Page and Jame Valdes Gonzalez, and a daughter, born August 8, 2002, to Charles and Misty Page of Emporia, KS. Obituaries in this issue were Clarence Mac McGahuey, Marjorie Eileen Jackson Miller, Marie Elizabeth Dredge Rains and James Eugene Sisson.


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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Courthouse News
News & Notes
Ringgold County Courthouse
5:59 a.m., no one there. 8:49 a.m., call for jail. (OC) 9:20 a.m., call for jail. (MA) 10:50 a.m., call about inmate. (MA) 10:57 a.m., report of a controlled burn. (MA) 11:09 a.m., report of a controlled burn. (DI) 12:24 p.m., report of a controlled burn. (OC) 2:30 p.m., report of an out-ofcontrol grass re. (OC) 3:19 p.m., caller with questions about an inmate. (MA) 3:41 p.m., caller wanting to speak to an ofcer. (OC) 3:55 p.m., caller wanting to speak to an ofcer. (MA) 5 p.m., report of a large grass re. (OC) 6:01 p.m., caller reporting a controlled burn. (DI) 6:52 p.m., caller with information for ofcer. (KE) 8:53 p.m., caller with information for sheriffs ofce. (MA) 9:12 p.m., report of a suspicious vehicle. (KE) Saturday, March 30 12:14 a.m., 911 call. (OC) 2:08 a.m., 911 call, request for an ambulance. (MA) 1:17 p.m., magistrate checking in. (MA) 8:35 p.m., caller with questions for ofcer. (DI) 8:53 p.m., caller with inmate information. (OC) 11:12 p.m., ofcer needed. (MA) Sunday, March 31 5:53 a.m., caller reporting a loud noise at the meat locker. (MA) 7:48 a.m., jailer checking in. (MA) 9:48 a.m., caller wanting to speak to an ofcer. (MA) 11:23 a.m., caller needing to talk to an ofcer. (CO) 12:06 p.m., caller reporting harassing phone calls. 5:53 p.m., caller reporting a tractor re. 5:55 p.m., caller reporting nding a license plate. Monday, April 1 8 a.m., call for jail. (RE) 8:13 a.m., call for ofcer on duty. (MA) 8:34 a.m., call for clerk. (MA) 8:51 a.m., caller needing fax number. (OC) 9:09 a.m., call for dispatch. (OC) 9:16 a.m., 911 call, request for an ambulance. (CO) 9:36 a.m., call for jail. (MA) 10:48 a.m., alarm going off false alarm. (CO) 11:01 a.m., call for jail. (MA) 11:12 a.m., call for sheriff. (MA) 11:51 a.m., caller setting up visitation with inmate. 11:54 a.m., call for jail. (CO) 12:02 p.m., call for jail. (MA) 12:15 p.m., report of cows out. (CO) 12:41 p.m., call for jail. 2:53 p.m., attorney calling jail. 2:55 p.m., call for jail. 2:56 p.m., call for jail. 3:15 p.m., call for jail. 4:07 p.m., caller leaving county. 7:55 p.m., 911 transfer to Union county. (OC) 8:37 p.m., caller complaining about his case. (CO) 9:05 p.m., question about inmates court. (MA) Tuesday, April 2 7:47 a.m., caller needing protective order. (MA) 8:13 a.m., call for jail. (OC) 8:16 a.m., caller reporting suspicious vehicle. (CO) 8:40 a.m., call for ofcer. (OC) 10:57 a.m., call for chief deputy. (MA) 11:54 a.m., call for jail. (MA) 1:17 p.m., call for jail. (MA) 1:36 p.m., call for sheriff. (MA) 2:15 p.m., civil call. (MA) 2:43 p.m., call for jail information. (OC) 3:39 p.m., call for sheriff. (OC) Wednesday, April 3 8:40 a.m., call for dispatch. (MA) 8:54 a.m., call for clerk. (MA) 10:31 a.m., caller with insurance question. (MA) 12:46 a.m., call for ofcer. (CO) 10:57 a.m., call for jail. 11:38 a.m., call about reserve class. (CO) 11:53 a.m., call for chief deputy. (OC) 12:08 p.m., call for jail. (MA) 1:26 p.m., report of a controlled burn. (MA) 2:04 p.m., report of a controlled burn. (MA) 2:11 p.m., call for ofcer. (KE) 2:41 p.m., call for jail. (OC) 3:35 p.m., report of a re. (KE) 3:40 p.m., report of a re. (EL) 5:30 p.m., caller with bond information on an inmate. (OC) 5:45 p.m., caller needing to speak with an ofcer. (KE) 6:21 p.m., report of a ght in progress. (MA) 6:30 p.m., caller needing pages ran for re department. (MA) 8:10 p.m., caller needing information. (KE) 9:05 p.m., caller reporting suspicious activity. (DI) 9:48 p.m., report of a controlled burn. (CO) 11:10 p.m., ofcer reporting a re. (MA) Thursday, April 4 1:53 a.m., caller with message for ofcer/jailer. (KE) COURTHOUSE NEWS Ringgold County Courthouse hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. unless noted otherwise. Ringgold county now has a website at www.ringgoldcounty. us. Assessor: Neil Morgan, 4643233. Auditor: Amanda Waske, 464-3239. Board of Supervisors: David Inloes, chairman, Royce Dredge and Kraig Pennington, members, 464-3244. Supervisors meetings are open to the public and are held in the supervisors conference room located on the second oor between the clerk of court and auditors ofce. On days the board is not scheduled to be in ofce, please direct all inquiries to the auditors ofce. To schedule a meeting time with the supervisors, contact the auditors ofce. Regular board meetings are held on Mondays with ofcial public notice of the meeting agendas posted at the Ringgold county courthouse, Mount Ayr RecordNews, Sun Valley Lake and Diagonal city hall the day before. Clerk of Court (a state ofce): Jackie Saville, 464-3234; fax: 464-2478. Ofce hours: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 8 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8 a.m. noon and 1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. The clerks ofce handles alimony and child support payments, probates, civil and criminal lings, magistrates court and records and services of adoptions, conservatorships, court proceedings, divorces, estates, grand jury, guardianships, judgments, juvenile proceedings, mechanics liens, mental health admissions, petit jury, surety company certicates, state hospital, trafc violations, trust funds, trusteeships. Certied copies can be made of above listed records. Court records are also available at County Conservation Board: Kate Zimmerman, phone: 464-2787, email:

Mount Ayr Record-News

DISSOLUTIONS Joshua Lynn Supinger, petitioner, concerning Nicole Dawn Suplinger, respondent. Date dissolution led, April 3, 2013. SIMPLE MISDEMEANOR AND TRAFFIC CONVICTIONS April 28 - March 4, 2013 Keith Lee Hobson, Nevada, $114.00, speeding 6-10 m.p.h. over the speed limit. Amanda Lynn Perrigo, Mount Ayr, $87.00, speeding 1-5 m.p.h. over the speed limit. Courtnie L. Cox, Mount Ayr, $87.00, speeding 1-5 m.p.h. over the speed limit. Thomas Michael Morris, Johnston, $114.00, speeding 6-10 m.p.h. over the speed limit. Kristine Brammer, Cleareld, $397.50, driving while license denied, suspended, cancelled. FROM RINGGOLD COUNTY MAGISTRATE COURT April 3, 2013 - A judgment was led in magistrates court nding Katie Constant of Blockton guilty of theft in the fth degree. Constant was ordered to pay a ne of $100, a surcharge of $35, a law enforcement initiative surcharge of $125, court costs of $60 and restitution to Jerrys Sinclair in the amount of $100.29, all monies payable to the clerk of court by August 28, 2013. Constant was also ordered to be ngerprinted by the Ringgold County Sheriffs Ofce within seven days of this ling. FROM RINGGOLD COUNTY DISTRICT COURT April 3, 2013 - Trial information was led in district court charging Chad Michael Gaiser of Kellerton with driving while license revoked. Bond set previously continues and a preliminary hearing was cancelled. Gaiser was ordered to appear for arraignment at the Ringgold county courthouse on Monday, April 22, 2013. RINGGOLD COUNTY SHERIFFS LOG

(Call Origination Code: MA = Mount Ayr; KE = Kellerton; EL = Ellston; TI = Tingley; DI = Diagonal; DE = Delphos; MO = Maloy; BE = Beaconseld; BO = Benton; SC = Shannon City; BL = Blockton; RE = Redding; SV = Sun Valley; CO = In County; OC = Out of County; OS = Out of State)

March 28-April 4, 2013 Thursday, March 28 8:14 a.m., call for chief deputy. (OC) 8:43 a.m., call for ofcer. (OC) 8:48 a.m., call for ofcer. (MA) 9:01 a.m., call for dispatch. (OC) 9:06 a.m., call for sheriff. (MA) 9:19 a.m., call for sheriff. (CO) 9:45 a.m., call for ofcer. (MA) 10:33 a.m., call for clerk. (CO) 10:57 a.m., call for clerk. (OC) 11:14 a.m., call for sheriff. (OC) 11:48 a.m., call for jail. (OC) 12:38 p.m., 911 call, request for an ambulance. (MA) 2:07 p.m., caller needing the re department. (MA) 2:09 p.m., ofcer needed. (MA) 2:49 p.m., caller complaining about a four-wheeler. (MA) 3:46 p.m., call wanting civil desk. (OC) 3:51 p.m., caller needing the re department. (BE) 5:41 p.m., 911 call, caller needing the re department. (MA) Friday, March 29 4:44 a.m., call for dispatch. (CO)

Please contact for information on rules and regulations, parks, trail ways, camping, shelter reservations, environmental education and more. Parks are open March 15 - November 15. Walk-in trafc is allowed year round. County Weed Commissioner: Brenda Adams, 641-344-9629. Development and Tourism: Karen Bender, Coordinator, 4643704. If anyone has any calendar events, please contact the development ofce at 641-464-3704. E-911 Service Board: Merle Walter, 307 N. Webster St., Mount Ayr, 464-3311. Emergency Management Agency: Teresa Jackson, Coordinator, 109 W. Madison St., Suite 105, cell: 641-202-9671; phone: 464-3344; fax: 464-0663, email: Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The tornado sirens in Mount Ayr will be tested the rst Tuesday of each month unless there is severe weather. Engineer: Zach Gunsolley, P.E., 464-3232. 707 South Henderson Drive. Ofce hours: Monday Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. General Relief: Gary Smith, 109 W. Madison St., 464-2397. Mondays and Thursdays, 8 a.m. 4 p.m.; Tuesdays, 8 a.m. - noon; Closed Wednesdays and Fridays. In case of emergency 641-4642397 or 641-202-1199. Recorder: Karen Schaefer, 464-3231. Passport applications are taken daily from 8 a.m. - 11 a.m. and noon - 4 p.m. Certied vital records can be obtained from 8 a.m. - noon and 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. The recorders ofce serves as a passport agent. Items needed to apply are: certied copy of birth certicate, drivers license or state issued ID, two-inch square passport photos and passport application (both available at recorders ofce) and fees. Allow four to six weeks from date of application to receive passport book or card from the passport agency. Expedited service is available for an additional fee. Individuals with recent name changes can get their passport book/card updated without a fee within one year of issue. Forms may be obtained at the recorders ofce. For additional information call the recorders ofce or go to Avoid a $5 penalty by renewing boat registrations by April 30, 2013. Sanitarian: Ringgold County Public Health Agency, 464-0691. Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Public Health Agency: 119 S. Fillmore, 464-0691. Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Sheriff: Mike Sobotka, Emergency Only 911, Non-Emergency (Available 24/7) 464-3921 or 4642911. New location at the Ringgold County Law Enforcement Center, 801 West South Street. Hours are 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Road Conditions - dial 511 or online at www.IowaRoadConditions. org. Treasurer: Debbie Cannon, 464-3230. Applications for 2013 Iowa Property Tax Credit for Elderly and Disabled Taypayers must be submitted by the ling date of May 1, 2013. Applications may be picked up in the ofce or downloaded at Property taxes can be paid online at with Visa, Master Card and Discover credit cards or e-checks. Payments made in the ofce may be with cash, checks or with a Master Card, Visa or Discover credit or debit card.

All documents conveying real estate need to have the name and address of the person to whom the property tax statement is to be mailed. Please check renewal notices and tax statements for the correct information. If the information is wrong, contact the treasurers ofce. Motorists can now renew motor vehicle registrations online at if a renewal notice is received through the United States Postal Service that contains a personal identication number (PIN). Please be aware that the PIN can only be used one time. Contact the treasurers ofce for more information. Those with March birth dates are reminded to register their motor vehicles by April 30, 2013. Bring in the renewal statement received in the mail so renewals can be quickly processed. Drivers License Ofce: Located in the Treasurers Ofce. Drivers licenses may be renewed any time during the period of 30 calendar days before and up to 60 calendar days after the drivers birth date. The drivers license station hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Phone 464-3230 with questions. Veterans Affairs: Gary Smith, 109 W. Madison St., 4642397. Mondays and Thursdays, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.; Tuesdays, 8 a.m. - noon; Closed Wednesdays and Fridays. In case of emergency 641464-2397 or 641-202-1199.

Graceland to host Scholars Showcase

Graceland University announces its Annual Scholars Showcase will take place on the Lamoni campus April 24. Every April, Graceland University student scholars from a variety of academic disciplines are selected to present their work to an audience of fellow students, faculty and visitors. Graceland students will have a

chance to see the results of their hard work as they listen to and interact with scholar-presenters. Area high schools students, members of National Honor Society and their counselors will be in attendance. President John Sellars will open the event at 10 a.m. in the Shaw Family Auditorium and will be followed by keynote speakers, Tracy and Chris Bridge.

RCSO releases March jail census

Ringgold County Farm Bureau president Raymond Shields recently visited state representative Cecil Dolecheck at the state capitol.

Figures were released recently on the jail census for the Ringgold County Law Enforcement Center for March 2013. In March the average daily population of the jail was 15.26 inmates which was up from Februarys population of 15.11 inmates per day. There were 19 prisoners held on one day, 18 on ve days, 17 on two days, 16 on one day, 15 on 12 days, 14 on six days, 13 on two days and 12 held on two days. Counter Subscriptions for those who cant wait until Thursday to read the Mount Ayr Record-News. Save money too.

Nothing Stops Heartland

The owners, employees and investors of Heartland Energy Solutions would like to thank the sheriffs department and fire departments of Mount Ayr, Diagonal, Ellston, Kellerton and Tingley for their quick response to our building fire. The response time and the professionalism of all involved saved most of the equipment in the building and limited the damage to the structure. We would also like to thank the Ringgold County Hospital for providing the ambulance on site during the fire. Our thoughts and prayers are with Bill Stull, the Mount Ayr firefighter, who was injured. We wish him a speedy recovery. Since the fire, business has and will continue to carry on as usual. Sincerely,

Heartland Energy Solutions

Your local residential and commercial waste services provider.


Ph. 641-464-2143

Ringgold County Auditors Office
Wednesday, April 17
to attend the State Election Administrators Training in Des Moines. will be CLOSED on

is now accepting applicants willing to serve a three-year term on the Veterans Affairs Commission Board. Applicants must be residents of Ringgold County and a military veteran. If interested, please contact the Ringgold County Auditors Office by Thursday, April 18, 2013.

Ringgold County Board of Supervisors

Ph. 641-464-3239

and repair projects can generate an unwanted mess: Left over paint Cleaners Other chemicals

Wayne-Ringgold-Decatur County Regional Collection Center can help you dispose of your HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE

NOTICE REGARDING JUDICIAL MAGISTRATE APPOINTMENT The Ringgold County Judicial Magistrate Appointing Commission will meet on Monday, May 6, 2013, at 1:30 P.M. in the Courtroom located on the second floor of the Ringgold County Courthouse, Mount Ayr, Iowa, for the purpose of appointing a judicial magistrate to serve as judicial magistrate for the term that will expire on July 31, 2017. The appointment will be effective August 1, 2013, and upon certification to the State Court Administrator. Applicants are required to be admitted to the practice of law in the state of Iowa as a condition to being appointed a judicial magistrate. A judicial magistrate shall be a resident of the county of appointment or a resident of a county contiguous to the county of appointment during the judicial magistrates term of office. A person is not qualified for appointment as a judicial magistrate if, at the time of appointment, the person has reached age 72. Application forms are available at the office of the Clerk of the District Court located on the second floor of the Ringgold County Courthouse in Mount Ayr, Iowa. The application forms must be completed and filed, together with six copies, prior to 4:00 P.M. on Friday, May 3, 2013, at said office. Dated: April 3, 2013 David Christensen Fifth District Court Judge Chairman of the Ringgold County, Iowa Judicial Magistrate Appointing Commission Ringgold County Courthouse Mount Ayr, Iowa 50854

Notice of Vacancy

We are opening for the season:

The Divine Waste family would like to give a big thank you to everyone who began the new recycling program. With April being the recycling month, we are grateful for all the support and success. We know our customers are creative and filled with extraordinary recycling ideas and would like to let you know that if you write out your unique recycling idea, and either mail it or drop it in the box at the back door of our office at 121 N. Taylor, Mount Ayr, Iowa 50854, we will be choosing a recycling tip to honor Earth Day, Monday, April 22. The winner of the contest will receive $100 and have your idea printed in the paper. No idea is too small. Every idea counts. Please include your name and phone number so we can contact you to collect your prize. Thank you for your continued participation in all our programs.



Monday, April 15 through October 15, 2013. SET UP AN APPOINTMENT. CALL:

Social Community Calendar

NOTICE - If you would like your organizations meeting dates to appear in the calendar, please contact Record-News staff at 464-2440. Thursday, April 11 Mount Ayr Lions will meet at 6 p.m. Board meeting at 5:30 p.m. Waubonsie Memorial Center meeting at 7 p.m. in Benton. Topaz Lodge #438 A.F. & A.M. meets at 7:30 p.m. at the Temple on Main Street in Kellerton. Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at 8 p.m. at the Neighborhood Center, Mount Ayr. Friday, April 12 Mount Ayr Lions Club annual spaghetti supper from 5 to 7 p.m. at the First Christian Church in Mount Ayr. Saturday, April 13 Spring ing at the Kellerton community building from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Breakfast for supper at the Benton community building from 5 to 7 p.m. Freewill offering. Sunday, April 14 Piano recital of Nancy Sacketts students at the United BaptistPresbyterian Church at 3 p.m. Monday, April 15 Card shower for Maxine Norris 95th birthday. Cards and correspondence may be sent to her at 1715 W. Prairie Street, Creston, IA 50801. Antique Club at the Ringgold County Senior Citizens Activity Center at 9:30 a.m. Hostess is Doris Rule. Bring a favorite antique collectible. Thin Within support group will meet at 5 p.m. at the Lighthouse. Ringgold County Hospital board meets at 5 p.m. in the hospital conference room. Mount Ayr City Council will meet at 6 p.m. at Mount Ayr City Hall. Jam session at the Mount Ayr American Legion building from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Sowing in Tears Support Group will meet at 7 p.m. at the Lighthouse Church, two miles west of Mount Ayr. Tuesday, April 16 Calico Quilters will meet from 9:30 a.m. to 12 noon at the Senior Citizens Activity Center, Mount Ayr. Wednesday, April 17 Ringgold county auditors ofce will be closed. $1 sack day every day at the Ringgold County Neighborhood Center. Parenting Plus will meet at 5:15 p.m. at the Neighborhood Center, Mount Ayr. There will be a WIC Clinic at the First Christian Church in Mount Ayr from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information contact the MATURA ofce in Creston at 641-782-8431. Thursday, April 18 Model train meeting at Depot at 6 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at 8 p.m. at the Neighborhood Center, Mount Ayr. Saturday, April 20 Southern Iowa Parks & Recreations breakfast for supper at the Kellerton community center from 5 to 7 p.m. Sunday, April 21 Party for Lucy Rickers 80th birthday at the Mount Ayr Country Club from 1 to 4 p.m. Monday, April 22 $1 sack day every day at the Ringgold County Neighborhood Center. Thin Within support group will meet at 5 p.m. at the Lighthouse. Ringgold County Tourism meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the Chamber of Commerce building. Sowing in Tears Support Group will meet at 7 p.m. at the Lighthouse Church, two miles west of Mount Ayr. Jam session at the Mount Ayr American Legion building from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 23 Bag Day at the Ringgold County Neighborhood Center. Wednesday, April 24 Bag Day at the Ringgold County Neighborhood Center. Thursday, April 25 Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at 8 p.m. at the Neighborhood Center, Mount Ayr.

Mount Ayr Record-News

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Library Leangs

Club Notes
Nancy Harsh Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution The Nancy McKay Harsh Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution met in the Greater Regional Medical Center in Creston at 9:30 a.m. on March 9, 2013. Theresa Bahniuk presented the program, Living in Alexandria. Theresa shared photographs of historic sites and explained the interesting history of Alexandria during the Revolutionary War and Civil War. She explained that the county had 50 percent African-Americans as citizens. She explained the postCivil War history during the period of time where slaves became free. Just after that an African-American citizen was elected to the city council but those same citizens were forced to drink from the tanks of water shared by the horses. The meeting was called to order by Connie Kinkade, chapter regent. Members shared in reading the ritual. Lynn Schlaht shared the president generals message. Dorothy Hughes shared the state regents message. Cheryl Micetich shared the national defense report. Veterans are women too. Ashley White recently lost her life in Afghanistan. There are 14 statues nationwide of women veterans. Remember to honor women veterans on Memorial Day. The roll call was shared by 13 members with their favorite place they have visited in Washington, D.C. Blood Money by James Grippando, Deadly Stakes, an Ali Reynolds novel, by J.A. Jance and Guilt, an Alex Delaware novel, by Jonathan Kellerman. In regular print ction: Breaking Point, a Joe Pickett novel, by C.J. Box, Touch and Go by Lisa Gardner and Striker, an Issac Bell novel, by Clive Cussler. In large print nonction: Coolidge by Amity Shales. In junior ction: Stallion By Starlight, #49 in the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne. In junior nonction, Where On Earth, Geography As Youve Never Seen It Before, a Dorling Kindersley book that features 80 fantastic themed maps. Jane Briley, secretary, read the minutes. Bonnie Riepe gave the nance report. Pam Marvin shared Protocol II, a standing policy to protect objects, documents, relicts and society. March 8 International Working Womens Day, womens political struggle is emphasized. Hazel Braby shared the conservation moment. One-third of the worlds water sources are outside the home. They must walk miles for water. Jan Morgan reported that in 1955 a boy designed the ag as a school project when he was 17 years old. Pam Marvin discussed non-afliation with other organizations. Many organizations may be at variance with the NSDAR. NSDAR really doesnt want to have chapters to afliate with other groups. They can work with other groups. The sunshine moment was shared by Marjorie Kinkade. Lynne reported on the three scholarship applications, one will go on to state for competition. American history winners to state are sixth grade Nathan Shervheim and ninth grade Anna Shervheim of Redding. They will be attending the April meeting. Jan Morgan reported on the good citizen Award. Winners are Sierra Covington of Chariton with second place and Sarah Albee of Orient with rst place. They dont have all of their delegates since Jerilyn and Pam cant be their delegates for the conference. They need volunteers. The district meeting will be on September 16 and 17 in Creston. Mount Ayr United Baptist-Presbyterian Church West of Mount Ayr on Highway 2 Friday, April 5, 6 and 7, will need volunteers to make food packages. If you want more information, contact Connie Kinkade. The next meeting will be at the Lenox Methodist Church in Lenox on April 13 at 9:30 a.m. Hostesses will be Bonnie Riepe, Elaine Brown, Connie Kinkade and Jo Walter. The program will be good citizen and history essays. Roll call is an idea for next years program. Jane Briley, Recording Secretary We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover Card for your transactions with the Mount Ayr Record-News.

Mary Kathryn Gepner

April 8 - The trial of Jodi Arias has it all, a trial lled with smut: hours of phone sex conversations, emails, text messages containing pictures of genitals, testimony lled with the sexual fantasies and preferred sex acts of the accused murderer and the man she killed, Travis Alexander. Claiming self defense, the trial has spent very little time on the murder. For the record, Travis Alexander was stabbed 29 times, his throat was slit and he was shot. Arias spent a record 18 days on the witness stand rattling off a list of fantasies that Alexander shared with her. And, if you missed watching the proceedings in the daytime, tune into HLNs newest it show, HLN After Dark, the Jodi Arias Trial, at 10 p.m. It appears that sensational trials have replaced news and soaps. The news is no longer news; the news has become entertainment and market share drive. For the 24-hour news networks, the reporting of legal stories, O.J. Simpson, Casey Anthony and now Jodi Arias, costs the stations less than complex original stories that require research and preparation. The popularity of the O.J. Simpson murder case revealed this new interest among viewers -- following the proceedings of high-prole trials. Jeffrey Toobin, reported that O.J.s dream team lawyers led by Robert Shapiro had decided on a radical defense strategy, a judo defense, that detective Mark Fuhrman had planted that bloody glove at the crime scene. They were able to turn the strength of prosecutions case against the prosecution -- the bloody glove was used to bring evidence of a police conspiracy. Who can forget Johnny Cochrans statement, if the glove dont t, you must acquit. Millions tuned in to see the Simpson jury bring in the acquittal. While high prole cases may attract millions of viewers, they arent cheap. O.J.s trial cost the taxpayers of Los Angeles county, including costs for court and prosecution, $9 million. Simpsons defense racked up another $3 to $6 million. So far, Jodi Arias trial has cost the taxpayers of Arizona $1.4 million, death penalty cases typically cost more especially if you add on the years of appeals automatically guaranteed to anyone sentenced to death. New to the library: In large print ction: Alex Cross Run and Private, Berlin by James Patterson,

Couple to exchange vows May 4

Cherrye Still and Jim Karp announce their upcopming marriage on May 4. Still is a licensed massage therapist in Mount Ayr. Karp is from Ottumwa and works for the Iowa Department of Public Safety.

Cherrye Still and Jim Karp

Jerry and Linda Werner of Creston are the parents of a daughter, Soa Ruby Werner. Soa was born on Thursday, April 4, 2013 and weighed seven pounds, seven ounces and was 19 inches long. Grandparents are Jeff and Delna Hicks of Cree, NE, Barry and Bobbi Werner of Prescott and Deb Worthington of Mount Ayr. Great-grandparents are Cristina Carrillo of Chicago, IL and Fred and Kate Werner and the late Ruby Worthington of Mount Ayr. Soas siblings are Nevaeh Pena, age three, Tyler Werner, age four and EastonWerner (deceased). Devon Keller and Kelly Belt of Creston are the proud parents of a baby daughter, Keira Katherine Keller, who was born on Monday, April 1, 2013, at the Greater Regional Medical Center in Creston. The little lady weighed nine pounds, eight ounces and measured 20 1/2 inches. Grandparents are Sharon and Clarence Keller of Creston, Mark and Terry Stewart of Diagonal and Brent Belt of Omaha, NE. Great-grandparents include Linda May of Clarinda, Dan May of Shenandoah, Claudine Sternard and Steve Belt, both of Omaha, NE and Jean Williamson of Creston. Keira was welcomed home by an older brother, Luther Ray Keller, age 23 months. Chris and Shilo Leonard of Lenox are the proud parents of a baby daughter, Kennedy Joan Leonard. She was born at Greater Regional Medical Center in Creston on Friday, April 5, 2013. The little miss weighed six pounds, six ounces and was 18 1/4 inches long. Grandparents are Rod and Jo Belding of Lenox and Vicky Leonard of Cleareld and the late Lyle Leonard. Great-grandparents are Clyde and Helen Belding of Lenox, Joyce Perry of Creston, the late Donovan and Rosemary Leonard and the late Victor and Georgia Fox. Kennedy was welcomed home by siblings Wyatt, ve years, and Ashton, three years. Deborah Campbell-Shelton and husband Rich Shelton of Urbandale are the proud parents of a baby boy, Isaac Ryan Shelton, who was born on Tuesday, March 26, 2013, at Iowa Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines. He weighed four pounds, 14.8 ounces and measured 17 3/4 inches. Grandparents are John and Rose Campbell of Mount Ayr and Bob and Joyce Moulton of Carlisle and the late Dale Shelton.

Names in the News

Area student ranks in top two percent at ISU
Taylor Lynch, a sophomore from Redding, has achieved academic ranking in the top two percent of students in the College of Human Sciences at Iowa State University.

Applications for medical eld scholarships for students in Diagonal and Mount Ayr Community schools are being offered by the Ringgold County Hospital Auxiliary. Application forms are available in the high school guidance ofces at both schools. Students who will be 2013 graduates or older students who are already enrolled and study in the medical eld are eligible for the scholarships. Applications must be returned by April 19 to qualify. For more information, contact the Ringgold County Hospital at 464-3226.

Deadline nears for auxiliary scholarships

Friday, April 12
5 p.m. - 7 p.m. First Christian Church, Mount Ayr Proceeds go to scholarships. Spaghetti sauce is donated by Romanos Pizza.

Mount Ayr Lions Club Annual

Blockton alumni planning reunion

The Blockton alumni are planning their annual reunion and invite all former students and teachers and their families to attend the banquet Saturday, May 25. The classes of 1963 and 1987 will be honored. Meal reservations are required by May 15. Memorial Day services are also planned the following morning at the local cemetery.


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Jerry Barker, Happy 70th Birthday, April 17!

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Saturday, April 13 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

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Call for an appointment (800)233-4327

Dr. Kent Weaver
Ringgold County Hospital Specialty Clinic 504 N. Cleveland Mt. Ayr, IA 50854

Clair Gwinn and Tony HasenKamp

1 to 4 p.m. Mount Ayr Country Club

Hosted by her children and grandchildren. No gifts please.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

County Columns
Senior Citizen

Mount Ayr Record-News

and secretary Porschia Jones and former nutrition director Lily Ripperger all present. Also welcomed to Tingley were folks from Maple Ridge Estates and Clearview Nursing Home in Mount Ayr. Also introduced were Irma and Neil Johnston, who represent Ringgold county on the advisory board, and Larry Ford, board of directors representative. It was good to have Bernard Crawford, Mount Ayr meal sites manager, present to share the occasion. Dont have room to mention any more. Blessing was given by Dick Walden before all dined on a roast beef menu as provided by the sites cook, Cheryl Roach, and volunteers. A drawing was used to award a huge number of donated prizes, the most ever, because of the extra efforts of Joyce England. Not the most ever, but 150 people enjoyed being part of this special day at Tingley. Theyre already looking forward to celebrating the sites 40th. The value of volunteers at the meal site was more apparent than ever Tuesday when the sites cook, Cheryl Roach, was unable to be there. Everything went on as usual. A bakers dozen in number, 13, band members showed up to entertain Tuesday. They made the day so much better for everyone. Marge Werner shared a joke and Mary Jane Narigon, a reading, both adding some humor to the day. Welcomed back were Pauline Murphy, Rose James and Darlene Morgan, all who have returned home after wintering south. Party day came again Friday. April birthdays were honored at a party held that day. Present to share birthday honors were Ethel Campbell, Marlys McPherson, Peggy Wagenknecht, Wanda McGahuey and Nancy Jarred. Entertainment was provided by the Friday Singers. They were accompanied by Darlene Morgan on the piano. Dorothy Burgher added a touch of humor to the day with a joke. Dave Patch favored with The Lords Prayer for the days blessing. Ice cream for the occasion was provided by Ethel Campbell while Hester Derscheid, member of the Ellston U.M.W., provided the cakes. Welcomed as newcomers were Robert and Connie Easton. They just recently moved to Mount Ayr. Hopefully, everyone will see more of them. Also welcomed to Tingley Friday were several folks from Maple Ridge and Mount Ayr Health Care Center. They included Vergene Higgins, Dick Fuqua, Evalie White, Phyllis Faubian, Ruth Angus, Virginia Albers, Dorothy Main, Nova Giles, Darlene Minnick, Marlys McPherson, Lanette Shields and Deanna Adams. Welcomed home Friday were Janis and Ron Loomis, who just returned from wintering south. Debbie Holmes and Judy Doolittle went to Lamoni to Alice Sweetens surprise birthday party. All had a great time. Cassie Still spent the night with her Grandma Kathryn and Aunt Jan Friday night. Dinner guests Saturday were Doug, Gina, Taylor and Hallie Grace Still and Taylors friend, Mitch. They were celebrating family birthdays. Sunday after church Greg, Crystal, Bryce, Austin and Alexis Still were dinner guests. Cassie Still stopped by on her way back to Des Moines for a short time Sunday evening. Monday the sisters went to Osceola to go to the track meet there.

Activity Center

April 8 - Things are warming up around the Activity Center this past week. The water leak problem is ofcially over with Rainbow Restoration making their last trip to assure there was no further moisture in the problem areas. The quarterly board meeting was held on Monday, April 8, with the addition of a new board member, Janet Hickman, who is replacing Jan Cannon. Everyone appreciates Jan Cannon serving on the board of directors for the Center. At the time of this writing we are getting ready for the rst monthly potluck to see how that will go over on Tuesday, April 9. Take a covered dish and join them. They will be trying this for three months and then will re-evaluate. Hopefully you will make plans to join them and you can stay for bingo afterwards if you would like. April brings in two meals with April 30 being the pizza party and bingo with prizes sponsored by Care Initiatives. On this same date the Center will also have Carrie Seddon, diabetic educator, coming in at 10 a.m. providing information about healthy choices for everyday living with or helping to prevent diabetes. Make sure you join them then also. The AARP Safe Driving Course is going to be held on Monday, April 22, from 10 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. They hope that those of you with Farm Bureau, Auto Owners or Hartford Insurance will make sure to attend as you get a discount on your insurance for completing the course. Charge is $12 for AARP members and $14 for nonmembers. A light lunch will be provided. This course is for anyone over 50 years of age, which AARP considers senior citizens. The Weston, MO day trip on Friday, May 24, is proving to be very popular. For those wanting more information, stop by the Activity Center and pick up a yer with what they will be doing and the cost. This trip also includes your lunch in addition to fees for some of the things they will be doing. At the rate they are going, they may have to order a larger bus! Hopefully you will take time to stop by the Activity Center to enter into some of the games, programs or events that they have planned. You can use their facilities for meetings or for get-togethers for families, class reunions, etc. during hours that the Center is not open to the public. And, they always have the coffee on!

you will be served last, as long as there is food. If there is not enough food, no food from the leftovers of previous days will be xed for you. She stated that this has always been the rule but it has not been enforced but will be from now on. It is important that you sign up each day for the following day. If you are not sure you will be there, go ahead and sign up and then cancel the next morning if you nd out you cannot make it. These rules come from the Agency. As of July 1 there will be only eight Area Agencies on Aging with this area ofce being in Council Bluffs. The budget for this agency has been cut by several thousand dollars, so there has to be cuts in many things. They will be looking at all sites to see where and how the money is being spent. While those at the site may not like this rule being enforced, it is important that they cooperate. She also stressed the need of volunteers at each site. All were saddened to hear on Thursday that the cook, Rose Miller, will be leaving them. Her last day is Friday, April 12. They are so sorry to see her go but wish her well as she farms with her dad. All will miss her. Some of them may have to help out in the kitchen until a new cook can be found. If you plan on coming for fried chicken on Friday, please call ahead for reservations. Joyce believes there are several regular attendees who have April birthdays so come on out to celebrate their birthdays with them and have some cake and ice cream. The Community Singers will also be entertaining that day beginning at 11 a.m.




Bobbi Bainum 767-5211

April 8 - Sympathy is sent to the Olney family on the loss of Evan Olney. The time of his services is not known at this time. Oney Brumeld and Rick and Deloris Brumeld went to Ashland, NE Friday to visit Karla Brumeld at the Ashland Nursing Home and help her celebrate her birthday. The Methodist Action Club members and friends helped pack food for the needy for the Ringgold County Cares program Friday evening at the United Baptist-Presbyterian Church. Ladies from the Redding United Methodist Church served lunch at the Whitenack farm auction Saturday. Kenny and Debbie Robertson of Saint Louis, MO and Jeff and Owen Robertson of Des Moines were weekend guests at Betty and J.W. Robertsons. Gladys Jones and Wanda Hoseld were Saturday visitors at Robertsons. The Sunshine Workers 4-H Club met Wednesday at the Frontier Hall with Ashton Smith as hostess. Leigh Ann and Deva Freeman were weekend guests at Dick and Cindy Snethens. Travis, Julie, Tanner and Jaynee Snethen were Sunday lunch guests. Stephanie Van Osten of Salt Lake visited at Bobbi and Michael Bainums Wednesday through Saturday. Joe, Gina, Maya and Eli Bainum were weekend guests at Bainums and Caitlyn Bainum was a frequent visitor. David Hunt and Chaz Abarr were Sunday visitors at Bainums. Gladys Jones visited with Helen and Brent Harris and they went out for lunch at the OldTowne Cafe. Gladys attended Alice Millers Bible study Friday morning at the Christian church. Gladys, Alice Miller and Linda Phipps had lunch at the Eatery in Grant City, MO Friday. John Jones and Bobby Jones of Mount Ayr visited with Gladys Sunday and Gladys went to the Bible study at the Assembly of God Church Sunday in Grant City, MO.

Kathryn Still and Jan Holmes 783-2123


Mary Kay Loutzenhiser 641-788-2450

April 8 - Thursday evening Carson Thompson came and spent the night with Duane, Cindy and Daniel Wall. Friday Cindy and Carson went to Princeton, MO to spend the night with Sam, Wil, Emma and Max Walkup to help celebrate Emmas and Maxs birthday Saturday. Also celebrating their birthdays were Samantha and Mattie Thompson, Rebecca and Matt Strauss, Helen Walkup, Drexal and Lora Wall and Duane and Daniel Wall. Saturday night Rebecca and Matt, Samantha, Carson and Mattie spent the night with Duane, Cindy and Daniel Wall. Dean Cobbs foster son, David, and his wife, Jocelynn, of Searcy, AR visited in the Cobb home a few days. Donna Melvin and Terry Henson recently returned from a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands. Candace Faubion was home to visit her parents, Rusty and Tammy Faubion, over Easter and celebrated her birthday. Richard, Joyce and Jason Brown attended the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Wilt. Sarah Marcum was home for a few days to visit Scott, Debbie and Hannah Marcum. Tiffany Green was home for the weekend to visit family and friends. Easter Sunday guests of David and Mary Kay Loutzenhiser were Linda Swanson, Sandra Loutzenhiser, Greg Loutzenhiser and Peggy and Ben Roed. Easter Sunday guests of Patsy Stroburg were Carey and Joy Stroburg of Maryville, MO, Megan Stroburg of Topeka, KS and Leona Stephenson of Bedford. Remember: You never diminish yourself when you praise another. -- Bill Simmons

Down Redding Way

April 8 - A cribbage tournament was held on April 1 at the Wagon Wheel restaurant in Tingley. Kent Trullinger took rst, Turk Allen second and Suzanne Miller third. Co-hosts were Kent Trullinger and Dan Shepherd. What a busy time its been lately at the site, but so rewarding. The 39 and holding party held there last Monday on April Fools Day was a huge success. How tting to celebrate the meal sites birthday on April Fools Day. The site was told by an inspector when they opened their doors in 1974 theyd never last three months. Well, here it is 39 years later, and theyre still there. Surprise! Throughout the years, many have volunteered every day in one way or another, allowing every day activities and celebrations to take place. Volunteers have been priceless through the years. Your contributions have played a big part in the meal sites success. Monday was crazy day and so were the decorations. Sue Richards cleverly decorated using odds and ends of anything she found around. They couldnt be copied even if you tried. A variety program was provided by the sites participants with Bonnie Manders serving as emcee. Virginia Walden opened the program playing some lovely music on the piano. Marge Werner got some audience participation about April Fools. Audience participated with Groaners throughout the program. The band, the singers and Peggy Skarda, all who regularly entertain at the site, had a part in the program. Dianne Hulsebus and Kathy Stammer accompanied by Carmene James sang a duet. A play was given by Kathy Stammer, Don Narigon and George Hoseld. Marge Werner shared a history lesson about the site as written by Georgia Etta Kinne. Some pretty crazy looking people were present. Nancy Jarred went around and let anyone who wanted to hop up and say something about themselves. The site felt privileged to have Area XIV Agency on Aging executive director Dyann Bowers, nutrition director Ronda Engles

April 8 - Dont forget, next week, April 16, is the Bank of Christ Food Pantry at the Bank of Christ Church in Kellerton from noon until 5 p.m. Anyone needing or wanting food assistance is welcome to come. Kathy and her crew work very hard to provide this program to people of this area. May God bless them for their continued efforts. The spring ing craft show will be held at the community center this Saturday, April 13, from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. There will be lunch available by SIPR during that time also. Please come and look over all the goods, maybe pick up some Mothers Day gifts, or just something that strikes your fancy, or just come for fellowship with friends and neighbors. There will be several crafters present. Sandy Campbell attended the Maggie Rice-Brandon Bell wedding in Lamoni Saturday. Casey Campbell sang and played piano for the wedding. The reception was held at Ramsey Farms and was well attended. Casey visited during the weekend with his grandmother, Sandy. Several from the Kellerton Assembly of God Church attended a surprise birthday party for their piano player, Alice Sweeten, Friday evening at Quilt Country in Lamoni. Alice was very surprised by visits from her children, grandchildren and sister from southern Missouri. Jan Holmes and Kathryn Still went to Osceola Tuesday to take their computer to the computer doctor. Wednesday the sisters had eye appointments in Creston and then went back to Osceola to pick up their computer after lunch. Friday evening the sisters, Rod and

Hickory Grove

Rose James 464-2630

April 8 - Gene Motsinger was at the Ringgold County Hospital Saturday afternoon visiting with Delbert Jackson, who is a patient there. Delbert will go to a Des Moines hospital Wednesday to have more surgery on his leg. The next afternoon, Gene visited with Daryl Holden. Tuesday morning Rose James and Kevin James were visitors with Ronnie and JoKaye Shields. Thursday morning Ed Shields was a visitor with the Shieldses. That afternoon Aubree Shields played with Ella Waske. In the evening Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Rush, JoKaye Shields, Rod Shields, Josh Waske and Ella, Dr. and Mrs. Ed Wehling and Justin enjoyed supper with Cricket Waske at the OldTowne Cafe in Allendale, MO. Later in the evening the Rushes enjoyed a game of cards with Ronnie and JoKaye Shields. Saturday evening Ronnie and JoKaye Shields were supper guests with R. C. and Sheryol Rush. Other guests were Ken, Chris and Calob Rush. Evan Ruggles spent Friday with great-grandparents, Ronnie and JoKaye Shields. Margaret Rhodes and Melissa Shennum were dinner guests Sunday of the Shieldses. Dinner guests Sunday with Rose James were Joe and Susie Catanzareti, Neil and Irma Johnston and Kevin James.

Thursday, April 11 Italian Night - (Wine Specials) Chicken Alfredo with Broccoli or Italian Meatballs Friday Night, April 12
Smoked Pork Chop Prime Rib


Friday and Saturday Evenings, April 12, 13,19 and 20 7 p.m. TWO WEEKS Sunday Matinee, April 14 and 21, 2 p.m. COMING UP: April 26 - 28
Rated PG-13 Voices of Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone. After their cave is destroyed, a caveman family must trek through an unfamiliar fantastical world with the help of an inventive boy.

GI Joe: Retaliation

Mary Troyer
April 8 - After the rainy night the clouds broke up and the sun is rising bright and clear this Monday morning. Women are getting antsy to get their gardens planted. Some did get it accomplished last week, like potatoes, onions, lettuce, etc. John and Ada Bontrager and baby of Hale, MI are spending the weekend with parents Albert Yoders. They had been in Welch, OK to visit his parents and are now on their way home. Robert Detweilers, Jacob Schrocks and Eli Yoders went to the funeral of Mrs. Joe (Alma) Bontrager in Milton last week. Felty Bontragers, Fannie and Jerry, are leaving for Harwood, MO this morning to spend some time with daughter Ruth and Harley Miller.

THE CRoods
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Mount Ayr Meal Site

Saturday Night, April 13

Sunday Special, April 14

Fried Chicken or Ham Steak 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. On the square in Mount Ayr Ph. 641-464-2466

Friday - Sunday Admission - $5 September 24 - 26

April 8 - A large crowd was on hand Thursday to hear the swing choir from MACS. They did a very good job and were very well received. Ronda from the Area Agency on Aging visited the site Thursday. She reminded everyone of the need to have reservations. From now on if you do not have a reservation,

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Senior Spotlights
Some of Teawnas favorites include Chinese as her favorite food, Pretty Little Liars for a TV show, her favorite car is a Pontiac G6 and Pearl Harbor for a movie. She listens to all kinds of music, and loves shoes, t-shirts and jeans. Her most memorable moment from high school was when she took home a computerized baby for Mrs. Gerbers Child Development class. The rst baby didnt work right, and all it did was cry, which drove her insane. She babysat her aunts three girls while she was on vacation and said that the real baby wasnt nearly as bad as the fake one. After high school, Teawna plans to attend Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs to become a dental assistant. After college, she hopes to get a job in a bigger city. The most inuential people in her life are her parents and her Grandma Jeanie. They are the reason I am who I am. I may not thank them everyday, but I do appreciate everything they taught me, says Teawna. When asked to describe herself in a couple words, Teawna said she was a good listener. Her friends always come to her when they need to talk, and she almost always has advice. The best advice Teawna has ever received is, People will judge you for your mistakes, but how you react is what really matters. Always keep your head up and remember who you are. This is just the beginning and the best is yet to come. Her advice for underclassmen is to always work for what you want; not everything can just be handed to you. Its a big world out there, and you never know what obstacles you will go through in life, but always keep your head up.

A Publication of the Publications Classes at Mount Ayr Community High School

activities hes involved in. Zane always tries to consider other peoples feelings above his own. The best advice he has ever received is to live everyday, play every down like its your last. You never know when youre not going to have another chance (Coach Showalter).

Desirae Sumpter

BY MAGGIE JENNETT Desirae Sumpter is a senior this year at Mount Ayr Community high school. She is the daughter of Steve and Christel Scarlett. Desirae has four siblings: TristenScarlett (13), Frankie Scarlett (16), Levi Wilson (17) and Robyn Osborn (20). Throughout high school, Desirae has been involved in drama for three years and choir for one. Her favorite food is McDonalds, and she loves any kind of music. She likes Aeropostal and Hollister when it comes to clothing, and likes Chevys when it comes to cars. Her favorite television show is Teen Mom and favorite movie is 8 Mile. The most inuential person in Desiraes life is her daughter, Raelin. Even after everything she has been through, she can still put that beautiful smile on her face, says Desirae. One word that Desirae uses to describe herself is a homebody. She likes to stick by herself. When asked what the best advice she has ever received was, she replied, Follow your dreams and treat everyone the same. In 10 years, what you wore or what you drove wont matter, but what will matter is the impression you left behind. After high school, Desirae plans to take care of Raelin and to go to school to be a registered nurse.

spotlight. His favorite food is a cheeseburger and cheese balls. Ghost Adventures is his favorite television show, while Shooter and 21 Jump Street are his favorite movies. Whenever you see Taylor, he will normally be in boots, jeans,and a t-shirt; these are his favorite types of clothes. A Dodge Challenger is his favorite vehicle. His favorite music is country, pop, rock and a little rap. When asked who the most inuential person was in his life, he said his dad, Daran, and his grandpa, Bob Graham. However, the best advice he has ever received is from Joe Dirt, to keep on, keeping on. One other question the seniors were asked to include in their spotlight is what is one word you feel describes you; awesome is the word Taylor used.

Rick and Michelle Jackson, is a senior at Mount Ayr Community high school this year. Breea has two sisters and three brothers: Sheena ONeil, 21; Brandon ONeil, 20; Dustin Pritchett, 20; Stephanie Pritchett 27 and Richard Jackson, seven. During high school, Jackson has been involved in choir for one year and youth group for three years. Her favorite food is chicken fettuccine alfredo, and she likes to just be casual in her favorite clothing of jeans and a t-shirt. Breeas two favorite shows are Buckwild and The Doctors, and she loves to listen to country music. A Duramax truck would have to be her favorite vehicle, and The Lion King and P.S. I Love You are her favorite movies. Breea says her most memorable moment from all of her years of school would have to be playing tackle football with Hannah Saville and all the boys in her class and making it to all-stars. In the future, Jackson plans on attending college and pursuing a career in nursing to become a nurse practitioner and someday own her own doctors ofce. She also is considering becoming a detective and counselor that works with sexually abused children and women. Aside from her career plans, Breea plans to continue raising her daughter to her fullest potential. When asked who the most inuential people in her life have been, she replied, My parents; they have always been there when I needed them and have always made sure I had whatever I needed. They are my rock and always believe in me. Strong was the word Breea used when asked to describe herself in one word. She says she has been through a lot as an 18-yearold and can still hold her head high and be proud of herself. The best advice this senior has ever received is, God gives you nothing you cannot overcome, and with God, all things are possible; always believe in yourself.

Zane Sickels

BY HANNAH FLETCHALL Jeffrey Zane Sickels is the son of Amy Jo Sickels and Jeffrey John Sickels. He has one sister, Maci Jo Sickels. Throughout high school, Zane has been involved in football, track, baseball, drama, SADD, TSA, FFA and FCA for four years. Zane has also been involved in wrestling for three years. Zane has received many honors in high school. These honors include rst team All District his junior and senior year, KAAN Radio All Star-Football, student of the month, homecoming king and receiving rst place at the Iowa State Fair restoring a John Deer tractor. Zane drives a 2001 Dodge Cummins and his favorite clothing is jeans, boots and a hoodie sweatshirt. Zanes favorite food is tacos and favorite movie is 8 Seconds. His favorite radio stations are 92.7 and 107.5. Some of Zanes most memorable moments in high school are restoring the John Deere tractor in memory of Konner Klommhaus, homecoming king and his senior football season becoming 11-1 district champs. His future plans are to graduate high school and join the family farm and construction business. The most inuential people in his life are his parents and sister. Zanes parents have raised him into the person he is today, and they are always here for him. They have helped him through the toughest situations. His sister is always there, too; no matter where she is, he can always talk to her about anything. If Zane had to describe himself in one word it would be compassionate. He cares deeply for his family, friends, sports and other

her pants. Another memory Cassidy will always cherish is when she won the Gong Show in junior high for singing Traveling Soldier. She was asked if she could describe herself in one word what would it be. She said it would be spontaneous. She loves to do random crazy things and to make people laugh. Cassidys future plans are to attend college to be a vocalist and also go to a Bible college for youth and young adults. When she thinks of her future plans, she knows she wouldnt have gotten there if it wasnt for the people who have inuenced her the most throughout the years. Her grandparents, mother and multiple friends are the ones who have inuenced her the most. The best advice Cassidy has ever received was, Dont shoot for good, shoot for your best because you cant get any better than your best.

Cassidy McAtee

BY BAILEA STARK Cassidy Marie McAtee is the daughter of Tammy McAtee and the granddaughter of Larry and Dorothy McAtee. She also has two siblings, Michael Lee McAtee and Kevin Lee Ralston. While in high school, Cassidy has been involved in choir and bowling for four years. While being involved in choir, she has participated in Little All State during her sophomore and junior year. Cassidy has also had lots of favorites. Her favorite TV shows to watch are The Voice and Americas Got Talent. Cassidys favorite type of movies, though, are funny, scary, and full of action. Cassidys most memorable moment while in school has to be the time when she was playing FourSquares in elementary school and bent over to get the ball and ripped

FFA seeks assistance with grant

The Mount Ayr FFA chapter is seeking assistance from area farmers to obtain a $25,000 grant from the Monsanto corporation. Farmers who farm more than 250 acres of row crop may vote for the Mount Ayr Community school by visiting the website The deadline is April 15 - Tax Day. Counter Subscriptions for those who cant wait until Thursday to read the Mount Ayr Record-News. Save money too.


801 E. Van Buren Street 803 E. Van Buren Street All above dates open for viewing. 2:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.


Mount Ayr

Wednesdays, April 10, 17, 24

Breea Jackson

Record-News Classified Ads Work Advertisings Pays

BY MADISON HOSFIELD Breea Pearl Jackson, daughter of Paul and Harold Johnston and

Ph. 641-234-0077

The Door Is Open. Come On In! Taylor Richie

BY MAGGIE JENNETT Taylor Benjamin Richie is the son of Daran and Kelly Richie. Trevor Richie, 20, is his older brother. Throughout high school, Taylor has been involved in cross country and FFA for four years. An honor in high school that he has received is lettering in cross country. When asked what his most memorable moment from high school was, Taylor replied, When Mrs. Buck ipped out on our whole class in eighth grade. His future plans are to attend Southwestern Community College and get a job. Taylor was asked to state a few of his favorite things in this

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Teawna Stark

BY MADISON HOSFIELD Teawna Dawn Stark is the daughter of Joe and Tammy Stark. Teawna has two brothers: Levi, 19, and Logan, 15. Throughout high school Teawna wasnt involved in many extra curricular activities because she liked to spend most of her time working to earn money. During the past four years, Teawna was named as Student of the Month.

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News Amy Whittington named Principal of Year nalist

A county resident has been named a nalist for the 2013 Iowa Elementary Principal of the Year Award by the School Administrators of Iowa (SAI). Amy (Walkup) Whittington, elementary principal at Central Decatur in Leon, was nominated by her peers and chosen as one of three state nalists for the honor. There are great principals working throughout the state to improve and reform education, said Whittington, and to be recognized by them as a leader and innovator is a tremendous honor! A 1996 graduate of Mount Ayr high school, Whittingon lives on a farm east of Diagonal with her husband J.P. and children Alaina, eight, and Owen, ve. Elementary principal in the Central Decatur Community school district since 2009, Whittington previously served as the elementary principal at Cleareld and as a special education teacher at Mount Ayr. While teaching at Mount Ayr, Whittington said she began taking graduate classes and decided administration would allow her to continue to develop leadership skills and remain connected to students. I have always wanted to be a teacher, she said, and love watching the moment when learning connects for kids! She graduated from Drake University in 2005 with a Masters in Ed Administration and in 2009 with a Specialist Degree in Ed Leadership. One of the great things about working in smaller rural districtslike Mount Ayr, Cleareld, and Central Decatur is the opportunity

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mount Ayr Record-News

April is Keep Iowa Beautiful month

Governor Terry E. Branstad has signed a proclamation making April Keep Iowa Beautiful month. Community projects during the month encourage Iowans to build pride and respect in making their communities better places to live and work through beautication, clean-up and recycling activities. Attending the signing ceremony in Governor Branstads ofce at the state capitol were former Governor Robert D. Ray and former founder and chairman of Caseys General Stores, Donald F. Lamberti. Ray and Lamberti were the cofounding chairmen of Keep Iowa Beautiful 12 years ago. As the proclamation states, Keep Iowa Beautiful, a state afliate of Keep America Beautiful, works with government organizations, private companies, communities and volunteer/service groups statewide to conduct litter prevention, recycling, beautication, community and landscape enhancement, increased volunteerism and waste minimization proIowa Public Television has announced the network will embark on another ambitious tour of Iowa libraries during the seventh annual summer Reading Road Trip. Dan Wardell, popular host of the IPTV KIDS Clubhouse, will welcome kids and families in communities across Iowa throughout the summer. Area stops on the Reading Road Trip include Corning June 1 and Osceola and Lamoni June 19. grams... Keep Iowa Beautifuls mission is to empower Iowans to make Iowa the cleanest and most attractive state in the nation. During the month of April many communities are planning events to improve the attractiveness of their towns. Keep Iowa Beautiful has announced a few events: April 19 - Keep Iowa Beautiful Day at the Iowa Cubs baseball game. April 27 - Keep Indianola Beautiful Beautication Blowout! April 30, May 1-10 - annual Keep Iowa Beautiful statewide conference in Greeneld. Release of photography book - Robert D. Ray-An Iowa Treasure Expansion of Iowa Department of Transportations Adopt-aHighway program Paint Iowa Beautiful announcement of 625 gallons of Diamond Vogel Paint to 54 community projects.

More on school board

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to be involved in all aspects of a school system, she said. More urban districts have additional layers of central ofce staff who supervise various departments and responsibilities, and can limit the inuence of the building principal. Whittington credits her upbringing in Ringgold county for the work ethic she brings to her profession. Will Smith says, in order to be successful, you have to a have killer work ethic which I think I developed growing up on a farm and being involved in almost every organization available to me in high school, she said. Education today places big demands on students, teachers, and administrators, and we have to be willing to work long and hard to help all students reach their potential. I feel one of my primary responsibilities as a principal is to help buffer students and teachers from the politics and

Amy Whittington

state and federal initiatives, so that they can concentrate on the real work of teaching and learning. In 2011, Central Decatur received the State Board of Education Breaking Barriers Award for increasing student achievement in fourth and eighth grade. Whittington shared, I am excited about the work we have done in the elementary to increase our overall student achievement. We have streamlined our intervention process and increased the use of research-based strategies for improvement. Central Decatur was recently awarded a $3.5 million TIF grant to implement TAP, a system for Teacher and Student Advancement over the next four years. This is an exciting time to be an educator, and Central Decatur is proud to pilot the TAP system in Iowa, she said. We see it as a way to bring all the components of teacher and student improvement together in a way that makes sense. After interview sessions with the three nalists, SAI eventually named Lucas DeWitt of Spencer as the 2013 Principal of the Year. All nalists will be recognized at SAIs Annual Conference August 7 in Des Moines. We are pleased to recognize school leaders who are committed to excellence in education and serve as role models of learning in their communities, said Dr. Dan Smith, SAI executive director. SAI, a statewide organization founded in 1987, represents more than 1,800 Iowa educational administrators. SAIs mission is to enhance PreK-12 education through effective leadership by school administrators.

Amanda and Luke Angus, Allison Swietlike and Eli and Desirae Sumpter were some of the participants in the Loving Your Family-Feeding Their Future series presented by Ringgold County Parents as Teachers. The participants learned during the six-week workshop why nutrition and physical activity are so important for the development of their children.

Loving Your Family classes conclude

Parents as Teachers recently completed a six-week educational series for parents in Ringgold county. Loving Your Family-Feeding Their Future is a series brought to Ringgold county by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. Instructor for series was Robin McDonnell, RN/Parent Educator with Ringgold County Public Health. Parents were presented certicates upon completion of the series. Plans are to repeat the series this fall. The program is designed to help parents learn ways to save money, shop smart, avoid waste, help picky eaters try new foods and make easy low cost meals. During the sessions participants learned why nutrition and physical activity is essential to optimal physical, social and cognitive development. By establishing life-long eating and exercise habits in young children, the incidence of chronic disease and obesity in their future will be inuenced. Topics covered in the workshops were: Family Meals, How Much Food and Physical Activity, Vegetables and Fruits, Reading Labels, Grains, Calcium-Rich Foods, Snacks, Fast Food, Food Safety, and Healthy Pregnancy. A few activities that were part of the workshops were making a healthy meal in a hurry by choosing two foods in their home, a trip to the grocery store to choose the best items to prepare snacks by reading the labels, and recreating favorite fast food meals by making better choices based on nutritional information. Parents were able to identify how to include better snack choices for their family by eat products they are lacking during meal times. Participants also learned ways to easily determine appropriate portion sizes along with how to visualize the variety of foods in their diet based on color. Ringgold County Parents as Teachers is an early childhood,

evidence-based program serving Ringgold county children prenatal through age three, to ensure they will learn, grow, and develop to realize their full potential. The home visitation program is funded by Ringgold County Early Childhood Area (Empowerment) and Dekko Foundation at no cost to participants. For further information on enrolling in Parents as Teachers or for more information on Loving Your Family education, contact Robin McDonnell, RN, Coordinator/Parent Educator at Ringgold County Public Health Agency 641-4640691 or visit

Reading Road Trip coming

Iowa Public Television will partner with libraries to promote summer reading in June and July. Wardell will tell an interactive original story at the libraries, encouraging kids to spend time reading and playing outside, and to limit television/screen time. NEED A RESUME? We can professionally design your resume and have a selection of ne paper and envelopes at the Record-News.

Stutzman Auction Center

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work on a number of summer projects. Maryville Glass had the lowest bid for replacement of vestibule doors on the east and west sides of the high school building. The board accepted their bid of $5,882.15 over a bid of $10,172 from Doors, Inc. The bid of $6,129.99 from Maryville Glass for replacement of doors at the elementary was also accepted. Doors, Inc. had bid $8,046 for the same project. Maryville Glass also won the bid for replacement of the shop doors on the south side of the high school building. The winning bid

The Iowa Department of Education announced this week that the deadline to nominate the 2014 Iowa Teacher of the Year is April 26. The Iowa Teacher of the Year award celebrates excellent teaching and gives recognition to a teacher each year that encapsulates the best of what Iowas teachers have to offer, serving as a representative of the thousands of excellent teachers in Iowa. Nominations will be accepted from anyone, including students, parents, school administrators, colleagues, college faculty members and associations. The Iowa Teacher of the Year award was established in 1958. The annual program is sponsored by the Iowa Department of Education through an appropriation from the Legislature ($85,000 in FY13). Winners are chosen by a committee that includes representatives of the Iowa Department of Education, the Iowa State Education Association, the School Administrators of Iowa, the Parent-Teachers Association and the current Iowa Teacher of the Year. The Teacher of the Year serves as an ambassador to education and as a liaison to primary and secondary schools, higher education and organizations across the state. Tania Johnson of Cedar Rapids was named the 2013 Teacher of the Year. The 2014 Teacher of the Year will be announced this fall. Nomination forms can be found on the Department of Education website:

Nominations sought for Teacher of the Year

was $9,126.58. Doors, Inc. had bid $10,708 for this project. The Outpost in Ellston won the contract for new carpeting for three classrooms and hallways in the secondary building. Their bid of $29,832.86 was accepted over a bid of $36,551.15 from Offsprings in Mount Ayr. The contract for installation of that carpet was approved for Ryan Still at $7,990.30. A second bid of $8,000 was received from Doug Still. Personnel The board approved 2013-14 employment contracts for noncertied employees, certied employees and two district principals. The board also approved a number of resignations at Mondays meeting. They include Mary K. Overholtzer in middle school science and talented and gifted, Michael Longley in third grade and Joan Moore as half-time Title I reading. Other resignations came from secretary Kathy Triggs and special education associates Tina Maxson, Debbie Graham, Sharon Allen and Ryan Gregg. The board voted to hire John Larsen as assistant varsity volleyball coach, Brandie Ruggles as middle school volleyball coach and Aaron Riley and Kurt Wallace as summer drivers ed teachers. In the course of the personnel discussion, the board voted to receive and le the superintendents recommendation for a certied staff reduction. The certied staff member has requested a hearing in closed session concerning the reduction. The hearing will be held April 30 at 6 p.m. Other business The board approved a resolution that satises the states requirement for a school start date waiver. Districts must formally approve the waiver in order to begin school before Labor Day if they can show a negative educational impact to the later start date. Superintendent Drake explained possible impacts could include avoiding the delay to the end of the school year due to weather and facilitating dual credit courses for high school students with colleges. Acting upon a request from the Cleareld school district, the board voted to accept land from the Cleareld district as the result of its dissolution. The extent of the land will be determined later as dissolution plans evolve. The board will once again host its annual staff appreciation breakfast on May 8. During the breakfast staff members will be recognized for their years of service to

the district. Superintendent Drake and elementary principal Chris Elwood recently have been informed about changes to the SFL program for next year. Longtime director Marci Bjustrom has decided to resign at the end of this school year, and the Diagonal district, who has managed the entire SFL program since its inception, has asked Mount Ayr schools to take over direction of the Mount Ayr portion of the program. Drake and Elwood said they would bring recommendations to the board after they have studied the situation further. Superintendent Drake reported on the nancial impact the recent sequestration has had on district nances. According to his gures, the district has lost $11,537 in various Title and special education funds.

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Ringgold Singers rehearse 60s Party

Real Estate and Household

103 Sunset Lane, Mount Ayr, Iowa (4 blocks west of northwest corner of the the square, north on Sunset).


60s Beach Party is the theme for Ringgold Singers spring entertainment planned for May 10 at 6:30 p.m. at the American Legion building in Mount Ayr. Folks attending will be treated to a picnic supper as well as songs and other fun surprises. The cost for the evening of fun will be $7 with $1 refunded at the door for everyone who wears Hawaiian type shirts and dresses for the event. 60s songs featured will include Bandstand Boogy, Blue Velvet, Love Potion #9, Walk Like a Man, 60s Party Line, Shes Got You, Release Me, A Summer Song, Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer, Best of the Beach Boys, Wipe Out, Tiny Bubbles, Blue Hawaii and What a Wonderful World.

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mount Ayr Record-News

122 W. Madison Mount Ayr, Iowa Phone 641-464-2440

DESCRIPTION: 2 bedrooms, kitchen/dining room/living room/2 bathrooms, attached single-door garage with door opener, 8 x 12 utility shed in backyard, new roof in 2010, new paint in 2011, porch swing, hot water heat, window AC. LEGAL DESCRIPTION: The North 90 feet of the South 248 feet of the West 143.55 feet of Lot 3 of the Irregular Survey of the Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (NE 1/4 SE 1/4) of Section 1, Township 68 North Range 30 West of the 5th P.M., Ringgold County, Iowa. TERMS: 20% down day of sale. Balance due upon delivery of abstract and deed. Westinghouse chest-type deep freeze, Montgomery Ward microwave, LP grill, Estate refrigerator (plumbed for ice maker), set of 8 Wicker pattern gourmet collection china by Oneida, every-day usable dishes and cooking utensils, deep fat fryer, fruit jars, (4) large blue Ball fruit jars, cookbooks, bread making machine. Dining room table with 4 chairs, 19 Magnavox TV, 21 RCA console TV, entertainment center with RCA VCR, stereo, record player, (4) lamps, decorated pillows, matching davenport (makes into bed) and love seat, pair of swivel rocking chairs, lots of dried flowers, etched mirror, 2-piece luggage, 5-piece bedroom set with queen bed, chest of drawers, dresser (2) night stands (nice Early American sold maple set), double bed, dresser, chest of drawers, bedding, towels, etc.. dressing mirror, Kirby vacuum sweeper, cedar chest, (3) sets of card tables and chairs. Stepladders, old safe, small extension ladder, bicycle, 3-h.p. push lawn mower, 1972 57 John Deere riding lawn mower 36 cut, Christmas decorations. KIRK AND LAURIE GREENMAN WILL SELL THE FOLLOWING ITEMS: Burgundy sectional, coffee table, pole lamp, upright freezer, oscillating fans, wall hanging, pictures and room decor, kitchen table and 4 chairs, (2) bar chairs, kitchen utensils and pots and pans, roaster, silver coffee set, canning jars, full-size oak bed with chest of drawers and night stand, electric blanket, bedding, blonde desk and chair, hair trimmer, Olympus camera, tools, extension cords, 2-wheel dolly, dry-erase white board, portable DVD player, banquet table, infrared sauna, garden sprayers, concrete flower planters, flowerpots, garden bench, antique Schwinn bike, kids Harley Davidson, Christmas dcor, Halloween costumes, plus much more. TERMS: Cash or good check. Nothing removed until settled for. Not responsible in case of accident or theft. All statements made sale day take precedence over any printed material.


Saturday, April 13



Bulk garden seed Onion Sets Sweet Onions Strawberry Plants Seed Potatoes Early Bedding Plants Decatur, Iowa Ph. 641-446-4778
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Sports Raiderettes open 2013 season at Clarinda, I-35

The Mount Ayr Raiderette track team opened its 2013 season with a pair of meets last week. Clarinda Invitational On Tuesday, April 2, the Raiderette Track squad opened their season at Clarinda. The team nished in the top one-third of 15 teams against some tough competiton including returning state champion Griswold. The Raiderettes came home with two second-place finishes: the distance medley of Ashton Johnson, Emily Fox, Madi Hoseld and Adrian Richards and Adrian Richards in the 800 meter run. Individual Statistics High Jump 6th - Naomi Richards - 46 Long Jump Emily Fox - 128 Shot Put Morgan Quick - 26 4.5 Bailea Stark - 228.75 JV Shelby Comer - 238 Makayla OMailia - 23 9 Discus Quick - 729 Stark - 6410 JV 6th - Christiana Overholtzer 671 Ica Hague - 588 4x800M Relay 3rd - Brook Rychnovsky, Naomi Richards, Maggie Jennett, Leah Klejch - 11:19 Shuttle Hurdle Relay 6th - Madi Hosfield, Ashton Johnson, Laura Davison, Kirsten Dolecheck - 1:22 100M Dash Neesie Brand - 15.6 Distance Medley 2nd - Johnson, Fox, Hoseld, Adrian Richards - 4:38 400M Dash Hannah Flecthall - 71.1 Hannah Glendenning - 74.4 4x200M Relay Dolecheck, Fox, Logan Wimer, N. Richards - 2:02.22 100M Hurdles Davison - 20.86 Maddi Mobley - 20.85 800M Run 2nd - A. Richards - 2:41.05 4th - Leah Klejch - 2:42.23 5th - Ica Hague - 3:14.34 6th - Taylor Wilson - 3:15.15 200M Dash Glendenning - 32:18 Wimer - 32:12 Sprint Medley 3rd - Dolecheck, Johnson, Fox, Hoseld - 2:02.3 1500M Run Jennett - 6:29 Mobley - 6:53 4x100M Relay Davison, Brand, Glendenning, Wimer - 60.6 4x400M Relay 5th - Klejch, N. Richards, Rychnovsky, A. Richards - 4:48 I-35 Invitational The Raiderettes came in fourth place at the I-35 Invitational, Thursday, April 4. Mount Ayr nished two places behind top contenders for team champions in the Pride of Iowa Conference meet, Interstate 35 and Martensdale-St. Marys. Two events brought home second place medals: the distance medley team of Neesie Brand, Hannah Glendenning, Logan Wimer and Adrian Richards and Adrian Richards in the 800 meter run. We are pleased with the teams efforts this week, said coach Deb Larsen. We saw improvement from the rst meet to the second meet. Individual Statistics High Jump Naomi Richards - 48 Long Jump Emily Fox - 116 Shot Put Morgan Quick - 27 2.5 Shelby Comer - 23 6.5 JV Bailea Stark 21 8.5 Makayla OMailia - 21 11.5 Discus Quick - 66 3 Christiana Overholtzer 599 JV Stark - 62 2.5 OMailia - 67 8

Mount Ayr Record-News

Thursday, April 11, 2013

3-on-3 tournament in Diagonal Saturday

A 3-on-3 basketball tournament will be held Saturday, April 13 in Diagonal. Teams will be divided by age and gender: third and fourth grade boys and girls, fth and sixth grade boys and girls, seventh and eighth grade boys and girls, high school boys and girls and adult men and women. Coed teams in each age group will also be available if enough interest is shown. Teams are limited to ve members at a $25 entry fee. For teams with three or four members, the entry fee is $20.

Games will begin at 8 a.m. and will be held in the Diagonal Community school gymnasium. To enter or for more information, contact Gina Knox at 712621-5487 or Diagonal Sports Calendar April 11-18 Apr 11 G Trk Moravia 4:30 Apr 12 MS Trk Moravia 4:30 Apr 13 Blue Grass Conference Senior Basketball 6:30 Apr 15 MS Trk Melcher Apr 16 MS Trk Mount Ayr 4:15 Apr 18 MS Trk Bussey

Now Open For

Madison Hoseld runs her leg of the Shuttle Hurdle Relay, The team of Ashton Johnson, Laura Davison, Kirsten Dolecheck and Hoseld placed sixth at the Clarinda Invitational with a time of 1:22. 3000M Run Ica Hague - 16:46 Taylor Wilson - 15:03 4x800M Relay 2nd - Brook Rychnovsky, Maggie Jennett, Hannah Fletchall, Leah Klejch - 11:20.04 Shuttle Hurdle Relay 3rd - Kirsten Dolecheck, Laura Davison, Maddi Mobley, Ashton Johnson - 1:18.39 100M Dash 4th - Madi Hoseld - 13:48 Distance Medley 2nd - Neesie Brand, Hannah Glendenning, Logan Wimer, Adrian Richards - 4:56.38 400M Dash 3rd - Hoseld - 64:83 7th - Klejch - 68:49 4x200 Relay 5th - Glendenning, Fox, N. Richards, Fletchall - 2:01.98 100M Hurdles Johnson - 18.0 Dolecheck - 18:45 800M Run 2nd - A. Richards - 2:37.3 6th - Jennett - 2:53.52 Brand - 3:11 200M Dash Davison - 31.93 Mobley - 33.69

Saturday & Sunday, April 13 & 14, 2013

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400M Hurdles 3rd - Hoseld - 1:12.76 Sprint Medley 3rd - Johnson, Fox, Dolecheck, N. Richards - 2:08.87 1500M Run 4th - A. Richards - 5:37.9 6th - Rychnovsky - 5:56.05 4x100M Relay 5th - Johnson, Fox, Dolecheck, Hoseld - 56:11 4x400M Relay 4th - Fletchall, Wimer, Glendenning, Klejch - 4:56.41

RCCB to hold scavenger hunt

Ringgold County Conservation is hosting a digital scavenger hunt for all Ringgold County Conservation Board Areas. This event will last one month, April 15 to May 15. Participants can use their camera or phone to take pictures of items on the scavenger hunt list. Items on the scavenger hunt list include animal tracks (not from a dog), brush pile, wildower (no garden owers), shelter house, pinecone, squirrel nest, hole in a tree, insect, walnut, cabin, prairie grass, pond, oak leaf, bird, caboose and bark. When participants have nished the hunt, they should bring their cameras to the Ringgold County Conservation Board Ofce so staff can verify their photos. Rules for the hunt are as follows: 1. Individuals/teams must pick up a scavenger hunt list from the Ringgold County Conservation Board during open hours or download one from the website at http:// 2. All pictures must be taken on Ringgold County Conservation Board areas. 3. Pictures must be taken from April 15 May 15. No photos will be accepted after 4 p.m. on May 15. 4. You must take an actual picture of the item not an image of the item. 5. Do not remove or disturb items on the list. 6. Stay on trails as best as possible. 7. Pictures must be on one camera or cell phone. 8. You or members of your team may be in the photo(s) with the found item(s). 9. Photos must be brought into the RCCB to be veried by RCCB staff. 10. One entry per individual/ team. Photos may only be used for one entry. 11. Individuals/teams who take photos of every item on the list will

be entered into a drawing to win a two-night camping pass to Hickory Grove Park in Story county, a mycountyparks cup and RCCB lanyard. The winners will be drawn Wednesday, May 15 and notied via phone or email. Participants need not be present to win. 12. Ringgold County Conservation reserves the right to use any or all photos for promotional materials or on social media. Please call RCCB at 641-4642787 for questions or for more information.

3904 State Route P King City, Missouri Directions From King City, Mo. Go West On 48 Hwy. 6 miles to P Hwy. Then 1 Mile North OPEN: Mon. - Sat.: 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Sundays: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

PH.: (660) 535-6309

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Naomi Richards leaps over the high jump pole in recent action. Richards placed sixth at the Clarinda Invitational with a jump of 46.


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Ben will be starting Monday, April 22, 2013

s s t r w po al Ne als S n s g c o e i o L t L ts e Edi ature ges a n r Fe n i s e l s v n E O l Colo ng Me Gift i t l s a i u t e F s r r e y o G t v n o d a A h A M P

Yes, please start a subscription for: NAME: ADDRESS: CITY/STATE/ZIP: Enclosed for printed subscription: $30.00 for Ringgold and surrounding counties; $41.00 for the rest of Iowa or Missouri; $44.00 for the rest of the contiguous United States; $60.00 for Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico. Enclosed for online-only subscription: $27.50

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Sports Raider boys track excels in early season meets

The Mount Ayr Raider boys track team continues to excel in early season action. On Tuesday they recorded seven rst-place nishes to run away with the East Union Invitational title. They followed up with a third place nish at the Crawford Invitiational at Osceola. East Union Invitational Mount Ayrs Raider track team sealed a solid rst-place nish at Afton for the East Union Invitational on Tuesday, April 2. The unofcial team score for the Raider victory was 128, well above the second place nish of Nodaway Valley at 96. First-place finishes went to Braydee Poore in the high jump, Noah Larsen in the 3200 meter run, and to the 4x100, 4x200, 4x400 sprint medley and shuttle hurdle relay teams. Coach Brad Elliott was pleased with his teams performance. I liked the way the guys handled the conditions, he said. It shows they are serious about competing. Individual Statistics High Jump 1st - Braydee Poore - 64 Shot Put 5th - Joe Ricker - 38-08.25 Jed McCreary - 37-00 Lincoln Lutrick - 37-00 Discus 3rd - Ricker - 115-6 Lincoln Lutrick - 97-00 Jed McCreary - 91-00 Long Jump 9th - Nick Wurster- 17-11.5 Cody Stackhouse - 17-05 100M 2nd - Cody Stackhouse -11.18 11th - Zane Sickels - 12.24 200M 9th - Zach Lemon - 24:93 12th - Rhett Murphy - 25.93 400M 2nd - Tie - Erik Freed and Jacob Sobotka - 54.96 800M 2nd - Heath Evans - 2:15.78 Nick Wurster - 2:43 1600M Trevor Anderson - 5:51 Wyatt Jackson - 5:55 Quintin Chumbley - 6:21 Logan Arends - 6:51 3200M 1st - Noah Larsen - 10:35.66 6th - Heath Evans - 11:38.10 110M Hurdles - 39 2nd - Poore - 16:12 400M Hurdles - 30 4th - Shane Swank - 1:03 14th - Dawson Knapp - 1:14.52 4x100M Relay 1st - Erik Freed Grant Staats, Braydee Poore, Cody Stackhouse - 46:00 4x200M Relay 1st - Kyle Dolecheck, Staats, Poore, Stackhouse - 1:38.06 4x400M Relay 1st - Dolecheck, Freed, Poore, Sobotka - 3:48.11 4x800M Relay 2nd - Trevor Anderson, Jacob Taylor, Jack Jones, Zach Lemon - 9:48.52 Sprint Medley 1st - Dolecheck, Lincoln Martin, Sobotka, Larsen - 4:00.14 Shuttle Hurdle Relay 1st - Poore, Zane Sickels, Swank, Staats - 1:04.40 Crawford Invitational The Raider track team fell just short of rst place at the Crawford Invitational in Osceola, Thursday, April 4. Mount Ayr scored 105 points in Class A, just two points behind second place Earlham and only six points behind champion Van Meter. Braydee Poore placed rst with a 64 leap in the high jump. Noah Larsen had an outstanding night, taking two rst-place nishes in the 1600 and 800 and recording his personal best split of 2:05 as anchor for the 4x800 meter relay. First place medals in running events went to the following: 1600M - Noah Larsen - 4:55.04; 800M - Noah Larsen - 2:07.03; 4x100M relay - Grant Staats, Jacob Sobotka, Erik Freed, Cody Stackhouse - 45:44; 4x400M relay - Kyle Dolecheck, Lincoln Martin,

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mount Ayr Record-News

Erik Freed, Jacob Sobotka and 4x800M relay - Kyle Dolecheck, Erik Freed, Heath Evans, Noah Larsen - 8:35.18, a time that just missing the MACHS All-Time Top 10 in only their third race of the season. Coach Brad Elliott complimented the Raiders performance. The team ran well with some good victories and great times for this early in the season, he said. Individual Statistics High Jump: 1st - Braydee Poore - 64 Jacob Taylor (foul) Shot Put: Jed McCreary - 38-00 Lincoln Lutrick - 35-00 Joe Ricker -34-00 Discus: Joe Ricker - 103-02 Lincoln Lutrick - 88-06 Jed McCreary - 84-11 Long Jump: Cody Stackhouse - 19-01 Nick Wurster (foul) 3200M: Wyatt Jackson - 13:00.71 Quintin Chumbley - 13:50.20 4x800M relay 1st -Dolecheck, Freed, Evans, Larsen - 8:35.18 Shuttle Hurdle Relay 2nd - Grant Staats, Shane Swank, Zane Sickels, Poore - 1:04.24 100M 5th - Cody Stackhouse - 11:89 9th Zane Sickels - 12:51 400M 4th - Jacob Sobotka - 54.87 7th - Jack Jones - 57:22 4x200M Relay 3rd - Staats, Jacob Taylor, Swank, Lincoln Martin - 1:40.52 110M Hurdles 3rd - Poore - 15:74 1600M 1st - Noah Larsen - 4:55.04 400M 3rd - Swank - 1:01.06 1600M 3rd - Zach Lemon, Martin, Jones, Evans - 3:57.14 800M 1st - Larsen - 2:07.03 5th - Trevor Anderson - 2:18.07 4x100M Relay 1st - Staats, Sobotka, Freed, Stackhouse - 45:44 4x400M Relay 1st - Dolecheck, Martin, Freed, Sobotka - 3:35.20

MAC golfers open with pair of wins, two medalists

The Raider/Raiderette golf teams opened their season with a home meet hosting Southeast Warren and Martensdale-St. Marys, Thursday, April 4. The Raiders squeaked out a victory by shooting a 192 to Martensdale St. Marys 193. Southeast Warren could not post a team score with only three team members in the match. Medalist was Conner Giles with a 44, edging runner-up Martensdaless Jerett Crowells 45. Other Raider scores included Quency Vos, 47, Casey Paxson, 50, Jake Ricker and Dylan Doman, both shooting 51 and Ty Pollock, 57. In the girls meet, no team posted a team score. Mount Ayrs Caitlin Giles was medalist with a 46. Runner-up was Laci Norris of Martensdale with a 60. Holly Karr shot a 68 for the Raiderettes. Mount Ayr will host three meets this week on April 9 , April 11 and April 12. Tee times are 4 p.m.

Colorfully attired, Raider golfer Quency Vox prepares for his opening drive of the 2013 season.

State fairgrounds open

Warmer weather is nally here and, with Memorial Day around the corner, now is the perfect time to plan a worry-free weekend in the great outdoors. The Iowa State Fair campgrounds has plenty of space available beginning April 13 through mid-July with country comforts alongside city conveniences and excitement. The campgrounds house more than 1,800 sites fully equipped with water and electrical hookups, 600 sites with sewers, and three large bathhouses outtted with clean showers, toilets and sinks. In addition to the excellent facilities, the campgrounds offer affordable rates: $25 per night for sites equipped with water, electricity and sewer, $23 per night for sites equipped with water and electricity and $20 per night for sites without utilities. Reservations are recommended and can be made by calling the

Iowa State Fair Campgrounds ofce at 515-262-3111 x284. Campers without reservations are welcome as well. Enter through one of the Fairgrounds main entrances off East University Avenue or East 30th Street and follow the signs into the campgrounds. Ranked among the most beautiful in the Midwest, the 160-acre Iowa State Fair campgrounds are home to century-old trees, woodland ora and small wildlife. The Iowa State Fair campgrounds are easy to nd and conveniently located just off Interstates 80 and 35. Just minutes from Des Moinesarea attractions like Adventureland Park, Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino and the East Villages dining and shopping options, the Iowa State Fair campgrounds are the perfect place to enjoy the comforts of home and the excitement of the city at a manageable cost.

Caitlin Giles and brother Conner Giles teamed up as medalists at the opening golf meet held in Mount Ayr last week.

Fishing report released

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has released a shing report for the period ending Thursday, April 4. The report is compiled from information gathered from local bait shops, angler creel surveys and county and state parks staff. For more information, contact the Mount Ayr Fisheries Station at 641-464-3108 or the southwest Iowa regional ofce in Lewis at 712-769-2587. The ice is mostly gone. Boat access is possible at all lakes. Water levels are usually 15 to 30 inches low but rising slowly. Fogle Lake S.W.A. (Ringgold): The water level lowered last fall to allow boat ramp repairs. Currently the water is six feet low but the ramp extension allows easy access. Mount Ayr Sports Calendar April 11-18 Apr 11 Golf Here G Trk Shen B Trk Osceola Apr 12 Golf Here Apr 15 Golf Here Apr 16 Golf Here MS Trk Here B Trk Red Oak Apr 18 B Trk MStM G Trk Corning 4:00 5:00 5:00 4:00 4:00 4:00 4:15 5:00 5:00 5:00

Hallie Still, 12, shot this turkey Sunday morning during youth season. It weighed 25 pounds, its spurs were 1 1/8 long and it has two beards measuring 8 1/2 and 11 long. (Most turkeys have only one beard.) She is the daughter of Doug and Gina Still of Mount Ayr. Send a Record-News subscription o to college with your college student. Even small ads are noticeable in the Record-News. You read this one.
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Two-bearded turkey trophy

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News Supervisors amend budget, get updates on ongoing projects

The Ringgold county board of supervisors approved an amendment to the scal year 2013 budget and heard updates to a number of county projects at their regular meeting Monday, April 8. Budget amendment The amended budget included a number of line item changes. Main revenue increases were an additional $987,483 in the intergovernmental line item and $572,165 in the miscellaneous line item. Total revenue increases were listed at $1,625,165. Main expenditure increases were an additional $871,372 for roads and transportation and $632,100 for administration. Total expenditure increases were listed at $1,705,481. Total revenue listed in the amended budget was $9,896,769 as compared with $8,271,288 in the original certied budget. Total expenditures in the amended budget totaled $9,970,371 as compared with $8,264,890 in the original budget. During the public hearing leading up to the vote to approve the amended budget, Kevin Kilgore presented the supervisors with a list of seven objections to the amended budget: 1) Department, Fund and Appropriated Amount of Expenditures were never made for the FY 2013 certied budget. 2) The amended FY 2013 budget is not the re-estimated FY 2013 budget used to develop the FY 2014 proposed budget in either the original (published) version, the revised edtition from the public hearing or the approved version... which set the FY 2014 levy rates. 3) No explanation of changes is provided in the published Notice of Public Hearing. 4) Operating transfers in and out do not reect the required transfer of general basic fund monies to secondary roads and the amendment does not correct that deciency. 5) The addition of $572,165 in miscellaneous revenue make total miscellaneous revenue in excess of $1.4 million, and no explanation has been provided for the source of that revenue. 6) Local option jail sales tax fund amount is not listed in either lines 35 or 36 despite being a restricted use fund. Failure to differentiate fund balances is a repeat budget protest discrepancy. 7) The debt service line is overbudgeted for the amount of debt service listed in the FY 2013 budget detail sheets. Weed commissioner County weed commissioner Brenda Adams reported information from the recent annual meeting of weed commissioners from around the state. The meeting provides local ofcials updates and explanations of requirements and restrictions concerning control of noxious weeds. The main challenge facing the supervisors is who to hire to handle the spraying of weeds. Some counties contract with outside companies to deal with the work while others use county workers on an as-needed basis. The problem lies in paying for the service. Hiring an outside rm is expensive, considering the county still needs to closely supervise the workers. Having county workers perform the service takes them away from other projects where their time is more valuable. In addition, whoever is chosen to spray must be fully licensed and insured. The board took no action on Adams report, but supervisors said they will continue to seek solutions to the weed problem. Other business In other business, the supervisors: appointed Dan Cunning a a member of the magistrate appointing commission. approved a liquor permit for Ramsey Farms. received the quarterly report from county recorder Karen Schaefer. heard updates on secondary roads projects. Workers from the Denco company are anticipated to begin resurfacing work on a number of county roads in mid-April. Other updates included work on the Braby box culvert and on the Morgan bridge along with lling holes on county road J55.

Mount Ayr Record-News

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Snapshots of History

Yard and Garden: Planting potatoes

The potato is one off the most important vegetable crops in the world. Potato cultivars are available in many shapes, sizes, and colors. The edible part of the potato plant is the underground swollen stem known as a tuber. The leaves, stems, owers and fruits of the potato plant contain poisonous compounds and should not be eaten. Gardeners with additional questions about raising potatoes can contact the horticulturists with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach at hortline@iastate. edu or 515-294-3108. When should I plant potatoes in the garden? Potatoes should be planted in early spring. Appropriate planting times are late March or early April in southern Iowa, early to mid-April in central Iowa and mid to late April in northern portions of the state. What are some good potato varieties for Iowa? Several potato varieties (cultivars) perform well in Iowa. A list of recommended potato cultivars (along with a brief description of each) is provided to help you choose the best cultivar for your garden. Red Norland is an early maturing red cultivar that produces oblong, smooth potatoes with shallow eyes. They are excellent boiled or mashed, but are only fair when baked. Russet Norkotah is an early season russet cultivar that produces blocky, oblong potatoes. It is an excellent baking potato. Yukon Gold is an early season yellow-eshed cultivar. They are excellent baked, boiled or mashed. The potatoes also store well. Superior is an early to midseason cultivar with round to oblong tubers and medium deep eyes. The potatoes are very good baked, boiled or mashed. It is resistant to scab. Goldrush is a mid-season cultivar that produces oblong to oval tubers with a russet skin and white esh. Baking quality is very good. Katahdin is a late maturing white cultivar that produces smooth, round, shallow-eyed tubers. It is excellent for baking. Kennebec is a late maturing white cultivar with block-shaped tubers and shallow eyes. Cooking quality is excellent. Red Pontiac is a late maturing red cultivar. Potatoes are oblong with deep eyes. It produces high yields with many large tubers. Table quality is only fair. Storage quality is very good. When planting potatoes, do I need to purchase certied seed potatoes? Since potatoes are susceptible to several serious diseases, buy certied, disease-free potatoes at garden centers and mail-order nurseries. Potatoes that remain from last years crop may carry undetectable diseases. Potatoes purchased at supermarkets (for table use) may have been treated to prevent sprouting. Best results (excellent quality and high yields) are obtained with certied seed potatoes. How do I plant potatoes? Since potatoes are susceptible to several diseases, buy certied, disease-free potatoes at garden centers or mail-order nurseries. Gardeners can purchase seed pieces (tubers that have been cut into sections) or whole potatoes. Small potato tubers may be planted whole. Large potatoes should be cut into sections or pieces. Each seed piece should have one or two eyes or buds and weigh approximately one and a half to two ounces. After cutting the tubers into sections, place the freshly cut seed pieces in a humid, 60 to 70 F location for one or two days. A short healing period allows the cut surfaces to callus or heal over before the seed pieces are planted. Healing of the cut surfaces helps prevent the rotting of seed pieces when planted. Plant seed pieces (cut side down) and small whole potatoes three to four inches deep and one foot apart within the row. Rows should be spaced two and one half to three feet apart.

Northwest corner of the Mount Ayr square in the early 1890s. BY MIKE AVITT ton was primarily for mail and The building on the corner newspapers. Benton was the closhoused the dry goods store of Hug- est point to Mount Ayr on the Chigins & Saville in the 1890s. Many cago Great Western, a main line businesses came and went here un- railroad, and this greatly improved til the building unexpectedly col- mail and newspaper delivery. Paslapsed in the mid-1970s. sengers were transported on the Thats the original Palace of hack line for a fee. Sweets to the right of Huggins Ill share some more informa& Saville. Amos Fatty Collins tion Ive found reading newspaopened this bakery/restaurant on pers from the 1890s. Bicycles Thanksgiving Day 1881. He built were new to Ringgold county and a brick building on this location in were often referred to as wheels. 1896 or 1897 so I can guess that They were expensive, yet popular. this weeks picture was taken in Teams of riders would sometimes the early or middle 1890s. travel from town to town, but the Behind Huggins & Saville is weather had to be good because the livery barn of Thomas Lewis roads were still just wagon trails. Tullis. T. L. Tullis came to RingA man named C. G. Williams gold county in 1888 and was run- had a hot air balloon and drew a ning a hack line to Benton in the large audience with his ascensions. 1890s. A hack was a wagon, such Apparently, Mr. Williams or someas a dray, for transporting people one else would parachute out of the and freight. The hack line to Ben- balloon on special occasions. This

came to an end when Mr. Williams was injured in a balloon accident at Blockton. He was up about sixty feet when his balloon came apart, and he landed with very little air to cushion his fall. To my surprise, I found football games being played in the area. On August 1, 1896, Redding played football at Blockton. In October of 1899, the Mount Ayr high school team defeated the Mount Ayr town team, 5-0. Baseball was easily the most popular sport being played at this time. Every town had a team, and traveling to play or watch baseball was common. Sidewalks were made of wood and required constant maintenance. Loose boards and curled planks caused many a spill for pedestrians. Concrete walks would appear in the next decade.

HCI Care Services observes National Healthcare Decisions Day

Most people have some idea of how they would like to die perhaps peacefully in their sleep or surrounded by loved ones. Unfortunately, most people also have not taken the necessary steps to ensure their wishes will be followed. April 16 is the sixth annual National Healthcare Decisions Day, an initiative dedicated to ensuring all adults discuss and document their healthcare wishes now, while theyre healthy and able. As a society, we pride ourselves in being busy. We often use time as an excuse for putting off uncomfortable conversations and decisions, said Katie McIntyre, Iowa liaison for National Healthcare Decisions Day and community relations coordinator for HCI Care Services. National Healthcare Decisions Day is a great opportunity to think about how you would want or not want to be treated should you no longer be able to speak for yourself. By completing an advance directive, you can give your loved ones the peace of mind of knowing they are doing what you would have wanted. HCI Care Services is also providing free resources to help people talk about healthcare wishes with family, friends and healthcare providers, and to execute written advance directives (healthcare power of attorney and living will) in accordance with Iowa state laws. Visit or call 641-464-2088 for a free advance directive planning packet. Advance directives come in two main forms. A healthcare power of attorney (proxy or agent or surrogate) documents the person selected to be the voice for healthcare decisions if the individual is no longer able to communicate. And a living will (or healthcare treatment directive) documents the types of medical treatments he or she would or would not want at the end of life. It is important to note that advance directives only go into effect

if the patient is no longer able to make decisions. Copies of these documents should be given to doctors, family members and close friends, as appropriate. They can be changed or canceled at any time but are virtually useless if no one knows about them when the need arises.

Check with us about the statewide classi ed network that can put your message before a region of Iowa or the whole state. Up to 2.5 million readers await.

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RCH: Colonoscopy key to prevention

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cancer killer in the United States. Ringgold County Hospital wants to remind residents over the age of 50 that it may be time to get a screening colonoscopy done. Colorectal cancer is the one cancer that you can prevent by nding pre-cancerous polyps before they cause problems, said Dr. Dane Johnson, board certied general surgeon for Ringgold County Hospital. Colonoscopy can also nd colorectal cancer early, when early intervention can often lead to a cure. We recommend that all adults over 50 have a screening at least every 10 years. Colonoscopy is just one of the many outpatient services that are offered at Ringgold County Hospital. County residents are encouraged to talk to their doctors or call the hospital to learn more about colon health. For more information on the services offered at Ringgold County Hospital, call 641-464-3226 or visit Ringgold County Hospital does not discriminate with regard to age, race, color, gender, national origin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or disability.

HCI Care Services seeks volunteers

HCI Care Services, formerly Hospice of Central Iowa, seeks local volunteers and will be hosting volunteer training Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning April 16 through April 30. Sessions will be held from 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at its ofce located at 107 S. Fillmore Street (on the square) in Mount Ayr. Although no previous experience is necessary to become a volunteer, attendance is required at each session. Offering companion-

ship, running errands and assisting with clerical duties and light housekeeping describe some of the opportunities available to make a meaningful, lasting impact in the lives of others. HCI is also seeking veterans to volunteer for our new Veteran-toVeteran program. For more information or to register, please contact Cindy Mitchell, volunteer coordinator, at 641-464-2088 or at cmitchell@

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April is Community Banking month in Iowa

Governor Branstad signed a proclamation last week recognizing April as Community Banking Month in Iowa. By driving local economies and creating local jobs, community banks are an integral part of Iowas and the nations nancial system. More than 330 independent community banks are located in Iowa, representing more than 1,000 communities across the state and employing over 5,000 Iowans. CBI members have in excess of $3.2 billion dollars in common sense loans to consumers, small businesses, and the agricultural community. To nd your community bank,

visit CBIs Community Bank Locator at Simply type in your city and you will see community banks in your area.

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County Columns
Mount Ayr Health Care Center
by the Friday Singers, visiting with friends and eating a meal. All returned home happy and very full. Linda Barber was the Sunday school teacher this past Sunday morning while Charlotte Swank played the piano. Welcome visitors over the past week have been Ed Minnick, Delores Killen and Mathew and Phyllis Essick, all of Carlisle, with Darlene Minnick; Neil Stanley with Ada Stanley; Harold Crawford with Catherine Crawford; Nancy and Race Kelly, Julie Ingram of Winterset and Marjorie Werner with Maxine Werner; Dan King, Margarete Florea of Hopkins, MO and Vera Florea of Bolivar, MO with Ed and Lorraine King; Merna Schwalbe, Irene Merical of Adel, Marilyn Bolte of West Des Moines and Wayne and Suzanne Brown of Pleasant Hill with Shirley Brown; Pat Teply and Missy the dog with Gerald Gardner; Walt and Nola Pritchard of Clarinda, Connie Worthington of Des Moines, Hank Smith and Judy Pottorff with Margaret Fletchall; Doris Rule, Guelda Barker and Jim and Donna Pedersen with Virginia Powell; Darlene Ricker with several; Bob and Teri Campbell and John Harris of Des Moines with Margaret Campbell; Lyle Hogue of Hateld, MO and Larry and Arletta Hogue of Ankeny with Irene Hogue; Roger and Terri Main of Creston, Regan Main, Holly Jerome and Terri Main with Dorothy Main; Judy Doolittle, Donna Stark, Janie Stark and Vickie Parrott with Loreen Reed; Lois Grace and James Ruby with Betty Ruby; Marie Still and Ellen Powell with Ruth Angus; Ethel Campbell with Don Campbell; Jean Gilliland with Earl Brand; Carolyn, Richard and Evra Spicer of Missouri with Sylvia Hall; Patti Page-Jones of Creston and Corwin Karr with Elaine McCampbell; Vera Moore with Bev Moore and others; Robert and Pam Grace and Carol and Arlene Sobotka with Dorothy Sobotka; Darlene Bear and Ted Bear with Donald Bear, and Darlene Bear with Nova Giles. Have a great week! the piano for music in the morning. She also assisted with singing in the special care unit. Before leaving, Peggy played the piano in the south lobby while Liz, Sommer and Deanne Groves sang along. At lunch time staff gathered in Roxie Trullingers room to sing Happy Birthday to her. She also enjoyed guests joining her for lunch. In the afternoon Pattie and Sommer played bingo with the residents. Winners were Vera Daughton, Donnie Johnston, Doyle Murphy, Lois Anne Sobokta, Joan Hill, Helen Banks and Permelia Fletchall. Wednesday was a busy day with hand care all morning. Seth Denney was in for church in the afternoon. His son came along. Carmene James played he piano. After church Sommer made popcorn and turned on I Dream of Jeannie. The nature program was canceled due to Kate Zimmerman being sick. It has been rescheduled for today (Thursday). Because of the change, Liz asked residents what their choice was for an activity. Helen Banks asked to play match card. The south lobby was lled with eager players. Going out rst were Lois Anne Sobotka and Helen Mae. In the afternoon Liz and Amber quickly nished assembling a baseball diamond for

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mount Ayr Record-News


Activities Staff
April 8 - What a nice weekend they were able to enjoy! Nice sunshine and warm weather made is possible for resident to take a walk or sit out on the patio. Several also enjoyed spending time out with family members. Those included Dorothy Sobotka, Loreen Reed, Maxine Werner and Evalee White. It was also a great weekend for travelers which made for many visitors. Those with lunch guests were Danny Gregg, Ada Stanley, Shirley Brown and Elaine McCampbell. Residents are looking forward to listening to the Community Singers who will bring a program this Friday afternoon beginning at 1 p.m. Music will be followed with a birthday celebration for those who have special days in April. Staff and residents would like to welcome Virginia Powell and Mabel Shields to Health Care. Both ladies come from Mount Ayr and are a joy to spend time with. Please stop in and say hi. Ladies club found the girls learning all about fascinating fasteners. All sorts of buttons were viewed as well as remembering games where buttons were used. They also learned of a French king who has 13,699 buttons on one of his uniforms. Stories from spring cleaning to calving season were enjoyed as folks took time to remember these times in their lives and share a few stories of their own. Bingo was a fun afternoon game with Phyllis Riggs calling the numbers. Guests and helpers were Harold Crawford, Corwin Karr, Jean Gilliland, Cheri Dessinger, Donna Stark and Vickie Parrott. Winners included Evalee White, Annabelle Jones, Margaret Campbell, Vergene Higgins, Marie Campbell, Dorothy Sobotka, Donna Benegas, Darlene Minnick, Jean Gilliland, Loreen Reed, Nieda Cunningham, Ruth Angus, Marvin Morse, Kenny Driftmier, Corwin Karr, Lorene Triggs, Earl Brand and Vergene Higgins who won blackout. Music trivia was enjoyed before church with Pastor Denney and family Wednesday morning. Pastor Seth Denney delivered the message while his four sons provided music by singing two very nice hymns. Nail care and shopping are always two very popular activities as all enjoy shopping and they all want to look their best. Phyllis Riggs and Dorothy Hughes helped with nail care. With spring up on them, residents are all itching to get out and about. Although they can only travel so far, the men had a good time reading road maps and tracing previous trips and travel adventures. It was fun to nd out that road maps not only show you where to go but how far it is as well as advertisements of events and sights to see in that area. There are maps of the city, county, state and countries available as well as the globe and plat books. Roads and streets change so very often that new state maps are printed each year. So if you plan to travel, you may want to get a new map before setting out. Friday found Kenny Driftmier, Kathryn Adams, Marie Campbell, Marvin Morse and Lorene Triggs all making it big at the horse race track as they all won at least one race. This took place before everyone enjoyed listening to and singing along with Marlyn McPherson as she played and sang many favorite songs and hymns. It was nice to have their friends from Ringgold County Supportive Services join them for the afternoon. Snacks were served to all before ending a great day. Virginia Albers, Nova Giles, Dorothy Main, Darlene Minnick, Evalee White and Ruth Angus spent Friday morning at the Tingley meal site listening to music

the baseball game. The south lobby was again full of people wanting to see what this was all about. Last week was the kickoff for major league baseball. To enjoy the spring season, residents played a game themselves. The goal was to make as many runs as possible in the one-hour game. Scoring two runs were Anita Hayworth, Permelia Fletchall and Berniece Hoffman. Scoring a single run were Rose Hunt, Stanley Aistrope, Joan Hill, Norma Smith and Lois Anne Sobotka. Several others nearly made it around the bases before getting out. Charles Hawkins was in for Bible study to complete the day. Friday morning Kathi Blunck read the Mount Ayr Record-News and Diagonal Progress to a group of residents. Kathi and Sommer went to the special care unit to host a sing-along with the residents. Staff sang Happy Birthday to Vera Daughton and Mildred Peterson. They both had guests for their birthday. In the afternoon Kathi and Sommer played bingo. Winners were Anita Hayworth, Anna Linkey, Helen Banks, Joan Hill, Iris Osborn and Vera Daughton. Staff volunteered at the annual 100,000 meal pack-athon Friday night. Going out to help were Liz Schafer and Abbey and Elsie,

Amber Fooken and Trey, Kathi Blunck, Robyn Bickel and Cauy and Brady, Jacqueline Snyder and Bella, Kris Davis and Amanda and Madeline, Buddy Powell, Shawn Cameron, Wendy Creveling and Becky Lehman and Hannah and Brittney. Kathi was in Saturday morning to play high rollers with the residents. Several doubles were rolled. Going out rst were Lois Anne Sobotka, Donnie Johnston and Rose Hunt. Sunday school was led by Adam Triggs with Carmene James on the piano. Visitors last week were Roger and Karen Stickler with Helen Stickler; Peggy Steenrod with Bonnie Durham; Jim and Arlene Pearce with Edna Scott; Sue Richards with Twilla Lininger; Lesa Darrah and Larry and Linda Wilcoxson with Berniece Hoffman; Tina Good of Clarksdale, MO with Irene Spencer and Ione Veatch; Dorothy Barber with Doyle Murphy; Rhonda Lohmann and Joyce England with Lois Anne Sobotka; Pattie Barnes and Marjorie Hoffman with Berniece Hoffman, Vera Daughton, Twilla Lininger and Iris Osborn; Louise Frost with Joan Hill and Theola Cameron; Becky Saville with Ronald Hein; Sharon

Case and Vicki Ambrose with Irene Spencer; Diane Masternick, Linda Konnath and Dave and Ellen Brand with Roxie Trullinger; Verna and Chris Bailey with Ione Veatch; Shirley Erickson with Don Strange; Debbie Shields with Anna Linkey, Eddie Overholser, Anita Hayworth and Forrest and Carmeta Shields; Peggy Wagenknecht with Iris Osborn; Janis Taylor and Jim and Dixie Linkey with Anna Linkey; Sue Rahn with Ray Miller; Bob and Kay Sickels, Mike and Vickie Sickels and Camille JackFor the second time in its 20122013 season, Northwest Missouri State Universitys Theatre Northwest is set to open a world premiere production. The curtain will rise on Death Comes for Jesse James at 7:30 p.m. April 17-20 and 1:30 p.m. Sunday, April 21 in the Studio Theater at the Ron Houston Center for the Performing Arts. With book and lyrics written by Northwest associate professor of theatre Amanda Petesh-Schrag and her husband, Ben Schrag, and music by composer Michael Trosvig, the production is anticipated to be a momentous close to the production season.

son with Vera Daughton; Sharon Weaver with Virginia Weaver; Marge Perkins with Mildred Peterson; Cooper and Tanner Olson, Sandy and Lonnie Horne and Connie Leech with Rose Hunt; Chris Gilbert with Laura Osborn; Dick and Carol Ann Reeve with Ione Veatch; Vickie Mericle and Larry and Tommie Hull with Larry Hull; Lyla Miller and Sue Rahn with Ray Miller; Diana Gibson with Vera Daughton, and Carol Lee Bentley with Anna Linkey and Mildred Beymer. Death Comes for Jesse James blends classical tragedy, modern myth and American history into a folk musical. Petesh-Schrag believes audiences will relate to the unique characters and plotline. Even though this play is about the life of a famous outlaw, at its core this is a tale about ordinary people stuck in extraordinary circumstances, Petesh-Schrag said. These are characters that are passionate and desperate to get what they want, but that also makes them recognizable to us. This isnt a musical about tap-dancing bank robbers its about the hopes, dreams and tragic twists of a story rooted deep in our American culture.

Northwest to host world premiere

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April 8 - Here are the April showers. Hopefully, they will bring the May owers. Spring has nally sprung and residents are getting excited. Several have already spent some time on the north and south patios to enjoy the sunshine and listening to the birds. Coming up at Clearview will be the nature program today (Thursday) at 9:30 a.m. This was rescheduled from last week. In the afternoon residents will be able to enjoy a pizza party at 2:30 p.m. Liz will be playing dominoes with residents Friday. She will also be in to play UNO Saturday morning. Liz will get her lesson plan ready for country school Monday afternoon at 2 p.m. Monday Pattie started out the day with a reading group. Liz, Pattie and Sommer took three carloads of residents up to the Tingley Meal Site for lunch. The Tingley Meal Site celebrated its 39th anniversary on this day. There were several jokes shared as it was April Fools Day. Going out for the day were Karl Wurster, Anna Linkey, Minnie Breckenridge, Joan Hill, Rose Hunt, Ione Veatch, Lois Anne Sobotka, Iris Osborn and Pauline Wood. Nearly everyone, including Liz and Sommer, received a door prize. In the afternoon Kathi had the general store open for business. Ashley Ray brought in four puppies for the residents to see. Staff carried them around to visit all afternoon. Liz and Pattie prepared pudding parfaits for coffee club Tuesday. Lisa was gone so Peggy Wagenknecht was able to come in to play

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The Waubonsie Center in Benton held a fund-raiser for the Aquatic Center on Sunday, April 7. A total of $450 was was raised for the center fund drive. People of all ages brought a covered dish for an oldfashioned potluck. The Maloy Shamrock 4H club helped serve the meal and the Waubonsie Betterment Committee helped with cooking, serving and clean-up. The Waubonsie Tractor Club served homemade ice cream made by John Campbell. Gary Keplinger gave a presentation about the Aquatic Center project, and Teresa Jackson provided an update on progress at the bathhouse and pool. Other committee members shared ideas for other ways to raise money.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Aquatic Center fundraiser at Waubonsie Center

Mount Ayr and Iowa Homecoming queen Madison Hoseld (middle back) and members of the Maloy Shamrock 4-H club serve ice cream at the recent Aquatic Center fund-raiser at the Waubonsie Center in Benton.

Remember food safety at farmers markets

Spring begins the farmers market season across Iowa. As Iowans seek fresh produce and support local growers, they should follow general guidelines to make sure locally-grown food is safe to eat. The Iowa Farmers Market Association says Iowa ranks fourth in having the greatest number of farmers markets statewide. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, Iowa has an estimated 99,000 consumers and 1,500 producers who actively participate in local markets. Local and federal regulations are in place to ensure food safety at the marketplace, but food safety is always a concern. Food contamination can occur while food is growing in the elds or during harvest, processing, packing or distribution. Food Safety Shopping Tips: Check fruits and vegetables for bruising and damage. Any cuts or holes are hot spots for microbial growth. Before preparing or cooking fruits and vegetables, rinse the produce under cool running water, being sure to remove dust, soil and bugs. Pay particular attention to spinach, salad greens, melons and any other produce that comes in contact with the ground; these items require greater food safety vigilence. Milk, cheese, juices and ciders are required to have been pasteurized or treated prior to packaging. Canned goods (with the exception of jams and jellies) must come from a registered processing facility that has a license from local, state or federal authorities. All food must be labeled with the common name of the item and both the name and address of the producer. The State of Iowa requires that the product label show the name, list of ingredients, name and address of the producer/distributor, net weight or volume, allergen information and nutrition information. Pay close attention to ready-toeat foods such as sandwiches, dips and other prepared samples. Ask the vendor how long the samples have been sitting out and how the food was prepared to ensure food safety. Assess the sanitation and food safety practices of the vendor by checking the environment. If the vendor is located in the sun without shade, does not have a hand washing station or fails to promote cleanliness, the products may be more at risk for containing pathogens that may lead to foodborne illness.

RCPH observes stress awareness month

A recent conversation amongst colleagues at Ringgold County Public Health (RCPH) ended in agreement. They are collectively holding their breath waiting for spring to really arrive. With Old Man Winter coming more than going and Lady Spring barely showing herself, higher stress would be understandable in southwest Iowa. While unseasonably chilly weather may raise our stress level, its a great reason to take time to actively observe National Stress Awareness Month in April. Everyone has stress and handling it effectively helps prevent small problems from escalating. Avoid overeating, smoking or drinking as a way to deal with anxiety. Instead use a positive approach by exercising or taking a break and simply stepping outside for a breath of fresh air. Express your feelings openly and frequently and surround yourself with optimistic, caring people. Many local residents have praised walking

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey visited Vetter Equipment in Mount Ayr as part of a swing through Union, Taylor, Ringgold and Decatur counties this week. Northey, a corn and soybean farmer from Spirit Lake, is serving his second term as Secretary of Agriculture. His priorities as Secretary of Agriculture are promoting the use of science and new technologies to better care for our air, soil and water and reaching out to tell the story of Iowa agriculture.

Secretary of Agriculture visits Mount Ayr

as a reliable coping strategy for stress. Nancy Jarred of Tingley recently noted of her regular walks They leave me feeling refreshed, I sleep better, and it even gets rid of stress! RCPH continues its work on a Community Transformation Grant to reduce the impact of chronic diseases. During the course of this work many local residents with healthy lifestyles have become evident. The methods they use to stay healthy are usually time tested, simple yet not easy, but worth it in the long run. Be active. Eat and sleep well. Drink plenty of water. Get a yearly checkup with your local health care provider. If you would like more information on walking, biking, active living or healthy eating, call Ringgold County Public Health at 641-4640691 or visit them on the web at and www.facebook. com/rstop.

Three generations of family of Beulah Hutchinsons family formed Boos Group, a climbing team honoring Hutchinson, who had a triple bypass and a stint put in her lung three years ago. The team raised money to participate in the American Lung Associations 2013 Fight For Air Climb in downtown Des Moines on April 7. Pictured surrounding Hutchinson are (clockwise, beginning to Hutchinsons right) Reas Knapp, Tracee Knapp, Lindsay Blaine, Karla Hynes, Lew Knapp (behind Hynes), Lacey Frank, Karen Hanisch (to Hutchinsons left), Andy Frank, Natasha Hanisch, Hunter Hanisch and Trace Jet Knapp (in front).

Boos Group honors Hutchinson

The Iowa Department of Revenue has partnered with MyEntre.Net to provide tax Webinars to small business owners on IASourceLink. The dates and course titles are listed below. All are scheduled for one hour from noon to 1 p.m. central time. Attendees can register to attend via the IASourceLink web site at www.iowataxwebinars. com. Iowa Sales/Use Tax Basics May 16, 2013. Iowa Sales Tax Issues for Lawn Care/Landscaping Businesses - June 13, 2013. Iowa Sales Tax Issues for Construction Contractors - July 11, 2013. Iowa Sales Tax Issues Related to Agriculture - August 8, 2013. Iowa Sales/Use Tax Basics September 5, 2013.

Iowa Department of Revenue sets tax webinars




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The Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa reminds readers that screenings for STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) are available at their facilities in Lamoni and Leon. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 20 million new cases of Sexually Transmitted Diseases occur each year in the United States. These cases cost $16 billion to treat, and nearly half of all cases are among youth ages 15-24. The CDC has hypothesized that the high number of cases among youth must be in part due to health disparities, said Samantha Cannon, CEO. Youth often do not have insurance, a way to pay for health services, or a means of transportation, thus making it more difcult to be tested for STDs. Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa provides quality, affordable primary and preventive health care to people of all ages. If a person does not have insurance, services can be paid for based upon a sliding fee scale. STD screenings are available at Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa and appointments can be made by calling 641-446-2383. The number of STD cases is extremely high, but there are ways to prevent the spread of such diseases. Abstinence, a low number of sex partners, and condoms are all effective forms of prevention. STDs such as Hepatitis B and the Human Pappillomavirus (HPV) can be prevented with vaccines that are administered in three doses over six months. While it is best that people receive the shot before becoming sexually active, it is highly recommended that those under 26 receive the vaccination even if they are already sexually active. For more information about Sexually Transmitted Diseases, visit the CDCs website at www. To learn more about Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa visit

STD screenings available

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Church Notes
Mount Ayr Larger Parish United Methodist Churches Pastor Skip Rushing Redding 9:00 a.m., Worship. 10:00 a.m., Sunday School. Middle Fork 9:00 a.m., Sunday School, all ages. 10:00 a.m., Worship. Mount Ayr 10:00 a.m., Sunday School. 10:30 - 11:00 a.m., Refreshments and Fellowship. 11:00 a.m., Worship. St. Josephs Catholic Church 100 N. Polk, Mount Ayr Fr. Bashir Abdelsamad, Pastor Saturdays, mass at 5:30 p.m. St. Patricks Catholic Church Grand River Fr. Bashir Abdelsamad, Pastor Sunday mass, 8:00 a.m. United Church of Diagonal Pastor Ed Shields 9:30 a.m., Church. 10:30 a.m., Sunday school. Tingley First Christian Church Al Rusk, Pastor 10:00 a.m., Church school. Margaret Hull, Superintendent. 11:00 a.m., Worship. First Lutheran Church Mount Ayr - LCMS Vacancy Pastor: Rev. Jonathan Watt Sunday, April 14: 11:00 a.m., Worship. Free Methodist Church Charles Weiman, Pastor 10:00 a.m., Sunday school. 11:00 a.m., Worship service. 7:00 p.m., Evening worship. Wednesday, Family Night Prayer meeting; F.M.Y., C.L.C., 7 p.m. Kellerton Assembly of God Church Pastor Barton Shields 9:30 a.m., Sunday School. 10:30 a.m., Worship service. 6:00 p.m., Sunday evening worship. Wednesday, 7:00 p.m., Adult Bible study. Blockton Christian Church Scott Marcum, Pastor 9:30 a.m., Bible School. 10:45 a.m., Worship. Second and fourth Sundays of each month, Youth Groups. First Wednesday of each month, Church Night. Tent Chapel Church of Christ Richard Reinhardt, Minister (3 miles south of Blockton, Iowa) Bible study, 10:00 a.m. Morning worship, 11:00 a.m. Watch In Search of the Lords Way - 7 a.m., Sunday on Ch. 17; KDSM Dish 259, 6:30 a.m. or Direct TV 364, 6:30 a.m. Sundays, 6:30 p.m., evening services. Wednesdays, 7:00 p.m., Bible study. Regular Baptist Church Mount Ayr 464-3293 (Church) Pastor Seth Denney 9:45 a.m., Sunday School. 11:00 a.m., Morning worship service. Nursery available. 6:30 p.m., Evening service. Wednesday, 6:30-8 p.m., AWANA; 7 p.m., Midweek Bible study and prayer. 7 p.m., Youth service. Hickory Grove Advent Christian Church Sherry Wiley, supply pastor The church has closed for the winter and will reopen in the spring on Palm Sunday, March 24, 2013. Mount Ayr Assembly of God Pastor Doug Rohrer (515-783-7712) See our facebook page 8:15 - 8:45 a.m., Prayer 9:00 a.m., Sunday school for all ages. 10:00 a.m., Fellowship. 10:30 a.m., Worship service. Nursery available. Childrens church. 5:00 p.m. Men of Valor Saturday, March 2: 8 - 11 a.m., Open Closet. Thursdays: Revolution Youth - 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesdays: Kids Club - 5-7 p.m. Kellerton United Methodist Church Rev. Robin Thomas, Pastor 9:30 a.m., Sunday School 10:30 a.m., Worship. Beaconseld United Methodist Church Rev. Robin Thomas, Pastor Sunday, 9:00 a.m., Morning Worship. No Sunday School. United Baptist-Presbyterian Church 2343 State Highway 169 Mount Ayr Michael Maddy, Pastor (641-464-2127) Sunday, April 14: 9:00 a.m., Sunday school. 10:00 a.m., Church service. Greeter, Dean Blades; Call to worship, Deb Larson; Musician, Fay Howie; Childrens sermon, Pat Meester; Message: Mike Maddy; Communion; Quarterly business meeting; Potluck meal; Greeter, Dean Blades; Snacks, Marcy Gregg/Jackie Whitson. Monday, April 15: 5:00 p.m., Stretch exercises-UBP Church. Tuesday, April 16: 7:00 a.m., Mens breakfast at UBP Church. Wednesday, April 17: 5:00 p.m., Stretch exercise at UBP Church. 5:30 p.m., Choir practice at UBP Church. Director Judy Cunning. 6:30 p.m., Bible study at Mount Ayr Health Care. Platte Center Presbyterian Church Delores Dench, Pastor 9:15 a.m., Sunday school. 10:00 a.m., Fellowship. 10:30 a.m., Worship. First Christian Church Pastor Chris Conklin Sunday, April 14: 9:00 a.m., Sunday school. 10:00 a.m., Church. Potluck dinner/presentation of mission trip. Wednesday, April 17: 9:00 a.m., WIC. Wednesdays: L.A.M.B.S. at 3:30 p.m.; Choir at 5:30 p.m. Thursday Prayer group at 9:30 a.m. Bank of Christ Outreach and Hope Center 2nd & Ringgold, Kellerton 10:00 a.m., Sunday school for children and adults. 11:00 a.m., Church service with Kathy Johnston speaking. Wishard Chapel Community Church Pastor Bill Armstrong 9:30 a.m., Sunday school. 10:30 a.m., Worship. Women of Wishard (WOW): Every rst Wednesday at 7 p.m. Ellston United Methodist Church Rev. Robin Thomas, Pastor 9:00 a.m., Church services. 10:00 a.m., Sunday school and Bible study. United Methodist Women: Every second Monday at 1:30 p.m. United Methodist Men: First/third Saturdays at 7:30 a.m. Youth Group: First/third Wednesdays, 6:30 p.m. Second Sunday - potluck; fourth Sunday - fellowship time. Website: Tingley United Methodist Church Rev. Robin Thomas, Pastor 9:30 a.m., Sunday school. 10:30 a.m., Worship. United Methodist Women: Every Third Wednesday. Youth Group: Second and Fourth Sundays, 5 p.m., at Ellston. Area Bible Fellowship Church 204 North Van Buren, Cleareld Pastor Ron Christian 10:00 a.m., Worship service. 11:15 a.m., Sunday school. Wednesday: 6:30 p.m., AWANA. Website: The Lighthouse Non-Denominational Fellowship Doug Greene, Pastor Darin Dolecheck, Youth Pastor (west 2 miles on Hwy. 2) 9:45 a.m., Sunday School. 10:30 a.m., Worship. 6:30 p.m., Evening Worship. Mondays, 5 p.m., Thin Within Support Group; 7 p.m., Sowing in Tears Support Group. Wednesdays, 6 - 8 p.m., Crew Kids Club; 8 - 9 p.m., SOC Youth Meeting. Saturday Night Service, 7 p.m., Bible Study and Prayer led by Darla Dolecheck. Sermons available online at: Trinity Christian Church Terry Roberts, Minister 446-8654 (Hwy. 2 West, Decatur) 8:15 a.m. and 10:45 a.m., Sunday morning worship services. 9:30 a.m., Sunday School, all ages. Wednesday: 7 p.m., Youth/Small group Bible study. Nursery available. The Community of Christ Tony and Sandy Crandell, Co-pastors Sunday, April 14: 9:50 a.m., Sunday school. 11:00 a.m., Worship service with Mark Hensley speaking. Mount Ayr Restoration Branch Sherman Phipps, Presiding Elder Alan Smith, Assistant Sunday, April 14: Welcomers: Michael Jordison family. 9:45 a.m., Family Worship, Rob Rolfe family. 10:00 a.m., Classes. 11:00 a.m., Worship. Rob Rolfe, presiding; Ron Smith, speaking; Pat Bolingbroke, pianist; Alan Smith, special music. Custodians: Ron Smith. 6:00 p.m., Family fellowship at Bob Rowland home. Wednesday, April 17: 7:00 p.m., Prayer service at Alan Smith home. Michael Jordison, presiding.

Obituaries Obituaries

Mount Ayr Record-News


Piano recital set for Sunday

Piano students of Nancy Sackett will present a recital on Sunday April 14, at 3 p.m. It will be at the United Baptist-Presbyterian church in Mount Ayr. The theme this year is two-fold: students will be playing songs from the Classical Period as well as from the Contemporary era. This contemporary side is from the here and now, as each student has composed a song and will play this at the recital also. The assignment for this semester was to nd a poem, then set it to music. You will hear everything from Mother Goose rhymes to Shel Silverstein to Walt Whitman. Students participating are Taylor Shields, Emily and Anna Newton, Rachel Gregg, Jillian Kniep, Hannah Jackson, Jordan and Collin McAlexander, Laurie Ann Belzer, Anne James, Amber Davison, Abbey, Emmalee and Elsie Schafer, Kaitlyn and Becca Dolecheck, Isaac Thomas, Jentri Ruby, Samantha and Loryn Schaefer, Rachel Sobotka and Racheal Lutrick. The public is cordially invited to attend this recital.

Karen England Balster KAREN ENGLAND BALSTER Karen Readene (England) Balster, age 68, of New Market, Iowa, passed away on Monday, April 1, 2013. Karen was born May 7, 1944 to Walter Warren England and Dorothy Marie Rechtenbach in Creston, Iowa. Karen grew up on a farm near Cleareld, Iowa. She was married in 1960 and gave birth to a son, David Brown, in 1961. On February 14, 1993, Karen remarried Leon Lynn Balster in Las Vegas, Nevada. Together, they farmed and raised hogs in Minnesota. A few years later, Karen and Lynn bought a farm near Webster City, Iowa. The couple moved to their present home outside of New Market, Iowa in 2005. The couple enjoyed raising cattle at their farm. Karen was a hard worker. She worked at Bunn-O-Matic factory in Creston, Iowa for about 17 years. Karen enjoyed being on the farm and helped raise cattle, hogs and horses. Karen had a passion for riding horses and raising Rat Terrier dogs. Preceding Karen in death were her parents Walt England and Dorothy Rechtenbach-England; her brother Donald Wayne England; and her husband Leon Lynn Balster. Left to mourn are her son and signicant other, David Brown and Crystal Taylor, of Creston, Iowa; granddaughter Jamie Brown of Maryville, Illinois; grandson Brandon Taylor and wife Alexis Taylor and their children Cody, Clayton, and Chance Taylor, all of Saint Joseph, Missouri; brothers Larry Butch England and wife Jeannette England of Cleareld, Iowa and Gerald Harry England of Cleareld, Iowa; nephew Jesse Warren England of Saint Joseph, Missouri and numerous other nieces and nephews. Karen loved and enjoyed all her family. In lieu of owers, a memorial fund has been established in her name. Funeral services were held on Saturday, April 6, 2013 at the Watson-Armstrong Funeral Home in Cleareld, Iowa with Bill Armstrong ofciating. A reception followed the services at the Lions Club building in Cleareld.

Iowa. He had worked at various salons and also had opened his own salons, including Salon Evan in Des Moines, during the course of his life. He had worked most recently at Sweet Escapes in Mount Ayr, Iowa. He was a very talented hair dresser. He had resided in Des Moines, Knoxville, Mount Ayr and Redding, Iowa and Grant City, Missouri as an adult. He attended the Redding Methodist Church in his youth. Evan enjoyed friends and family and would often have them over to his home for meals. He was an excellent host and cook. He loved being out on the water and spent many afternoons with family members on the area lakes in his boat. He also enjoyed riding horses which he had done since he was a child. In his spare time, he raised dogs and most recently specialized in poodles. He liked ower gardening as well. He stated that he had enjoyed his life with no regrets. He was preceded in death by his parents, Evan and Patricia; his grandparents, Vane and Eugene Olney, and an uncle, Marvin Olney. Evan adopted his niece, Courtney, in 2011. She survives of the home as does his partner, Jared Miller. He also helped raise his nephew, Zach Withee of Creston, Iowa. Other survivors include his sister, Melody Withee, of Des Moines, Iowa; his brother, James Eugene Olney of King City, Missouri; his aunts and uncles who are also his brothers and sisters, Carroll Olney of Redding, Iowa, Dean Olney of Sacramento, California, Joe Olney of Abbyville, Louisiana, Duane and Rita Olney of Grant City, Missouri, Dale Olney of Redding, Iowa, Lila and Jim Bradley of Franktown, Colorado, Curt and Mary Jo Olney of Sacramento, California, Danny and Maria Olney of Tacoma, Washington, Sherry and Bill Davidson of Grant City, Missouri and Nola E. Olney of Sacramento, California; two greataunts, Verla and Ronald Damman of Grant City, Missouri and Donna Paxson of Sheridan, Missouri; one great-uncle, Richard Alexander of Des Moines, Iowa; special cousin, Jerry McClure of Allendale, Missouri, and numerous other cousins and friends. He will be missed by all who knew and loved him. Funeral services were held at the Prugh-Dunfee Funeral Home in Grant City on April 11, 2013 with Rev. Len Greene ofciating. Interment was in the Redding Cemetery at Redding, Iowa.

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Evan Olney EVAN L. OLNEY Evan L. Olney Jr. of Allendale, Missouri was born on February 9, 1971 to Evan Lavern Olney Sr. and Patricia Rodriques Olney. He passed from this life on April 6, 2013 at the Heartland East Hospital in Saint Joseph, Missouri following a brief illness surrounded by family. Evan, better known as Rod by his family, was adopted by his grandparents, Carl Eugene and Vane Lillian Paxson Olney, in 1971 along with his sister, Melody Ann. He grew up on the family farm in Redding, Iowa. Evan attended and graduated from Mount Ayr Community schools with the class of 1989. He went on to graduate from LaJames cosmetology school in Des Moines,

Dianna Hill Peters DIANNA HILL PETERS Dianna Lyn (Hill) Peters, age 67, died peacefully on Saturday morning, April 6, 2013, at the Ringgold County Hospital in Mount Ayr, Iowa. Dianna was born in Muscatine, Iowa on September 1, 1945 to Merle and Anita (Bell) Hill. Growing up, she worked hard in her parents grocery store and was a great older sister to her brother, Arthur (Artie) and sister, Debbie. After graduating from Muscatine high school in 1963, she worked at Grain Processing/Kent Feeds in Muscatine as a lab technician with many of her life-long friends. It was here that she met a young veterinary student, John Peters. John and Dianna were married August 27, 1967 in Muscatine, Iowa. Over the next few years they lived in Ames, Iowa, while John nished his veterinary degree, and then Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Madison, Wisconsin while John served in the Army. While in Madison,

daughter Amy Ann was born in 1970. They moved to Mount Ayr in 1971 to open a veterinary practice with friend and classmate Dr. Max Mekus. Son, Richard John (R.J.) was born in Mount Ayr in 1973. Dianna chose to be a stay-athome mom which allowed her to attend nearly every school program, band concert, volleyball and football game, track meet and wrestling matchas well as to run forgotten uniforms, homework or lunch money to school. She was her childrens greatest fan and made sure they knew they could do anything they set their minds to. She was very involved with Johns practice, often helping out at Mount Ayr Veterinary Clinic, making Calf Claim, and answering the phone at all hours of the night. John and Dianna also raised hogs in the 1980s and more than once found herself clipping her nails so she could pull baby pigs. She also helped raise numerous stray dogs, cats and squirrels as well as making some questionable animal purchases on her own such as the famous running ducks. With the kids off to college, the pigs sold and the barns torn down, she found her calling as a Domestic Abuse Advocate. She worked hard to keep families safe and she was passionate about helping people turn their lives around. She also enjoyed spending time at auctions and had a great eye for a bargain and how to repurpose her nds into treasures. Aunt Di, as she was known to her large and loving extended family in the community, could always be counted on to provide food and hugsas well as advice and her special form of brutal honesty. One of her greatest joys was her grandchildren. She made it a point to spend time with each of them and to let them know how special they were. Holidays at Grandmas house were anticipated events as she always went overboard with food, gifts, decorations and, most of all, lots of love. Health problems caused her to slow down a little in the last years, but she never lost her quick wit, ability to drive too fast or desire to help other people. Since Johns retirement, they became snow birds, visiting South Padre Island, Texas, each February. Dianna enjoyed sitting in the sun and spending time with friendsespecially Tom and Jan Ford. She is survived by her best friend and husband of 45 years, Dr. John Peters; daughter, Amy, of Dubuque, Iowa; son, Dr. R.J. and wife Jennifer, of Clarinda, Iowa; four grandchildren, Julia and Avery Wickham and Roger and Baker Peters; sister, Debbie Lane and husband Steve, of Muscatine, Iowa, and many adored nieces, nephews and their children. Dianna was preceded in death by her parents, Merle and Anita Hill, and brother, Arthur Hill. In lieu of owers, contributions in her name may be given to local charities. Watson-Armstrong Funeral Home was in charge of the arrangements. Memorial services were held on Wednesday, April 10 at the United Methodist Church in Mount Ayr with Rev. Skip Rushing ofciating. Pallbearers were Bill Schaefer, Jason Lynch, Merle Walter, Jeff Sickels, Larry Hardy and John Ford. Honorary pallbearers were Tom Ford, Lyle Hogue, Will Skinner, Jack Cook, Bob Haley and Mac Cross. Burial was in the Benton Cemetery in Benton, Iowa.

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Robert S. Toland ROBERT SHERMAN TOLAND Robert Sherman Bob Toland, age 83, of Washington, Iowa, died Thursday, April 4, 2013 at his residence. A memorial service was held on Monday, April 8, 2013 at the United Methodist Church in Washington with Rev. Jim Stiles ofciating. Interment will take place at the Osceola Cemetery at a later date. Memorials have been established for the Childrens Backpack Program or the United Methodist Church. Online condolences may be sent for Bobs family through the web at Bob was born February 3, 1930 in Independence, Missouri the son of Sherman Boyd and Ethel Claralouise (Boyles) Toland. He was a former resident of Mount Ayr, Iowa for 34 years and Osceola, Iowa for 20 years. He had been a resident of Washington, Iowa for the last 24 years. He attended Iowa State College. On April 12, 1951, Bob was united in marriage to Ida Beth Richardson at the Methodist Church in Mount Ayr, Iowa. Bob worked as the district manager for Iowa Southern Utilities and Alliant Energy for 45 years, until his retirement in 1994. He was a member of the United Methodist Church in Washington. He was previously a member of the Mount Ayr Methodist Church, where he served as a Lay Leader. He had been a member of the Mount Ayr Masonic Lodge, and the Mount Ayr Lions Club, where he served as president. He was a chairman on both the Ringgold County and Clarke County Development Corporations. He served as a chairman on the Today Committee in Osceola, Iowa, was a former Boy Scout Leader in Mount Ayr, Iowa and was a 28-year member of Rotary International, serving as past president in both Osceola and Washington. He was honored as Man of the Year on seven separate occasions: by the Jaycees of Mount Ayr, the Chamber of Commerce of Osceola, the Development Corporation of Osceola, the Rotary Club of Osceola, the Optimist Club of Washington, the Rotary Club of Washington and the Chamber of Commerce of Washington. Bob lived to care for his wife, Beth. He also loved planting owers around Washington; he enjoyed the colors and watching things grow. Bob is survived by his wife, Beth Toland of Washington, Iowa; son, Mark S. Toland and wife Cindy of Des Moines, Iowa; son, Neil K. Toland and wife Mary Ann of Wapello, Iowa; six grandchildren, Jessica Toland of Des Moines, Iowa, Jeremy Toland and wife Britain of Ankeny, Iowa, Josh Toland and wife Megan of rural Mediapolis, Iowa, Ben Toland of North Liberty, Iowa, Elizabeth Toland of Cedar Falls, Iowa and Michelle OBrien of West Des Moines, Iowa; three great-grandchildren, Jace, Harper and Megan Toland; two sisters, Pauline Richardson and husband Bob of rural Lamoni, Iowa and Doris Romjue and husband Bruce of Indian Wells, California; nephew, Danny Richardson of Lamoni, Iowa, and friend Lana Weeks of Carmel, California. He was preceded in death by his parents and one son, Lynn K. Toland. Mount Ayr Record-News


Call 641-464-2440 today.

CHCSI will make high quality health care accessible to everyone in our region.
CENTERVILLE Behavioral 221 E . S tate S treet P h. 641-856-6471 CORYDON Behavioral 204 S. Franklin P h. 641-872-1750 ALBIA Behavioral 12 W. W ashington P h. 641-932-2065


All electric units/utility allowance USDA/S.I.R.H.A. rent assistance Snow removal/lawn care provided Handicap accessible units Rent based on income Professional management Water and trash free
Qualified applicants must be 62 years of age or older, handicap/disabled regardless of age. For video tours and additional information, visit: For an application or more information, contact: Elsie Morris, Project Manager Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Ph. 641-342-2718 Fax: 641-342-2314 This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
The family of Max Greimann would like to thank all who remembered them with cards, letters, phone calls, visits, food, prayers and support at the visitation and funeral. Thank you to Bill and Jay and all the staff at Watson-Armstrong Funeral Home for their care and guidance in making all the preparations for our celebration of Dads life. Thanks to Rev. Robin Thomas and Rev. Joyce Smith for the meaningful service, to Sandi Campbell and Dick and Camille Jacskon for the lovely music. Thanks to the Kellerton United Methodist Women for the wonderful meal. Thanks also to Clearview Nursing Home for the great care and kindness to Dad during the past three months. We are so fortunate to live in an area where people reach out to others both in good times and bad. God bless you all.

CHARITON Behavioral 125 S. G rand P h. 641-774-8484


LAMONI LEON Medical/Behavioral Medical/Dental/Behavioral 802 E . A ckerley 302 N E 14th S treet P h. 641-784-7911 P h. 641-446-2383

wants to be your HOME for health care!

Check us out online at for more information. Stop by or call to schedule an appointment today. Accepting Medicare, Medicaid, most major insurances and a sliding fee program for those who qualify.

Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa

Paula and Danny Webb and Families Lyle and Vicki Greimann and Families Darlene Weeda


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Thursday, April 11, 2013


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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mount Ayr Record-News

Iowa Homeland Security & Emergency Management Advance Payment Request No. 9 in the amount of $20,892.40 for the Mount Ayr Aquatic Center Safe Room Project: Grant Agreement Number: HMGPDR-1737-003301. Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Mathany, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes; Cannon, Yes. A motion was made by Cannon, seconded by Greene, to approve the new application of Greggos for a Class B Beer (BB) (Includes Wine Coolers) License. Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Mathany, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes; Cannon, Yes. A motion was made by Mathany, seconded by Cannon, to approve the Pump Maintenance Contract as presented by Josh Green of Central Pump & Motor, dated 3-19-2013 for an annual contract rate of $1,450.00. Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Mathany, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes; Cannon, Yes. Superintendent Wise Report: Compiling input from Norris Asphalt, TEK Builders and Feldhacker for road repairs; to meet with City Carton April 11 to discuss garbage/ recycle program options; sought guidance from the county engineer to rectify culvert along Tyler Street popping out of the ground issue; claried mowing bid specications; way signs from elementary to Judge Lewis Park are in place; old bathhouse is down, debris yet to be cleared; goal to work through the process of zoning recodication in the next few months; addressed storm sewer/I&I, need to investigate lift station high level alerts in regard to ow; plan to attend FEMA Flood Risk Meeting this week and reviewed tree removal and curb replacement ordinances to clarify city regulations on a few matters that have been brought forward for determinations. A motion was made by Greene, seconded by Mathany, to close city hall on Wednesday, April 17, so ofce staff can attend computer software training/user group meeting in Des Moines. Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Mathany, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes; Cannon, Yes. Tim Newton, Divine Waste, addressed the council requesting the city not delay in putting the garbage contract up for bids, concerned that the three-month time frame when the current contract term ends would not be sufcient time for the process and ordering the needed containers. He spoke of Divine Wastes recycling program and the other programs they have put in place to give back to the community. Council members conveyed their desire to put in place the best programs possible for the citizens of Mount Ayr. In other discussion, it was identied there has been a crew in town running a ber optic line to the new jail; Stutzman reported $120,000 of WRD Landll fees retained for recycling program purposes is to be distributed to the counties. Cities will receive their portion on a per capita basis, with Mount Ayrs estimated share to be around $6,000. Mathany relayed good reports on the job the crew is doing, and ACCO has been getting work done at the pool. A motion was made by Greene, seconded by Mathany, to pay the following bills: Ayes: Greene, Mathany, Stutzman, Ricker, Cannon. Nays: None. SIRWA, rural water, $13,559.00. Hach, probe, $281.00. US Bank, federal withholding/ FICA tax, $2,854.64. Treasurer, State of Iowa, state tax, $1,108.00. IPERS, IPERS, $3,829.84. BAC, vision insurance, $103.52. Postmaster, postage, $161.79. City of Mount Ayr, insurance/deposits, $967.40. Record-News, publications, $263.50. Alliant, gas/electric, $7,066.42. Farm & Home, supplies, $132.85. Sickels Auto, repairs, $30.00. Sinclair, fuel, $78.37. Echo, contractor, $20.24. Gerolds, valve, $36.89. Iowa League, handbook, $40.00. MES, analysis, $795.00. IWD, unemployment insurance, $1,269.78. Ringgold County Recorder, fees, $10.00. MBS, wash windows, $28.50. CNH Capital, batteries, $441.61. US Cellular, phones, $149.25. Feld Fire, lug, $140.00. Iowa Codication, supplement, $52.50. Tyler Insurance, EMC binder, $44,932.00 Quill, supplies, $95.83. Fastenal, wrench, $175.38. Central Pump, repairs, $5,049.43. Delta Dental, insurance, $108.00. Oakview, construction, $42,027.05. NCL, chemicals , $678.02. Hilltop, boarding, $48.00. Ted Wood & Whiteld & Eddy, PLC, settle claim, $10,000.00. Payroll, 3/22/2013, $3,469.07. Payroll, 3/28/2013, $6,355.45. Gross Claims, $146,358.33
(By fund: General, $41,777.72; industrial building, $1,806.00; garbage, $53.93; employee benet, $273.52; Loch Ayr, $800.00; aquatic center, $6,304.07; FEMA storm shelter, $35.722.98; streetscape, $20.24; water, $28,884.84; sewer, $30,715.03.)

Public Notices Public Notices

PUBLIC NOTICE OF STORM WATER DISCHARGE The Iowa Department of Transportation plans to submit a Notice of Intent to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to be covered under National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) General Permit No. 2 Storm Water Discharge Associated with Industrial Activity for Construction Activities. The storm water discharge will be from highway construction activity located in Ringgold county on U.S. Highway 169. The project is ve RBC culvert extensions and one concrete pipe culvert extension from just north of Mount Ayr to north of Afton. The Public Lands Survey location is Township T-69N, Range R-29W, Section 31 to Township T-70N, Range 29W to Section 6. Storm water will be discharged from 24 point sources and will be discharged to the following stream: Road ditches to Squaw Creek also Crooked Creek into West Fork of the Grand River. Comments may be submitted to the Storm Water Discharge Coordinator, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Division, 502 East 9th Street, Des Moines, IA 50319-0034. The public may review the Notice of Intent from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at the above address after it has been received by the Department. 6-1t NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT FOR RINGGOLD COUNTY Probate No. ES PR208721 IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF MERRILL L. COMER, Deceased. To All Persons Interested in the Estate of Merrill L. Comer, Deceased, who died on or about June 22, 2012: You are hereby notied that on the 26th day of March, 2013, the undersigned was appointed administrator of the estate. Notice is hereby given that all persons indebted to the estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned, and creditors having claims against the estate shall le them with the clerk of the above named district court, as provided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance, and unless so led by the later to occur of four months from the second publication of this notice or one month from the date of the mailing of this notice (unless otherwise allowed or paid) a claim is thereafter forever barred. Dated this 26th day of March, 2013. Mark A. Comer Administrator of Estate 500 S. Clark Kellerton, IA 50133 James L. Pedersen ICIS PIN Number: AT0006167 Attorney for the Administrator 201 E. Monroe Street Mount Ayr, IA 50854 Date of second publication, 18th day of April, 2013. 6-2t

Ringgold County Supervisors


April 1, 2013 Ringgold County Board of Supervisors met in regular session Monday, April 1, 2013. The meeting was called to order at 9 a.m. with the following members present: David Inloes, Royce Dredge and Kraig Pennington. A motion was made by Kraig Pennington and seconded by Royce Dredge to approve the agenda. AYES: Unanimous. NAYS: None. A motion was made by Royce Dredge and seconded by Kraig Pennington to approve the previous minutes. AYES: Unanimous. NAYS: None. The board discussed the audit rm the county is currently using. Auditor Amanda Waske suggested hiring the state auditors ofce to conduct the countys audit. Their rate is lower and would do a thorough job as they understand the county government system. The board agreed to have the state auditors ofce conduct the audit for scal year 2013. The board discussed the appointment of Debra Clark to the SIRHA board at a previous meeting. After further consideration the board decided to rescind this appointment due to a conict of interest. Vic Lilienthal and Lizzie Hanawalt met with the board to discuss contracts for their positions within the secondary roads department. The board does not feel it is appropriate for them to provide contracts since Zach Gunsolley is their direct supervisor. The board suggested that both Lilienthal and Hanawalt discuss contracts with Gunsolley. Hanawalt asked about the raise she and Lilienthal requested. Pennington said the board would not be able to make that work this year as the budget is nalized and there just arent the funds to provide what they were asking for. Pennington added that they would be getting the 2.5 percent that the rest of secondary roads employees will be getting July 1. Hanawalt said she feels she deserves a raise with all of the work she does and has done with preparing FEMA paperwork. The board did not discount her contribution and said they appreciate all that she does.

The board said they would talk to Gunsolley and county attorney Clint Spurrier about the situation. Chris Doster and Vicki Sickels with Public Health met with the board to discuss wellness sign placement and a county employee wellness program. With a community transformation grant public health was able to purchase signs to place around the community that would promote wellness. Doster and Sickels have two signs they would like to place on the courthouse lawn. The signs state ve laps around the outer courthouse sidewalk equals one mile. Signs are placed beginning at the school and ending at Judge Lewis Park. Doster and Sickels also discussed with the board a wellness program for county employees. The board feels forming a wellness committee would be very benecial not only for the well-being of employees but will also help in lowering insurance premiums. County engineer Zach Gunsolley met with the board to discuss secondary roads updates. RC Rush was also present. The board discussed road ditch maintenance throughout the county. Rush pointed out that he maintains all of his own ditches and that landowners used to do this more often. Rush feels landowners should be responsible for ditch maintenance. He suggested if ditches are not maintained and the county has to step in and do so, the county could then include on the landowners tax statement a fee for doing this. Gunsolley questioned how the county would regulate equipment and other miscellaneous items in ditches. The board will discuss this more in depth at a later meeting. Gunsolley also mentioned that he purchased a new air compressor for $9,500 that will be used for crack lling. Gunsolley also reviewed with the board mowing bids he received for all eight outlying sites. The bids, per time mowing all eight sites, were as follows: Tanner Rinehart, $190; Greg Cannon, $390; Mark Budach, $225. Gunsolley accepted the bid of Tanner Rinehart. Gunsolley invited the board to attend an asphalt zipper demonstration on April 23. RESOLUTION RC1376 WHEREAS, the Ringgold County Board of Supervisors hereby approves to hire the state auditors ofce to conduct the audit for the county beginning for scal year 2013. THEREFORE, a motion was made by Kraig Pennington and seconded by Royce Dredge stating such. The vote on the resolution: AYES: Unanimous. NAYS: None. ATTEST: Amanda Waske, auditor. Passed and approved April 1, 2013. RESOLUTION RC1377 WHEREAS, the Ringgold County Board of Supervisors hereby approves to rescind Resolution RC13 67, the appointment of Debra Clark as a member to the SIRHA board, and appoint Patty Parrish. THEREFORE, a motion was made by Kraig Pennington and seconded by Royce Dredge stating such. The vote on the resolution: AYES: Unanimous. NAYS: None. ATTEST: Amanda Waske, auditor. Passed and approved April 1, 2013. RESOLUTION RC1378 WHEREAS, the Ringgold County Board of Supervisors hereby approves the February treasurers report as presented by treasurer Debra Cannon. THEREFORE, a motion was made by Royce Dredge and seconded by Kraig Pennington stating such. The vote on the resolution: AYES: Unanimous. NAYS: None. ATTEST: Amanda Waske, auditor. Passed and approved April 1, 2013. RESOLUTION RC1379 WHEREAS, the Ringgold County Board of Supervisors hereby approves claims that will be paid on April 3, 2013. THEREFORE, a motion was made by Kraig Pennington and seconded by Royce Dredge stating such. The vote on the resolution: AYES: Unanimous. NAYS: None. ATTEST: Amanda Waske, auditor. Passed and approved April 1, 2013. Acreage Fences, Inc., Pioneer fence at Cabaret Cemetery, $740.00. ACS, recorder 20/20, $600.00. Adams Quality Cleaning, 3/13/ ofce cleaning, $80.00. Alex-Teck, annual crane inspection, $632.88. Alliant Energy, RCSS lights/ sheriff/public health utilities/Maloy/ courthouse gas/electric, $8,546.81. American Express, gas, $205.71. Arends, Shannon, cell phone, $50.00. Barker Implement Co., parts, $13.00. Beck, Leora Sue, 3/13 mileage/ cell phone, $201.20. Brundage, Rich, RCSS electric, $1,915.00. Calhoun-Burns & Assoc., bridge inspection, $1,186.60. California Contractors Supplies, miscellaneous shop supplies, $420.20. Carr, Matt, cell phone, $50.00. Carrolls Carpet Cleaning, RCSS carpet cleaning, $305.00. CenturyLink, E-911 trunking/ DHS telephone, $188.95. City of Delphos, March street payment, $92.75. City of Diagonal, March street payment, $692.90. City of Kellerton, March street payment, $933.80. City of Maloy, March street payment, $107.69. City of Ottumwa, fourth quarter FY 2012/13 S.I.R.G., $1,090.34. Cleareld Cemetery Association, veterans affairs Cleareld Cemetery care of graves, $348.00. Computer Man Ken, LLC, assessor/EMA ofce supplies, $73.11.

Courtyard Marriott, auditor real estate training, $116.48. Covertrack Group, Inc., sheriff safety supplies, $1,200.00. Culligan, courthouse water, $17.25. Davison, Mark, cell phone, $50.00. Diagonal Progress, supervisors/ assessor ofcial publications/mowing bid ads/public health CPPW advertising, $1,797.93. Diesel Performance Engineering, parts, $1,515.93. Doster, Chris, 3/13 mileage/cell phone, $78.59. Electronic Engineering, public health 4-1-13/6-30-13 pager service, $30.00. Elliott, Dennis, brush cutting fuel, $585.00. Employee Benet Systems, county insurance, $64,119.41. Farm Plan/NAPA, parts/lters/ parts sign trailer, $6.54. Fastenal, parts, $262.57. Fletchall, Becky, 3/13 mileage/ cell phone/che. chas. $244.45. Galloway, Carol Anne, 3/13 mileage/cell phone, $154.87. Gatr Truck Center, parts, $341.20. Gerolds Plumbing & Heating, parts, $33.93. Gilliland, Deborah, FY 2013 third quarter mileage/cell phone, $99.04. Glendenning Motor Co., outside repairs/sheriff oil changes/vehicle parts, $1,608.88. Green Valley Pest Control, sheriff pest control, $40.00. Gunsolley, Zach, April cell phone use, $30.00. Haley, Janet, 3/13 mileage/cell phone, $375.78. Haley, Rob, cell phone/postage, $62.84. Harland Technology Services, courthouse maintenance agreement, $2,402.00. Hensley, Kim, 3/13 mileage/cell phone, $242.16. Hilltop Veterinary Clinic, K-9 boarding/shots, $189.69. Holiday Inn - Mercy Campus, supervisors ISAC spring school, $503.70 ICA, IICA Secretary/Treasurer, assessor dues/membership, $25.00. Internal Revenue Service, federal tax payment, November 2012, $417.06. Iowa County Attorneys Association, CA attorney annual dues, $99.00. ISACA Treasurer, auditor legal descript training, $155.00. ISSDA - Chief Deputy Bill Sage, civil school, $125.00. Jackson, Teresa, EMA ISAC mileage/expenses/cell phone, $155.25. Jacobson Supply LLC, snow chains/blades. $3,454.00. Jeff French Snow Removal, sheriff/RCSS snow removal, $145.00. Johnson, Robert, April cell phone use, $30.00. Jones, Teena, public health 3/13 contracted physical therapy, $157.57. Kabel Business Services, monthly fee, $105.00. Karr, Brenda K., 3/13 mileage/ cell phone, $227.47. Karr, Danny, 3/13 chore service, $49.00. Kelly Tire & Exhaust, tire repair, $15.00. Lilienthal, Victor, April cell phone use, $30.00. Lowe Oil Company, oil/container refund, $630.28. Lucky Lanes, RCSS recreation, $117.00. Lynch, Tara A., assessor mileage, $25.58. Mail Services, treasurer postage/ print, $123.45. Matthew Hudson Construction, RCSS building, $8,610.00. McDonnell Appliance, RCSS building, $189.00. McDonnell, Robin, 3/13 mileage/ cell phone PAT meeting expense, $266.63. Medline Industries, public health nursing supplies, $121.51. Morgan, Neil E., assessor mileage/cell phone, $88.13. Mount Ayr Farm & Home, Inc., signs/ofce supplies/sign materials, $71.10. Mount Ayr Record-News, mowing bid ad/public health CPPW/PHN advertising / treasurer semi-annual report/auditor supplies / supervisors publications, $1,792.00. MTE Ofce Center, ofce/treasurer/auditor/attorney ofce supplies/ treasurer ofce equipment, $421.66. Munyon Plumbing & Heating, ofce repairs, $131.24. Myers, Gary, 3/13 chore service, $136.50. NG 911, E-911 cutover wireless to TCS, $2,099.85. Norris, Sharla, 3/13 mileage/cell phone, $335.67. OKeefe Elevator Company Inc., courthouse elevator maintenance, $261.65. Pettinger, Karen L., 3/13 mileage/cell phone, $375.22. Quill Corporation, public health ofce equipment/supplies, $192.97. Reliance Telephone Inc., jail phone cards, $500.00. Reynolds, Angela, 3/13 mileage/ cell phone, $204.87. Ricker Air Conditioning/Heating/Plumbing, RCSS building, $4,476.00. Ringgold County EMS Association, public health R. McDonnell CPR training, $20.00. Roberts Auto Body, outside repairs, $400.94. Schaefer, Karen, recorder ISAC spring school, $225.73. Schildberg Construction, rock, $51,832.27. Shields, Rodney, April cell phone use, $30.00. Sickels, Vicki, 3/13 mileage/cell phone, $48.65. Smith, Gary, veterans affairs transportation vet to Iowa City/cell phone/contracted hours/general relief contracted hours, $693.44. Snap On Tools Corp., tools, $191.20. Sobotka, Michael, cell phone, $50.00.

Southern Iowa Rural Water Association, Redding, $19.00. Staples Credit Plan, public health PAT/CTG ofce supplies, $250.70. Stivers Ford, parts, $224.24. TL Tools, tools, $236.35. Treat America, jail school meals, $35.70. Trullinger, Steve, April cell phone use, $30.00. US Bank, public health PAT/ CPPW/nursing/ofce/RCSS building/training/conservation training/ fuel/env. ed., $1,230.64. US Cellular, public health PAT/ case management wireless modem, $103.04. Walmart Community/GECRB, jail/ofce supplies, $62.26. Walter, Merle, E-911 internet/cell phone/mileage/sign repair, $86.70. White, Landon, cell phone, $50.00. Windstream, E-911 telephone RCSS/conservation phones/treasurer/recorder phones/faxes/courthouse data processing, $706.37. Windstream Communications, E-911 trunking, $509.70. Wright, David, veterans affairs took vet to VA in Des Moines, $92.00. Zee Medical Inc., safety equipment, $64.20. Ziegler, parts, $2,883.10. Fund total = $182,247.42 FUND TOTALS RECAP General Basic ................. $21,473.94 General Supplemental ...... 65,326.23 Secondary Road ............... 72,281.29 Case Management ............ 16,383.70 Jail Sales Tax Account ....... 2,590.07 Emergency Management....... 188.37 Ringgold County K-9 Unit.... 189.69 E-911 Surcharge ................. 2,933.23 Sheriffs Commissary .......... 522.88 Assessor ................................ 253.02 Unreimbursed Medical Expenses/AFLAC ............. 105.00 Grand Total = $182,247.42 There was no further business. A motion was made by Kraig Pennington and seconded by Royce Dredge to adjourn the meeting at 4:34 p.m. DAVID INLOES Chairman ATTEST: AMANDA WASKE Ringgold County Auditor

County Columns

Clearview Home
Jeani Swartwood
April 8 - Everyone would like to welcome John Wooton and Pauline Young to Clearview. John is from Bedford and Pauline comes from her home in Blockton. Stop by and get acquainted. Exercise and reminiscing of April fool jokes, pranks and funny stories started off Monday morning. Bible study was Monday afternoon with Scott Marcum. Coffee and cookies were enjoyed after the lesson. Amy, Bev Stream and Gladys Gose enjoyed going to the school to see the opera of The Three Little Pigs. There were lots of students and adults attending the program and everyone thought it was great. TV trivia was enjoyed by everyone Tuesday morning in the dining room. They all munched on popcorn and M&Ms while answering questions and talking about their favorite TV show. Residents enjoyed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Tuesday afternoon while playing bingo. It was PB & J day so thought they would take advantage of it. Gladys Gose won every game, which this writer doesnt think anyone else has ever done. Other winners along with her were Lila Barker, Helen Lyddon and Jean Haidsiak. Wednesday morning was exercise and some random trivia. Brian Kleinschrodt, minister of the Lenox Christian Church, was the minister for church Wednesday afternoon. He lled in for Shurmaine McAlpine. Thursday morning residents came to the living room for trivia. They did three-letter words that started with A and they saw how many words they could make out of America. They also did trivia that all the answers started with A. All enjoyed eating funnel cakes


Thursday afternoon. Reldon Boltinghouse joined Ruth and Arnold Leonard ate with Lorane. After exercise Friday morning Amy read some funny church stories to the residents. The school kids came to read and visit with the residents Friday afternoon. After they left, Amy took ice cream sundaes to all the residents. They thought that just hit the spot. Visitors have been Lynn King and Pat and Dave Ahnen with Mabel Root; Gary Taylor, Grace Warin and Jack and Dixie Taylor with Lorabel Taylor; Kerry Saville and Liz Kilgore with Clara Kilgore; Ray and Carol Lee Fisher with Peggy Abarr and Helen Lyddon; Rick, Tyler and Marvin Garrett with Harriet Garrett; Marcia Nickell with Dorothy Wetzel; Dorothy Baker with Gerald Baker; Floy Davenport with Gladys Gose; Bernadine Wooton with John Wooton; Chris Gilbert with Darlene Gilbert, and Tom Maxwell with Pauline Young.

Mary Swank 785-2205

Mount Ayr City Council


April 1, 2013 The city council met in regular session on April 1, 2013 with Mayor Solliday calling the meeting to order at 6 p.m. Roll call was taken with the following members present: Greene, Mathany, Stutzman, Ricker, Cannon. Absent: None. A motion was made by Cannon, seconded by Stutzman, to approve the agenda. Ayes: Greene, Mathany, Stutzman, Ricker, Cannon. Nays: None. Mayor Solliday asked if any corrections needed to be made in the minutes. With no corrections being made, a motion was made by Greene, seconded by Mathany, to dispense the reading of the minutes previously presented to council members and approve them as presented. Ayes: Greene, Mathany, Stutzman, Ricker, Cannon. Nays: None. The citys insurance agent Phillip Tyler was present to review the one commercial insurance package proposal provided from EMC. 20122013 coverage cost totaled $46,561 and the 2013 renewal will be $57,208 with the largest increase being in the property and work comp categories. Tyler shared information for the basis of this signicant increase and following discussion the following action was taken: A motion was made by Cannon, seconded by Ricker, to accept the proposal from EMC Insurance Company to provide the citys insurance coverage for a three-year period of time beginning April 1, 2013. Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Mathany, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes; Cannon, Yes. Ringgold County Sportsman Club representatives Matt Routh and Scott Stutzman were present to consider the Loch Ayr maintenance contract which is up for renewal May 1. There was information shared on work that had been accomplished which included improvements to the two main docks and the addition of four other shing docks that are being highly utilized. Routh stated he would be getting the annual expenditure report turned in this week and noted it is possible that copper sulfate may need to be purchased this year to treat the lake. A motion was made by Mathany, seconded by Greene, to approve the renewal contract with the Sportsman Club for Loch Ayr Lake maintenance another year at $17,000. Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Mathany, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes; Cannon, Yes. Scott Stutzman appealed to the council regarding the square footage of lots E13 and E14 requesting that those two lots be deemed as one. Council considered the matter and took the following action: A motion was made by Ricker, seconded by Cannon, to combine Lots E13 and E14 into just one lot in lieu of the square footage. Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Mathany, Yes; Stutzman, Abstained; Ricker, Yes; Cannon, Yes. A motion was made by Cannon, seconded by Ricker, to approve Amendment No. 2 to the Agreement dated December 19, 2011 between the City of Mount Ayr and MSA Professional Services, authorizing necessary Construction Related Services to include Bidding, Construction Administration, Construction Observation and Operational Phase Services. Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Mathany, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes; Cannon, Yes. A motion was made by Greene, seconded by Cannon, to approve the

April 8 - Modern Mothers Club will meet Wednesday, April 10, at Rumors at 6:30 p.m. The pansies are now in the stores so spring must be here. Thursday Susan Ferber and Mary Swank took a bus trip to Omaha, NE to see The Lion King. Brandon Lane was a Friday supper guest of Ann Baker. Nancy Saville of Creston was a Sunday afternoon visitor of Wallace and Patty Sobotka. Mary Swank attended the Weight Watchers awards day and brunch at the Marriott in Ankeny Sunday. Mary Gepner, Mike and Nancy Gepner and Michael Camacho attended the Aquatic Center fundraiser Sunday at the Waubonsie building in Benton.

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A motion was made by Cannon, seconded by Ricker, to adjourn. DONALD B. SOLLIDAY Mayor ATTEST: PAMELLA POORE City Clerk

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News More on mission trip to South Africa

Continued from front page

Mount Ayr Record-News

Thursday, April 11, 2013

was donated to the feeding centers. A photo safari and authentic bush dinner were also a part of the Shikwaru experience. The day-to-day living arrangements for the team were part of the adventure. While the lodge built by the Blessmans to house their many missionary visitors was top-notch, African wildlife was just outside their windows. Ostriches, wildebeests and many other animals roamed freely throughout the area. Main recalled three monkeys that somehow got into the lodge, and it took several of the Ringgold team members to nally shoo them out. Blessman began his medical training at what is now known as Des Moines University and earned his M.D. at the University of Iowa. He practiced medicine in Des Moines for many years, helping to found and direct the pain center that is part of Des Moines Mercy Hospital. His rst ministry was to found seven free medical clinics in Iowa. After several years of shortterm medical mission trips to other countries, the Blessmans decided to focus their ministry to the children of South Africa in 2004. The Blessmans now split their time between Iowa and South Africa. Over the years Blessman Ministries has received much support from Iowa groups and businesses. A few years ago the CYF youth group and their sponsors from the First Christian Church in Mount Ayr assisted the Blessmans on one of their eyeglass outreach ministries in New York City. Meals from the Heartland furnishes much of the food served by the Blessmans to South African children, and Kum and Go even has sent over Des Moines Menace soccer uniforms, shoes and balls for the children. Currently Iowa farmers and researchers and students at Iowa State University are working to improve local crop yields with modern agricultural practices. The Blessmans and their African ministry were featured in a special report, From Iowa to Africa, that aired on KCCI TV in Des Moines in 2012. Today, Blessman Ministries are committed to meeting the physical, spiritual and practical needs of the Limpopo province in South Africa. The ministry feeds 5,000 children a day through drop-in centers, churches, social service agencies, orphanages and feeding centers. They are also dedicated to raising up pastors and church lead-

ers through local African churches and showing and teaching the love of God before or after feeding the children. A relatively new outreach targets job creation and helps families attain self-sufciency through micro enterprises including sewing, chicken raising, farming, brick making, construction skills, computer technology and well digging. Feeding the children is not the goal, explained Ricker. It is only step one. The goal is to raise up healthy, happy, nancially successful Christian leaders for Africa. The Ringgold team has created a Facebook page devoted to its trip. The page, Mission Trip to South Africa from Ringgold Co., contains hundreds of pictures and journal entries of the teams time in South Africa. Main and Ricker both stressed getting involved in a mission trip such as theirs is not as complicated or costly as one might think. They estimated an approximate cost of $1,200 per person plus airfare. Both highly recommend the experience, and both plan to return on a future mission trip if at all possible. I go because mission trips are exciting, adventurous, rewarding and just plain fun, said Ricker. It benets us as much as the people we are ministering to.

Mission trip presentation set for Sunday

A presentation about the recent Ringgold County Mission Trip to South Africa will be held Sunday April 14, from 12:00 to 12:30 p.m. at the First Christian Church in Mount Ayr. A potluck lunch furnished by First Christian at 11:30 a.m. will precede the noon presentation. The community is invited to both the potluck and presentation. Dr. Bruce Ricker and mission participants will give a 30-minute PowerPoint program and answer questions. The presentation will cover everything from getting kissed by an elephant and walking with lions to feeding hungry children and doing a Holy Spirit camp for 83 orphans and vulnerable children. The Ringgold Mission Team also has a Facebook page, Mission Trip to South Africa from Ringgold County. Team member Cyndi Sobotka reports over 7,500 visits to the Facebook page so far.

(Top) Chad Main offers a plate of hot food to an eager young man at the Del Cramer Center in South Africa. (Above) Clare Magers and an interpreter help an elderly woman try out her new glasses. The Ringgold team took part in three optical outreach events during its two-week stay. (Left) Rhonda Brand joins the childrens band as they learn to play the recorders. Music was one activity among several directed by the Ringgold ministry team as part of its Holy Spirit Camp.

INF sponsors future journalists

Drought conditions improving
General drought conditions in Iowa have improved over the past month and a small area of southeast Iowa is now viewed as normal free of drought conditions. For the fourth consecutive month, average rainfall has been slightly over normal. In March it was 0.04 above the historical normal of 2.15 inches for the month. This was the coldest March since 1975 with temperatures averaging 7.4 degrees colder than normal. The cold weather, plus frequent snow cover, kept soils frozen across the state for most of the month, thus preventing much moisture from soaking into dry Iowa soils. At months end, soils were mostly thawed across southern Iowa but considerable frost remains across the north. The report is prepared by the technical staff from the Iowa DNR, the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, and the USGS, in collaboration with the Iowa Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division. Laminating up to 11x17 size available at the Mount Ayr Record-News. The Iowa Newspaper Foundation (INF) has announced the second year of a program targeting the next generation of Iowa newspaper professionals. The INF has again partnered with the Iowa Association of Business and Industry Foundations Business Horizons program to offer an in-depth media experience for Iowa high school students (912 graders.) Business Horizons will once again offer a media track for students interested in a career in the newspaper industry. The program has been designed to spark students understanding of the media industry as a viable career opportunity in Iowa. The camp will be held July 21-25 on the campus of Central College in Pella. High school students who participate in Business Horizons and then go on to attend Central College will be guaranteed a minimum of $12,000 in Central College scholarship assistance. An option to earn college credit will also be available. For more information, contact Jennifer Asa at or 515-422-9070. Email the Mount Ayr Record-News at


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