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Philippines vs. Other Countries

A Research Paper
Presented to
The Faculty of the College of Computer Studies
De La Salle University - Manila

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for the Degree of
Bachelor of Science in Information and Communications Technology Management


Aggabao, Mary Joy

Chan, Stephanie
San Jose, Lorenzo
Santos, Romila Marie
Sy, Neale


Mrs. Mavic Pineda

Faculty Adviser

March 13, 2009

Aggabao, Mary Joy
Chan, Stephanie
San Jose, Lorenzo
Santos, Romila Marie
Sy, Neale
ABSTRACT our country’s military lack. And that will be the content of our
paper. We will be discussing the issue on our country’s military
Military has been long existent in the history of humanity. It technology in comparison with other countries.
started since the prehistoric times and evolved through time.
Armed conflict between individuals created the military. So what
is the military? Military is a organization/group that pertains to 2. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE
individuals who are part of the armed forces, soldiers, navy,
marines and many more distinguishing names for people who are
The world, having fast advancements in technology, experiences
part of the military. In the history of our country, military has been
progress not only in terms of technologies but also with how the
long existent. Although not organize and not officially called as
work is defined. In any field of industry, technologies are believed
our countries' military groups like Lapu-Lapu and his men, the
to be the bridge that connects people to the advance world. It is
Katipunan, Hukbalahaps. They are some that we can consider
like it becomes a necessity for everyday life. Almost everybody
military in our countries history. With a lot of conflicts that took
depends on the technologies being made and looks forward to what
place in our land we can conclude that military is a part of our
the technologies could offer.
history. And as we learn more about our military, you will notice
how inferior our military against other nations, from the tribal
weapons of our countrymen against the rifles of our conquerors. So 2.1. Review of Related Concepts
compared from other nations around the world, what is the state of In this section, the focus will be on the discussion of the review of
our military both in terms of strength and technology? What are the related concepts that the group evaluated to come-up with a
improvements of our military? research paper about the basic information that is associated with
the issues about military technologies in the Philippines and in
other countries. These concepts are the ones that may be used as a
1. INTRODUCTION guide in helping the group understand the different processes and
terms that are used in doing the research paper on the emerging
Did you know that while other big nation are researching or technologies in the military.
creating the next generation military technology, we just bought
night vision goggles just recently? It's a good thing, right? Not, it's
miserable. The thing about that is night vision goggles were
invented at the time of World War II and we only got it recently.
That simply shows what condition the Philippine military has. It
shows that Philippine military lacks military technology. Our
military is way behind powerful nations. I know most of you think
that we don't have military technologies but yes, we have. Some of
the technologies that we have in the military are the network
connection between bases and military stations around the
Philippines. Yes, our military has network connection this provides
them better and more precise communications around our country.

The military has also got a hold on GPRS tracking

system to monitor their soldiers’ movements and location. These
are just some of our countries newly acquired technologies through
the years.Our military also participated on joint exercises with the
U.S. Military where they get to learn about a lot of new things and ______________________________
new technologies. There are a lot of new technologies around the
world that our military can't get a hold on because of a lot of [1]
issues. Economic issue is one of them, money is equivalent to
technology and technology is equivalent to power and that is what
2.1.1. Military Industry 3. MILITARY TECHNOLOGIES IN OTHER
Military Industry, also called as the defense industry, consists of COUNTRIES
government and commercial industry involved in research,
development, production, and service of military equipment 3.1. Virtual Reality Technology
The virtual reality technology is one of the modern military
technologies being used by the U.S. This is a part of the so-called
2.1.2. Arms Industry
Web 2.0. The Web 2.0 is the second generation of web
The arms industry is a global industry and business which
development and design that aims to facilitate communication by
manufactures and sells weapons and military technology and
allowing the users to create communities or social networks. Thus,
equipment. Arms producing companies, also referred to as Defense
the virtual reality technology allows interaction among multiple
companies or military industry, produce arms mainly for the armed
users in a three dimensional space, unlike the traditional design.
forces of states.
They can modify and share information easily. This is used by the
military and intelligence committee for training purposes.
2.1.3. Military Contractors
A military contractor, or known as the defense contractor, is an
The use of this kind of technology is helpful because
individual or a business organization that provides products or
training missions can be repeated in numerous times. Also the
services to a government’s defense department. The products that
worst scenarios can be practiced without the risk of injuries to the
are made usually include vehicles, ship, aircraft, weaponry, and
trainees. There is not also need for real military equipment, fuel
electronic system. The services that they offer include logistics,
and others to be used. Thus, this lessens the cost of having to use
technical support and communications support.
real technologies juts for training purposes.
2.1.4. Land-based Weapons
On the other hand, the trainees are not able to be exposed
The weapons include everything from light arms to heavy artillery.
to the real feeling of being in a real battlefield. In using the VR
The majority of the producers are small. Many of these weapons
simulator, the user is usually situated in a comfortable
are located in Third World countries. But international trade in
environment. It might be in an air-conditioned room to cool down
handguns, machine guns, tanks, armored personal carriers and
the computers being used. In this case, the trainees are not able to
other relatively inexpensive weapons is substantial. There is only a
be practiced and be immune to the feeling of running around in
little regulation when it comes at the international level which
heat with a large backpack and heavy equipments. Moreover, there
results to weapons falling into the hands of terrorist and other rebel
is still a threat in terms of security, like terrorism through hacking.

2.1.3. Aerospace Systems

3.2. Military Robots
Another technology is the military robots; this includes the
Being the most technologically advanced sector of the market,it
unmanned aerial vehicles. Some examples are the TALON, RQ-4A
encompasses military aircraft which is both in land-based and
Global Hawk, FQM-151 Pointer, and Predator. This kind of
naval aviation, conventional missiles, and military satellites.
technologies reduces the risk of danger in the lives of the military
personnel since they would not need to go in a very dangerous
2.1.3. Naval System
location and instead just use this kind of technologies.
This includes all of the world’s major powers that maintain
substantial maritime forces. It is to provide a forward presence and
However, aside from the cost, the use of machines might
enhance overall mobility, with the largest nations possessing
also be dangerous. This is because robots do not have feelings.
aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines and advanced anti-air defense
Thus, they do not need rest, they do not care about anything
systems. The vast majority of military ships are conventionally
around, and they do not think of their own. The robots just do
powered, but some are nuclear-powered.
whatever is programmed for them to do. What if they are in front
of civilian people? There is a great danger in the lives of the people

[2] post.html [5]
[3] [6]
3.3. Product Manager Forward Looking Infrared and Night Vision The design of the warhead permits the Small Diameter
and Electronic Sensors Directorate Bomb to achieve the same penetration capabilities of its much
CACI International, an Information Technology Company in the larger 2000 lb counterpart. The good thing is that the SMB GBU-
national interest of the United States that provides national 39 allows for a great amount of flexibility for whoever is designing
security, defense, and intelligence-related solutions, has announced strike missions for an urban environment.
about a new task order being awarded under the U.S. Army’s
Strategy Services Sourcing (S3) contract vehicle. The Product 3.5. The Sukhoi Su-27 (Сухой Су-27) Series or the Flanker
Manager Forward Looking Infrared (PMFLIR) and Night Vision
and Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD) are the technologies
being supported by this contract.

The Sukhoi Su-27 (Сухой Су-27) Series has evolved into one of
the finest achievements in modern aviation. It is is a non-stealth
design developed during the last years of the USSR by Sukhoi
The Product Manager Forward Looking Infrared or
Design Bureau Chief Designer, Mikhail Simonov (prototype T-
known as the PMFLIR enables “sensing beyond the invisible”
which means that it reveals threats that might otherwise remain or
blended into the environment. It is responsible for the
Flanker has a lot of requirement when it comes to testing
development, capabilities' assessment, test and evaluation,
and usage. At the time it was being designed, the Russians needed
production, and operational support of FLIR sensor-based systems
to counter both high flying reconnaissance aircraft, like SR-71 and
for the Army and other DoD organizations.
low level F-111, FB-111, Tornado, cruise missiles, and Rockwell
B1 bomber. It also needed enormous range to cover the vast
For the Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate
expanses of the Soviet airspace and replace the Sukhoi Su-15 and
or the NVESD, the office works closely with the Night Vision and
Tupolev Tu-28 interceptors. it needed to be significantly superior
Electronic Sensors Directorate. This is to identify, invest in,
to the superb new super-fighters being fielded by NATO.
develop, and transition technologies and systems that show the
most potential for enhancing the effectiveness and survivability
The test programs became difficult which resulted to
capabilities of the war fighter. fatal crash which made them design a whole new craft. The
Flanker has gone through a seemingly endless array of
3.4. GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb improvements and refinements. In the hands of a skilled pilot, the
Flanker must be regarded as an alarming opponent, even in the
presence of Stealth, and part of the landscape of Future Firepower.



4.1. Military technologies

Fresh on the block is the new GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb. It is With a budget of only around P5 billion a year, the Armed Forces
the first 250 lb class precision guided munition, and is not of the Philippines obviously lacks sufficient funds to rival the
only intended to allow the pilot to strike more targets per sortie, but weaponries of other countries. But through the Filipinos ingenuity,
also to -you guessed it- limit collateral damage. Comes with the the Philippine Military teamed with other schools and
size, it can be fitted with different types of warhead, one of which organizations have designed and created different military
is specially designed to limit the blast radius and shockwave of the technologies that may not be in level with the weapons being used
explosion. by the militaries of other countries but is still useful to the army of
the country.

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One of these military technologies is a robot called “RP One of the biggest issues that the Philippine Military
Combat Robots” which were developed by both the Naval Sea have faced is the corruption done by Philippine Army Major
Systems Command and the Mapua Robotics. It is a semi- General Carlos Garcia, the highest ranking military officer to be
autonomous combat robot that will help guide the army during put on trial, who was accused of accumulating over $2 million in
classified attacks against the rebels. Another military technology cash and real estate on a $600 monthly salary. Another form of
that they have invented is a military vehicle called the Marine corruption that happened in the past year was about the luxury
Multi-Purpose Vehicle that can fit 106mm recoilless rifle. This is apartment complex seized by 300 young soldiers to protest graft
locally produced vehicle is much cheaper when you compare it to among their senior commanders.
US built Hummers because it uses Mitsubishi diesel engine and
transmissions. In order to stop corruption inside the military, they have
to be taught of their proper responsibility to the country that they
Because of the lack of budget, the military was also are serving. Since the military plays a powerful and influential role
forced to bring back two units of LVTH6A1 to provide additional in the country, they should always be reminded that no one is
firepower. The LVTH6A1 is the most powerful gun that can be above the law, not even them who are the military leaders.
mounted to any armored vehicle of the Armed Forces of the
Philippines. In addition to the 105mm gun, it also carries a .30
calibrate co-axial machine gun and one pistol mounted .50 5. CONCLUSION
calibrate machine gun. The two units of LVTH6A1 was not
restored but received an additional frontal armor. The development of military technologies and tactics has been
highly proportional with modernization. In the past few years,
The military has also improved the survivability of the many countries have been able to develop and acquire new military
Marines and the Army armored units by developing a mesh system weapons. They have also discovered various techniques to defend
designed to detonate RPG rounds away from the main armor. By their countries. However, in those years, the Philippines military
doing so, the effect of the molten jet generated by the RPG charge has been left out in terms of both weaponry and army. In fact, it is
is dissipated immediately. This system is similar to the already said that some of the weapons used in the army are borrowed from
deployed vehicle of the US Army – the Stryker Armored vehicles. the United States.

Still in line with the insufficient budget being received This is mainly because the fund allocated in the military
by the Philippine Military, the Philippine Marines have converted segment is insufficient to support the basic needs of the military.
15 gun trucks to serve as convoy escorts in the areas where the This includes the salary of the army as well as for acquiring the
marines are operating. Unlike before though, these vehicles’ weapons to be used. According to research on the military
armors are new and did not come from retired LVT5 vehicles. expenditures of five countries, including Indonesia, Philippines,
Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore in a span of sixteen years, the
Another locally built armored vehicle is the Kalakian expenditures of the Philippines military has been constantly the
manufactured by the Philippine Army. It is armed with one 40mm lowest among them.
AGL, one 7.62mm mg and one .50 calibrate mg, and is roughly
larger tank the old armored vehicle being used, Simba. Another reason is that the people in position lacked the
discipline and commitment in their work. Many military personnel
These military technologies, although ingenious and is just worked for the money and not because they want to protect the
much cheaper compared to other military technologies by other country. And because of that, the lack of salary has also been
countries, is still not enough to combat and rival international causing corrupt officials. Thus, this only makes it helpless for the
weaponries. These weaponries and vehicles are only enough for Philippine military to flourish.
local combats and use against the local rebels (i.e., MILF and the
Abu Sayyafs). Bigger budget from the government should be In this regard, there is no opportunity for the country to
implemented immediately. further research and to develop better technologies and more
creative tactics. If we cannot reach the current status of military of
4.1. Military People other countries, how can we be better than them?
If compared to the military soldiers of the other countries, our own
military soldiers still have a long way ahead of them. To discipline 6. RECOMMENDATION
both the military leaders and the military soldiers is a must. For the
past few years, we were bombarded by different headlines in the
As concluded, the Philippine Military is behind most countries
newspapers regarding the corruption in the Philippine Military.
when it comes to both its weaponry and the army of the country
itself. This is just not because of the lack of monetary funds of the
country but also from lack of discipline and the lack of will to
discipline of both the military leaders and the military servants, and
[11] also, the Philippines as a whole. The government plays a big part
[12] in this problem too.
To find a solution to this problem, we recommend that
the government allot an even bigger budget not just for the
Philippine Army but also to the whole of the Armed Forces of the
Philippines. This is to ensure that our military would have
sufficient money to be able to buy new weaponries that would be 7. REFERENCE
useful in combats.
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Just for the past year, defense officials have requested to 2009-03-11.
increase the budget of the Armed Forces of the Philippines to P10 [2] Retrieved on 2009-
billion so that they could upgrade their fighting capabilities against 03-11.
rebels accelerate their goal to attain permanent peace. The budget [3] Retrieved on
will also serve as an additional funding to recruit more soldiers, 2009-03-11.
repair military vehicles and buy more ammunition. But this request [4]
was provoke by the Senate because they said that the additional post.html. Retrieved on 2009-03-11.
P10 billion is too big to fund just one department of the [5] Retrieved on
government. But, we think, that the additional budget is just 2009-03-11.
appropriate for the AFP considering that the Philippine military [6]
equipments have been deteriorating significantly since the 90s. Retrieved on 2009-03-11.
For the military soldiers, we recommend that the different leaders Retrieved on 2009-03-11.
of the arms of the Armed Forces of the Philippines be responsible [8]
enough to give their people an even aggressive form of strategy _Support_US_Army_FLIR_Systems_999.html. Retrieved on
when it comes to their trainings. They should also be taught 2009-03-11.
severely about different ways of combats and of surviving, [9] Retrieved on
professionally. They should always be kept up-to-date with all the 2009-03-11.
happenings both locally and internationally so that they would be [10] Retrieved
physically and mentally ready when a combat arises. on 2009-03-11.
Retrieved on 2009-03-11.
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