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Summative Assessment for Algebra

Purpose: The purpose of this summative assessment is to accurately

assess which learning goals the students understand. The assessment will include SRA, EWRA, and PTA assessment tasks to gauge the success of each student in learning each content standard.

Content Standards:
A1.1.3: Factor algebraic expressions using, for example, greatest common factor, grouping, and the special product identities. A1.1.4 Add, subtract, multiply, and simplify polynomials and rational expressions. A1.1.5 Divide a polynomial by a monomial.
Learning Goals I can identify properties of expressions. I can use greatest common factor, grouping, and special identity products to factor algebraic expressions. I can add, subtract, multiply, and simplify polynomials. I can add, subtract, multiply, and simplify rational expressions. I can divide a polynomial by a monomial Knowledge Items 1,2,11
6, 8

Reasoning Items 12,20,27







This test includes multiple choice, true/false, and matching as well as both short answer and performance task portions. You will have as much time as you need to complete the test. Performance tasks will be presented tomorrow. Make sure you read the questions carefully and completely before answering. If you have any questions, please raise your hand, and I will come to you. Good luck; you may begin.



Section One: True/False, Fill in the Blank, Multiple-Choice

True or False (3 points each): Instructions: Declare whether the statement is TRUE or FALSE. If true, explain why. If false, make the statement true. 1. An expression is never written with an equals sign. 2. An expression must have more than one term. 3. When multiplying rational expressions, we cross-multiply.
2 3 2 4. When multiplying polynomials, ( x 14)(6 x 9) = 6 x 9x 84 x 129

5. When dividing a polynomial by a monomial,

9x 3 4. 3x

Fill in the Blank (1 point each):

Instructions: Use vocabulary and knowledge from this unit to fill in the blanks.
6. When an expression has four terms, the best factoring method to use (besides greatest common factor) would be _________________________. 7. When adding/subtracting rational expressions, we must make sure the _________________________ is/are equal. 8. We can use the _________________________ to factor the expression x 2 1 . 9. When multiplying polynomials, FOIL stands for _________________________. 10. When dividing a polynomial by the monomial, x, in order to cancel out the x, _________________________(how many?) of the terms must contain an x.

Multiple Choice (2 points each): Instructions: Circle the correct answer. 11. How many terms does a binomial expression have? a. 4 b. 1 c. 2 d. 5 12. Which of the following is a polynomial expression? a. 3x 2 3x 3 b. 3x 2 3x 3 3( x 2 x 1) c. x 2 d.

13. Which expression is a simplified form of x 2 4 x 4 ?

a. (x+4)(x+4) b. 6( x 2 8) c. 2(3x 2 6) d. (x+2)(x+2)

x 2 x 1 ? 2 3

x3 x2 x

14. Which expression is the simplified form of a.

x 2 x 1 5

3x 2 2 x 2 b. 6 x 2 ( x 1) c. 6
3x 2 2 x 2 5

15. The greatest common factor of 3x 6 y 2 21x 2y 6 12 xy 3 is

a. 3xy 2 b. 3xy c. x y
6 2

d. xy

Section Two: Extended Written Response, including Scenarios, Stand alone, Prompt, Construct/Create assessment. (5 points per question)
Instructions: Answer 6 of the following 10 questions on a separate sheet of the provided paper; be sure to choose at least one from each category. Scenarios 16. Throughout this unit, we have talked a lot about working with and forming expressions. Use the following scenario to form an expression: If the number of children, x, was reduced by four, and these children all had to share 15 dollars, how could we express this problem in terms of x. 17. Use the following scenario to form an expression: I want to know how far I will go in x hours if I go 40 miles per hour. This is in addition to the 15 miles Ive already travelled. Stand alone 18. During this unit we have discussed different ways of factoring polynomials. Explain in detail the process of factoring using the grouping method. 19. In regards to dividing a polynomial by a monomial, for the expression 18 x 3 6 x 12 , explain how and why you would simplify this using division. 3x Prompt 3 20. Given the expression 4 x 3 7 x , state whether the expression is a monomial, 2 binomial, or polynomial. Also, state which term has the highest degree, and decide whether or not this expression could be factored.

7 21. Given 3x 4 x 2 12x , explain how to find the greatest common factor and why 2 this is the best way to factor the given expression.
22. Given (3x 2 1)(x 2) , explain how to multiply this expression to find the final product. Construct/create Create a scenario where the problem asks to find a ratio of a number to a given 23. unknown variable. Write the prompt and the corresponding expression. 24. Construct a Venn Diagram comparing as many characteristics of Polynomial Expressions and Rational Expressions as you can. Feel free to use examples. 25. Create a scenario where you are required to form an expression between two values; include both addition and subtraction in the problem. Write the prompt and the resulting expression.

Rubric for EWRA:


Description The student shows a complete and in-depth understanding of the subject. He/she is able to: use correct terminology analyze graphs or equations draw conclusions The student meets the learning goals, and absolute understanding of the material is displayed.

4 points Superior Achievement

3 points Commendable Achievement

The student shows accurate knowledge of the content. Main points and key concepts are met, but more information, examples, and explanation are needed to support an answer. The student shows limited understanding about the subject. Vague response of the main concept was given. The answer given was incomplete and needed more detail description, and explanation to support the final answer. The student shows little understanding of the subject. Inaccurate terminology is used, and minimal explanation is shown. Final answers are incomplete and fail to include what was asked. The student is unable to answer the question. No terminology is used, and no demonstration of the material is shown.

2 points Limited Achievement

1 points Minimal Achievement

0 point No Achievement

Section Three: Performance Task (15 points per question) 26. Given: Each student will be given three different expressions. One will be a
polynomial expression that needs to be simplified using addition and/or subtraction. Another will be a rational expression to be simplified using multiplication. The third will be a polynomial divided by a monomial that needs to be simplified through division. Task: Your task is to first do the required computations and creatively show them on a poster board. You will present your poster to the class, going step by step through your thought processes of all three expressions. As you go, explain the computations to your peers; act as if you are the teacher teaching the content to the students. The poster is merely your hands-on tool to show the material. The presentation should be 3-5 minutes in length.

27. Given: A common known tune such as Mary had a Little Lamb, Row, row, row
your boat, Itsy Bitsy Spider, etc. Task: Your task is to make a unique mathematical song to your given tune. In the lyrics, be sure to include characteristics of an expression. (To help you get started on some ideas, think to considermonomials, FOIL, grouping, expressions vs equations, etc).

28. Given: Each student will be given some kind of factoring method to work with (ie
grouping, greatest common factor, etc). Access to computers will also be available in the lab. Task: Your task is to make a use powerpoint, google doc, or prezi to make a presentation related to your given method. Use this presentation to show the process of using the given method. Include at least three example of expressions where youd use your method and solve them.

Post Test Self-Assessment Instructions: Please answer the following questions honestly and in as much detail as possible. 1. Did you feel prepared for the test? Why or why not? 2. What questions do you feel you did the best on and why? 3. Which questions were you unsure about and why? 4. Do you think the questions you were unsure about reflect content that you have not yet mastered? Why or why not? 5. Did you feel any of the questions were unfair? If so, which ones and why? 6. Would you have done anything differently to prepare for the assessment? If so, what would you do and why?

7. What score do you feel you received out of 125? ________

Youre done!

SRA Answer Key: True/False1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

True False False True False

Fill-in-the-Blank6. grouping 7. denominators 8. special identities product 9. First Outside Inside Last 10. all Multiple Choice11. c 12. a 13. d 14. b 15. a