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Things to achieve (as at Sunday week 4) (updated, Now holidays) Design phone pop up alerts Line all pages

es up perfectly (get rid of the jiggle!) Mask 'all the things' Add a back button to every page - blasted geo details page.. this has turned into bigger problem, my drawing tool code when activated/clicked/used is voiding all my back buttons on all pages remove 1x embeded font Splash Page Design it Home/Now Page Animate/code speed so its as if car is currently moving, have ring go red when speed goes over 50km/h Add an animated/coded locator onto the map (as if car is moving) -just found zoom and pan example for map, do i utilise this.. Have a click & drag-able map Do I want icons on Now page to link? Is so to manager or report? pop up/roll over make pretty find crisp clear map - you would this would be easy! but i cannot for all my searching get a crisp one! Report Page Get Daily/Weekly/Monthly doing something Get pop up calendar working fix error Christine found on speed report page

Manage Page Notifications get the switches to actually stay ON/OFF (toggle code) Time Periods have each individual one highlighted when clicked perhaps? Time Periods Details have a box user can enter text into have a key board pop up pop-up time selector (pokies style) pop-up day selector

Geofence have map drag and drop create new bttn trigger painting tool

finish painting take you to geofence details page

pop up/roll over make pretty find crisp clear map

make info pop up

Geofence Details Page finish all the main menu buttons, done button and fence in/out buttons have a box user can enter text into have a key board pop up

pop-up time selector (pokies style)

pop-up day selector

I had issues with masking and drawing tool there are just a few notes below off the net that I took and code that I used.

import import import import

flash.display.Shape; flash.display.Sprite;; flash.geom.Point;

var coords:Array = []; var shapeClosed:Boolean; var activeCorner:Object; var var var var var var var var var var fillColor:int = 0xFFFC07; fillAlpha:Number = .4; lineThickness:Number = 2; lineColor:uint = 0; lineAlpha:Number = 1; fillAfterComplete:Boolean = true; cornerSize:Number = 20; cornerColor:uint = 0x00ff33; cornerAlpha:Number = .1; cornerType:int = 1; // 1:square 2:circle

var board:Sprite = new Sprite(); var invisCorners:Sprite = new Sprite(); var canvas:Sprite = new Sprite(); var canvasDrawing:Shape = new Shape(); canvasDrawing.cacheAsBitmap = true; var canvasInvis:Shape = new Shape();,0);,0,stage.stageWidth,stage.stageHeight); canvas.addChild(canvasInvis); canvas.addChild(canvasDrawing); board.addChild(canvas);

board.addChild(invisCorners); addChild(board); board.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, downF); function downF(e:MouseEvent):void { var i:int,j:int; if (shapeClosed) return; if (coords.length > 2) { for (i = 0; i < invisCorners.numChildren; i++) { if (invisCorners.getChildAt(i).hitTestPoint(, { if (i == 0) {[0].x,coords[0].y); recolorShape(); shapeClosed = true; trace("shape closed"); for (j = 0; j < invisCorners.numChildren; j++) { var corner:Sprite = Sprite(invisCorners.getChildAt(j)) corner.buttonMode = true; corner.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, downCorner); } return; } } } } //trace("adding new point"); coords.push(makeInvisRect(,;;, lineColor, lineAlpha);[0].x,coords[0].y); if (coords.length > 1) { for (j = 1; j < coords.length; j++) {[j].x,coords[j].y); } } } function downCorner(e:MouseEvent):void { var w:Number = cornerSize; var corner:Sprite = Sprite(;;,cornerAlpha); if (cornerType == 1) { // square,board.mouseY-w/2,w,w); } else { // circle,board.mouseY,w/2); } //trace("dragging",; var index:int = int("_")[1]); activeCorner = {obj:corner, index:index}; coords[index].x = board.mouseX;

coords[index].y = board.mouseY; recolorShape(); board.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, stopDragging); board.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE, movePoint); } function movePoint(e:MouseEvent):void { var w:Number = cornerSize; coords[activeCorner.index].x = board.mouseX; coords[activeCorner.index].y = board.mouseY; if (e is MouseEvent) { var corner:Sprite = Sprite(activeCorner.obj);;,cornerAlpha); if (cornerType == 1) { // square,board.mouseYw/2,w,w); } else { // circle,board.mouseY,w/2); } e.updateAfterEvent(); } recolorShape(); } function stopDragging(e:MouseEvent):void { var corner:Sprite = Sprite(; //trace("stopped dragging",; corner.stopDrag(); board.removeEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, stopDragging); board.removeEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE, movePoint); } function makeInvisRect(_x:Number,_y:Number):Object { var w:Number = cornerSize; var corner:Sprite = new Sprite(); = "corner_" + coords.length;,cornerAlpha); if (cornerType == 1) { // square,_y-w/2,w,w); } else { // circle,_y,w/2); } invisCorners.addChild(corner); return {x:_x,y:_y}; } function recolorShape():void {;, lineColor, lineAlpha); if (fillAfterComplete) {, fillAlpha); }[0].x,coords[0].y); for (var i:int = 1; i < coords.length; i++) {[i].x,coords[i].y); }[0].x,coords[0].y);