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(Obsession) (2011)

It is not through sight...

On the other side of the World (2012)

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Gustavo Vega born in Len, in 1948, but has resided in Barcelona (Spain), since 1972. Is Dr in Spanish Philology from the University of Barcelona, graduated in Philosophy from University of Saint Thomas Aquinas in Rome, Philosophy and Arts (spec. Philosophy) from the University of Barcelona and Teaching from the University of Len. PhD thesis: Poticas de Creacin Visual en Espaa, 1970-1995 (Poetics of visual creation in Spain, 1970-1995). He specializes in theoretical investigation, pedagogy and creative activity in three fields: Philosophy, Poetry and the Plastic Arts. Three disciplines which Vega combines and frequently synthesizes in his works, obtaining a perfect ensemble of literary-poetic elements and plastic arts. Vega, one of the main practitioners of Visual Poetry in Spain. Will talk about the plurality of his Visual Poetry: ideographic, calligraphic, letrist, concrete, spatial, video-poetry, three dimensional poems,action-poems, etc. As a plastic artist and visual poet, he has exhibited individually (50 times) in Spain, Argentina and participated in more than one hundred group exhibitions.

Vega is the author of books: Habitando Transparencias Inhabiting Transparencies- (1982), El Placer de ser -The Pleasure of Being- (1997), Prlogo para un Silencio -Prologue for a Silence- (2001), La Frontera del Infinito -The Border of the Infinite- (2005), Plaza del BuenSuceso -Talleres de Creacin Potica en Barcelona / Poetry Workshops in Barcelona- (1994), Poticas Visuales (2008), etc. and many folios of visual and interdisciplinary poetry: Al lmite del instante -At the Edge of the Moment, Teora-81-Theory-81-, etc. His poetry has been translated and published in French language, English, Italian, Japanese, Albanian... For a number of years he has taught courses in Art History (BCA, University of Barcelona), as well as Visual Poetry (University of Len, Col.legi Casp of Barcelon and in other institutions). As part of his pedagogical activity he has given creative poetry seminars, courses and workshops in both Spain and Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, England, Italy, Macedonia... He founded and directs the group Ex.Tensin Fontica and the Laboratorio de Investigaciones PoticoFonticas (Laboratory for Poetic-Phonetic Investigation), which has presented many recitals. The street where he was born is now called: Calle Poeta Visual Gustavo Vega Mansilla.

Gustavo Vega
PRESSclippings and quotations from BOOKS:

One of my works is entitled El camino que camino es el camino hacia el sentido que da sentido al camino que es... (The road /path? I walk is the path toward the meaning that gives meaning to the path I walk which is...) Well then, taking this brief title as a premise, the reason for my poetic creation--one activity among others--can be summed up as a search on the path. A search undoubtedly related to the existential tension of the self toward...
J.Roldn: "Interview with Gustavo Vega. Professor and Poet". CASP 25. May, 2003 this work plastic intentionality and poetry coincide. The sensuality of the plastic forms fuses with the body of writing generating significant microcosms. All of which is transferred at the same time and paradoxically by emotion and reflection. Poetry, plastic art and philosophy superimposed, identified.
Jos Lezama: "El color de la poesa" (The Color of Poetry) LUKE, Vitoria, 2002

Utilizing different techniques and methods and without giving up discursive poetry and other tools of written language, which seems to me an achievement... ...Vega goes from germinal creative silence to final silence displaying a landscape where life, the world and love are necessary stations of the voyage...
Luis F. Zaurin: "La poesa visual de Gustavo Vega (The Visual Poetry of Gustavo Vega) . LA VANGUARDIA, Barcelona, 2002

That is why the poetry of Gustavo Vega is radically different from the work of other visual poets in which the objects function only as semantic elements, and also from the creations of some painters who add written elements to their plastic works but only for a plastic function. In Vega the plastic and poetic intentionality coincide.
Concha Garca: "Sense limits, sense paraules" (Without Limits, Without Words). DIARI AVUI, Barcelona, 2002

His poetry is closely related to the so-called 'Poetry of Silence,' although he always tries to go beyond it. Very much a lover of interdisciplinarity he usually works in the fields of philosophy, poetry and the plastic arts--Vega enjoys stretching verbal limits, exploring the dimensions of written work, while at the same time experimenting with the possibilities of plastic material.
Elosa Otero: "Un poco ms all de la potica del silencio (A Little Beyond the Poetry of Silence). EL MUNDO/LA CRNICA, Len, 2001

One of the requisite names in the field of so-called visual or concrete poetry is that of Gustavo Vega, a native of Len residing in Barcelona, whose intellectual interests combine philosophy, poetry and the plastic arts. Author of essays and books...
Jos Enrique Martnez: "An no del todo escrita" (Not yet completely written), DIARIO DE LEN, Len, 6-17-2001

The eye fools one. Visual poetry is born, like carelessness , in our civilization of images. But poets, like Gustavo Vega incite it. Is it a mirage? Poets like Gustavo Vega dive into the mirage... ...And, between one silence and another, life, the world, resolved in images...
Joaqun Marco: "Gustavo Vega y la poesa" (Gustavo Vega and Poetry). Gustavo Vega. PRLOGO PARA UN SILENCIO. Barcelona: 2001

Gustavo Vega is a reference point for many and, without a doubt, one of the most outstanding representatives of the creative technique which has been called visual poetry. And this is due not only to his own creative work, but to his theoretical research as well. ...Existentialist reflection and at the same time, mysticism and satisfaction with life are present in his work...
E. Beltrn: "Poesa para Ver. Gustavo Vega. (Poetry to See). LA VEU. Barcelona, 2000

Gustavo Vega is not only a creator of the poetic word, but also of the plastic word. Magically he goes from the traditional brush to the infogram (calligram?) and from there to the photogram or the ideo. He goes from the traditional technologies to the new ones, and from this to that, always with the clear intention of intertwining them. The works of Gustavo Vega... are pure metaphor...
Merc Puig: "Poesa Visual a Sant Feliu de Guixols." LA PROA. Sant Feliu de Guixols, Girona, 1999

...also with an experimental attitude, Gustavo Vega, well-known in Spain for his creations of visual poetry, presented El Placer de Ser (The Pleasure of Being) last year, with poetry to look at and poetry to read, but with one main theme, focused on mankind and life...
J.E. Martnez: "El ao literario: POESA Y CRTICA LITERARIA." (The Literary Year: POETRY AND LITERARY CRITICISM". DIARIO DE LEN, 1998

...he started in poetry after studying philosophy and also after years of studying painting. Vega explains that all comes out of the need for self- expression The search" of Gustavo Vega in three fields gives, for those who wish to see, a very interesting result, in which the expression of the words is reinforced by the image.
J.M.: "Poetiques visuals de Gustavo Vega." EL 9 NOU. Girona

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Carlota Caulfield

Carlota Caulfield es catedrtica de Espaol y Estudios Hispanoamericanos en Mills College, California. Y es autora de once libros de poesa, entre ellos: A las puertas del papel con amoroso fuego, El Libro de Giulio Camillo (maqueta para un teatro de la memoria), Movimientos metlicos para juguetes abandonados (Primer premio de Poesa Hispanoamericana Dulce Mara Loynaz 2002), Quincunce / Quincunx, Ticket to Ride. Essays and Poems, y A Mapmaker's Diary. Selected Poems. Ha traducido al ingls selecciones de la obra de Jos Angel Valente, Regino Boti y Antonio Beneyto, entre otros. Reside en Berkeley, California. Ms informacin: Carlota Caulfield is Professor of Spanish and Spanish-American Studies at Mills College, California. Is the author of eleven books of poetry, including At the Paper Gates with Burning Desire, The Book of Giulio Camillo (a model for a theater of memory), Movimientos metlicos para juguetes abandonados (First Hispanoamerican Poetry Prize Dulce Mara Loynaz, 2002), Quincunce / Quincunx, Ticket to Ride. Essays & Poems, and A Mapmaker's Diary. Selected Poems. A translator as well as a poet, Caulfield has rendered works by Jos Angel Valente, Regino Boti, Antonio Beneyto, and others into English. She lives in Berkeley, California. Her webpage is at

D-Poticas Visuales

D- Visual Poetry

91- Escritura Potica / Poetic Writing 92-Es la vida 93-Life is 94-Estalla el momento 95- The moment explodes 96- Despliegue de orillas / Showing the shore 97- Yo/T
98- A, Abismo, Analogia, Ansia / A, Abyss, Analogy, Anxiety 99- Filogenesis / Phylogenesis 100- EnTuSiasmados / EnThuSiastic 101- Se inflaman las vivencias / Our experiences are on fire...

102- Soledad sonora / Sonorous loneliness 103- Ahogado en T, mar / Drowned within you, sea... 104- Obsesin / Obsession 105- Geometria del Destino / Geometry of Destiny 106- Soneto enmudecido y aplanado/ Silenced and smoothed sonnet 107- Poema sobre partitura / Poem over a Musical Score 108- Invisible Precipicio / Invisible Precipice 109- Autorretrato / Self Portrait 110- No son los ojos / Not through sight... 111- HomoHominis 112- Al otro lado del mundo / On the other side of the World 113 Proceso / Process 114- Tempus Fugit 115- Arde la Luz / The light burns 116- Poema con acento / Poem with accent 117- Te Leo. Me lees / I read you. You read me 118- Sin Lmites / Without Boundaries 119- ABCD POEMA / ABCD POEM 120- Caligrafia del Caos_A / Caligraphy of Caos_A 121- Caligrafia del Caos_B / Caligraphy of Caos_B E Documentacin E Documentation