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Name: Kayla Sawyer

Project Start Date: 1/2

Title of Project: Sex Trafficking related to you Project Completion Date: 3/21 1. In 40 words or more describe your project and the steps you performed to complete it. What did you produce or perform? For my project I created a three day presentation for a sociology class to teach them and engage them in a lesson about sex trafficking. In order to prepare I had to create an agenda and a daily lesson plan. The first day was an introduction so I gave them a pre-assessment to see what they knew and then I gave a power point presentation and showed a documentary to better explain the topic. The next two days I taught I did interactive games and activities to test their knowledge of the topic. Most of my class was discussion based. Most of my preparation consisted of creating an agenda and the worksheets and activities that would last the whole class for three days. 2. In at least 40 words explain how the project challenged you, and what sort of time challenges and resource problems did you encounter? The biggest problem I had would be planning enough material to cover the time. I anticipated way more discussion but like most classes on the first day the students were very quiet and I had to move onto the activities that were planned for the next day. I ended up completing all of my anticipated activities within the two days leaving me to plan a full class period of work within two days. Running low on ideas I had to turn to a teacher for guidance and eventually created my final days activities. This process was stressful because I had to not only present but present in front of my peers and try and engage them and make them interested in my topic. 3. List and then describe 5-8 fundamental ideas/concepts/skills of your project, which you learned during your project. Idea/Concept/Skill Agendas Lesson Plan Explanation Ive had to learn to plan activities to fill up a whole class block! I learned what the necessary things are that you must accomplish when you plan your lesson (such as essential questions and concepts). Blooms Taxonomy is a wheel that tells you how good your activities are and I had to make sure that my activity involved critical thinking and went up far on the wheel.

Blooms Taxonomy

Public Debate Forum


There are certain tools to having a successful public debate and I applied those to my style and plan for my debate. I had to try and make my lesson plans entertaining and interactive enough to keep the kids attention.

4. List and describe 5-8 problems you encountered in your project, and briefly describe how you solved each. Problem Project Denied Explanation My project was denied twice and I had to come up with a brand new proposal within two days. I ran out of activities to do after my first two days and had to create all new activities within two days. It was hard to find lesson plans that included facts, but I asked a teacher for help and found some that met my standards. My topic is very risky because it involves sex so I had some trouble trying to make it school appropriate and I solved this by finding different less provocative terms to use and by picking a more adult audience (mainly seniors and juniors). Almost everything I did for my lesson plan I had to create. It was difficult to find templates or even guidelines for the activities I wanted to do.

Time Constraints (too much time)



Premade worksheets

5. A. B.

Outline the process hours spent in completing the project. Estimated total hours spent on project: 32.5 Hours Estimated total steps involved in your project: 5 steps

Steps Involved Step 1: Create Proposal Step 2: Create Agenda/Lesson Plan Step 3: Create all worksheets Step 4: Teach Step 5: Create Weebly 6. 7.

Hours 3 Hours 6 Hours 10 Hours 5 Hours 6 Hours

Date Completed February 7, 2013 March 7, 2013 March 13,2013 March 15-19-21,2013 March 17, 2013

List of Materials used: Paper, YouTube, Smart board, and Easels List all people who helped you on the project and briefly describe the help given. She helped me come up with a lesson plan when I ran out of activities to do on the third day! My project consultant, She helped me plan my agenda and discussed what would and be successful and what wouldnt. She stayed after and taught me how to create agenda and lesson plans that were productive and though provoking.

Mrs. Lingua

Mrs. McMasters

Mrs. Hunter

8. How does your completed project compare to the picture you had in mind when you started the project? My project started off as an event to raise money for an organization, but after being denied I had to take a step back and pick a project that would also help with a solution to sex trafficking. When I thought of teaching a class I honestly thought of showing a movie or two and only speaking for a short time and taking the easy way out. After completing my project and reflecting on my work I realized by taking the harder way and making my own worksheets and making the lesson more interactive, the kids are going to take more out of it than if they were to sit in front of a movie for three class periods. So in essence it didnt turn out like anything I had ever imagined, it turned out better! 9. If given the opportunity, what would you do differently now that you speak from experience? Given the opportunity to change, I would make more interactive lessons and maybe take out the over used jeopardy! But as I reflect on my work I wouldnt have taught the class any other way! It was interactive and the students enjoyed it and paid attention as if it were a normal class taught by a VBCPS teacher!

10. Now that the project is completed, explain/describe the stretch or challenge you encountered/experienced. The biggest stretch I had was creating something that I knew I would enjoy as a student. Its hard to make learning fun and that was really difficult for me but I tried to make a lot of my lesson interactive and discussion based rather than lecture or boring. I also realized that sometimes things dont go according to plan; you can end up with too much time or too little. Its very hard to prepare for the time constraints because you dont know how much or how little the kids will talk or activities will take! 11. Beyond the project itself, what did you learn about yourself?

I learned that even though I have so many things going on I can set my mind to something and complete it. I dont need any guidance to do a paper or a project by myself anymore! I think the biggest thing was that I learned how independent with my work I have become and how amazed I am at the products I can produce with a little bit of passion and motivation. 12. What grade would you give yourself on the project? Justify the evaluation of your grade in at least 25 words. Grade: A Justification: I feel like I deserve this grade because I worked extremely hard and dedicated a lot of time to this project. My project was difficult to research in school because it is provocative and blocked by the school so I had to do most of my research at home. I also got rejected twice and had to keep rewriting my proposal when other people had already started! Ive worked so hard to make my lesson plans fun and entertaining and to let my passion shine through them. Not one kid left my class without learning something valuable!