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Why are people less interested in trasditional dance especially saman dance?

Adila Afifah Rizki Hutami Nadya Yantine Arsita

The reason why people are not interested with saman dance
Most people think that saman is old fashioned Lack of awareness about the importance of saman dance Modern dance is more intresting Goverment dont facilitate the effort to develop saman dance

Which one do you like ??


The function and meaning

The Type

Saman Dance


Saman dance is a gayoneses dance which is performed for special traditional occasion.

History of Saman Dance

Made by Syekh Saman Found in 16th century This dance is also displayed to celebrate the birth of prophet muhammad The dancers used to be man The dancers wear black costume

The meaning and function of Saman Dance

The Function : - The media for religious purpose

The meaning : - To teach moral value - To praise the lord and prophet

Properties of Saman Dance



Procedure of saman dance

Type of Saman Dance

Saman Jejunten

Jamu Saman

Saman Jalu

Kumah Saman Sara
Saman Entertaim ent

Saman Njik

Facts about Saman