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British Literature I | Mann

Teach the Class

Spring is always a good time for a change! This Spring, we are going to switch places. Thats right! You all are going to be the teachers and I will be the student. In groups of 3-4, you will be required to teach class for one day. Each member is required to participate and present to the class. 60 points total o 25 points Content Presented o 10 points Lesson Plan o 10 points Participation and Presentation o 10 points Creativity o 5 points Group Evaluation Lesson Plan o You will be required to turn in a lesson plan the day before your lesson is due! (Ex. If you are going on Tuesday I should have your plan by Monday!) o The lesson will tell me your objectives (what you want the class to know!), what you are doing for the day (activities), and how you are going to assess the students (make sure they learned the material). See attached for a sample! Materials o In addition to sending me the lesson plan in advance, you must also submit any materials you are using before class. If you have a PowerPoint, make sure you send it to me just in case there are any issues. Time o Your presentation should take up half of the class period (approximately 20 minutes.) Make sure you practice and have someone keep time so that you do not go into the next groups time! Participation o As a group, each member is responsible for contributing to the lesson preparation AND during the presentation! Make sure everyone is participating equally! There will be a group evaluation available on Edline that each member is responsible for filling out. Preparedness o Every group must be prepared on their assigned day! If a member of your group is absent and they have the PowerPoint, you will still be expected to present!

You can teach the class in a number of different ways. You can create a PowerPoint presentation, you can use activities, whole-class discussions, group discussions, reading aloud, etc. They say that in order to truly learn something, you have to teach it. My goal is that you teach part of the lesson to truly master the material! Make sure you make your lesson enjoyable and meaningful! No one likes to just sit and watch someone read a PowerPoint for an hour!

*If you are absent on the day of your presentation, you will have to make up your portion of the presentation the next day (or whenever you return.) *

completely prepared and has obviously rehearsed. Group accurately conveyed the major points in the reading.

So Close
Student seems pretty prepared but might have needed a couple more rehearsals. Groups conveyed some of the major points in the reading.

Almost There Not Quite

The student is somewhat prepared, but it is clear that rehearsal was lacking. Groups attempted to convey major points in the reading. Student does not seem at all prepared to present.

Preparedness Student is


Groups did not convey major points in the reading.


The group had an The group had a engaging and meaningful meaningful presentation. presentation.

The group attempted to provide a meaningful presentation.

The presentation lacked meaning and engagement.

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Make sure you CIRCLE which section of Macbeth your group is doing! Group 1: Act III, Scene 1-2 / Apr. 12 Group 2: Act III, Scene 3-4 /Apr. 12 Group 3: Act III, Scene 5-6 / Apr. 15 Group 4: Act IV, Scene 1-2 / Apr. 15 Group 5: Act IV, Scene 3 / Apr. 16 Group 6: Act V, Scene 1-3 / Apr. 16 Group 7: Themes/Quotes /Apr. 17 Group 8: Vocab/Lit. devices / Apr. 17