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Ashley Stinson English 1102 Sample Introductions INTRO #1: (Present background information such as interesting facts, statistics,

s, or history) Facebook currently has 1.06 billion monthly users close to one seventh of the worlds population. Twitter is not far behind with 500 million total, and MySpace, though its popular days have passed, still manages 25 million. The world is more connected, though social media, than ever in the past. With a pool of viewers this large, organizations have learned to use social media as a tool to advocate for social causes. However, the problem is that many are still unaware or uninterested in the potential good of social networking. Facebooks Causes application only has 90 million users, a meager 8.5% of the sites total members. The opportunity for a global impact is present; its time for something to be done. INTRO #2: (Explain the larger context of your issue. What conversation(s) exist to date about your topic?) Its a conflict most teens have had with their parents social networking sites. To have one or not to have one, which friends we can add, when we are allowed to use it clearly many people have not accepted Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace as safe or useful. Many causes have already realized the potential that lies in such a connected society, and have begun to branch out via social media. It is all a matter of awareness, and the ability to adapt to a technology-dependent world, where being connected is vital. INTRO #3: (Ask a question or questions) What comes to mind when you think of social media of Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace? Is it Farmville, embarrassing photos, or connecting with old high school friends? Perhaps, instead, it is what the people around you are doing all day on their phones, instead of spending time doing something productive. But what if Facebook is productive what then? Social media has become a major tool for large-scale social activism. Causes are being created, shared, and supported across the globe each day, all through these seemingly useless sites. What kind of potential have we been overlooking?