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Midterm Evaluation: Miss Mann Objective: Now that the semester is halfway done, I want to give you the

opportunity to evaluate me as a student-teacher! My goal is to help you learn best, so I would really appreciate your feedback on how I can improve as a teacher. These will be anonymous, so feel free to give honest answers! Directions: Please provide a short answer to the following questions: 1. The student-teacher creates and maintains a positive and effective learning environment

2. The student-teacher addresses the needs of all students

3. The student-teacher effectively communicates with students and parents

4. The student-teacher demonstrates thorough content knowledge (knows the material!)

5. How can I help YOU learn better in class? (more/less activities, reading in class, etc.)

6. What could I improve on as a student-teacher?

7. Additional comments:

Thank you very much for your feedback! -Miss Mann