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Date: 3/19/13 Topic: Martin Luthers 95 Theses

Objective: To explain how Martin Luthers 95 Theses lead to the Protestant Reformation At the beginning of the 16th Century, all of Europe was Catholic By the middle of the 16th Century, many people had converted to Protestantism Prior to 1517 Church selling indulgences o Buying your way into heaven Martin Luther disagreed, wrote a letter to an Archbishop Pope saw this as heresy and excommunicated him Church Response In 1520 Pope Leo X excommunicated Martin Luther for heresy Church feared a growing movement against Catholicism lead by Luther In response, Martin Luther burns the canon law and the excommunication memo He then becomes an outlaw, travels to Germany and translates the Bible into German Diet of Worms Martin Luthers Trial Martin Luther is summoned to either deny or reaffirm the beliefs he expressed in the 95 Theses Charged by the Emperor as a heretic, was denounced, and they sought to arrest him Anyone who supported him would be denounced as well Was protected by German princes Protestant Reformation 95 Theses prompted the Protestant Reformation While in Germany, Luther translated the Bible and continued to preach what became Lutheran sermons