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you become an adult everything gets more difficult. You have to struggle with the jobs responsibilities, housing, traffic, and so on.

A student arrives to your English class, but he doesnt want to be there consequently,he doesnt learn. As you can see in the comic we, teachers, begin our class and we think that just because the students are looking at you paying attentionunderstand everything and can give you correct answers and feedback .

Teachers have the responsibility of generate and promote the learning process. Teachers need to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, not only transmit it. Students, especially adult learners, are not empty flower vases. They come with their own ideas and learning styles to your class,furthermore they come with more knowledge than the one you think they have.

At the beginning we play a game in which you did what you were told; how many of you read the objective of the game at the beginning? Adults learn what can be significant for their life, even if they do not want to. We are going to share these basic tips to help them learn by heart, not just because they need it for their job, moreover for their life, culture and lifelong learning process.

Its a classic aspect of body language,

gestures and intonation. Adults have you as a role model in class they do what you do so try this technique when you have a new group of students, specially beginners.

They feel more comfortable when

they talk between them,so that do the activities in pairs or groups always changing the people each time.

Everybody wins the maximun of points possible. 1) 4 X lose 100 points each X. 2) 1 Y loses 300 points each Y. 3 X win 100 points each X. 3) 2 X win 200 points each X. 2 Y lose 200 points each Y. 4) 1 X wins 300 points each X 3 Y lose 100 points each Y. 5) 4 Y win 100 points each Y.