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The cinematography in Invictus is stunning.

It s an easy country to film in some r espects, given its abundance of natural beauty as well as abject poverty, but it still takes a skilled lensman to weave it together cohesively, and Invictus has a real sense of life to it, of time and place captured perfectly. The best thing about Invictus is the cinematography by Tom Stern. But when Stern 's lighting is the most dramatic thing in Invictus, you know it may be a little light. The cinematography of the movie was awesome. The camera angles showed throughout the movie were from a spectator s view at times as if it were an eyewitness captu ring an event. This may have been deliberate because it allowed the viewer to be captivated. If you watch the movie there is a particular scene with an aircraft that is simply fantastic. Cinematographer Tom Stern hits another one out of the park, catching all the fur y and apprehension of all the different elements of this strenuous time