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ORA-0600 [2656], ORA-06512: When Inserting into Global Temporary Table [ID 96568.1]
Modified: Oct 20, 2005 Type: PROBLEM Status: ARCHIVED Priority: 3

Problem Description ------------------When the first insert of a user session is an insert into a global temporary table, the following errors occur: warning: entry/exit code is optimized. ora-600 [2656] [] [] [] [] cannot restore context (unwind 22)

ORA-06512: at line xxx - xxx being the line number of your code that has the insert. Cause: This is usually the last of a message stack and indicates where a problem occurred in the PL/SQL code. Action: Fix the proclem causing the exception or write an exception handler for this condition. It may be necessary to contact the application or database administrator.

Solution Description -------------------This is logged as bug:745577, fixed in Oracle Server v8.1.6. Workaround(s): o Insert into a different table first. o Truncate the Global Temp Table before inserting into it.

Explanation ----------If the first insert in a user session is an insert into a global temporary table, internal error 2656 is raised. This issue is been fixed in 8.1.6.

References ---------Bug:745577 INSERT INTO TEMPORARY TABLE CAUSES ORA-600 2656 WITH TEMPORARY TABLESPACES -Port Generic. Compiled in v8.1.4. Fixed in 8.1.6.

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