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This is not my first post though I fear it will appear to be.

I had posted in the summer of 2011, a linkage of letters I felt very proud to have been followed by my name. However in time, I started to detest the post and continued growing in abhorrence of the prejudice it would fetch. So like any selfish man, I took it down.

In this post I shall endeavor to project my view of man as true to my belief, within the limitations of language .To do so I must first define two words, which in time has come to bear meanings substantially different from their virgin ones.

Selfish - Self aiding

In his crudest form man is molded by the fire of selfishness, the very virtue that fueled revolutions, inventions, art, architecture, heroism and anything graced by the sun. It is what that won us our freedom and put us on the moon. Such greatness does man hold within him that the wisest of him began to fear it.

The raging might bore no conscious of its own; it knew no act more virtuous than the other. Its benevolence was that of its bearer, misused and ill-directed it could bring about inexplicable ruins. Fearing its power, the prudent man tried to extinguish the inextinguishable and failed miserably. Seeing no better an alternative, he drowned mans grandest mace in slurry of unawareness.

With it man lost his most potent of strengths and thus began the search. Across the span of his imaginations did man search for what he held within.