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Signature Trays

Sendik’s Food Market’s

Signature Fruit Tray Roasted Fresh Vegetable Tray

Enjoy a variety of Sendik’s fresh fruits including, watermelon, A bountiful array of Sendik’s freshest vegetables are seasoned with
cantaloupe, honey dew and golden pineapple. Garnished with red garlic, olive oil & balsamic vinegar and then roasted to perfection.
ripe strawberries and grapes.
16” $49.00 18” $59.00
12” $29.00 16” $49.00
18” $59.00 18” XL $69.00 Relish Tray
An array of black & green olives, dill pickles, sweet pickles, baby
corn, marinated mushrooms, pepperoncini and grape tomatoes.
Watermelon Boat
Let our chefs carve a whole watermelon into a beautiful basket for 12” $29.00 16” $39.00 18” $49.00
your buffet. Filled with watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew, golden
pineapple, grapes and strawberries.
Gourmet Imported Cheese
$15.00 for carving fee An elegant assortment of the finest imported cheeses,
& $4.99 lb. for the fruit salad including: French Brie, Boursin, Huntsman, Port Salut,
Dill Havarti and Gourmandise. Arranged with a variety
of seasonal berries, grapes and pecans.
Fruit Kabobs Choice of 3 cheeses $59.00 Choice of 6 cheeses $79.00
Dazzle your guests with an assortment of fresh fruits
arranged on 6” skewers for easy dining.
Wisconsin Cheese Tray
$18.00 doz. Delight your guests with the best Wisconsin has to offer. Enjoy an
Arranged on a pineapple centerpiece add $10 assortment of baby swiss, mild cheddar, cojack and mild brick cheese.
When you say Wisconsin...

Fancy Fruit & Cheese Tray 12” $30.00 16” $40.00 18” $50.00
A beautiful assortment of watermelon, golden pineapple and
cantaloupe arranged with cojack, baby swiss and mild cheddar Cheese & Sausage Tray
cheeses. Garnished with an assortment of strawberries and grapes. Take our wonderful Wisconsin Cheese Tray and pair it with Old
Forest salami. A combination sure to delight all.
12” $36.00 16” $59.00 18” $69.00
12” $35.00 16” $50.00 18” $60.00
Fresh Vegetable and Dip Tray
A bountiful treat of sweet baby carrots, crisp celery sticks, broccoli, Cracker Basket
cauliflower, cucumbers, red & yellow peppers and grape tomatoes. A perfect accompaniment to our trays. Assorted water,
Served with your choice of dill, spinach or ranch dip. rice & wheat crackers.
Small $19.00 Medium $29.00
12” $29.00 16” $39.00 18” $49.00
Serving recommendations:
12” Tray serves 8-10 16” Tray serves 15-25
Vegetable & Relish Tray with Dip 18” Tray serves 25-35 18” XL Tray serves 35-45
A wonderful combination of our traditional vegetable and relish Varies per tray type. 48 hour notice is appreciated.
trays. Sweet baby carrots, crisp celery sticks, broccoli or cauliflower,
dill pickles, black & green olives and grape tomatoes. Served with Deviled Eggs
your choice of dill, spinach or ranch dip.
Delicately piped deviled eggs halves arranged on a bed of fresh endive.
12” $29.00 16” $39.00 18” $49.00 Garnished with paprika and flowers.

12” (24 halves) $17.00 16” (36 halves) $27.00

18” (48 halves) $38.00
Capri Tray Top-it-Off
A delightful arrangement of fresh Roma tomatoes and Buffalo Leaf lettuce, sliced tomatoes & sweet onion.
mozzarella drizzled with fresh basil olive oil and seasonings.
12” $15.00 16” $25.00 18” $30.00
12” $34.00 16” $44.00 18” $52.00
Stuffed Bread Bowl
Bruschetta Tray A wonderful French boule filled with your choice of one of our
A delightful blend of diced tomato, fresh basil, parmesan cheese, garlic signature specialty dips. Served with baguette rounds.
& balsamic vinaigrette. Served with crostini.
12” $21.00 16” $36.00 18” $45.00
$29.99 Medium Tray (serves 20-25)
Mediterranean Hummus Tray
Premium Deli Meat Tray A delicious array of hummus, sun-dried tomato dip, baba ghanoush,
A delicious assortment of Boar’s Head quality meats including roast crumbled feta cheese, freshly sliced cucumber and a mix of marinated
beef, ham and oven roasted turkey. olives. Served with pita triangles.

12” $35.00 16” $56.00 18” $79.00 12” $42.00 16” $64.00 18” $79.00

Deluxe Deli Meat & Cheese Tray Puff Pastry Brie

Take our delicious Premium Deli Tray and pair it with A flaky encrusted brie topped with your choice of apricot,
Wisconsin mild cheddar and baby swiss. raspberry or sun dried tomatoes & artichokes.
Ready to bake at home.
12” $42.00 16” $65.00 18” $89.00
$9.99 each
Antipasto Meat Tray
A selection of Italian meats including: Capicola, Genoa & Italian dry Tenderloin Tray
Salami, Soppresata and Pepperoncini. Arranged with Italian olives, Gorgeous arrangement of our classic herbed tenderloin, cut into
marinated artichokes and Asiago cheese. slices and arranged beautifully on a tray accompanied by
horseradish sauce on the side.
12” $39.00 16” $59.00 18” $72.00
12” $36.00 16” $65.00 18” $78.00
Layered Taco Tray
A classic south of the border delight. Layered taco dip with taco sauce,
Cocktail Sandwiches
lettuce, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, black olives and scallions. Olé! Fresh Sendik’s dinner rolls filled with your choice of ham, roast beef,
ovengold turkey, chicken, egg or tuna salad. Includes mayonnaise,
12” $21.00 16” $32.00 18” $43.00 East Shore mustard and garlic butter on the side.

$22.00 per dozen

7 Layer Taco Tray
Like the taco tray but with a little added zip to spice up any party. Beef or Pork Tenderloin $29.00 per dozen
Layered taco dip with taco sauce, refried beans, guacamole, lettuce, Prefer a flaky miniature croissant instead? Add $4.00 dozen
cheddar cheese, ground beef, tomatoes, black olive and scallions. Choose any of our fresh cheeses. Add $4.00 dozen

12” $29.00 16” $40.00 18” $52.00 Recommended serving 1-1/2 to 2 sandwiches per person.

Serving recommendations: 12” Tray serves 8-10 16” Tray serves 15-25 18” Tray serves 25-35 18” XL Tray serves 35-45
Looking for something different? One of our associates would be happy to assist you.
A 48 hour notice is appreciated.

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