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Key Characteristics taken into consideration


Behave wonderfully at home and terribly at school, or vice versa Complain, test authority and limits, and strike out with temper tantrums

Case Study
Elidia manages her feelings and emotions well in the classroom and reacts appropriately in adverse situations.


Insecure with feelings and tentative in actions Oppositional, not sure whether to be good or naughty

Elidia can get insecure or unsure when participating in class activities when she sees others performing better or faster She consistently makes good choices in all parts of the school day.


Begin giving more elaborate answers to questions Need consistent rules and discipline even more than earlier in the year

Elidia tends to use more words than necessary to state an idea or answer. On the other hand, she is pretty good at following the rules and getting back on task when asked to. Elidia thrives from encouragement and support. Scaffolding and modeling really helps her in her learning and interactions with others.

Academic Performance in a content area Math, Reading, Science, Art) May include areas of difficulty

Reading: Do partner reading- peers helping each other through familiar books; more able readers may pair well with more beginning readers, but both need to play an active role (parallel reading) Strengthen their reading skills by reading predictable books (books with few words, much repetition, and many pictures) Learn phonics in small groups with children at similar skill levels

Reading: Elidia participates in daily 5 every morning where she has the opportunity to read alone and with a partner. She is usually in the same group, with others that fall around her developmental level. She is also placed with children more accelerated than her. This is good because it allows Elidia to listen to other more fluent readers read. She can also get help from her peers. Elidia needs to continue working on strengthening her ability to read predictable books, using pictures to help her read familiar words.

Math: Count and sort, make sets, do simple addition and subtraction using real materials, and make graphs Practice writing numbers Continue hands-on exploration of size, shape, length, and volume Art: Need many avenues building with blocks, painting, working with clay to express what they know Science: Favorite themes for this age my body, seasonal themes in nature (snow, winter, hibernation)

Math: Elidia works better when she has manipulates because she is a very hands-on and visual learners. She can use blocks to count and pictures to help her add and subtract.

Art: Elidia expresses what she knows through pictures. Her creative and descriptive pictures help her in her writing. Science: Elidias favorite themes and things to talk about are things that interest her and she can relate to. So if she is learning about hibernation or weather, its important to help her make connections in order to become motivated and eager to learn.

Source: Yardsticks