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How to make maple syrup

Identifying the maple tree

An opposite branching pattern (right)

An alternate branching pattern (below)

All maple trees have an opposite branching pattern. Maple Bark

WARNING! Poison Sumacs have the same pattern

Poison Sumac Bark

a 5/16 drillbit
a spout a hammer a 1 gallon milk carton

When to Drill
1. Nights below Freezing, Days above Freezing 2. Creates Turgid Pressure 3. End January Mid April 4. Dont Drill When Freezing

How to Drill
1. 2. Drill on the south side of the tree about inch. Hammer in the spout.


Pierce a hole in the side of the carton.

Prop carton on spile.

Boiling the sap

1. Drill 20 more trees (each tree will give 2 gallons a day approximately) 2. Boil the sap until volume decreases by around 50 times.

3. Watch the syrup like a hawk to make sure it does not burn 4. Pour the syrup into a jug when it is at your preferred consistency.