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David Fitch 10-26-2005 _______________

(Student’s Name) (Date activity will be implemented)

Sky Room______ ____________________________ ___10-19-2005

(Name of Classroom) (Mentoring Teachers Signature) (Date Submitted)
Three - Five
(Age Group)

A. General Information

1) Name of Activity: Shampoo Dough

Source of Idea-Author, text, page number (required) Mudworks Maryann F. Kohl pg. 45

2) Curriculum Area or Development Area, Creative

3) Brief Description of Activity: The children will cut, roll, make imprints, and play with the
shampoo dough.

4) Focus (three's and up) Family

5) Where? Activity area where activity will be presented: Art Table

6) When? Approximate "Time Block" activity will be presented. Free choice time 9:00 – 10:00

7) Who? Number of children you will be working with at a time-size of group. Four

B. Activity Planning

1) Why? List purposes of activity.

In this activity, children will develop fine motor control and a way to release anger.

2) What? List all materials needed (do not include recipe ingredients unless children are making the recipe in
the classroom),
Materials I will Bring: Materials I can use from Classroom Novel Materials
a) Shampoo Dough a) Art Table a) Cookie Cutters
b) Cookie Cutters b) Smocks b) Plastic Rolling pin
c) Plastic Rolling pin c) Four Trays c) Plastic Silverware
d) Plastic Silverware

4) List 3 things that you want the children to understand from this activity.
1) That there are many different kinds of play dough.
2) That it is ok to pound or hit on play dough but not people.
3) That playing with play dough can be fun.
5) As a guiding adult, I will transition into activity with the following open ended question:
I wonder what we could make with these things?
6) During the activity, I will use parallel talk or descriptive statements such as...
1. You are really pounding that shampoo dough.
2. You cut a reindeer.
3. You made an imprint with the fork.

7) During the activity, 1 will ask the following open-ended questions,

1. What would happen if you press the fork gently into the dough?
2. What if we didn’t have cookie cutters what else could we use to reindeer?
3. What could think we could dip the cookie cutters in to keep the Shampoo Dough from