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Objectives: 1. Lubusang makilala ang Diyos Ama. 2. Maisabuhay ng mga kabataan ang pagiging mabuting katiwala ng mga nilikha ng Diyos. 3. Mapalalim ang debosyon sa banal na Eukaristiya. Foci A. God the Father (His love for us, our sins, His forgiveness) B. Stewardship ( C. Eucharist (for God so loved the world) Possible Activities Focus 1- sharing about father (then characteristics of fathers) The creation story video (then see creations wonders) Voluntary sharing about the experience of God Gods love letter What is sin (confession) When God ran Focus 2 what do we do with what God gave us me myself vids our lives are not ours Focus 3 Gods love + His Gift to us = Jesus Jesus coming to our lives Jesus coming continuously how lucky we are Imitate Him as we receive Him

Schedule (good for 1 hour and 30 minutes) Activity Opening Prayer Sharing of two youngsters Intro and discussion The Creation Video Clay activity Part 1 Details Video*** Sharing about their father Characteristics of a father (jumping board for knowing God the Father + brief review about the Holy Trinity) The creation story video and processing Using the clay, mold which among the Time allotment

Seeing the wonder of creation

Voluntary sharing (and/or by pair) Gods Love Letter Consider the lilies passage

creations of God you are amazed the most. Be ready to explain why. Seeing Gods magnificence through nature and realizing that, wait, the Creator of this wonderful things is also my Creator. I must be very wonderful! Voluntary sharing about their personal experience of God. Pwedeng positive, pwedeng negative. Let them read the letter of God for them. How it is to feel the love of God and how those in the state of mortal cannot see it. Realizing the love of God and of the soul in the state of grace and those who are not then what is sin?

Gods Loves beauty

How we neglect the Beauty of Gods love by sinning

When God Ran video

I was scandalized when I first heard the title of this song. Then I realized that running is not just away from but it can also be towards that is the value of confession