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METHOD STATEMENT FOR PILING WORKS 1) Sequence of works 2) Preparation of Piling Platform 3) Setting Out Prior the setting

out of pile points, survery station and TBMs shall be established near to the bridge location. (These survey station shall be joints surveyed by the contractor and engineer surveyor.) These station shall be well protected against disturbance and damageds in the form of concrete steel pipes. Further setting out shall be from this established stations. Setting out of piling points will be carried out using measuring tape or using EDM target. Setting out will comply with pile layout plan as per construction drawing and shall be joint surveyed. Two perpendicular offsets shall be taken from each pile point before commencement of piling at the point. For rake pile, an offset points calculated based on the design out-off level of the pile and the existing ground level at the particular pile points to be provided. 4) Trial Pile And Test Pile Before the main piling operation, the trial pile will be driven for each pile cap or piling points. The proposed location of the trial pile shall be as shown in contract document. These piles will be driven with the same hammer that is to be use in the maim piling operation. PDA Test will be as directed by the S.O. 5) Piling Plant 5.1) Crawler Piling Frames 5.2) Hydraulic Hammer 5.3) Welding Set

- 1 no per team - 1 no per team - 1 set per team

6) Positioning of Pile Using a steel rope attached to the quarter portion of the starter pile from both ends, the pile is winched up and towards the piling frame by the crane base. To the top of the piling is attached a driving helmet with the necessary packings. The winching is slowly done until the helmet fits directly into the base of the hammer and the pile is more or less vertical. The piling plant will then proceeds toward the pile point. When the pile tip is about over the top of the pile setting out peg, the pile is slowly lowered until it is about a few inches above the peg. Fine turning of the base until will be done to adjust to the exact position of the peg. After that the pile will be lowered to sit on the ground exactly where the peg is and the verticality / rake is checked and adjusted. The piling operation wil the commence.

7) Piling Operation The pile will be driven until the intended set is achieved. The starter pile length shall be as starter earlier. Where extension pile is necessary, the starter piles will be driven until about 0.5m above ground level. The extension piles will be then welded onto the starter pile. After welding, the joint will be let cool. Piling then recommence until the set is achieved. Should be set cannot be achieve, the above procedure is calculations. 8) Piling Records Piling operation will be monitored in the record sheet. Information shall include : i) Existing ground level ii) Pile cut off level iii) Numbers and length of the pile used iv) Pile serial no v) Numbers of blows per ft. run (0.30m) vi) Hammer weigth vii) Drop height viii) Set achieved etc. 9) Cutting off and preparation of pile head The pile will be cut off level and stripped of concrete leaving the bars projecting into the adjacent concrete structure. All debris and cut off sections of piled shall be removed within the site.