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Neo-Gaulish - English Dictionary

Version 1.4 (12th August 2013) Edward Hatfield (Wedoku) Entries : 217

c , v x [k], never [s] [y] [ts] [w], never [v] [x] (hard kh) can gla anc duxt KA-noo REE-yos GLA-tsos yo-WAHN-kos DOOKH-teer I sing free blue young daughter

accan (S1) - I sing to, recite, extol, sound (adcan) accaros (o, ) - very dear, affectionate, amiable ad (prep, acc.) - to, toward, up to adag (S1) - I drive, impel, set in motion, put, place, impose on, inflict, give, bring, raise, put forth, take a wife, set about, undertake, begin, go, proceed (adag) ag (S1) - I drive, impel, go al (yo, y) - other, another, second

ambi- (pref.) - great, very, entirely ambi (prep, acc.) - around, about, on both sides, for, concerning amb ag (S1) - I drive, drive around, pursue (ambiag) amb e c (, f) - mutual love amb ne tm (W1) - strengthen (oneself?) (ambinertmi)

ambinertatus (u, ?) - great strengthening (vn. of mb ne t m ) ane cc (o, ) - unfriendly, hostile, cruel, merciless

anmatis (i) - not good, unlucky, naughty an gan (, f) - non-queen, common woman an x an tc (g, m) - non-king, commoner (o, ) - unwise, unreasonable

artos (o, m) - bear, hero at (r, m) - father, (plural) forefathers, ancestors

banvagnos (o, m) - small pig banvos (o, m) - piglet, young pig bena (irreg., f, bn ) - woman, wife, (as suffix) ess be (S1) - I carry, carry away, bear, yield, judge, interpret (dreams), win, obtain, take, get, spend (time), last, endure, bring to, give be (S1) - I am born bivos (o, ) - alive, living, animate, immortal (spiritual) bivos (o, m) - being, creature bl g (S1) - I milk bl xtc (o, ) - milk-giving

blixtis (i) - milch, in milk (of cattle) bl xtum (i, f) - lactiferiousness, abundant yield of milk bl xtum (o, ) - yielding milk, fruitful

blixtus (u, m) - milk, a milking, milk-yield bous (irreg., f + m) - cow, ox, (plural) cattle b t buccc (r, m) - brother, cousin, kinsman, clansman (o, ) - leaping (like a goat)

buccos (o, m) - he-goat, buck, male deer canton (numeral) - hundred

can (S1) - I sing, recite, chant ca m (W1) - I love, like ca an (nt, m) - friend, relative, relation caros (o, ) - dear, beloved caroviros (o, m) - lover carvos (o, m) - deer, stag (horned one) catus (u, m) - battle, fight, fighting c mb t c me cc c mln (r, m) - relation, kinsman, brother (spiritual) (o, ) - very loving (o, ) - full, filled with

c mm n (o, n) - equal amount c mm (o, ) - very great, equally great

commatis (i) - very good, equally good c mne t m (o, ) - powerful

comnerton (o, n) - (great or equal) strength, power comotlon (o, n) - drinking, drinking together, feast, carousal c m ctc (o, ) - having shelter

c m ct n (o, n) - shadow, shade c nc (o, ) - horned, of or belonging to horns, hospitable

cornon (o, n) - horn, drinking horn, horn (instrument) c (n, m, cunos) - dog, hound, wolf c gla cunc (cmb) - outlaw, foreign exile (o, ) - doglike, houndlike, wolflike

cunagnos (o, m) - little dog, little wolf dant (nt, n) - tooth dantc (o, ) - having teeth

decametos (o, ) - tenth

decan (numeral) - ten e c (, f) - love, affection, desire, beloved (person or thing) (vn. of ca m ) e cc d dmat dne tc (o, ) - beloved, lovable, loving, affectionate, amorous, partial, biased (o, m) - god, supernatural being (i) - not good, bad (o, ) - weak, strengthless

dne t n (o, n) - weakness duxt (r, f) - daughter

eloves (upl.) - many, numerous elus (u) - much, manifold, great elut ut (, fpl.) - many peoples

epos (o, m) - horse (swift one) c (o, m) - fish

exs (prep, dat.) - out of, from ex be (S1) - I say, speak (exsber) glac (o, ) - being blue, livid, grey

glam (W1) - I make or become gla -coloured gla (i, f) - greenness, blueness gla g t gla m (o, m) - green cornfield (i, n) - blue sea

gla n (o, n) - woad gla ud (o, ) - purple, violet

gla (o, ) - green (of growing things), verdant, blue, greenish blue, greyish blue, woad-coloured, metallic-coloured, ice-coloured, grey, pale, wan (of complexion), discoloured, livid, faded (of clothing), fresh, young, inexperienced, raw, sharp, overcast (of weather), plain, unpretentious gla t (s, n) - sward, pasture-land

gortos (o, m) - yard, enclosure, fold, pasture, field, territory

ibocaros (o, ) - fond of drinking iboviros (o, m) - drinker b (S1) - I drink anc anc (o, ) - young (o, m) - young man, youth, warrior

lm (, f) - hand, arm ln (o, ) - full, abounding, complete

ln (adverb) - quite ltm (W1) - I become grey, pale or livid, make grey or hoary, grow mouldy ltatu (u, m) - growing or making grey (vn. of ltm ) (o, ) - greyish-blue, bluish-grey

lt gla lt lt lt

(o, ) - grey, pale, hoary, grey-haired, aged (o, m) - old man, veteran nd (o, ) - greyish-white, off-white

letron (o, n) - leather, skin letroviros (o, m) - leather maker loun (, f) - moon (bright one) lovernos (o, m) - fox l e n m (cmb) - thresher shark (fox of the sea)


(o, ) - pregnant (with a male child)

mapagnos (o, m) - baby, little son mapocaros (o, ) - fond of children maponos (o, m) - young hero, greath youth mapos (o, m) - son, male descendant, boy, lad, child m m m atu ma cc (W1) - I praise, exhault, make big, magnify (u, m) - praising, magnifying, exalting (vn. of m m ) (o, m) - rider, horseman (having a horse)

marcos (o, m) - horse, stallion m ca an (nt, m) - great friend m n (o, n) - large amount of, large number of, much, many (+ gen.) m ne t n (o, n) - great strength m m (o, ) - big, large, great (o, m) - hero

marvos (o, ) - dead, pertaining to the dead, inanimate, mortal (spiritual), stagnant marvos (o, m) - dead person, corpse, (plural) the dead mt (r, f) - mother

matis (i) - good, lucky, fortunate, beneficial med med (o, ) - middle, mid, centre (o, m) - middle, centre

medus (u, m) - mead melgos (s, n) - milk m (ir, m, m ) - (lunar) month, moon (as a measurement of time) mlc (o, ) - abounding in animals, full of animals

ml n (o, n) - animal, beast mori (i, n) - sea m c (n, m, moricunos) - shark, dogfish (o, ) - powerful, mighty, potent

ne tc

ne tm (W1) - I strengthen ne t m (o, ) - of great strength or power

nerton (o, n) - strength, power, force, might, energy nertoviros (o, m) - strengthener nisdos (o, m) - nest n n (yo, y) - new, young, fresh (adverb) - just, newly

oinos (numeral) - one orcos (o, m) - young pig, piglet otlon (o, n) - drink, drinking (vn. of b), draught ovis (i, f + m) - sheep xt(n) (numeral) - eight xtmet p (o, ) - eighth

(interrogative pronoun) - who

pimpe (numeral) - five pimpetos (o, ) - fifth gan (, f) - queen, noble woman (o, ) - free, at large x (g, m) - ruler, king

roudos (o, ) - red, reddish, ruddy, crimson, red-haired samoloun (, f) - summer moon samos (o, m) - summer samosounos (o, m) - summers sleep (Samhain) ctc (o, ) - shadowed, sheltered, frequenting shades

ct n (o, n) - shadow, shade, shelter, protection en at en mt (m, r) - grandfather (f, r) - grandmother

senos (o, ) - old, aged, ancient senos (o, m) - old person, ancestor senoviros (o, m) - old man sextametos (o, ) - seventh sextan (numeral) - seven unc unm (o, ) - sleepy, drowsy (W1) - I sleep

sounos (o, m) - sleep, slumber svexs (numeral) - six svexsetos (o, ) - sixth tarvos (o, m) - (wild) bull, auroch t t t (s, n) - land, ground, earth, country, territory lt n (cmb) - brownfield land (grey land) m n (cmb) - mainland (big land)

t ut (, f) - tribe, tribal nation, people, laity, tribal territory (+ genitive of quality with specific peoples) t utc t utc (o, ) - populous (o, m) - chief

toutocaros (o, ) - loving the people t t t (numeral) - three (yo, y) - third

turcos (o, m) - boar, hog, chieftain, hero annc (o, m) - weakling

vannos (o, ) - weak, feeble, helpless vannos (o, m) - weak person, helpless person tc t (o, ) - wise, skilled, vatic, sagicious (i, m) - seer, shaman, oracle, mystic poet (o, ) - pertaining to waggons, suited to waggons, abounding in waggons


vegnos (o, m) - waggon, cart, wain, means of transportation ver (prep, acc.) - onto, among ver (prep, dat.) - on, upon, over, above e be (S1) - I grow, increase, surpass, outgrow, prevail over (verber) e can (S1) - I teach, instruct, educate (vercan) e ne t m (o, ) - possessing superior strength, puissant

vernerton (o, n) - superior strength or power, tyrannical power, oppression e ctc (o, ) - shadowy, obscure

vervindos (o, ) - very white, very fair vervoltos (o, m) - hair (of the head) vindm (W1) - I make or become white nd (i, f) - fairness, brightness nd gla (o, ) - pale blue

vindos (o, ) - white, bright, fair (of complexion or hair), handsome, fair (morally), clean (of sounds), blighted (of corn), blessed ntc (o, ) - windy, full of wind, cool

vintos (o, m) - wind, smell, breath viragnos (o, m) - little man n (o, n) - truth, correctness (o, ) - true, correct, right, just, real, actual

viros (o, m) - man, husband, warrior, hero vo (prep, acc. or dat.) - under, below, beneath can (S1) - I sing, satyrize (vocan) lt ltc (o, ) - grey beneath (o, ) - hairy, long-haired

voltagnos (o, m) - head of hair voltos (o, m) - hair (of the head), foliage gagn (o, m) - under-chieftain, kinglet