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How to Start EMU Business

E mu Model Project
Investments: Buying 10 pairs of 3 months old Emu birds Cost Rs. 2,00,000(INR) Cost of Fencing Rs. 70,000/- (one time) Feed cost per year for 10 pairs of emu birds -Rs.90,000/-

Income: Emu birds start laying eggs after 18 months First time 10 pairs of emu will give 100 egss Second time 10 pairs of emu brids will give 200 eggs third time 10 pairs of emu brids will give 300 eggs + plus

Emu bird lays eggs only between October to march every year

As per this model project the Total Investment is Rs.3,60,000/- INR (One time Investment)

Income from this model project will be Rs 3.00,000 INR for every year (Todays market value per egg is Rs.1000/- so (300 eggs X Rs.1000/- = Rs.3,00,000/- INR )

This income will continue for 30 years as emu will lay eggs for more than 30 years