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From: NEADS, Director of Operations
Sent: Monday, September 17, 2001 10:43
To: CONR, AOCD; NEADS, Battle Commander
Cc: NEADS, Fighter Officer

BG Moore,
I have reviewed the crew MCC logbook and one of our MCC's and I reviewed the audio tapes
to answer your questions. The MCC log reveled the following:
1st question: AA 77, 1342Z: Boston FAA says another A/c is missing AA77 flight to LA lost
unable to contact.
2nd question: United 93, 1408Z: The log does not identify the center.
3RD question: United 93: The log does not identify the agency.
4th question: Delta 89, 1341Z: The log shows a call reflecting Delta 89 possible hijack
Boston to Vegas.
We spent six hours trying to retrieve data from the voice tapes but the system has 24
channels recording two positions each channel and four tapes total from the llth. We
realize a comprehensive transcript will take days to ensure we accurately identify all
voice recordings from all the tapes. The system is complex recording virtually all
communications on the ops floor. It is rather cumbersome so analyzing the-data is
difficult to say the least. Plus not all personnel who were on duty during the events were
available on the night shift to comment. We will get a hold of those who may have first
hand knowledge these events this am to try to provide an answer to questions 2 and 3 .
Clark Speicher

Original Message
From: CONR AOCD [mailto:aocdaSCONR.RELCAN]
Sent: Sunday, September 16, 2001 23:06
To: NEADS Battle Commander; NEADS Director of Operations

Gents, »

Thank your person who dug up the requested information from your logs and
tapes. I have passed it to the proper FAA office and they are very
appreciative. They are using this data to brief the White House tomorrow.
They request a little more amplification on a couple of the questions, and
have one new one. If someone can work these tonight, and e-mail answers
here by 6AM, it would be greatly appreciated.

AA 77, 13242, Which FAA organization passes notification of "a possible
track heading to DC' ?

United 93, 1408Z, Which center calls with information that UA 93 , M3 1527
is heading for Cleveland?

United Fit 93, 1415Z, Who reported to NEADS that aircraft had crashed. (New

Delta, 89, at 1341Z. Did you receive a call of a possible highjack? If so,
from whom


Doug Moore

NCT0053404 NCTA000256547

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