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Cricket Problem
For this webercise you will need to use a computer and access several websites in order to answer questions. Only use the provided links and websites. Name:________________________________________ Period________________

Based on information in Deep River Jims Wilderness Trailbook, the rate at which crickets chirp is a linear function of temperature. At 59 o F they make 76 chirps per minute, and at 65o F they make 100 chirps per minute. Check out Cricket Chirps: Natures Thermometer Then answer the following questions: 1. Identify the two variables x and y:_______________________________ 2. What does the author say you have to do to convert the formula from Celcius to Farenhet?____________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 3. What other way is there to measure temperature without using a thermometer (tip. You will have to click on some links on this website. Explain the relationship between variables used to measure temperature. Include how these relationships will or will not produce linear equations. Write on the back if needed. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

Let y be Chirps per minute and x be Temperature

1. Label the graph (in question 6) below with the variables listed above: Variable 1 y:____ ___ 2. Identify the independent (x) and dependent (y) variables 3. Write the equation expressing chirping (x) rate (m) in terms of temperature y). 4. List the two ordered pairs from the two known points (Temperature, Chirps) 5. Sketch and graph the linear equation using ordered pairs and plot the x- and y-intercept with red pen. Make sure the graph is labeled.

Variable 2: x: _ y = _________

_ ___ ___________

x = _________________________ Hint: Linear Equation in slope intercept form:_______________ a.__(x1,y1)_ = _(__ ,___)_____ b..__(x2,y2)_=_(__ , _ _)_____

6. Estimate the slope from the graph 7. Compute the slope from the graph of the line by using the two given points in the point-slope form

m = ____________________________ m = ___________________________

8. Write the formula for this linear equation 9. Estimate the temperature when the number chirps are 120 10. Estimate the temperature when they are chirping 10 chirps per minute 12. Explain what this means in the real world. 13. Calculate the chirping-intercept? 14. Explain what this means in the real world. PART B - What is the temperature? (Find a partner) Select the temperature value and hear a cricket chip change speed depending on the value you choose. 1. With your partner, time the number chirps per 14 seconds for different temperatures. Minimum 6 ordered pairs, which means you will need to access the online cricket 6 times selecting different temperatures each time. Plot these numbers in this graph. _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ 2. Estimate the slope of the line you have drawn. 3. Estimate the x- and y- intercepts

PART C - Linear Equations in the Real World Use the above websites and select four different real world situations while explaining the linear equation. Also explain if it most likely is a positive or negative slope. In the right column include one example of where you would know when parts of the line would not be possible in the real world such as negative time. 1.