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Biology: Biology: Intro to Mr. Abrams Intro to Mr.

Abrams and Pedigrees (and Pedigrees)

Mr. Abrams 23 Jan 2013

My Teaching Philosophy

You will learn

You will think- not just memorize information

You will be active

You will go beyond what s on the page

You will collaborate and use each other as resources

Projects Summative Assessments Practice Formative assessments

Research assignments, labs Tests Homework, classwork Entrance/exit tickets, worksheets, activities Lab notebook Stanford 10 2 3 12 6

Number of assignments
25% 25% 25% 10%


Organization system Interim assessment

1 n/a

10% 5%

About me: Im from Maryland

Rhode Island Maryland

Growing up

My Higher Education

Hobbies, TV, and Music

My Family
My sister My brother My dad

30 Pennsylvania Teacher

27 NYC Accountant

60 Maryland Businessman

What happens when we go further into a family lineage?

Things can get really confusing really quickly

How do we keep track of it all?

Who cares? Why would we need to keep track of it all?

Infer the traits of offspring

Find the probability of a genetic disease (and possibly the cause) To prevent inbreeding (humans and animals) Its interesting! Dont you want to see your ancestral lineage?

We create pedigrees

What do pedigrees look like? -That s what were going to find out!

Some genetic disorders: Albinism Cystic Fibrosis Dwarfism (some forms) Tay-Sachs disease