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achten ndern anerkennen anfangen angeln angreifen anhaben ankommen annehmen anrufen

antworten (dative) arbeiten rgern atmen auffallen auskommen ausstellen backen baden bauen

answer work annoy, irritate breathe

standout, attract attention
come out, have enough of, make do, get along with

pay attention to, respect

change, alter
recognize, acknowledge

begin fish, angle attack have on, wear arrive accept, assume call up (telephone)

exhibit bake bathe, swim build

beben bedeuten befehlen befreien begegnen (dative) beginnen begleiten behalten beissen bekommen

beleben beleidigen bellen belohnen bergen berichten bersten besitzen bestellen besuchen

enliven, cheer insult bark reward recover, salvage report burst own order visit

quake, tremble mean command set free meet begin accompany keep bite get, receive

beten betrgen bewegen bezahlen biegen bieten binden bitten blasen bleiben

blicken blitzen blhen braten brauchen brauen brausen brechen brennen bringen

look, glance flash bloom fry, roast need brew shower, roar break burn bring

pray deceive, cheat move pay bend offer, bid tie request, ask for blow stay

brllen brsten dmmen dmmern dampfen dmpfen danken (dative) darstellen dauern decken

dehnen demonstrieren denken deuten dichten dienen dringen drucken drcken ducken

stretch demonstrate think point, indicate caulk, write poetry serve urge, pierce print
push, press, oppress
stoop, duck, humble

roar, shout brush dam, check, curb

dawn, fall(dusk), doze

steam muffle, damp thank show, portray last, endure cover, set(table)

drfen drsten ehren einatmen einbauen empfangen empfehlen empfinden entbehren entdecken

entfernen entfhren entgegenen enthalten entkommen entschuldigen erfinden erhalten erklren erlschen

remove abduct, kidnap reply, retort contain escape, getaway excuse, apologize invent
obtain, receive, preserve

be permitted, allow

thirst, be thirsty honor breathe in install, put in receive recommend feel, sense
do without, lack, miss

explain, declare
be extinguished, dim


errichten erschpfen erschrecken ersticken erwgen erwhnen erzhlen essen fahren fallen

fllen falten fangen fassen fechten feststellen finden flicken fliegen fliehen

cut down fold catch, capture

grasp, seize, conceive

erect, establish exhaust, drain be frightened choke, smother consider, ponder mention tell, recount, relate eat travel, drive fall

fence, fight
ascertain, establish

find patch, repair fly flee, avoid

flieen fluchen fluten folgen (dative) fragen fressen frieren frhstcken fhlen fhren

fllen frchten ghnen gren gebren geben gebrauchen gedeihen gefallen gehen

fill fear yawn ferment give birth to give use thrive, prosper be pleasing, like go

flow, run curse, swear flood, overflow follow ask eat, feed, devour freeze, feel cold eat breakfast feel, perceive lead

gelingen gelten genesen genieen geraten geschehen gewinnen gieen glnzen glauben

gleichen gleiten glotzen glhen graben greifen grollen gren gucken haben

belike, resemble glide gape, stare glow dig grasp, grab, seize be angry, grumble greet look, peep have

succeed be valid
recover, convalesce

get into, fall into

happen win, gain pour, cast glitter, shine believe


halten hmmern handeln hngen hassen hauen heben heilen heiraten heien

heizen helfen herausbekommen herausfordern hetzen heulen hindern hoffen hren hpfen

heat help
get out, find out, figure out

hold, stop, keep hammer, pound act, trade, deal hang hate hit, hew lift, raise heal marry be named

challenge rush about, incite howl, bawl hamper, impede hope hear hop, jump

husten identifizieren immatrikulieren impfen imponieren importieren informieren irren irritieren isolieren

jagen jammern jauchzen jaulen jobben jodeln joggen jucken justieren kmmen

hunt, chase, drive

wail, moan, yammer

cough identify register(univ)

vaccinate, inoculate
impress, make an impression

rejoice, cheer howl work, have a job yodel jog itch

adjust, justify(type

import inform
wander, stray, be mistaken

confuse, irritate insulate, isolate



kmpfen kauen kaufen kehren kennen kennenlernen klagen kleben klingen klopfen

kneifen knpfen kochen kommen knnen kosten kotzen krchzen kratzen kriechen

to pinch, squeeze, crimp

fight, struggle chew buy turn, sweep

know, be familiar with
get to know, become acquainted with

tie, knot, fasten

cook, boil, seethe

come be able, can cost vomit, puke caw, croak

scratch, scrape, claw

lament, complain paste, stick ring, sound knock, beat


crawl, creep

kriegen khlen krzen lcheln lachen laden lassen laufen lauschen leben

lecken legen lehren leiden leihen lernen lesen leuchten lichten lieben

lick, leak lay, put, place teach suffer

lend, borrow, hire

get, obtain cool, refresh

shorten, abbreviate

smile laugh load let, leave, allow run, walk eavesdrop, listen live

learn, study read

light up, shine, gleam

thin out, lighten love

liegen loben locken lohnen lsen lgen lutschen machen mahlen malen

managen meiden meinen merken messen mieten mgen mssen nagen nhren

manage avoid, shun

mean, be of the opinion, think

lie, recline, be situated

lure, attract, entice reward, recompense solve, dissolve, loosen lie(not tell the truth)

notice, mark, perceive

measure rent, hire like(to) have to, must gnaw, nibble nourish, suckle

suck(on) make, do mill, grind paint, draw


naschen necken nehmen nennen nicken ntzen ffnen operieren opfern ordnen

pachten packen passen passieren pfeifen pflanzen plagen preisen putzen qulen

lease, rent pack, grab fit, be suitable happen whistle plant plague, annoy praise, commend clean, groom torture, torment

snack, nibble, nosh

tease take name, call nod, doze use, be useful open operate(med.) sacrifice
organize, put in order

qualmen quellen quetschen quietschen rchen Rad fahren raten rauchen rumen rauschen

rechnen reichen reinigen reisen reien reiten reizen rennen richten riechen

calculate, reckon reach, pass clean, refine travel, journey tear, rip ride(horse) excite, charm run set right, adjust smell

give off smoke gush, spring from squeeze, crush squeak, squeal avenge ride a bike(VP) advise, guess smoke
clear away, evacuate

rustle, murmur

ringen rollen rsten rcken rufen ruhen rhren rsten sagen saufen

saugen schaden schaffen schaffen schalten schtzen schauen scheiden scheinen scherzen

suck, absorb damage, hurt

do, make, accomplish

struggle, wrestle roll roast

move, bring nearer

switch, shift(gears)

call rest stir, touch arm say, tell drink to excess


value, estimate see, look separate, divide shine, seem joke, kid

schicken schieben schieen schlachten schlafen schlagen schleichen schleifen schlieen schmecken

schmeien schmelzen schmerzen schmieren schneiden schneien schreiben schreien schreiten schweben

throw, toss melt hurt, smart grease, bribe cut, slice snow write scream, yell step, stride
soar, hover, float

send push, shove shoot

slaughter, butcher

sleep hit, beat sneak, creep grind, polish close, conclude taste

schweigen schwimmen schwitzen schwren segnen sehen sein senden seufzen sich anziehen

sich ausziehen sich bedienen sich befinden sich einbilden sich erinnern sich erklten sich freuen sich genieren sich gewhnen sich interessieren

undress serve oneself be, find one self

imagine, get the idea

be silent swim sweat swear bless see be send, broadcast sigh get dressed

remember catch a cold be glad, rejoice

feel embarrassed/awkward get used to, accustomed to

be interested(in)

sich lohnen
sich scheiden lassen

singen sinken sitzen sollen spalten sparen spazieren spielen spinnen sprechen

sich setzen sich unterhalten sich verhalten sich verlieben sich vorstellen sich wehren sieden siegen

sing sink sit

should, ought to, supposed to

be worth(doing) divorce sit down

converse, entertain oneself

split, divide save stroll, walk play spin, be nuts speak, talk

behave, act fall in love imagine defend one self boil, simmer conquer, triumph

springen spritzen sprhen spucken splen spren stattfinden Staub saugen staunen stechen

stecken stehen stehlen steigen stinken sthnen stopfen stren stoen strahlen

set, be located stand steal climb, rise stink groan, moan stuff, cram disturb, upset push, bump beam, radiate

jump spray, squirt spray, sparkle spit rinse, flush feel, detect
take place, happen

vacuum(VP) be amazed
stab, sting, prick

streben strecken streichen streiten stricken studieren strzen suchen tanken tanzen

taugen toben tten tragen trauen trumen treffen treiben treten trinken

be of use/value storm, rave kill wear, carry

trust, believe in, marry

strive stretch, extend

strike, cancel, paint

quarrel, argue knit study(univ)

plunge, fall, crash

dream meet, hit drive, propel step, walk drink

look for, seek

get gas/petrol, refuel


trocknen tropfen tun ben berraschen berwinden umstellen unterbrechen verachten verderben

verdienen vereinigen verfhren vergessen vergewaltigen verhandeln verkaufen verkehren verklagen verkommen

earn, deserve unite seduce forget rape negotiate sell

trade, traffic, frequent

dry drip, drop do, make, put

exercise, practice

surprise overcome changeover, shift interrupt despise ruin, spoil


complain, sue decay, go bad

verlieren vermehren vernichten verraten versagen verschlafen verstehen versuchen vertreten verwalten

verwechseln verweigern verweilen verzeihen vorkommen vorstellen wachen wachsen wagen whlen

confuse, mixe up refuse

linger, while away

lose increase
annihilate, exterminate

pardon, forgive occur, happen

introduce, present

betray fail oversleep understand attempt, try

represent, stand in for

be awake, keep watch

grow dare choose, vote

administer, manage

whren wlzen wandern waschen wechseln wecken wehren weichen weihen weinen

wenden werben werden werfen wetzen widmen wiederholen wiegen wissen wohnen

recruit, court, woo, advertise

last, holdout roll hike, wander wash change, exchange wake, rouse restrain, prevent yield
consecrate, devote

become throw sharpen, grind dedicate, devote repeat weigh know reside, live

cry, weep

wollen wnschen wrzen zahlen zhlen zhmen zapfen zaubern zeichnen zeigen

zelten zerschlagen zerstren ziehen zielen zitieren zittern zgern zchten znden

camp shatter, smash destroy pull, draw aim, target cite, quote shake, tremble hesitate breed, cultivate ignite

want(to) wish, desire season, spice pay count tame tap(beer) do magic, enchant draw, sign show, indicate

zurcknehmen zwingen


take back force, compel