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The stories involves the theme of making a decisions. Decisions-making is part and
parcel of living. Everyone needs to make decisions in life, whether it is major or minor.
Throughout the story, the idea of making decisions and facing the consequences or the
effects of the decisions is notable. We notice that Wilson makes various decisions
throughout the story. However he is not determined or courageous to make the most
important decisions in his life to commit suicide. Wilson fails to make the decision to
take his life. The decisions that Wilson makes are giving up his job, selling out his
properties, leaving London, wanting ti live for twenty-five years, and choosing the way
he would like to live. However, he makes the wrong decisions and his life turns out to be
meaningless, empty, miserable and he is pauper till the end.


Wilson runs away from responsibility. He does not wish to take any responsibility and
live a simple life, where he does not need to be responsible to anyone or any
organization. On the other hand, the other character shows responsibility. Responsibility
is not only confirm to the self, but also extended to family, and organisation.


The theme also deal with suicide. It is not easy to end ones life. The moral issue on life is,
no one has the right to take his or her own life. Life is a gift of God and it is precious.
Wilson wishes to end his life after living for twenty five years or when he reaches the age
of sixty. But in reality it is impossible to end one’s life by limiting the span of life. Even
Wilson is unable to end his own life, as he has planned and decided.