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THE ANATOMY OF NEOPLATONISM A.C. LLOYD CLARENDON PRESS - OXFORD 1990 fri a made ask of Ord Urey Pros Poblised n the Und Sta ‘by Oxford Cnet Bre, Nw York At irae prt of hs pie ‘lero chanical, poping, rig hee et ‘ir mon Osord Une Pre ria teary Ctl in Pbitio Da Lyd, A.C. (Ante Charl) “it aan of eptnion, * Reon ISBN oiedoe itary of Conarn Catalging i Piao ata Th ann of mpl CL ‘le raph enc, Brass wygo ae—dean sossera ‘Raw ote je ont nd Nhat ‘Bute Ey Gord and Ki sin orm bs ans, PREFACE ‘To name friends and scholars to whom I have been indebted for erticism and encouragement in writing this book would be cither invidious or impracticable. Is built on work which extends ‘over many years. Some ofthat work found ite way into articles; and sometimes, T should mention, these aow seem to me t contain significant errors. But sometimes they contain in greater detail the arguments for claims I make inthe present book—ence the inor- dinate number of my own articles inthe bibliography. By and large neither the text nor consequently the bibliography (which includes only publications that are mentioned in the text) follows the practice of providing information for information's sake about further weatment of topics in question. The general index too is restricted because it complements the sub-headings ofthe table of ‘References to texts follow, T hope, accepted custom. In the absence of one for Proclus I refer to his Platonic Theology by Book tnd chapter followed, where needed, by page and line numbers of the Saffrey-Werterink edition. The nambers for the Elements of Theology are those of the propositions, but the lines are those of corresponding pages in Dodds’ cet since thats how he numbered them, The inital Roman numbers of the Timzeus commentary indicate Dieht's volumes, not Proc’ Books, ‘Last and least, *~' means ‘corresponds to ACL Hove, B Sussex Decmber 1988 CONTENTS Commentaries and scholia ‘The Neoplatonic euriculum Conventional features of lecares ‘The dialetic methods and the meaning of ‘analysis" Proclus’ comparison of Aristotelian and Parmenidean logic ‘The Alexandrian conception of logic The criterion of validity Logical form How muctr did Neoplatonsm influence the logical ‘A comment on consistency and originality Imposition of names “Genus and species Use and mention? Singular terms, individuals, and bundles of properties, Predication Predicates a8 concepts Porpyey’s two programmes When is a proposition one proposition? How can a proper name be ambiguous? Which animal is predicated? ‘The ‘unallocated’: Transcendent genus or concept? ‘Mulpliation of the universal ‘The myth of a Neoplatonic nominalism TThe Aristotelianism of Byzantine Neoplatonists 13. QUASI-GENERA AND THE COLLAPSE oF Peseres as quasi-geners 8 3 36 36 39 " 8 ” ® 3 38 fe 65 68 aa