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Clinical Companion Application

Introduction The Clinical Companion Application (CCA) is intended to be a handy companion for medical personnel throughout the workday. The CCA is used for collecting and managing data associated with patients and various treatments. CCA can stand-alone manage local data, as well as synchronize with large institutional databases all on the highly user-friendly iPad device. Application features include: Patient Database view and edit patient records. Online connection to hospital database for viewing medical information conveniently in the application. CCA is already operational with one year of extensive field validation. The CCA can be further developed and fully customized for use at your Medical Center or University, to best fit your needs. Basic Package These following components are included in the basic package: 1. The Clinical Companion Application with the above features (in any desired language). 2. License for up to 5 iPad devices. 3. Customized development of secure connection to desired Medical Center IT systems for record querying. 4. Customized design and branding to best suit local needs. Patient Map view patient treatment history at a glance. Record and retrieve all treatment information. Surveying system for Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO's). Exporting collected data for further statistical analysis. Seamless synchronization of devices and data backup. Secure data storage.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Extended Package Any desired additional features can be developed according to specifications given. This ensures full flexibility and modularity. Have a specific need for camera integration or image records? Need additional statistics? No problem. Every feature can be priced separately and integrated into the application at any time. Capabilities in Detail Users management: Password protected login for different users in the medical staff. Clear presentation of active patients being treated. Easy database searching using a variety of filters: Name, ID, text comments, intervention type, intervention location, staff member and dates. Contact Information For additional information and demonstration, please contact: Dr. Elad Schiff Moshik Miller Data record types: VAS, ESAS, Intervention Specifications and staff diary. The Patient Map shows a clear summary of all data records of a specific patient and lets you track various patient measures easily over time.

Tel Aviv, Israel