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Female pelvis

Anatomical position of
Tilted forwards and downwards
ASIS and pubic tubercle should be
in the same coronal plane.
Hence the front of pubic symphysis
faces downwards
The shape and size of the bony pelvis are
important factors determining the
outcome of labor.

The pelvic inlet is the entrance to the true pelvis.

The plane of the pelvic inlet is almost

circular in a normal female (or gynaecoid
pelvis) with a slightly greater transverse
than anterior-posterior diameter.
Pelvic inlet

an oblique plane joining the

sacral promontory
the arcuate and pectineal lines
and the upper margin of the symphysis pubis
is called the pelvic brim(pelvic inlet,linea
This divides the pelvis into greater(false) and
lesser(true) pelvis

(major and minor pelvis)

Pelvic brim
Measurements of inlet

A-P diameter- about 11cm

Transverse diameter- about 13..5cm

(across the middles of the pelvic brim)
Oblique diameter-12.5 cm
(From iliopubic eminence to
opposite sacroiliac joint)
Pelvic cavity
The A-P diameter called the obstetric
conjugate diameter is measured between
the midpoint of the sacral promontory and the
nearest point on the posterior surface of the
pubic symphysis.
Pelvic outlet
 The pelvic outlet is narrower than the inlet
 The A-P diameter is measured from the
lower margin of pubic symphysis to the tip
of the coccyx (10cm)
 The transverse diameter is between the
two ischial tuberosities(10cm)
 The interspinous diameter is the shortest
diameter in the pelvis(9cm)
It is not necessary to remember the diameters
of the pelvis in millimeters (or whatever unit
one may choose!).
Pelvimetry in X-ray
Types of pelvis
The Caldwell-Moloy (1933) classification


Ideal shape, with round to slightly oval

(obstetrical inlet slightly less transverse)
best chances for normal vaginal delivery.
Note the shapes of the inlet
The typical female pelvis
 broader greater sciatic
 broader ala of sacrum
compared to the body of
 broader pubic bone
compared to the
 wider sub pubic angle
These four differences are easiest to remember! These four points illustrate how the
female pelvis is wider, to serve as the birth canal.
1.The broad greater sciatic notch increases the anteroposterior dimension.
2.The broad ala of sacrum increases the size of the inlet.
3.The broader pubic bone does the same to the inlet and the middle of the
4.The wide sub pubic angle pushes the ischial tuberosities farther apart,
increasing the transverse diameter of the outlet.
Also note that in the female pelvis the sacrum is thrust more backwards, increasing the
A-P diameter of the outlet.
There are many other 'differences', but these few are significant for us

Which is the female pelvis? Give four reasons for it

The true (T), obstetrical (O), and diagonal (D) conjugate diameters
are indicated.