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Wednesday, May. 29, 2013

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Ultimate Guide to Google Plus

Shared by Jason Darrell - Ive seen quite a few people who dont understand Google Plus or think Google Plus is some sort of wasteland with giant swaths of inactivity. I was one of these people until I decided to dive in an...

Denial of Hashtag Campaign - It doesnt take that many people to steal a hashtag. A dozen or so independent tweeters pushing an alternative message on someone elses campaign hashtag can dramatically shift the sentiment of a ...

Online video content poised to dethrone TV spots for ad success - Traditionalists might find it hard to believe that 75 percent of advertisers say video content marketing is just as, if not more, effective than television ad spots, but the recently released US Vi...

Google+ Cover Template - WebSIGHT Hangouts

Shared by Jason Darrell - Ive been covering the changes to the Google+ cover photo, specifically how it is handled by Googles mobile apps and desktop site, since they announced in March 2013 that they changed the cover di...

3 Ways Social Media Creates a Social Local Community - Are you looking for ways to engage with your employees and your local community? Are you using social media to create awareness for the services you offer? Keep reading as I reveal how a nursing ho...

Eight Free Videos To Help You Beat The Penguin Update - The 2.0 update of Google Penguin is in full swing with plenty of sites already hit hard and whilst it may not have been the drastic update some predicted there is no denying that in some circles of...

'Financial Times' Launches 24-Hour Commentary Wire


3 Quick Ways to Perk Up Your Email Marketing Efforts - At a recent social media marketing conference I attended, I was surprised to hear one particular topic kept coming up over and over again, in almost every session I attended. It wasnt Google+. It ...

The Social Media Fog is Rolling In - Well, we are definitely in the midst of the rise of social media It is no longer a fad. It is no longer weird. It is no longer just your kids on there. The stodgy leadership of your gigantic c...

How Your Social Media Content Can Drive Sales-Focused Engagement

Google Plus Chat Twitter Chat Tuesdays at 2:00 pm

Shared by Stephan Hovnanian

Ultimate Guide to Google Hangouts - Martin Shervington

Shared by Denis Labelle

Recovering from an Algorithmic Penalty Using 301 Redirects: A Personal Experience

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The Google Plus Hovercard: Your calling card across all of Google - WebSIGHT Hangouts
Shared by Stephan Hovnanian - By now, if youve spent any time on social media, you will be familiar with hovercards: those mini business cards that pop up when you hover over someones name. Emphasis on business. You see, wh...

Using Google+ Pages & Communities for Content Curation - WebSIGHT Hangouts

Shared by Stephan Hovnanian - Content Curation is definitely a buzzword in todays marketing world. However, content curation isnt anything new to us One word: Authority. If you frequently pass along articles and resources on...

Google Plus Daily: [Quick Tip] Search Google+ Ripples

Why SlideShare Should Still Be Part of Your Marketing Process

Spotify Discover Now Available to Everyone

AdWords Editors updates give marketers reins in paid search campaigns



Shared by Jason Darrell Shared by Jason Darrell

Shared by Denis Labelle

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LinkedIn trialling "available for contract work" button Freelance Advisor - Word reaches us today that professional social

network LinkedIn is testing a new feature that could prove a tremendous boon for freelancers and contractors the ability to add availability to your...

Lessons For Marketers From The Healthcare Technology Industry

Shared by Marketo - In the world of marketing, healthcare has always been a bit like Luxembourg. Everyone knows that it exists and, occasionally, significant things take place there (a bank transaction, a diplomatic s...

Google and Facebook Bid for Waze Startup

Mobile users find video on social media, not in search [data]

How top-of-funnel marketing influences website conversions

Offensive Marketing Against Your Competitors

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The Customer is King. How Do You Prosper in their Kingdom?

Shared by Marketo - What can the creator of the first department store, an epic fantasy television series and a former hedge fund manager teach us about modern marketing? John Wanamaker, the father of modern advertisi...

.@JoshuaReeves: Tapping Into an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem - The Accelerators - WSJ

Shared by Denis Labelle - GUEST MENTOR Joshua Reeves, co-founder of ZenPayroll: One of the most meaningful mentorship resources in my startup journey has been the entrepreneurial ecosystem that I am a part of. These are the...

Room to Read #GivingTuesday

The MasterCard Conversation Suite

Teens' data sharing attitudes make audience targeting easier

Social Shake-Up AffectsToday's Companies

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Hot Mic Catches Adam Levine Say 'I Hate This Country' on 'The Voice' [VIDEO] - Week after week, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine urges Americans to vote for the contestants he mentors on NBC's The Voice. But on Tuesday night's top 8 results show, viewers unexpectedly heard him p...

NFL Legend Tweets Justin Bieber 'Needs to Slow His Ass Down'

Where Singers Botch the National Anthem Most [VIDEO]

Chris Christie Won a Stuffed Bear for Barack Obama Today

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Chinese Hackers Access Advanced U.S. Weapons Systems - In their latest and perhaps most staggering espionage feat, Chinese hackers reportedly breached the designs of more than two dozen advanced U.S. weapons systems. This treasure trove of military tec...

Pentagon's Cybersecurity Woes and Other News You Need to Know

Rand Paul Visiting Facebook and Google on Fundraising Tour

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From the Editor

Jason Darrell
Jason Darrell is a freelance SEO copywriter & social media manager. Ad hoc blogging is useful, but with content marketing & social engagement intricately weaved into SEO, longterm goals can only be realised with a content + social strategy. That's what Jason does: creative copy for organic SEO.

Email me! Editor's note

Two things struck me. 1. Composing bespoke responses to job postings on freelance sites takes time. And to land the right job at the rate you've set, a standard cut & paste application is never going to cut the mustard. 2. If you've given a job-posting your best shot and you fail, that's time & money down the drain. Moreover, only the employee who's missed the opportunity to employ you has had the privilege of appraising that content you've laboured over. What if there was a way that you could make that time count, even if you failed? What if you could get employers to find you without having to pitch your services in the Dutch auction that freelance jobpostings can become? The answer's here. On Google. And has been all along. 76% of employers and recruitment agencies now regularly use search engines and social media to search for potential employees. Google is, without question, the daddy of all search engines. What's more, linking your online content to your G+ profile gives you authorship, enhances your online reputation and places you amidst the world's best when it comes to understanding search and preempting its updates. This e-zine will bring you all of the best practises, how-tos and updates from the widest spectrum of social media, with G+ at its heart. It will also highlight content marketing and how can use your social knowledge for personal branding, putting your content to its best use: marketing you.

This is not a job board. The takeaways from this e-zine will hopefully last you your self-employed lifetime. The best accountants, employment law, freelance and contractor updates will all sit alongside the social news to spark ingenuity, creativity and motivation to develop your brand and subsequently, the rate your service deserves. Join me on Google+ to engage the best minds in the industry and begin the journey to brand you.

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