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|Mechanical Engineering | Group M2
Intra Semester Training Report

Harpreet Singh | Roll Number: 11235 |4th Year

Report: Report contains an overview of the Quality Engineering

Department at Swaraj Tractors Division, Mahindra and Mahindra, Phase
IV, Mohali, Punjab. It gives detailed information of the tests performed
at Pre-Dispatch Inspection check post and problems faced by the
warranty section, pooled in from all the dealers of Swaraj Tractors from
all over India.

Swaraj Tractor Division

Mahindra and Mahindra Limited, Mohali,
Quality Engineering Department
Trainee number: T-055

I have been doing training under Mr. Rajendra Singh, Senior Manager (In House quality).

Discipline that deals with the analysis of a manufacturing system at all stages, to improve the
quality of the production process and of its output.

Quality engineering receipt (formally known as Quality Engineering Department) is divided into
two fields at Swaraj division of Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd.

1. Suppliers Quality
2. In-House Quality


Suppliers section consists of maintaining the quality of products that are being supplied by
suppliers. It contains inspection of the raw materials being supplied by suppliers. It also includes
discussion regarding delay of raw material and defective parts supplied. Subsequent actions are
taken if the supplied products being supplied are found defective and inspectors from the
industry are sent regularly to avoid such defects. This inspection is regularly done by the
industry so maintain good quality supply and sound relationship with suppliers.


In house quality is embedded into every department of the industry. As such there are five
dept. that are:

– Q.E.L.M.S (Light Machine Shop)

– Q.E.H.M.S (Heavy Machine Shop )
– Q.E.H.T (Heat Treatment)
– Q.E.P.M (Plant maintenance)
– Q.E.A (Assembly)

Quality Engineering Assembly

Quality Engineering Assembly consists of five quality posts. Each Quality Posts are situated at
every intervals of the assembly line. Each Quality post has a certain responsibility of
maintaining the quality of the Product being manufactured in the industry. And the final quality
post is known as P.D.I (Pre Dispatch Inspection).
P.D.I. (Pre Dispatch Inspection)

P.D.I (Pre Dispatch Inspection) is the final quality post which carries a major responsibility of
dispatching the tractors as manufactured by the assembly line of phase IV. This is similar to
giving final touches to the jewellery being sold. This department carries rigorous checks as per
the pre-designed checklist prior to dispatch of machinery.


P.D.I acts as one of the major diagnosing center for every daily to daily outgoing failure and
scrutinizing them and hopefully trying to remove these failures. This way forthcoming problems
reported by dealers are reduced. This helps to maintain a healthy relationship with dealers and





To check the
transmission fluid
level, the dipstick
from tractor is
removed using D/E
spanner (24*27). The
oil level is checked by
using the gauge. If the
oil is over or under
the required quantity,
oil is added or drained
respectively to adjust
the oil level and it is
brought up to the
required level.

To check the engine oil level, a pull out dipstick is used which is pulled out from the eng ine
block by hand. To check the oil level correctly, the oil is wiped off the dip-stick with a clean
cloth. The dip-stick is reinserted and then again taken out. The oil level is again checked using
the mark built on the dip-stick. If the oil is above or below the required level, it is added or
drained respectively.


To check the oil level of the Fuel Injection

Pump oil level, we loosen the inspection screw
by D/E spanner (14*17) and check the oil in
the F.I.P(Fuel Injection Pump). Oil is added in
case the oil is not coming out.


The water level in the radiator has a very essential role. Without the water the radiator cannot
work efficiently. Before the tractors are dispatched, the water/coolant level is checked and
filled if the level is not upto the full mark. To check it, radiator cap is opened and so is the cap of
the water/ reservoir tank. The level of water/coolant in the reservoir tank can be checked by
visual inspection. To check the water levels in the radiator, finger is immersed inside it after
removing the cap. If the water level is not fine it is filled up to the required level. This test also
checks the seals on the radiator cap.
Level of water in the Reservoir tank

The open lid of the radiator


1) Operation of Brake Switch

Brake switch is a small, brake pedal operated spring loaded switch used to light up the rear stop
light (red light) on the application of the brakes. It can have very serious affects if the tra ctor is
on a heavy traffic road. To check if its working properly or not, the electrical switch of the
battery is put on the “on” level and then the brakes are applied. If the stop lights, light up , then
the switch is working fine otherwise it is replaced.

2) Battery
The battery of the tractor is a very costly and an essential part. The customer should not get
a de-charged battery. The battery of the Swaraj 735 FE and above models have a battery
with a magic eye. The magic eye has a colour indicator for the indication of the condition of
the battery.

If the battery is OK - then the colour shows Green

If the battery needs charging– then it shows a white indicator
If distilled water needs to be added to the battery – It shows a red indicator

3) Fuse box
The fuse box of the tractor is also checked before it is rolled out. To check if any fuse has
been broken, the tractor is started and all the electrical functions like the head and the rear
lamps, the turn-indicators and the horn is checked. If any component does not seem to
work, the first check is to check the fuse connections in the fuse box.


Visually inspect the tractor is done. All the nuts and bolts are checked, the logos and stickers
are observed and checked so that they are correctly placed and are appropriate to the product.
If the components are missing, deteriorated or wrongly fitted, the needful is done. For example,
all the 4 tyres of the tractor are required to be of the same brand. This helps in the proper
control of the tractor while in motion.


The air intake by the engine is done through the air filter. If the air does not goes through the
air filter the engine will choke destroying the piston linings and hence causing a massive
damage to the engine. The intake of air through the air filter is even more important in case of
tractors as they work in dusty environments full of sand and other materials.

The air filter is located above the level of the engine on the left side, as seen by the driver. To
check if there is any air leakage in the suction tube, the air filter cap is removed and the tractor
is started. Hand is placed on top of the air inlet pipe, properly covering it. If the engine stops on
doing this, the tractor passes the test.
When the hand is placed and the entry of the The air enters through this air filter
air is blocked, the engine stops


A variety of paint defects occur while the tractor is being assembled. These defects are
inspected at the IQS (Internal quality study). The IQS area at Swaraj tractors plant has been
set up by Mahindra and Mahindra Limited. It involves a thorough check on tractors finish
i.e. Buff marks, etc. It involves a very thorough check in very good illumination from each
side. They select five random tractors from the assembly line and inspect them thoroughly.

Various paint defects that are found at IQS are:

1. Dust in paint
2. Excessive buff marks
3. Metal scratches
4. Paint scratches
5. Paint run-down
6. Poor touch up/ overspray
7. Dent / ding
8. Paint chip off
9. Pettling marks over the engine
10. Improper sticker application
11. Engine (pettling marks / seapage )
12. Others, etc


Due to various leakage points, water seepage occurs and water seeps into the engine oil and
transmission fluid compartments. The water mix levels of engine oil and transmission fluid is checked by
two methods:

1. Visual inspection of the Dip-sticks of both the engine oil and the transmission fluid
compartments can easily tell if water is present or not. If water is not mixed , both the
engine oil and the transmission fluid are transparent. If water is present in the engine oil
compartment, the drop of the oil which comes out with the dip-stick will be hazy. The
same is the case of transmission fluid. If water is present it will turn translucent.
2. Water mix paste is used to check if water is present in the engine oil or transmission
fluid. The Water mix paste ( green in colour ) is put on the tip of the dip-stick and
inserted back into the respective compartments. If water is present, it reacts with the
green coloured water mix paste and turns it pink in colour. This gives a proof of the
presence of water.

Various others tests are performed before the tractors are finally dispatched, which are performed as
the need arises.

Tests Performed and Performance data

A number of tractors are dispatched daily and all have to pass through all the above and many
other tests at the PDI check post before they are finally allowed to move out. No tractor is
allowed to move out of the premises with the PDI OK sticker.

Although we perform all those tests and carry out research on other warranty related issues,
we were called upon to record and submit few reports regarding some tests by inspecting a
number of tractors in dispatch. Here I like to present few reports:

1st report containing the Chassis Number, Details about water mix in Engine oil, transmission
fluid, radiator coolant level and the colour of the magic eye

Sr. No. Chassis No. of Engine oil Transmission Radiator coolant Battery Magic
the tractor purity Fluid purity level Eye
1 8819 Not ok not ok ok Green
2 10709 ok Ok ok Green
3 10740 ok not ok ok Green
4 21589 Not ok Ok ok Green
5 21703 not ok Ok ok Green
6 21736 ok Ok ok Green
7 78595 ok Ok ok Green
8 78935 ok Ok ok White
9 78944 ok Ok ok Green
10 79095 ok Ok ok Green
11 79268 Not ok Ok ok Green
12 79406 ok Ok ok Green
13 79528 ok not ok ok Green
14 79529 Not ok Ok ok Green
15 79530 Not ok not ok ok Green
16 79533 Not ok Ok ok Green
17 79535 ok Ok ok Green
18 79537 ok Ok ok Green
19 79538 Not ok Ok ok Green
20 79665 ok Ok ok Green
21 79722 ok Ok ok Green
22 79725 Not ok Ok ok Green
23 79742 Not ok Ok ok Green
24 79753 Not ok Ok ok Green
25 79760 Not ok Ok ok Green
26 79769 ok Ok ok Green
27 79822 ok Ok not ok Green
28 79823 ok Ok not ok Green
29 79831 ok ok not ok Green
30 79837 Not ok ok ok Green
31 79842 ok ok ok Green
32 79906 ok ok ok Green
33 79907 Not ok ok ok Green
34 79908 Not ok ok ok Green
35 79918 ok ok ok Green
36 79919 Not ok ok ok Green
37 79924 Not ok ok ok Green
38 80009 ok ok ok Green
39 80010 Not ok not ok ok Green
40 80023 ok ok ok Green
41 80024 ok ok not ok Green
42 80025 ok ok not ok Green
43 80029 Not ok ok ok White
44 80033 ok ok ok White
45 80038 ok ok not ok White
46 80044 Not ok ok ok Green
47 80054 ok ok ok Green
48 80088 ok not ok ok Green
49 80089 ok ok ok Green
50 80090 not ok ok ok Green
51 80097 ok low level ok Green
52 80101 Not ok ok ok Green
53 80104 Not ok ok ok Green
54 80105 ok ok not ok Green
55 80111 not ok ok ok White
56 80127 ok ok not ok White
57 80129 ok ok not ok Green
58 80130 ok ok not ok Green
59 80131 ok ok not ok Green
60 80133 ok ok not ok Green
61 80135 Not ok ok ok Green
62 80137 ok ok ok Green
63 80138 ok ok ok Green
64 80142 ok ok ok Green
65 80143 ok ok ok Green
66 80145 ok ok ok Green
67 80146 ok ok ok Green
68 80150 ok ok ok Green
69 80151 ok ok ok Green
70 80154 Not ok not ok ok Green
71 80164 ok ok ok Green
72 80166 ok ok ok Green
73 80169 ok ok ok Green
74 80177 ok not ok ok Green
75 80179 ok ok not ok Green
76 80182 ok ok ok White
77 80191 ok ok not ok Green
78 80192 ok ok not ok Green
79 80193 ok ok ok Green
80 80202 not ok ok ok Green
81 80205 ok ok ok Green
82 80235 ok ok ok Green
83 80259 ok ok ok Green
84 80263 ok ok not ok Green
85 84842 Not ok ok ok White
86 84846 Not ok ok ok White
87 85976 ok not ok ok White
88 85978 ok ok not ok Green
89 85980 ok ok not ok Green
90 85981 ok ok not ok Green
91 85982 ok ok not ok Green
92 85983 ok ok not ok Green
93 85985 ok ok not ok Green
94 85990 ok ok not ok Green
95 86003 ok ok not ok Green
96 86018 ok ok ok White
97 86021 ok not ok ok White
98 86024 ok ok not ok Green
99 86030 ok ok not ok Green
100 86033 Not ok ok ok White
101 96035 ok ok ok White

Checked by Harpreet Singh

ok means that the inspected parameter is found ok

means that the value of the inspected parameter is either found
not ok doubtful or is not ok

2nd report:

Swaraj Tractors Evaluation Sheet

Situation of
Number Chassis Number Model Number Battery Magic Eye Colour horn
1 QUTA22705010542 834 FE GREEN OK
2 QUTA30405078926 735 FE GREEN OK
3 QUTA30405078933 735 FE WHITE OK
4 QUTA30405078934 735 FE GREEN OK
5 QUTA30405078936 735 FE GREEN OK
6 QUTA30405079456 735 FE GREEN OK
7 QUTA30605078941 735 FE GREEN OK
8 QUTA30605078943 735 FE GREEN OK
9 QUTA30705079597 735 FE WHITE OK
10 QUTA30705079636 735 FE GREEN OK
11 QUTA30705079649 735 FE WHITE OK
12 QUTA30705079680 735 FE GREEN OK
13 QUTB22705010647 735 FE GREEN OK
14 QUTB22705010717 834 FE GREEN OK
15 QUTB30705079666 735 FE GREEN OK
16 QUTB30705079681 735 FE WHITE OK
17 QUTB30705079683 735 FE GREEN OK
18 QUTB30705079967 735 FE GREEN OK
19 QUTB30705079999 735 FE GREEN OK
20 QUTB30705080002 735 FE GREEN OK
21 QUTB30705080003 735 FE GREEN OK
22 QUTB30705080004 735 FE GREEN OK
23 QUTB30705080008 735 FE GREEN NOT OK
24 QUTB30705085951 735 FE GREEN OK
25 QUTB30705085952 735 FE GREEN OK
26 QUTB30705085954 735 FE GREEN OK
27 QUTB30705179745 735 FE GREEN OK
28 QUTB30705179747 735 FE GREEN OK
29 QUTB31619079903 735 FE GREEN OK

3rd report

The third report was for the leakage of the air-filters

Sr. No. Chassis Number Air filter check

1 80131 ok
2 80133 ok
3 80135 ok
4 80137 ok
5 80138 ok
6 80142 ok
7 80143 ok
8 80145 ok
9 80146 ok
10 80177 ok
11 80179 ok
12 80182 ok
13 80191 ok
14 80192 ok
15 80193 ok

These reports were submitted to Mr. Rajendra Singh, Senior Manager (In House Quality )