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UbD Plan Relationships Stage 1 -- Desired Results Established Goal(s): G Students will understand that you can have

different kinds of relationship with friends, family, and professionals in the community. Students will be able to identify the similarities and differences between various types of relationships. Students will understand that the connections you have with your family are demonstrated in various ways i.e. family lineage, genetics, and physical traits. Students will be able to identify the ways they are different from their family and the things they share in common with them. Students will know key vocabulary related to genetics and physical traits. Students will understand key similarities and differences between their generation, their parents generation, and/or their grandparents generation. Students will gather information through interviews and web research. Students will be able to express thoughts and feelings in writing/writing for personal expression (poetry and narrative). Understanding(s): U
Students will understand that . . .

Essential Question(s): Q How are you similar to or unique from your friends and family? How do the connections form between you and your friends and family?

-there are different types of relationships that they can form. -they are similar to and different from previous generations of their family, both culturally and genetically.

Students will know . . . K

-the meaning of genetics, genes, and related terms - the differences between themselves and their family - the similarities they share with their family

Students will be able to . . . S

write a narrative write a biography (life story) interpret and respond to poetry create a dialogue

Stage 2 -- Assessment Evidence Performance Task(s): T - narrative - biography (life story) - dialogue Other Evidence: OE - participation - classroom interaction - homework

UbD Plan Relationships friendship worksheets country project outline brochure cloze paragraph reporting on painting/article

Stage 3 -- Learning Plan Learning Activities: L - pre-assessment questionnaire - list and label important people in your life - list words associated with friends/friendship - read proverbs, fables, and poetry - respond in writing to question on Aesops Fables - create a dialogue - draw, talk about, map, outline and write a narrative - read and report on text/painting - read textbook chapter on genetics - complete cloze paragraph on genetics - online research about home country - complete brochure on home country