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Science causes more problems than it solves. What is your view?

Our present age is rightly called the age of science. In fact, this era of ours has witnessed tremendous progress in the scientific field, with the on-going discoveries and ever-increasing research work.. Science is the systematic study of the physical and natural world and phenomenon by using observation and experiment. With the dawn of the industrial revolution in the 18 th century, science has developed into one of the greatest and most influential fields of human endeavor. Today, science has a profound effect on the way we live. New discoveries in the medical, technological, communicational and transportation fields have been developed. Some of the inventions and discoveries of scientists are detrimental to human existence unlike others which solve many problems and improve humans daily life. Firstly, science is solving many of the problems faced by human beings by developing more means, more comforts, more varieties and more facilities for humans. Science has improved our life by introducing better means of communications such as mobile phones, fax, wireless internet, satellite broadcasts and linking remote areas. Furthermore, new transport methods have been evolved with the fast developing science. Faster airplanes, cars, bigger ships, rockets and trains are being invented. In this way, the difficulties of communication and traveling are cleared up. On top of that, humans are provided with better education via computers and internet. Research in food technology has created new ways of preserving and flavoring what humans eat everyday. Scientists are now even producing genetically modified products. Thus, the lives of people are always improving and improving. If this is the case, how can we say that science causes more problems rather than it solve? Research in industrial chemistry has created a vast range of plastics and synthetic materials. Synthetic materials are easily formed into complex shapes and can be used to make machine, automotive parts, decorative objects and many domestic appliances. Due to these, many new solutions have been devised. The advancement made in the medical science cannot be overlooked as well. Science has brought about technology that helps save human life. Sophisticated and computerized machines enable many people to survive kidney diseases. Biochemical research is responsible for the antibiotics and vaccinations that protect humans from infectious diseases. Science heals faster and has developed more surgical facilities. As a result, science helps the majority of people on the planet to now live longer and healthier lives than ever before. However, scientific discoveries can also cause many problems as it solve. First and foremost, vehicles are invented by scientists and they cause problems. The air is contaminated by toxic gases from vehicle exhausts and the vehicles contribute to road congestion. Secondly, chemicals produced by scientists for industrial and agricultural purposes pollute the global environment. Thus, the environment is degraded and problem like acid rain may crop up. The ozone layer is also depleted by nitrous oxides from fertilizers manufactured by scientists. Most significantly of all, the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas extracted from the earth by researchers, releases into the atmosphere carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. These gases cause the problem of greenhouse effect. This produces global warming and the prospect of major climate change like melting of icebergs in years to come. At the other extreme, science can also generate technology that is deliberately designed to harm or to kill. In The fruits of this research include nuclear weapons like atomic bombs, missiles and other armaments which cause mass destruction. An example was the atomic bombs dropped on the Japanese cities known as Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This killed millions of people. Science promotes both war

and peace. In this way, more troubles are caused because as more and more people die due to these armaments, more problems like poverty, famine and economic instability pop up. . In the medical field, the transplantation of organs was developed by science. As a result, illicit organ trafficking is made possible. Drugs are produced to cure people but by some people they are used for drug abuses and suicide attempts. In this context, the inventions of scientists are creating more problems Science is not dangerous. It is peaceful and comfortable but its misuse is harmful. It finds solutions to many problems and is as well the root cause of these problems itself. Hence the statement that science causes more problems than it solve must be viewed with suspicion. It is just like a double-edged knife.