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J_1A030IF Account Determination for Inflation Revaluation Postings

J_1A101 Historical data for the daily reports
J_1A102 Independent vendors with no CUIT or Social Security
J_1AAA1 Definition of revaluation
J_1AAA2 Revaluation Key
J_1AAA2M Methods fore period control of transactions
J_1AAA2MT Period control methods description
J_1AAA2T Inflation Adjustment AA - Revaluation Key Text
J_1AAA5 Transaction types excluded from revaluation
J_1AAA5A Transaction Types excluded from RV-adjustment
J_1AACFOP Assignment of Argentinean Tax Codes for Foreign Nationals
J_1AACT Activity code for social security withholding
J_1AACTT Texts for activity codes for social security withholding
J_1AAFORMP Assignment of document Form to movement reason AA waybills
J_1AAOLDTA Inflation Adjustment AA - Historic transaction period Balances
J_1AAPRNWB Print view for Am waybills
J_1AAT089 Revaluation area assignment
J_1AAVFORM Generated Table for View J_1AAVFORM
J_1AAVWAYB Generated Table for View J_1AAVWAYB
J_1AAWAYBL Way Bills for asset movements
J_1AAWAY_D Way Bills for asset movements
J_1ACC_SUB Link between company code and subsidiary number
J_1ACFOP Codes for foreign natural or legal persons with no ID
J_1ACFOPT Texts for codes for foreign natural or legal persons
J_1ACHRDET Determination of capital letter
J_1ACITI C.I.T.I. codes
J_1ACITIT Texts for C.I.T.I. codes
J_1ACI_LIMIT Limits for Credit invoice
J_1ACI_MSG_RATES Assignment of output messages to Installment rate
J_1ACMCD Customs codes
J_1ACMCDT Texts for customs codes
J_1ACNTFLD List of All Country-Specific Fields in Tables
J_1ACTYP C.I.T.I. transaction type
J_1ACTYPT C.I.T.I. transaction type
J_1ACUSIFI Customizing fields for inflation FI
J_1ADISDOC Configuration of automatic generation of discount documents
J_1ADOCCL2 Texts for official document class in Argentina
J_1ADOCCLS Official document class for Argentina
J_1ADRVER Versions of VAT daily report
J_1ADRVERT Texts for versions of VAT daily report
J_1ADTFS Document type field status
J_1ADTYP Distribution Types for Gross Income Tax
J_1ADTYPT Texts for distribution types for Gross Income Tax
J_1AEMSG Message table
J_1AFITP Tax Types
J_1AFITPT Texts for Fiscal Types
J_1AFITPV Tax Type: Possible Entries

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J_1AFITPVT Tax Type: Texts for Possible Entries

J_1AFPDO Include the report-specific parameter documentation
J_1AFRID Tax Code for Foreign Nationals
J_1AGETMP Result of get market price
J_1AGICD Activity codes for gross income tax declaration
J_1AGICDU Text table for Gross Income Tax activity codes
J_1AGILTS Gross Income Tax Layouts
J_1AGIPER Gross income tax percentages
J_1AHTXOFF Generated Table for View J_1AHTXOFF
J_1AI01 Structure for correction reports
J_1AI02 Structure for SAPSCRIPT
J_1AI03 Structure for MM waybill printing (additional data)
J_1AIFALVDET Calculation Detail Structure ALV Inflation Adjustment
J_1AIFALVHDR Header Structure ALV Inflation Adjustment
J_1AIFALVITM Item Structure ALV Inflation Programs
J_1AIFALVMES Message Output Structure ALV Inflation Adjustment
J_1AIFSKVZ Inflation Revaluation G/L Account - Transaction Figures
J_1AIMMICL Generated Table for View J_1AIMMICL
J_1AIMMIPC Argentina : Replacement Cost Valuation - Infl. price calculation
J_1AIMMLOG Replacement Cost Valuation : Logging Table
J_1AIMMPAR Replacement Cost Valuation MM - Report-Parameter
J_1AINALVHDR Header structure ALV inflation - open items / customer
J_1AINALVITM item structure ALV inflation - open items / customer
J_1AINFINV Inflation: Invoices for Replacement Value Determination
J_1AINFMBW Material Master - Inflation
J_1AINFMET Inflation Methods
J_1AINFMEV Generated Table for View J_1AINFMEV
J_1AINFMTX Inflation Methods: Description
J_1AINFPCL FI Inflation adjustment: Process control
J_1AINFSKS Inflation Keys - G/L Account
J_1AINFSKT Text Table: Inflation Keys - G/L Account
J_1AINFT01 Inflation: Index Definition
J_1AINFT02 Text for table J_1INFT01
J_1AINFT03 Inflation: definitive index ( values )
J_1AINFT04 Time base definition
J_1AINFT05 Name table for table J_1AINFT04
J_1AINFT06 Time base and exposure to inflation values
J_1AINFT08 Composed index
J_1AINFT09 Date lock table for inflation indexes
J_1AINFT10 Lock Table for Inflation
J_1AINFT12 Posting variant definition
J_1AINFT13 Name table for table j_1ainft12
J_1AINFT14 Valid posting dates
J_1AINFT15 Inflation: index version ( reference table )
J_1AINFT16 Warehouse report ( data of previous fiscal years )
J_1AINFT20 Inflation: Index Definition
J_1AINFT21 Text for Table J_1INFT01
J_1AINFT22 Index Versions
J_1AINFT23 Inflation: Index Versions (Reference Table)
J_1AINFT24 Index Values

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J_1AINFT25 Composite Indexes

J_1AINFT26 Date Lock Table for Inflation Indexes
J_1AINFV01 Generated Table for View J_1AINFV01
J_1AINFV04 Generated Table for View J_1AINFV04
J_1AINFV06 Generated Table for View J_1AINFV06
J_1AINFV08 Generated Table for View J_1AINFV08
J_1AINFV09 Generated Table for View J_1AINFV09
J_1AINFV11 Generated Table for View J_1AINFV11
J_1AINFV12 Generated Table for View J_1AINFV12
J_1AINFV14 Generated Table for View J_1AINFV14
J_1AINFV20 Generated Table for View J_1AINFV20
J_1AINFV22 Generated Table for View J_1AINFV22
J_1AINFV24 Generated Table for View J_1AINFV24
J_1AINFV25 Generated Table for View J_1AINFV25
J_1AINFW_FILES Foreign Currency Inflation Adjustment: File Management
J_1ALNDFLD Country-Specific Fields
J_1AMACOF Gross Income Tax coefficients
J_1AMBEW Generated Table for View J_1AMBEW
J_1AMINFCL Material Inflation Class
J_1AMINFCT Material inflation class texts
J_1AMSGM2 Message Parameters
J_1AMSGM3 Messages
J_1AMSGMM Message parameter
J_1AMSGTAB Message table
J_1ANUGR1T Texts for numbering group for official documents
J_1ANUGR3T Texts for numbering groups for withh. cert. numbering
J_1ANUMGR1 Numbering group for official documents
J_1ANUMGR3 Numbering groups for withholding certificate numbering
J_1AOFNR1 Number determination for official documents
J_1AOFNR3 Exception table for deal type determ.(export/domestic)
J_1AOFNR4 SD Billing Type Parameters per country
J_1AOFTP Official document type
J_1AOFTPT Texts for official document types
J_1AOIFWVL Open item foreign currency valuation: temp. storage
J_1AOTDET Determination of off. document type in Argentina
J_1AOTDETR Determination of off. document type
J_1APACD Printing Authorization Code
J_1APACK1 Printing Authorization Code for Vendors
J_1APAYMN Determine AFIP Payment Means
J_1APROLOG Log table for Inflation Adjustment Programs
J_1APRTCH2 Capital letters - texts
J_1APRTCHR Printing characters for Argentina
J_1ARBWKEY Ranges structure (valuation area)
J_1ARBWTAR Ranges structure (valuation area)
J_1ARFZ Definition of reasons for zero VAT
J_1ARFZT Texts for reasons for zero VAT
J_1ARLJ1AS Screen fields for function group j1ax
J_1ARMTART Ranges structure (material type)
J_1ARZTX Reason for zero VAT per tax code
J_1ASINFF Selection fields for inflation adjustmet

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J_1ASKB1 G/L accounts for gross income in argentina

J_1ASKCLS Account class
J_1ASKCLST Account class text table
J_1ASNR Branch number
J_1ASNRDT1 Branch Determination for Deliveries
J_1ASNRDT2 Branch determination for material movements
J_1ASNRT Texts for subsidiary numbers
J_1AT001TC Tax Category Data per Company Code
J_1AT001TG Tax Category Data per Company Code
J_1ATAXID Tax Class
J_1ATIDSW Correspondence for types of ID for Selfwithholding reportc
J_1ATODC Type of identification
J_1ATODCT Texts for types of identification
J_1ATPKOF Assignment of official code to processing key
J_1ATXMIN Minimum amount per tax processing key
J_1ATXOFF Official Codes per tax
J_1ATXREL Tax relevant classification
J_1ATXRELT Texts for tax relevant classification
J_1AVAA01 Generated Table for View J_1AVAA01
J_1AVAA02 Generated Table for View J_1AVAA02
J_1AVAA02M Generated Table for View J_1AVAA02M
J_1AVAA05 Generated Table for View J_1AVAA05
J_1AVAA05A Generated Table for View J_1AVAA05A
J_1AVACT Generated Table for View J_1AVACT
J_1AVCFOP Generated Table for View J_1AVCFOP
J_1AVCITI Generated Table for View J_1AVCITI
J_1AVCMCD Generated Table for View J_1AVCMCD
J_1AVCTYP Generated Table for View J_1AVCTYP
J_1AVDOCCL Generated Table for View J_1AVDOCCL
J_1AVDRVER Generated Table for View J_1AVDRVER
J_1AVDTFS Generated Table for View J_1AVDTFS
J_1AVDTYP Generated Table for View J_1AVDTYP
J_1AVGICD Generated Table for View J_1AVGICD
J_1AVGILTS Generated Table for View J_1AVGILTS
J_1AVGIPER Generated Table for View J_1AVGIPER
J_1AVMACOF Generated Table for View J_1AVMACOF
J_1AVNUMG1 Generated Table for View J_1AVNUMG1
J_1AVNUMG3 Generated Table for View J_1AVNUMG3
J_1AVOFNR1 Generated Table for View J_1AVOFNR1
J_1AVOFNR3 Generated Table for View J_1AVOFNR3
J_1AVOFTP Generated Table for View J_1AVOFTP
J_1AVOTDET Generated Table for View J_1AVOTDET
J_1AVPRTCH Generated Table for View J_1AVPRTCH
J_1AVRFZ Generated Table for View J_1AVRFZ
J_1AVRZTX Generated Table for View J_1AVRZTX
J_1AVSKB1 Generated Table for View J_1AVSKB1
J_1AVSKCLS Generated Table for View J_1AVSKCLS
J_1AVSNR Generated Table for View J_1AVSNR
J_1AVT001K Generated Table for View J_1AVT001K
J_1AVT089 Generated Table for View J_1AVT089

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J_1AVT156I Generated Table for View J_1AVT156I

J_1AVTAXID Generated Table for View J_1AVTAXID
J_1AVTODC Generated Table for View J_1AVTODC
J_1AVTPKOF Generated Table for View J_1AVTPKOF
J_1AVTXOFF Generated Table for View J_1AVTXOFF
J_1AVTXREL Generated Table for View J_1AVTXREL
J_1AV_ANKB Generated Table for View J_1AV_ANKB
J_1AV_T156 Generated Table for View J_1AV_T156
J_1AV_TVLK Generated Table for View J_1AV_TVLK
J_1AV_TVTA Generated Table for View J_1AV_TVTA
J_1AWITH Withholding transaction data
J_1AWITNR Number determination for withholding certificates
J_1AZFSCHL Allocation Key: Branch - Company Code
J_1AZFSCHT Text Table: Allocation Key: Branch - Company Code
J_1A_T007C Work-area for T007C and T007D
J_1A_TAXC Work-area for tax-processing
J_1A_TKRED Work Area for Tax Processing for Vendors
J_1A_TVAKV Generated Table for View J_1A_TVAKV
J_1BAA Nota Fiscal type
J_1BAAT Nota Fiscal type text
J_1BAAV Generated Table for View J_1BAAV
J_1BAB Reference type
J_1BABT Reference type text
J_1BABV Generated Table for View J_1BABV
J_1BAC Partner type
J_1BACV Generated Table for View J_1BACV
J_1BAD Partner function ID
J_1BADT Partner function description
J_1BADV Generated Table for View J_1BADV
J_1BAE Field groups
J_1BAET Field groups description
J_1BAEV Generated Table for View J_1BAEV
J_1BAGH Generated Table for View J_1BAGH
J_1BAGN CFOP with Version Number
J_1BAGNT CFOP with Versions: Description
J_1BAGNV Generated Table for View J_1BAGNV
J_1BAGT CFOP description
J_1BAGV Generated Table for View J_1BAGV
J_1BAI NCM Codes
J_1BAIT NCM Code Description
J_1BAIV Generated Table for View J_1BAIV
J_1BAJ Tax types
J_1BAJT Tax types - Description
J_1BAJV Generated Table for View J_1BAJV
J_1BAK Field assignment
J_1BAKV Generated Table for View J_1BAKV
J_1BAL Screen control group assignment
J_1BALV Generated Table for View J_1BALV
J_1BAM Screen control groups

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J_1BAMT Screen control groups description

J_1BAMV Generated Table for View J_1BAMV
J_1BAN Status control
J_1BANV Generated Table for View J_1BANV
J_1BAO CFOP determination for incoming movements and their return
J_1BAON CFOP Determination Incoming and their Returns (versioned)
J_1BAONV Generated Table for View J_1BAONV
J_1BAOV Generated Table for View J_1BAOV
J_1BAOX CFOP det. for incoming mov. and their return (exceptions)
J_1BAOXV Generated Table for View J_1BAOXV
J_1BAP CFOP determination for outgoing movements and their return
J_1BAPN CFOP Determination Outgoing and their Returns (versioned)
J_1BAPNV Generated Table for View J_1BAPNV
J_1BAPV Generated Table for View J_1BAPV
J_1BAPX CFOP det. for outgoing mov. and their return (exceptions)
J_1BAPXV Generated Table for View J_1BAPXV
J_1BAQ Form
J_1BAQT Form description
J_1BAQV Generated Table for View J_1BAQV
J_1BAR Sub-object for number Nota Fiscal
J_1BART Sub-object for number Nota Fiscal Description
J_1BARV Generated Table for View J_1BARV
J_1BAS Tax situation IPI
J_1BAST Tax situation IPI - Description
J_1BASV Generated Table for View J_1BASV
J_1BATL1T Tax Law ICMS - Texts
J_1BATL1V Generated Table for View J_1BATL1V
J_1BATL2 Tax Law IPI
J_1BATL2T Tax Law IPI - Texts
J_1BATL2V Generated Table for View J_1BATL2V
J_1BATL3 Tax Laws ISS
J_1BATL3T Tax Laws ISS - Texts
J_1BATL3V Generated Table for View J_1BATL3V
J_1BATL3VNEW Generated Table for View J_1BATL3VNEW
J_1BATL4T Tax Laws COFINS - Texts
J_1BATL4V Generated Table for View J_1BATL4V
J_1BATL5 Tax Laws PIS
J_1BATL5T Tax Laws PIS - Texts
J_1BATL5V Generated Table for View J_1BATL5V
J_1BB2 Nota Fiscal print configuration
J_1BB2DYNAMIC Nota Fiscal Print Configuration dependent on dynamic key
J_1BB2DYNAMICV Generated Table for View J_1BB2DYNAMICV
J_1BB2V Generated Table for View J_1BB2V
J_1BBRANCH Business Place
J_1BBRANCH_FS Branch with local calendar information
J_1BBRANCH_HOLI Special local holidays for the branch are maintained in this
J_1BBRANCH_HOLIT Special local holidays for the branch are maintained here
J_1BBRANCV Generated Table for View J_1BBRANCV

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J_1BBRANHV Generated Table for View J_1BBRANHV

J_1BBSEC Brazilian fields in BSEC (one-time accounts)
J_1BBSEG New Brazilian fields in BSEG
J_1BBSEG2 External duplicata number
J_1BCBTAXPROC Calculation Procedures for Condition Based Tax Calculation
J_1BCBTAXPROCV Generated Table for View J_1BCBTAXPROCV
J_1BCBTLIST List Structure of Consistency Check of BR Tax Conditions
J_1BCFOPSD Interface: CFOP Determination in SD
J_1BCFOPVER CFOP Version Numbers
J_1BCFOPVERT CFOP Version Text Table
J_1BCFOPVERV Generated Table for View J_1BCFOPVERV
J_1BCFOP_XREG Regions with CFOP extension
J_1BCFOP_XREGN Regions with differing CFOP version and extension
J_1BCFOP_XREGNV Generated Table for View J_1BCFOP_XREGNV
J_1BCFOP_XREGV Generated Table for View J_1BCFOP_XREGV
J_1BCOMSRV MM-SRV countries: Additional fields for data communication
J_1BCONDCALC Generated Table for View J_1BCONDCALC
J_1BCONDMAP Internal Codes for Tax Conditions
J_1BCONDMAPT Description of Internal Codes for Tax Conditions
J_1BCONDMAPV Generated Table for View J_1BCONDMAPV
J_1BCONDTAXACT Activate Condition-Based Tax Calculation
J_1BDMEAA A/P: DME Bradesco - details

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J_1BDOCTYPES Nota Fiscal Document Types
J_1BDOCTYPEST Description of Nota Fiscal Document Types
J_1BDYDOC Dynpro fields for Nota Fiscal header (Edit function)
J_1BDYFTX Dynpro fields for Nota Fiscal messages (Edit function)
J_1BDYLIN Dynpro fields for Nota Fiscal line items (Edit function)
J_1BDYMPA Dynpro fields for Main Partner (Edit function)
J_1BDYNAD Dynpro fields for Nota Fiscal partners (Edit function)
J_1BDYNPRO Dynpro fields which do not exist in tables
J_1BDYPAR Dynpro fields for Nota Fiscal Partners sub screens
J_1BDYREF Dynpro fields for Nota Fiscal reference (Edit function)
J_1BDYSTX Dynpro fields for Nota Fiscal tax per item (Edit function)
J_1BDYTAX Dynpro fields for Nota Fiscal total tax (Edit function)
J_1BELBYA A/R: ELECTRONIC BANKING ITAU - Details of return file
J_1BELBZA A/R: ELECTRONIC BANKING Bradesco - details of return file
J_1BFIFOIN Incoming FIFO relevant Consignment movements (BRAZIL)
J_1BFIFOOUT Outgoing FIFO relevant Consignment movements (BRAZIL)
J_1BFORCODE Currency codes for DME - Brazil
J_1BGENSERVTV Generated Table for View J_1BGENSERVTV
J_1BIM01 MM-IM: Tax posting strings for inventory management
J_1BIM01V Generated Table for View J_1BIM01V
J_1BIM01VN Generated Table for View J_1BIM01VN
J_1BIM02V Generated Table for View J_1BIM02V
J_1BIM03V Generated Table for View J_1BIM03V
J_1BIMFI Movement Types for Vendor Invoices (Brazil)
J_1BIMFIV Generated Table for View J_1BIMFIV
J_1BIMIFSHKZ Interface Parameters for Debit/Credit Indicators
J_1BIMIFTAX Interface Parameters for Tax Amounts
J_1BINCFOP Interface: CFOP determination
J_1BINCO Instruction codes
J_1BINCO2 Instruction code 2
J_1BINCO2T Instruction code 2 description
J_1BINCO2V Generated Table for View J_1BINCO2V
J_1BINCOT Instruction code description
J_1BINCOV Generated Table for View J_1BINCOV
J_1BINDOC Nota Fiscal header - Add. segment
J_1BINDOCD Nota Fiscal header - Add. segment - Data
J_1BINDOCDX Nota Fiscal header - Add. segment - Data
J_1BINLIN Nota Fiscal line items - Add. segment
J_1BINLIND Nota Fiscal line items - Add. segment
J_1BINLINDX Nota Fiscal line items - Add. segment
J_1BINMAT Interface structure for material
J_1BINNAD Interface: partner name and address
J_1BINTAX Nota Fiscal total tax
J_1BINTAXD Nota Fiscal total tax - Data
J_1BINTERF Interface: help fields for object/documents functions
J_1BITEMTYPES Nota Fiscal Record Types

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J_1BITEMTYPEST Description of Nota Fiscal Record Types

J_1BIV02 Nota Fiscal type determination
J_1BIV04 Goods Receipts Passed to Notas Fiscals via Inv. Verification
J_1BIV04V Generated Table for View J_1BIV04V
J_1BIV04VC Generated Table for View J_1BIV04VC
J_1BIV05 BUZID with special handling for NF
J_1BIV05V Generated Table for View J_1BIV05V
J_1BIVTAX Interface invoice verification - tax calculation
J_1BKON1 Brazilian Tax Groups Included in Price Conditions
J_1BKON1MMVV Generated Table for View J_1BKON1MMVV
J_1BKON1MSVV Generated Table for View J_1BKON1MSVV
J_1BKON1SDVV Generated Table for View J_1BKON1SDVV
J_1BKON1V Generated Table for View J_1BKON1V
J_1BLB08 Registro de Apuração do IPI: List control additional accts
J_1BLB09 Registro de Apuração do ICMS: List control additional acct
J_1BLDBH Root-node for logical database (no fields)
J_1BLFA153 Arquivo Magnetico: New Record 53 (Convenio 75)
J_1BLFA154 Arquivo Magnetico: New Record 54 (Convenio 75)
J_1BLFA190 Arquivo Magnetico: New Record 90 (Convenio 75)
J_1BLFA1_MATNR Mapping table for material numbers (for brasil. Sintegra)
J_1BLFA1_REC55 Information for generating record type 55 referred to GNRE
J_1BLFA1_REC85 Information for generating record type 85
J_1BLFA1_REC86 Information for generating record type 86
J_1BLFA210 Arquivo Magnetico: New Record 10 (Convenio 96/97)
J_1BLFA211 Arquivo Magnetico: New Record 11 (Convenio 131/97)
J_1BLFA254 Arquivo Magnetico: New Record 54 (Convenio 96/97)
J_1BLFA290 Arquivo Magnetico: New Record 90 (Convenio 96/97)
J_1BLFA310 Arquivo Magnetico: New Record 10 (Convenio 31/99)
J_1BLFA354 Arquivo Magnetico: New Record 54 (Convenio 31/99)
J_1BLFAM10 Arquivo Magnetico: Record 10
J_1BLFAM50 Arquivo Magnetico: Record 50
J_1BLFAM51 Arquivo Magnetico: Record 51
J_1BLFAM53 Arquivo Magnetico: Record 53
J_1BLFAM70 Arquivo Magnetico: Record 70
J_1BLFAM90 Arquivo Magnetico: Record 90
J_1BLFAMCM Arquivo Magnetico: Common head for records 50, ..., 70
J_1BLPP Average Tax Rates for Reimbursement
J_1BMAPTABTAX Mapping Number of Line Item Within Accounting Document
J_1BMMKON0 MM: Value transfer from pricing to Nota Fiscal
J_1BMMKONV Generated Table for View J_1BMMKONV
J_1BMMNFA Relatn. symb. arg. - arg.field (creation of NF header texts)
J_1BMMNFAT Symbolic arg. texts (creation of NF header texts)
J_1BMMNFAV Generated Table for View J_1BMMNFAV
J_1BMMNFTT MM: Allowed automatic texts
J_1BMMNFTU MM: Allowed automatic text key description
J_1BMMNFTW Generated Table for View J_1BMMNFTW
J_1BMMNFX MM: Argument used in automatic creation of NF header texts
J_1BMMNFXT MM:Text used in automatic creation of NF header texts?
J_1BMMNFXV Generated Table for View J_1BMMNFXV
J_1BMODTEXT Texts for Modelo 1 and 2

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J_1BMODTEXTV Generated Table for View J_1BMODTEXTV

J_1BMWSKZKALSM Assign Alternative Calculation Procedure per FI/MM Tax Code
J_1BNFAIDX Archive index for nota fiscal archiving
J_1BNFCPD Nota Fiscal one-time accounts
J_1BNFDOC Nota Fiscal Header
J_1BNFDOCEXT Extension for Nota Fiscal Header
J_1BNFE_HEADER NF-e Header Data
J_1BNFFTX Nota Fiscal header message
J_1BNFITMRULE Rules for Nota Fiscal Item Type
J_1BNFITMRULEV Generated Table for View J_1BNFITMRULEV
J_1BNFLIN Nota Fiscal line items
J_1BNFLIN_SD Nota Fiscal Line Items and SD Tax Code's Customer Usage
J_1BNFLWCOND Tax Law Conditions Interface for Notas Fiscais
J_1BNFNAD Nota Fiscal partners
J_1BNFREF Nota Fiscal reference to header message
J_1BNFSTX Nota Fiscal tax per item
J_1BNFTXCOND Tax Condition Interface for Notas Fiscais
J_1BNFTXCONDV Generated Table for View J_1BNFTXCONDV
J_1BPISCOFISS Taxlaws and situation for Pis, Cofins & ISS
J_1BPOSCOUPONS POS-Database Coupons (Brazilian)
J_1BPOSREDUCTION POS-Database Reduction (Brazilian)
J_1BPOTAX Interface invoice verification - tax calculation
J_1BPOTAX_SRV Interface structure for tax data - Service Management
J_1BPRICECOND Generated Table for View J_1BPRICECOND
J_1BPRNFDE Print Nota Fiscal: destination data
J_1BPRNFFA NF print: Fatura data
J_1BPRNFHD NF print: Document header
J_1BPRNFIS NF print: data for issuer
J_1BPRNFLI NF print: line information
J_1BPRNFLI_TOT Structure for Intertotals in Print program Nota Fiscal
J_1BPRNFRE NF Print: Bill-to party informations
J_1BPRNFRG NF Print: Payer information
J_1BPRNFST NF print: subtotals at top/bottom of page
J_1BPRNFTR NF print: Transport data
J_1BPRNFTX NF print: Texts
J_1BPRODCOD Product Code
J_1BPRODCOD1V Generated Table for View J_1BPRODCOD1V
J_1BPRODCODT Product Code Text
J_1BRADIO Radio buttons for customizing
J_1BRATEBANK Vendor Operation - rates per bank
J_1BREGUP Brazilian fields in REGUP
J_1BREGUP3 Interest exempt
J_1BREGUP_BR Additional Brazilian Data in Withholding Tax Data Paymnt Run
J_1BSDIC NF relevant Item Categories
J_1BSDICA Sales Document Item Category table
J_1BSDKON0 SD: Value transfer from pricing to Nota Fiscal

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J_1BSDKONV Generated Table for View J_1BSDKONV

J_1BSDNFA Relatn. symb. arg. - arg.field (creation of NF header texts)
J_1BSDNFAT Symbolic arg. texts (creation of NF header texts)
J_1BSDNFAV Generated Table for View J_1BSDNFAV
J_1BSDNFX Argument used in automatic creation of NF header texts
J_1BSDNFXT Text used in automatic creation of NF header texts
J_1BSDNFXV Generated Table for View J_1BSDNFXV
J_1BSDTXC SD Tax code determination
J_1BSERVASSIGN1 Assignment of Official to Generic Service Types
J_1BSERVASSIGN1V Generated Table for View J_1BSERVASSIGN1V
J_1BSERVASSIGN2 Assignment of Official Service Types to Material Numbers
J_1BSERVASSIGN2V Generated Table for View J_1BSERVASSIGN2V
J_1BSERVASSIGN3 Assignment of Official Service Types to Service Numbers
J_1BSERVASSIGN3V Generated Table for View J_1BSERVASSIGN3V
J_1BSERVTYPES1 Official Brazilian Service Types - Incoming
J_1BSERVTYPES1T Texts For Official Brazilian Service Types - Incoming
J_1BSERVTYPES1V Generated Table for View J_1BSERVTYPES1V
J_1BSERVTYPES2 Official Brazilian Service Types - Outgoing
J_1BSERVTYPES2T Texts For Official Brazilian Service Types - Outgoing
J_1BSERVTYPES2V Generated Table for View J_1BSERVTYPES2V
J_1BSTAST Reg. Tax code for Sub.Trib.
J_1BSTASTV Generated Table for View J_1BSTASTV
J_1BT001WV Generated Table for View J_1BT001WV
J_1BT007 Tax Codes (Brazil)
J_1BT023V Generated Table for View J_1BT023V
J_1BT059PV Generated Table for View J_1BT059PV
J_1BT163V Generated Table for View J_1BT163V
J_1BT604FV Generated Table for View J_1BT604FV
J_1BTABTAX Mapping Number of Line Item Within Accounting Document
J_1BTAXCODEV Generated Table for View J_1BTAXCODEV
J_1BTAXGRPCD Assign Tax Group to SD Internal Codes
J_1BTAXJUR Tax calculation: Structure of tax-jurisdiction code
J_1BTAXSITCOFT Tax situation COFINS - Description
J_1BTAXSITCOFV Generated Table for View J_1BTAXSITCOFV
J_1BTAXSITISS Tax situation ISS
J_1BTAXSITISST Tax situation ISS - Description
J_1BTAXSITISSV Generated Table for View J_1BTAXSITISSV
J_1BTAXSITPIS Tax situation PIS
J_1BTAXSITPIST Tax situation PIS - Description
J_1BTAXSITPISV Generated Table for View J_1BTAXSITPISV
J_1BTREGC Tax regions for foreign countries
J_1BTREGV Generated Table for View J_1BTREGV
J_1BTREGX Tax region
J_1BTREGXT Tax region description
J_1BTREG_CITY Tax Jurisdiction Codes by Range of Postal Codes
J_1BTREG_CITYV Generated Table for View J_1BTREG_CITYV
J_1BTVAKV Generated Table for View J_1BTVAKV

Maruthi Ram Page 11


J_1BTVFKV Generated Table for View J_1BTVFKV

J_1BTXCALC Tax calculation: Special parameters for J_1BCALCULATE_TAXES
J_1BTXCI1 Tax calc.: Complement of ICMS rules
J_1BTXCODESEQ Sequence for Tax Code Determination
J_1BTXCOF Tax Calculation: COFINS
J_1BTXCOFV Generated Table for View J_1BTXCOFV
J_1BTXCOND Map Internal Codes for Tax Conditions to Condition Types
J_1BTXDATA Tax calculation: NF transfer: Tax values
J_1BTXDEF Tax calc.: Default rates
J_1BTXGRUOP Dynamic Determination of Tax-Related Master Data
J_1BTXIC1 Tax calc.: ICMS general rules
J_1BTXIC2 Tax calc.: ICMS rules
J_1BTXIC3 Grouped ICMS
J_1BTXIC3V Generated Table for View J_1BTXIC3V
J_1BTXIP1 Tax calc.: IPI rules
J_1BTXIP2 Tax calc.: IPI rules (material dependent)
J_1BTXIP3 Grouped IPI
J_1BTXIP3V Generated Table for View J_1BTXIP3V
J_1BTXIS1 Tax calc.: ISS rules for sales
J_1BTXIS3 Grouped ISS
J_1BTXIS3V Generated Table for View J_1BTXIS3V
J_1BTXISS Tax Calculation: PIS
J_1BTXISSV Generated Table for View J_1BTXISSV
J_1BTXJUR Tax Jurisdiction Codes For Brazilian Tax Calculation
J_1BTXJURT Text Table For Brazilian Tax Jurisdiction Codes
J_1BTXJURV Generated Table for View J_1BTXJURV
J_1BTXLAWS Tax calculation: NF transfer: Tax values
J_1BTXLAWSEQ Sequence for Tax Law Determination
J_1BTXMMCV Generated Table for View J_1BTXMMCV
J_1BTXPIS Tax Calculation: PIS
J_1BTXPISV Generated Table for View J_1BTXPISV
J_1BTXSDC SD tax codes
J_1BTXSDCT SD tax codes - description
J_1BTXSDCV Generated Table for View J_1BTXSDCV
J_1BTXST1 Tax calc.: Sub.Trib. rules
J_1BTXST2 Tax calc.: Sub.Trib. rules (general)
J_1BTXST3 Dynamic Calculation of Substituição Tributária
J_1BTXST3V Generated Table for View J_1BTXST3V
J_1BTXSTG Tax calc.: Sub.Trib. customer group
J_1BTXSTGT Tax calc.: Sub.Trib. customer group - Description
J_1BTXSTGV Generated Table for View J_1BTXSTGV
J_1BTXWITH Withholding Tax Calculation: Rates and Collection Codes
J_1BTXWITHV Generated Table for View J_1BTXWITHV
J_1BVIEWMAP Map Tax Rate Tables to Condition Tables
J_1BWFIELD Work fields
J_1BWHT Witholding tax amounts for Brazil
J_1BWHTACCBS_BR Accumulated real base amount(Local currency)
J_1BWHTA_BR Additional Brazilian Data in Withholding Tax Accumulation
J_1BWITH_ITEM_BR Additional Brazilian Data in Withholding Tax Item
J_1BWTADPN_BR Additional Brazilian Data of WTADPN

Maruthi Ram Page 12


J_1BWTAD_BR Additional Brazilian Data of WTAD

J_1BWTAKPN_BR Additional Brazilian Data of WTAKPN
J_1BWTAK_BR Additional Brazilian Data of WTAK
J_1B_CBT_CHECKS Condition-Based Tax Calculation Brazil: Checks
J_1B_CIAPV Generated Table for View J_1B_CIAPV
J_1B_CIAP_COND CIAP Object Conditions
J_1B_CIAP_OBJECT CIAP document data
J_1B_CIAP_OBJTP CIAP objects types
J_1B_CIAP_OBJTPT CIAP objects types
J_1B_ERROR Definition of error code per bank and return code
J_1B_ERROV Generated Table for View J_1B_ERROV
J_1B_ERTXT Definition of error code per bank and return code
J_1B_LOCALIZATION_ASMD Localization: Country-specific enhancement of table ASMD
J_1B_LOCALIZATION_SRV Country-specific fields of service-line items
J_1B_LOCALIZATION_SRV_DATA Country-specific enhancement of structure SRV_DATA
J_1B_OPEN_ITEM Open Item for Withholding Tax Base Amount Determination
J_1B_POCOND Tax-Related Conditions in Orders
J_1B_T007A Brazilian fields for tax codes
J_1B_T158V Brazilian fields for transaction/event type
J_1B_TAXCOM Brazilian Tax Fields in KOM*
J_1B_TVKOV Generated Table for View J_1B_TVKOV
J_1HKORD_S_HEADER_TEXT Structure for Header information
J_1HVAT_OFF_NUM VAT official numbering
J_1HVAT_OFF_NUMA Generated Table for View J_1HVAT_OFF_NUMA
J_1HVAT_OFF_NUMV Generated Table for View J_1HVAT_OFF_NUMV
J_1HWTCTNCO4 Withholding tax certificate numbering concept 4
J_1H_DOC_ID_TAX Structure to store VAT line info to be printed on Tax Invoice
J_1H_DOC_TH_04_BILL Structure for Billing item
J_1H_DOC_TH_04_BR Structure for Branch address
J_1H_DOC_TH_04_INV Structure for Invoice Item
J_1H_DOC_TH_04_PDF Structure for J_1H_DOC_TH_04 form
J_1H_DOM Structure for Program RFIDWYYT: To handle Income type data
J_1H_RFIDYYWT_CERT Structure for Program RFIDWYYT
J_1IACCBAL Structure for storing account no and balance
J_1IADDEXC Additional Excise rate table
J_1IADDRES Excise Related Address Management
J_1IADDRESS Excise Related Address Management
J_1IARE_ATTRB Excise Bonding: Attributes
J_1IASSVAL Assessable value table for excise calculation
J_1IAUTHA Authorization fields for India CIN
J_1IBAPIEXCINV Table for Excise Invoice Get List BAPI
J_1IBILDET Billing Type Determination - India
J_1IBOND Excise Bonding: Bonds/UT-/Running Bond master
J_1IBOSDEFAULT Default Billing Type for Export
J_1IBPOTAB BPO structure for ERS - CIN
J_1IBUPLA Structure for Vendors and Business Place
J_1ICALOC Allocation of materials to assets
J_1ICERTIF TDS certificate information
J_1ICHIDTX Text Table for Chapter ID

Maruthi Ram Page 13


J_1ICHPTER Chapter ID Master

J_1ICOMP Additional company data
J_1ICONDTAX Tax Codes for Excise Duties Using Condition Technique
J_1ICUS_BILL_TYP Assign Customer Category to Bill Type
J_1IDBSEG second tax base value India version
J_1IDCLSDET Document class Determination - India
J_1IEICOCU Excise indicator determination for company and customer
J_1IEICOVE Excise indicator determination for company and vendor
J_1IEK08G second tax base value for India version
J_1IEWTADD append for EWT-India
J_1IEWTCALID Calendar for Payment Due date-EWT India
J_1IEWTCALID_N Calendar for Payment Due date-EWT India: SECCO
J_1IEWTCHLN Table for Internal and external Challan nos-EWT India.
J_1IEWTCODE withholding Tax Code
J_1IEWTCODE1 Withholding tax code
J_1IEWTDATE value date for withholding tax line items
J_1IEWTDOCKEY Document Types for Extended Withholding Tax Processes
J_1IEWTDTCHLN Generated Table for View J_1IEWTDTCHLN
J_1IEWTDTPRV Generated Table for View J_1IEWTDTPRV
J_1IEWTECESS Education Cess Codes
J_1IEWTHKONT Table for for TDS provisions Accounts / Loss Accounts
J_1IEWTJV Generated Table for View J_1IEWTJV
J_1IEWTNO No range for certificate Printing-EWT India
J_1IEWTNUMGR Number Groups For Internal Challan Numbers- EWT India.
J_1IEWTNUMGR_1 Number Groups For Internal Challan Numbers-EWT India:SECCO
J_1IEWTNUMGR_N Number Groups For Internal Challan Numbers-EWT India:SECCO
J_1IEWTPROV Table for TDS provisions
J_1IEWTPROVISACC Maintain entries for accts to be considered for provisions
J_1IEWTSURC Surcharge Tax Codes
J_1IEWT_CERT SAPscript Forms/section indicators for E WT Certificates
J_1IEWT_CERTIF Certificate Issued Details-EWT India
J_1IEWT_CERTIF_N Certificate Issued Details-EWT India:SECCO
J_1IEWT_CERTNO Number Ranges for Withholding Tax Certificates
J_1IEWT_CERT_N SAPscript Forms/section indicators for EWT Certificate:SECCO
J_1IEWT_COMP Surcharge Calculation Methods
J_1IEWT_CUST Customer certificates ,Challan customizing EWT- India
J_1IEWT_CUSTV Generated Table for View J_1IEWT_CUSTV
J_1IEWT_ECESS1 Education Cess Rates
J_1IEWT_ECFLAG Separate Tax code for Ecess
J_1IEWT_HC Health check for migration to EWT status.
J_1IEWT_MAPEXM Generated Table for View J_1IEWT_MAPEXM
J_1IEWT_MAPEXMPT Table for Vendor type/exemption indicators in Annual Returns
J_1IEWT_MIGRATE Map Classic tax code to EWT Tax type - Tax codes
J_1IEWT_SURC Generated Table for View J_1IEWT_SURC
J_1IEWT_SURC1 Surcharge Rates
J_1IEWT_VENTYP Generated Table for View J_1IEWT_VENTYP
J_1IEXCACC Excise Account Assignment table
J_1IEXCCOM Excise Components communication structure

Maruthi Ram Page 14


J_1IEXCDEF Tax default informations

J_1IEXCDEFN Default Condition Types
J_1IEXCDEP Excise information of vendor at detail level for depot
J_1IEXCDETAIL Item details for er1 report
J_1IEXCDTL Excise invoice line item details
J_1IEXCHDR Excise invoice header detail
J_1IEXCINV Structure for the User Exit Unit Conversion
J_1IEXCONTEXT J1IEX: Context Info for Application Log
J_1IEXCPAID Duty paid details for ER1
J_1IEXCREF Delivery document to excise invoice reference document link
J_1IEXCSTR Structure for Excise verification
J_1IEXCTAX Tax calc. - Excise tax rates
J_1IEXDYNPRO Incoming Excise Invoice: CIN40A Screen inputs first Line
J_1IEXESTA Excise indicator determination for co / cust / form code
J_1IEXGRPS Excise Groups
J_1IEXHEAD Incoming Excise Invoice: CIN40A : Header Data
J_1IEXITEM Incoming Excise Invoice: CIN40A : Item Details
J_1IEXITEM_TV Incoming Excise Invoice: CIN40A : Item Details
J_1IEXMPTCODE VAT Exempted Tax code
J_1IEXSRDET Excise / Series group determination
J_1IEX_CUST_ACT Define Processing Modes Per Transaction
J_1IEX_CUST_FLDS J1IEX: Incoming Invoices field selections
J_1IEX_CUST_REF Define Reference Documents Per Transaction
J_1IFRDTOT Transaction Table for Forms Tracking-Non SAP docs.
J_1IFRDTPO Transaction Table for Forms Tracking for Purchase
J_1IFRDTSO Transaction table for Forms Tracking for Sales.
J_1IFRMTYP Form Types
J_1IGRXREF Goods Receipt to Excise Invoice Coss Reference
J_1IGRXSUB GR reference to subcontracting challans
J_1IINDCUS Company Code Settings
J_1IINKOMG KOMG Extension for India
J_1IINKOMP KOMP extension for India
J_1IITMDTL Item Details - for Capital goods and subcontracting
J_1IKOMPCV India Localization extension for billing
J_1IKONV Excise recalculated conditions
J_1ILICDTL Excise Bonding: License detail
J_1ILICHDR Excise Bonding: License Header
J_1ILICTYPE Excise Bonding: License type master
J_1IMATEXP Exceptional materials excise rates
J_1IMESG Message Control
J_1IMINBAL Minimum account balances
J_1IMOCOMP Company and Plant - Excise Additional Data
J_1IMOCUST Customer Master Excise Additional Data
J_1IMOCUSTEWT Generated Table for View J_1IMOCUSTEWT
J_1IMODDET Modvat Determination Table (Input Material->Output Material)
J_1IMOVEND Vendor Master Excise Additional Data
J_1IMOVENDEWT Generated Table for View J_1IMOVENDEWT
J_1IMTCHID Combination of Material Number and Chapter ID
J_1IMVMT Movement types versus register relevance
J_1IMVTGRP Movement type Group for Subcontracting

Maruthi Ram Page 15


J_1INEWJCODE VAT Transition Dummy Jurisdiction Code

J_1INEXCGRP excise group for no range
J_1INKOMG Pricing condition fields for India
J_1INKOMP Item Pricing Communication: second base value India version
J_1IPART1 Excise part I details
J_1IPART2 Excise Part II details
J_1IQEXCISE Quantity based AED, NCCD and SED
J_1IRECMAP Consolidating Classic & EWT table fields for Annual Returns
J_1IREG Fields for popup
J_1IREGSET Excise Registrations
J_1IREJMAS Rejection Codes
J_1IRG1 Excise RG1 details
J_1IRG1RNG Group table for RG1 - Number Range Object
J_1IRG23D RG23D register for the depot
J_1IRGSUM RG23 Summary of receipts and issues
J_1IRSNCODEM Exemption Reason Code; e-Filing India Localization
J_1ISERVC Service tax details
J_1ISPLIT Structure for split Invoices
J_1ISRGRPS Excise Document Series
J_1ISSIRAT ssi concessional rates
J_1ISTAPPL Tax applicability
J_1ISTATECD State Codes; e-Filing, Localization India
J_1ISTATECDM State Code Mapping; e-Filing India Localization
J_1ISTATECDT State Code Texts; e-Filing India Localization
J_1ISTRATE Sales tax set off percentages
J_1ISUBATT Subcontracting Scenario Attributes
J_1ISUBBYP Subcontracting Scrap/ Byproduct
J_1ISUBTYP Sub transaction type text
J_1IT030K India Tax account determination ( T030K + BWMOD )
J_1IT030K_V Generated Table for View J_1IT030K_V
J_1IT059A Indicator to mention tax exemption
J_1ITAXCOM second base value for India version
J_1ITAXCOND_DEF Structure to map condition types to AP Excise conditions
J_1ITAXDEP Depreciation computation as per Income Tax (India)
J_1ITAXIND Excise Tax Indicator
J_1ITAXVAR Variable for tax value carry over in TAX calculation
J_1ITCJCMAP Tax code and Jurisdiction code mapping
J_1ITCJCUPDATE Updatation table for open documents
J_1ITDS Classic TDS - reference table
J_1ITDSDUE TDS Payment due date customization
J_1ITDSTXC TDS - Withholding tax code and section relationship
J_1ITRAN Transaction code
J_1ITRNACC Transaction code vs accounts
J_1IUTILIZE Utilization Determination
J_1IV2ARE_ATTRB Generated Table for View J_1IV2ARE_ATTRB
J_1IVARE_ATTRB Generated Table for View J_1IVARE_ATTRB
J_1IVATDATE Maintain Valid from date of VAT legislation in India
J_1IVATDATE_V Generated Table for View J_1IVATDATE_V
J_1IVATINVOICE Billing type determination for VAT

Maruthi Ram Page 16


J_1IVATREGIO States Under VAT regime

J_1IVBKD Sales forms extension
J_1IVCHID Generated Table for View J_1IVCHID
J_1IVEXGRP Generated Table for View J_1IVEXGRP
J_1IVEXGRPS Generated Table for View J_1IVEXGRPS
J_1IVFRMTY Generated Table for View J_1IVFRMTY
J_1IVFRTYP Generated Table for View J_1IVFRTYP
J_1IVREGID Generated Table for View J_1IVREGID
J_1IVSRGRP Generated Table for View J_1IVSRGRP
J_1IVT001 Generated Table for View J_1IVT001
J_1IVTDSDU Generated Table for View J_1IVTDSDU
J_1IVTRAN Generated Table for View J_1IVTRAN
J_1IVTTXID Generated Table for View J_1IVTTXID
J_1IVTTXOB Generated Table for View J_1IVTTXOB
J_1IVTXNOR Generated Table for View J_1IVTXNOR
J_1IVTXRAT Generated Table for View J_1IVTXRAT
J_1IVTXSPL Generated Table for View J_1IVTXSPL
J_1IV_INVC Generated Table for View J_1IV_INVC
J_1IWRKCUS Plant Settings
J_1I_BCKEXCSUS Customizing table for background capture of Exc Invoice-SUS
J_1I_CUST_CERT Data table for clearing doc on customer tax certificate.
J_1I_EWT_RETURN Generated Table for View J_1I_EWT_RETURN
J_1I_SECCODE Generated Table for View J_1I_SECCODE
IS-M/SD/CH: Append Struc. for RJV2704
J_1SAPBND IS-M/SD CH: Country-Specific Append
J_1SAPPLAO IS-M/SD CH: Format Surcharge Ind. for Postal Charge Settlement
J_1SAPPTTB IS-M/SD CH/S: PTT Additional Data
J_1SAPSFLG IS-M/SD CH: Sack Flag Address and Short Sequence
J_1SBDA IS-M/SD CH/S: Postal Carrier Data for Transfer => SAP
J_1SBLGPTT IS-M/SD(CH): Info on Inserts for Postal Charge Settlement
J_1SBOTPRO IS-M/SD CH/S: CH Carrier Data
J_1SBSALLG IS-M/SD CH/S: General Structure for PTT Carrier File
J_1SBUNDA IS-M/SD CH/V: Postal Pack Addrs for Foreign Postal Shipping
J_1SESR IS-M/SD CH/F: Auxiliary Structure for POR
J_1SEXPEXC IS-M/SD CH: PTT Charge Settlement Data => MS Excel
J_1SFAKFRE IS-M/SD CH/F: Control Table for PTT POR Confirmations
J_1SFSPED IS-M/SD CH/V: Addresses, Orders for Third-Party Shipping
J_1SGEWAUL IS-M/SD CH: No. Taxable Issues by Weight Groups - Foreign
J_1SGEWBOT IS-M/SD CH/V: Weight Limit for Determining PTT Carrier Type
J_1SGEWBTE IS-M/SD CH: No. Taxable Issues by Weight Groups - Domestic
J_1SGEWGRP IS-M/SD CH: Weight Groups in Grams From-To
J_1SGEWINL IS-M/SD CH: No. Taxable Issues by Weight Groups - Domestic
J_1SGEWPLA IS-M/SD CH: No. Taxable Issues by Weight Groups - Domestic
J_1SGMUTEV IS-M/SD CH: Retail Order Data for Global Changes
J_1SGMUTPR IS-M/SD CH: Log Structure for Global Changes
J_1SGRPPTT LIS M/SD: Country Group for PTT Settlement

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J_1SH01 Generated Table for View J_1SH01

J_1SH02 Generated Table for View J_1SH02
J_1SH03 Generated Table for View J_1SH03
J_1SH04 Generated Table for View J_1SH04
J_1SH05 Generated Table for View J_1SH05
J_1SH06 Generated Table for View J_1SH06
J_1SHAUSNR IS-M/SD CH/S: House Number Ranges
J_1SIS1101 IS-M/SD CH/S: Include Record Type 101 PCd PTT
J_1SIS2102 IS-M/SD CH/S: Include Record Type 102 PCd PTT
J_1SIS3200 IS-M/SD CH/S: Include Record Type 200 PCd PTT
J_1SIS5500 IS-M/SD CH/S: Include Record Type 500 PTT PCodes
J_1SISU101 IS-M/SD CH/S: Include Record Type 101 PTT PCode Changes
J_1SISV102 IS-M/SD CH/S: Include Record Type 102 PTT PCode Changes
J_1SISW200 IS-M/SD CH/S: Include Record Type 200 PTT PCode Changes
J_1SLFGABL Generated Table for View J_1SLFGABL
J_1SLFGADR Generated Table for View J_1SLFGADR
J_1SMAHNFA IS-M/SD CH/F: Dunned Subscription Billing Documents
J_1SMAHNST IS-M/SD CH/F: Control Table for Dunning Levels
J_1SMANZEB IS-M/SD CH/V: Manual ZEBU CH Country Version
J_1SMWSAR IS-M/SD CH/F: VAT Deduction Types
J_1SMWSBTR IS-M/SD CH/F: VAT Amounts for VAT Deduction by Agreement
J_1SMWSNWS IS-M/SD CH/F: VAT Statement for VAT Deduction by Agreement
J_1SODA IS-M/SD CH/S: City Data from Post for Transfer => SAP
J_1SODAMUT IS-M/SD CH/S: Data for City Changes
J_1SORGZEB IS-M/SD CH/V: Node Data on a ZEBU Node
J_1SOUPDA IS-M/SD CH/S: City Data from Post for Changes
J_1SPART IS-M/SD (CH): Item Type for PTT Settlement
J_1SPAUFG IS-M/SD-CH: Postal Dispatch Lists
J_1SPDA IS-M/SD CH/S: Postal Code Data from Post for SAP Transfer
J_1SPLZPRO IS-M/SD CH/S: CH Postal Codes
J_1SPLZZUO Assignment: 4-Digit PCode - 6-Digit PCode (CH Postal Data)
J_1SPSALLG IS-M/SD CH/S: General Structure for PTT Postal Code File
J_1SPTAXL0 IS-M/SD CH/P: Country Grouping for Postal Tax
J_1SPTAXL1 IS-M/SD CH/P: Country Grouping for Postal Tax
J_1SPTAXL2 IS-M/SD CH/P: Text for Country Grouping for Postal Tax
J_1SPTAXPVA IS-M/SD-CH: Edition Data for Postal Charges
J_1SPTAXREP IS-M/SD-CH: Settings for Postal Charge Reporting
J_1SPTAXREPAUL IS-M/SD-CH: Postal Charge Reptg Settings for Foreign Stats
J_1SPTAX_R01 IS-M/SD-CH: Domestic Settlement for Postal Charge Reporting
J_1SPTAX_R02 IS-M/SD-CH: Foreign Settlement for Postal Charge Reporting
J_1SPTAX_R03 IS-M/SD-CH: Insert Settlement for Postal Charge Reporting
J_1SPTAX_R04 IS-M/SD-CH: Postal Charge Reporting - Weight Groups 1
J_1SPTAX_R05 IS-M/SD-CH: Postal Charge Reporting - Weight Groups 2
J_1SPTAX_R06 IS-M/SD-CH: Postal Charge Reporting - Weight Groups 3
J_1SPTTLOG IS-PSD CH/S: Logging Table for Stock/Conversion Program
J_1SPUPBESTAND IS-M/SD CH: Temporary Table for Postal Data Upgrade in DSet
J_1SPUPDA IS-M/SD CH/S: PTT Postal Code Data for Changes
J_1SR301 IS-M/SD CH/V: STEPLOOP Structure for ZEBU Maintenance CH
J_1SR302 IS-M/SD CH/V: Detail Structure for ZEBU Maintenance CH
J_1SR303 IS-M/SD CH/V: Assignments for ZEBU CH

Maruthi Ram Page 18


J_1SR304 IS-M/SD CH/V: Internal Structure J_1SORGZEB + DBCODE

J_1SR305 IS-M/SD CH/V: Internal Structure J_1SZUOZEB + DBCODE
J_1SR401 IS-M/SD (CH): Display Structure Prod.Seq. (SAPMJ1S4)
J_1SR403 IS-M/SD (CH): Display Structure for Texts
J_1SRADRE IS-M/SD CH/V: FERAG Interface Addresses on Copies
J_1SRAZEBU IS-M/SD CH/V: Order Schedule Line Data with ZEBU Record
J_1SRBUND IS-M/SD CH/V: FERAG Interface - Postal Pack Data
J_1SRFSPED IS-M/SD CH/V: Third Party Forwarding Struc.for Data Transfer
J_1SRGBND IS-M/SD CH/V: FERAG Interface - Container Data
J_1SRJ1S3 IS-M/SD CH/V: ZEBU Assignments
J_1SRPSEQ IS-M/SD CH/V: FERAG Interface - Production Sequence
J_1SRVZEBU IS-M/SD CH/V: Internal Structure for ZEBU
J_1SRZUVO1 IS-M/SD CH/?: Transfer Struc.ZUVO Interface Record 1
J_1SRZUVO2 IS-M/SD CH/?: Transfer Structure ZUVO Interface Record 2
J_1SR_ZUVO IS-M/SD CH/?: Transfer Structure for ZUVO Interface Headers
J_1SSDA IS-M/SD CH/S: Postal Street Data for Transfer to SAP
J_1SSPWEMF Generated Table for View J_1SSPWEMF
J_1SSTRKUN IS-M/SD CH/S: Assign Street Data for Individual Customers
J_1SSUPBESTAND IS-M/SD CH: Temporary Table for Postal Data Upgrade in DSet
J_1SSUPDA IS-M/SD CH/S: Postal Street Data for Change to SAP
J_1STJ1S0 IS-M/SD CH/S: Determine Postal Code Type via PCode Category
J_1STJ1S1 IS-M/SD CH/S: Basic Postal Code and Assigned Areas
J_1STJ1S2 IS-M/SD CH/S: Preposition Code
J_1STJ1S3 IS-M/SD CH/S: Street Type
J_1STJ1S5 IS-M/SD CH/S: Change Processing Data
J_1STJD55 Generated Table for View J_1STJD55
J_1SVARIEV IS-M/SD CH: Variants for Global Changes in Retail
J_1SVAUFTR Generated Table for View J_1SVAUFTR
J_1SVBADRE Generated Table for View J_1SVBADRE
J_1SVBUNDA Generated Table for View J_1SVBUNDA
J_1SVERPLZ Generated Table for View J_1SVERPLZ
J_1SVGMABU Generated Table for View J_1SVGMABU
J_1SVMANZE Generated Table for View J_1SVMANZE
J_1SVMWSAR Generated Table for View J_1SVMWSAR
J_1SVPTAXL Generated Table for View J_1SVPTAXL
J_1SVPTAXZ Generated Table for View J_1SVPTAXZ
J_1SVSULFE Generated Table for View J_1SVSULFE
J_1SVTJ1S0 Generated Table for View J_1SVTJ1S0
J_1SVVPSEQ Generated Table for View J_1SVVPSEQ
J_1SVWEMF3 Generated Table for View J_1SVWEMF3
J_1SV_BUND IS-M/SD CH/V: Print Postal Pack Labels: Form Structure
J_1SWEMF00 IS-M/SD CH/W: Daily WEMF Statistics
J_1SWEMF01 IS-M/SD CH/W: WEMF Assignments of Retail Return Categories
J_1SWEMF02 IS-M/SD CH/W: Monthly WEMF Statistics
J_1SWEMF03 IS-M/SD CH/W: WEMF Specific Category Processing
J_1SWEMF04 IS-M/SD CH/W: Special Category Determination for WEMF
J_1SWEMF1K IS-M/SD CH/W: Key Fields for Daily WEMF Stats (w/o Client)

Maruthi Ram Page 19


J_1SWEMF2K IS-M/SD CH/W: Key Fields in Monthly WEMF Stats, w/o Client
J_1SZUOZEB IS-M/SD CH/V: Assignments to ZEBU Tree (CH)
J_1S_AEND IS-M/SD CH/S: Orders Affected by Change Number
J_1S_ANZEX Generated Table for View J_1S_ANZEX
J_1S_AUFTR IS-M/SD CH/S: Items for ZUVO Interface
J_1S_LFBUN Generated Table for View J_1S_LFBUN
J_1S_LFGBN Generated Table for View J_1S_LFGBN
J_1S_LFGBT Generated Table for View J_1S_LFGBT
J_1S_LFGPO Generated Table for View J_1S_LFGPO
J_1S_LFZUO Generated Table for View J_1S_LFZUO
J_1S_POSET Generated Table for View J_1S_POSET
J_1S_RBUND IS-M/SD (CH): Information on Postal Pack
J_1S_RGBND IS-M/SD (VCH): Interface for Data on Container
J_1S_RSADR IS-M/SD (CH): Enhanced Address Structure
J_1S_VPART Generated Table for View J_1S_VPART
J_2IACCBAL Opening/Closing a/c balance table
J_2ICOMM Structure containing common fields for reporting
J_2ICOMP Common fields for SAPScripts
J_2IEXDATE Register Extraction Dates
J_2IEXTRCT Data Extract table for Excise Registers
J_2ILAYCTR Table for all the layouts of excise reporting
J_2IREGBAL Opening/Closing balance table for Raw & Capital goods
J_2IRG1BAL Opening/Closing balance table for RG1
J_2IRULES Maintainenace of Rule/section
J_2IUTZDAT Utilization dates
J_2IVACCBAL Generated Table for View J_2IVACCBAL
J_2IVLYCTR Generated Table for View J_2IVLYCTR
J_3A000 Condition Table for Grid determination usage J
J_3A458 AFS Exception messages MRP
J_3A685A AFS available conditions on size - level
J_3A685A_V Generated Table for View J_3A685A_V
J_3AABRUF AFS Abruf Doku Contracts
J_3AACFN_T AFS Possible Access Fields (Access to Release Parameters)
J_3AACFN_W AFS Possible Access Fields (Access to Release Parameters)
J_3AACRG AFS Rule to Access Dependent Release Parameters
J_3AACRG_S ARUN rule to access to dependent release-parameter
J_3AACRG_T AFS Rule to Access Dependent Release Parameters (Text)
J_3AACRG_W AFS Rule to Access Dependent Release Parameters
J_3AACTN ARun Reasons and Actions for Certain Release Checks
J_3AACVP_V Generated Table for View J_3AACVP_V
J_3AADO AFS documentation of ordered quantity
J_3AAFFW AFS: Append structure for AFS-data
J_3AAFKO AFS additional fields for AFKO
J_3AAFKO_VSAFKO_CN AFS additional fields for AFKO - VS_AFKO_CN
J_3AAFPOB AFS additional fields for AFPOB
J_3AAFPOD AFS additional fields for AFPOD
J_3AALRE ARUN rule to influence assignment
J_3AALRE_S ARUN rule to influence assignment
J_3AALRE_T ARUN rule to influence assignment (text)
J_3AAMVKE AFS Material Master Append Structure MVKE

Maruthi Ram Page 20


J_3AARCO AFS ARun Control Data

J_3AARCO_S ARUN arun control data
J_3AARCO_T AFS arun control data (description)
J_3AARLH_V Generated Table for View J_3AARLH_V
J_3AARLO_S ARUN logic of allocation run
J_3AARPA ARun releaseparameters used in a allocation run
J_3AARPA_S ARUN parameters used in a allocation run
J_3AARSK_S ARUN key of totals
J_3AARSO ARun releaseparameters used in a allocation run
J_3AARSO_S ARUN releaseparameters used in a allocation run
J_3AARST AFS ARun Parameters for Determining MRP Status
J_3AARST_S ARUN characteristics of ARun - Status
J_3AARST_T AFS arun status (text)
J_3AARSU AFS arun statistics
J_3AARSU_S ARUN statistics
J_3AARTY ARUN allocation run type
J_3AARTY_T ARUN allocation run type (text)
J_3AARUN ARUN header
J_3AARUN_S AFS input/output fields for arun
J_3AARUN_W ARUN header
J_3AARVC_V Generated Table for View J_3AARVC_V
J_3AARVE_S ARUN scheluleline and status (fields from J_3AVBUE)
J_3AARVE_V Generated Table for View J_3AARVE_V
J_3AARVK_V Generated Table for View J_3AARVK_V
J_3AARVM_V Generated Table for View J_3AARVM_V
J_3AARVP_V Generated Table for View J_3AARVP_V
J_3AASBLC AFS key for blocking assignments
J_3AASRG ARUN logic for reallocation
J_3AASRG_T ARUN logic for reallocation
J_3AASRG_W ARUN logic for reallocation
J_3AATPCH AFS ATP Quantity Batch Stocks
J_3AATPLB AFS ATP Quantity Special Stocks with Vendor
J_3AATRG_T ARUN rule to determine action after releasechecks (text)
J_3AATRG_W ARUN rule to determine action after releasechecks (value)
J_3AAUSG ARUN allocation run (structure for list-output)
J_3AAVM07M AFS Append Structure VM07M
J_3ABAFN_T AFS possible fields to determine backorders (Test)
J_3ABAFN_V Generated Table for View J_3ABAFN_V
J_3ABAFN_W AFS field to determine backorder
J_3ABAOR AFS rule to determine backorders
J_3ABAOR_T AFS rule to determine backorders
J_3ABATCH AFS Batch Data (MCHB, MSKU, ....)
J_3ABATCHA AFS Batch Data A-Segment (MCHA, MCH1)
J_3ABATU AFS Structure for BATU
J_3ABCUC_V Generated Table for View J_3ABCUC_V
J_3ABCUC_VS Output customer data central via Batch Input
J_3ABCU_V Generated Table for View J_3ABCU_V
J_3ABCU_VS Output customer data via Batch Input
J_3ABDAA AFS ORDER (Account assignment data)
J_3ABDAC AFS ORDER (Availability Check)

Maruthi Ram Page 21


J_3ABDBMV AFS Requirement - Stock post structure (multi store)

J_3ABDBM_S AFS requirement - stock assignment (multistore)
J_3ABDBS AFS Requirement - Stock assignment
J_3ABDBSCO AFS Requirement - Stock assignment / combined orders
J_3ABDBSR Reserved qty
J_3ABDBSV AFS Requirement - Stock assignment post structure
J_3ABDBS_A AFS additional fields for arun
J_3ABDBS_K AFS Requirement - Stock assignment
J_3ABDBS_M AFS Requirement - Stock assignment (multistore)
J_3ABDBS_S AFS Requirement - Stock assignment
J_3ABDBS_SEA Structure for stock determination with season
J_3ABDGS AFS ORDER Global fields
J_3ABDRE AFS requirements including in arun
J_3ABDRE_S AFS requirements including in arun
J_3ABDRE_T AFS requirements including in arun (text)
J_3ABDSICU Timing Parameters for ATP Totals Records
J_3ABDSID AFS ORDER (Sizes) Dialoque structure
J_3ABDSIER Error Log: Totals Records
J_3ABDSIP AFS - sales order : GI quantities(PIR consumption/reductio
J_3ABDSISU AFS ATP Total Records
J_3ABDSIV AFS requirements post structure
J_3ABDSI_SEA Structure for stock determination with season
J_3ABDSORT AFS ORDER (Sizes) Dialoque structure
J_3ABEDF_S afs requirements
J_3ABEKPO AFS Additional data
J_3ABEST_S AFS stock
J_3ABFPRO AFS log delete source allocation vendor from purchase requ.
J_3ABKNA1 Additional customer fields for table BKNA1
J_3ABKNVV Customer fields for table BKNVV
J_3ABLCK_T AFS blocking reasons (values)
J_3ABLCK_W Allocation Run Event Type
J_3ABLCM_S ARUN key for blocking materials
J_3ABMM00 AFS Direct input material master append BMM00
J_3ABMMH1 AFS Direct input material master: Append BMMH1
J_3ABMSEG Append structure for BMSEG (Stock transfer)
J_3ABOMBI AFS Batch-Input structure for BOM-Items size informations
J_3ABOMD AFS Bills of Material additional sizegrid data for items
J_3ABOML AFS Bills of Material additional item data for MM/SD
J_3ABOMLV Dialog/update structure for BOM in MM/SD
J_3ABOMS AFS Bills of Material additional Data for items help struc.
J_3ABORE ARun Rule to Correlate BOM Items
J_3ABORE_T ARUN rule how to consider vas-items in releasechecks (text)
J_3ABSC AFS structure for bsc
J_3ABSGS AFS STOCK Global fields
J_3ABSL AFS stock types/anticipated availability (Special stocks)
J_3ABSL_V Generated Table for View J_3ABSL_V

Maruthi Ram Page 22


J_3ABSN AFS BSN Structure

J_3ABSNR_R afs Stock number range (batch, pu.order, ...)
J_3ABSPL_S AFS stock (arun/plan)
J_3ABSRE AFS stock for arun
J_3ABSRE_S AFS stock for arun
J_3ABSRE_T AFS stock for arun (text)
J_3ABSSG AFS stock types/anticipated availability (Special stocks)
J_3ABSSG_T AFS stock types/anticipated availability (Special stocks)
J_3ABSSG_V Generated Table for View J_3ABSSG_V
J_3ABSSG_W AFS stock types/anticipated availability (Special stocks)
J_3ABSSID AFS STOCK (Sizes) Dialoque structure
J_3ABSSIV AFS STOCK (Sizes) post structure
J_3ABSSL_S Selection structure for select statements
J_3ABSSORT AFS STOCK (Sizes) Dialoque structure with sort-criterias
J_3ABST AFS stock types/anticipated availability (text)
J_3ABUAFRD AFS Dialog structure order confirmations for bundles
J_3ABUAFRU AFS: Order completetion confirmations for bundles
J_3ABUAFVD AFS dialog structure for J_3ABUAFVV Bundles in operation
J_3ABUAFVV AFS DB structure of the bundles in the operation
J_3ABUNDL AFS Bundle for Production orders
J_3ABUNDLD AFS Dialog structure for J_3ABUNDL
J_3ABVBAKK AFS additional fields order header
J_3ABVBAPK AFS size information for vbap communication structure
J_3ABVBEPK AFS size information for schedule communication structure
J_3ACAPA AFS supplier capacity fields
J_3ACAPAMM AFS structure for capacity
J_3ACAPAPO AFS supplier capacity fields
J_3ACAPDEP AFS Vendor capacity level dependency
J_3ACAPLEV AFS Vendor capacity level
J_3ACAPL_T AFS Vendor Capacity Level Description text
J_3ACAPR AFS Category profiles
J_3ACAST AFS Standard case type
J_3ACASTT AFS Standard case type short texts
J_3ACATMAT AFS structure for categories
J_3ACATXT AFS Protocoll Texts
J_3ACAUFDB AFS additional fields for CAUFVDB
J_3ACAUFVD AFS additional fields for CAUFVD
J_3ACDBF_S ARUN customer fields (assignment database)
J_3ACFDH Settings for Final Destination ( Horizon + Route det. )
J_3ACFLD_S ARUN customer fields
J_3ACFSH Calculating of final determination horizon
J_3ACGRF_S ARUN customer fields (grouping)
J_3ACGRP AFS Country Group
J_3ACGRPT AFS Country Groups Short Texts
J_3ACHARG AFS additional data for batches
J_3ACHDI AFS Batch creation dialog structure
J_3ACIDS Control Indicators in Document Selection
J_3ACM61V AFS: Fields of structure CM61V
J_3ACMP Category mapping profiles

Maruthi Ram Page 23


J_3ACMPD Category mapping profile data

J_3ACMPSRT AFS structure for compress/sorting J_3ABDBS
J_3ACMPT Category mapping profile descriptions
J_3ACMP_H Generated Table for View J_3ACMP_H
J_3ACOEDI AFS Interface for EDI Conditions on size level
J_3ACOLR Material master: Colour
J_3ACOLRT Text table for J_3ACOLR
J_3ACOMOR3 AFS Append to IOOPCOMP for combined orders
J_3ACOMORS AFS Include structure for Combined orders (used in appends)
J_3ACOND AFS price conditions
J_3ACON_S AFS: for getting grid converions
J_3ACORD AFS: Structure for display confirmation data
J_3ACORU AFS: Structure for development in SAPLCORU
J_3ACRITB AFS Source Allocation - Batch Version - Criteria
J_3ACRITER AFS sort and selection criteria for vendor allocation
J_3ACRKI_S ARUN creditsituation to certain customers
J_3ACRMG_S ARUN credit management
J_3ACRPA_S ARUN creditmanagement parameters
J_3ACSIZ Table for Size Condition Key
J_3ACSOF_S ARUN customer fields (sorting)
J_3ACSTMAT AFS: Additional data for BOM Report Header
J_3ACTYP AFS add. Fields for Condition-Types
J_3ACUPA Customer partners
J_3ACUPA_V Generated Table for View J_3ACUPA_V
J_3ACUST AFS Product grid: customize parameters
J_3ACUST_S AFS additional fields for requirements from customer-master
J_3AD AFS Dynpro selection SD / MM
J_3ADBBAD AFS Req-Stock Mapping: Enhanced for MD04
J_3ADBDA AFS MRP order-types
J_3ADBDA_V Generated Table for View J_3ADBDA_V
J_3ADBDT AFS MRP order-types (text)
J_3ADCTR AFS MRP General Control
J_3ADDST AFS MRP Status table
J_3ADDSTD AFS MRP Status table (dialog structure)
J_3ADDST_V Generated Table for View J_3ADDST_V
J_3ADDTT AFS MRP status table (text)
J_3ADELTA AFS Delta for capacity
J_3ADEP MSO Department
J_3ADEPL MSO Department
J_3ADEP_V Generated Table for View J_3ADEP_V
J_3ADFL AFS Field detail selection SD / MM
J_3ADFLDET AFS Field detail selection SD / MM
J_3ADFLDET_V Generated Table for View J_3ADFLDET_V
J_3ADI1 AFS Material master: Transfer of Quota Categories
J_3ADI2 AFS Material master: Transfer of SKU data
J_3ADI3 AFS Material master: Transfer of dimensions on size level
J_3ADI4 AFS Material master: Transfer of SKU sales data
J_3ADI5 AFS Material master: Transfer of SKU valuation data
J_3ADICH obsolete - please use CAWN

Maruthi Ram Page 24


J_3ADICT obsolete - please use CAWNT

J_3ADIMM AFS Display structure for PO PR
J_3ADIMMTE AFS Text structure
J_3ADISP AFS MRP records for batch-MRP
J_3ADIST AFS Distribution of requirements
J_3ADISTCA AFS Distribution of categories
J_3ADISTGR AFS Distribution of grid values
J_3ADISTPE AFS Distribution of periods
J_3ADISTPL AFS Distribution of plants
J_3ADITP AFS Product grid dimension ID types
J_3ADITU AFS Product grid dimension ID types
J_3ADITY AFS Product grid dimension ID types texts
J_3ADLDA Delivery data
J_3ADLOS AFS - lotsize procedures
J_3ADLOS_V Generated Table for View J_3ADLOS_V
J_3ADLOT AFS - lotsize procedure (text)
J_3ADMOD AFS MRP modules
J_3ADOKEY Document Key SD order
J_3ADP AFS Panel for Dynpro selection SD / MM
J_3ADPT AFS Panel for Dynpro selection SD / MM
J_3ADP_H Generated Table for View J_3ADP_H
J_3ADP_V Generated Table for View J_3ADP_V
J_3ADSS AFS Screen size control
J_3ADSTAT AFS function exclude SD / MM
J_3ADUSR AFS Dynpro selection SD / MM
J_3ADUSRST AFS function exclude SD / MM
J_3ADUSRSV Generated Table for View J_3ADUSRSV
J_3ADUSR_V Generated Table for View J_3ADUSR_V
J_3ADVIET Afs Vendor Inforecord Size Information Dial. Structure
J_3ADYNID AFS Product grid: lock objects
J_3ADZDI AFS MRP dialog structure
J_3AEBAN AFS size - information in requirements
J_3AEBANB AFS Source Allocation - Batch Run - EBAN Selection
J_3AEBANCO AFS common structure purchase requirements item eban
J_3AEBANDA AFS common structure for purchase requisition
J_3AEBANU AFS Source Allocation Update Structure for eban
J_3AEBET AFS structure for sku level
J_3AEBKNDA Purchase requisition account
J_3AEINA AFS complexity factor
J_3AEINA_E Generated Table for View J_3AEINA_E
J_3AEINE Vendor additional data
J_3AEKABU AFS STructure for update
J_3AEKBE Size infos for GR
J_3AEKBES Summary purchasing history by schedule line
J_3AEKET AFS size - information in purchasing schedule database
J_3AEKETCO AFS common structure purchase order item ekte
J_3AEKPO AFS size - information purchasing
J_3AEKPOCO AFS common structure purchase order item ekpo
J_3AEKREP Customer fields for table EKREP

Maruthi Ram Page 25


J_3AEKVI AFS Vendor Informations

J_3AENTRY SCreen catch
J_3AFAB Fabric
J_3AFABT Fabric: Short texts
J_3AFCCO Fabric content code
J_3AFCCOT Fabric content code: Short texts
J_3AFCC_V Generated Table for View J_3AFCC_V
J_3AFCFAB Assignment fabric content code -> fabrics (%)
J_3AFDPRO AFS Final destination protocol
J_3AFICHPD Fields for fieldchange
J_3AFIDBAC AFS Final Sizing batch run relevant data
J_3AFIDEDI AFGS Final destination dialog structure
J_3AFIELDS for dynamic fieldselection
J_3AFIFBU AFS Protokoll fuer Final Sizing FBS
J_3AFIFN_T AFS possible fields to filter out requirements
J_3AFIFN_W AFS possible fields to filter out requirements
J_3AFIN2 Final Sizing ultimate structure
J_3AFINET Delivery Schedules
J_3AFINL AFS STructure for Final Sizing
J_3AFINLOU AFS Structure Final SIzing Output
J_3AFIPRO AFS Final destination protocol
J_3AFIRE AFS rule to filter out requirements (variable)
J_3AFIRE_T AFS rule to filter out requirements (text)
J_3AFISBAC AFS Final Sizing batch run relevant data
J_3AFIST AFS rule to filter out requirements (static)
J_3AFIST_S AFS rule to filter out requirements (static)
J_3AFIST_T AFS rule to filter out requirements (text)
J_3AFLMOD Field Modification
J_3AFMAG Field modification Programms
J_3AFMDOC Field-Modification grouping
J_3AFMFLD Field modification
J_3AFMF_V1 Generated Table for View J_3AFMF_V1
J_3AFMF_V2 Generated Table for View J_3AFMF_V2
J_3AFMGRP Field modification field groups
J_3AFMOD AFS function modules to realise special requirements
J_3AFMOD_T AFS function modules to fill assigned fields
J_3AFRES AFS Posting structure Reservations
J_3AFRESBD AFS dialogh structure for J_3AFSRESB
J_3AFSDAT Final Sizing / Destination kz
J_3AFSFLG_ATP_INC AFS Include structure for ATP (in FAUF) (AFS-MatFlag)
J_3AFSMMLB AFS MM Additional Data
J_3AFSQUAN AFS origin quantity of component
J_3AFSRESB AFS Additional data for Production order (RESB)
J_3AFS_APP_INC1_RESB AFS Include1 for RESB-Append
J_3AFUNC SD Function-selection
J_3AGDATA AFS Application data for Product Grid Modes
J_3AGDCIDS AFS Product grid customer- & material-IDs
J_3AGDCIDT Product grid customer- & material-IDs texts

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J_3AGDCONV AFS Grid-Dimension Conversion

J_3AGDCTP1 AFS: Grid value Conversion Types
J_3AGDCTP2 AFS: Sizeconversion determine types
J_3AGDCTPT AFS: Sizeconversion types texts
J_3AGDCTV1 Generated Table for View J_3AGDCTV1
J_3AGDCTV2 Generated Table for View J_3AGDCTV2
J_3AGDCTV3 Generated Table for View J_3AGDCTV3
J_3AGDCT_S AFS: sizeconversion and sorting (dialog structure)
J_3AGDSET AFS global grid settings
J_3AGDYN AFS Product grid - generation dynpro
J_3AGENDR Gender
J_3AGENDRT Text table for J_3AGENDR
J_3AGHDKEY J_3APGHD Key fields for optimized access
J_3AGIDS AFS Product grid customer- & material-IDs
J_3AGLOBAL AFS Global information
J_3AGMP Grid mapping profiles
J_3AGMPD Grid mapping profile data
J_3AGMPT Grid mapping profile descriptions
J_3AGMP_H Generated Table for View J_3AGMP_H
J_3AGRAC AFS access to the rule to group requirement
J_3AGRAC_K AFS access to the rule to group requirement
J_3AGRCD AFS Sales-Grid: Control-Data
J_3AGRCDD AFS Sales-Grid: Control-Data SD /MM
J_3AGRCDVB AFS Post-Structure for table J_3AGRCD
J_3AGRDA AFS Grid maintenance data
J_3AGRDAT AFS Grid fields
J_3AGRFC AFS function module to rename groups
J_3AGRFD_T AFS possible grouping fields (text)
J_3AGRFD_W AFS possible grouping fields
J_3AGRHD AFS Grid Condition Header
J_3AGRHDVB AFS Post-Structure for table J_3AGRHD
J_3AGRID Input/output fields for maintaining grid
J_3AGRID_LINE Grid Entry for Line by Line
J_3AGROKO AFS Big header definition
J_3AGROU AFS groups of requirements
J_3AGROU_S AFS possible grouping-fields
J_3AGROU_V Generated Table for View J_3AGROU_V
J_3AGRPA AFS groups of requirements (releaseparameter)
J_3AGRPR AFS Grid profiles
J_3AGRRG AFS rule to group requirement
J_3AGRRG_T AFS rule to group requirement (text)
J_3AGRRG_W AFS rule to group requirement (possible values)
J_3AGRSG_T AFS allocation grouping strategy (text)
J_3AGRSG_W AFS allocation grouping strategy (possible values)
J_3AHIDE AFS mass change size information hide area
J_3AHIST AFS Product grid history management
J_3AIDX_ATP_APP_ATPCS AFS Append structure for ATPCS (ATP in FAUF)
J_3AIDX_ATP_APP_ATPGA AFS Append structure for ATPGA (ATP in FAUF)
J_3AIDX_ATP_APP_ATPSG AFS Append structure for ATPSG (ATP in FAUF)
J_3AIDX_ATP_INC AFS Include structure for ATP (in FAUF) (AFS check index)

Maruthi Ram Page 27


J_3AIMCFC AFS Inventory management structure for CFC

J_3AIMCFC2 AFS Inventory management structure for CFC
J_3AIMD AFS Inventory Management Dialog Structure
J_3AIMDD AFS Inventory Management Dialog Structure Detail Screen
J_3AIMDL AFS Inventory management Dialog Structure Steploop
J_3AIMDM Inventory management dialog structure mass transfer
J_3AIMSEG AFS Goods Issue Delivery Note
J_3AIMV01 AFS Valuation: Maintenance of material SKU prices
J_3AISEG AFS Append-Structure ISEG
J_3AIVAS AFS VAS internal structure for position maintain
J_3AJ3AU AFS Fields Headerdynpros SAPLJ3AU / SAPLJ3AW / SAPLJ3AC
J_3AKAL_UE AFS J_3AMADKA for direct input material master
J_3AKDAUF1 Generated Table for View J_3AKDAUF1
J_3AKDAUF2 Generated Table for View J_3AKDAUF2
J_3AKEYFD AFS keyfields for listprocessing
J_3AKNA1 AFS Customer data
J_3AKNA_V1 Generated Table for View J_3AKNA_V1
J_3AKNVV Customer additional data
J_3AKNVV_V Generated Table for View J_3AKNVV_V
J_3AKODD AFS: Extension Material Determination
J_3AKODDP AFS: Extension Material Determination
J_3AKOMDLG AFS additional data
J_3AKOMG AFS Pricing relevant fields
J_3AKOMJ Allowed Fields for Condition Structures Grid determination
J_3AKOMK Grid Determination Communication Header
J_3AKOMKAZ Grid determination fields header: Customer modifications
J_3AKOMP Grid Determination Communication Item
J_3AKOMPA AFS fields for table KOMP (Pricing on Item level)
J_3AKOMPAZ Grid determination fields item: Customer modifications
J_3AKOMPD AFS Append for KOMPD (mat. det.)
J_3AKOMS AFS communication structure for pricing on size level
J_3AKOMT Allowed Fields for Condition Structures VAS determination
J_3AKOMT1 AFS Schedule line number in pricing scheme
J_3AKOMVD Append for KOMVD
J_3AKOND AFS: Extension Material Determination
J_3AKONDD Conditions: Additional Materials for Material Determination
J_3AKONDDV AFS Update structure for J_3AKONDD
J_3AKOPRT AFS Append for Structure KOPRT
J_3AKUAGV AFS additional fields customer
J_3AKUWEV AFS additional fields
J_3AKVGR AFS Customer fields
J_3ALBCO AFS LB Convert Key
J_3ALBEFU AFS additional information for goods issues
J_3ALDESCR AFS Vendor capacity level definition
J_3ALDESCS AFS Vendor Capacity Level Assign to Level Description
J_3ALFAC ARUN individual exception handling
J_3ALFM1 AFS Additional master data
J_3ALFRE ARUN logic to logfile-writing
J_3ALFRE_S ARUN logic to logfile-writing
J_3ALFRE_T ARUN logic to logfile-writing (text)

Maruthi Ram Page 28


J_3ALGORT AFS Inventory Management

J_3ALGTXTH Long text-Header
J_3ALGTXTL Long text - Line
J_3ALIORDI Vendors delivery time to city
J_3ALIPS AFS size data
J_3ALIPSCO Delivery communication structure
J_3ALIPSVB Delivery structure for IDOC AFS
J_3ALIVBEP AFS Referenced schedule lines
J_3ALNCH Line group summary change
J_3ALORE ARun Rule for Influencing Assignment
J_3ALORE_S ARUN logic to allocation
J_3ALORE_T ARUN rule to influence assignment (text)
J_3ALYOUT AFS layout for list processing
J_3ALYST ARUN assign work structure to list layouts
J_3ALYST_T ARUN assign work structure to list layouts
J_3AMAAPV AFS Append Structure MAAPV
J_3AMAD AFS Material Master: Additional Data
J_3AMADDIM AFS SKU data dimensions
J_3AMADKA AFS Material master: Valuation data
J_3AMADKAV AFS Material master valuation data posting structure
J_3AMADKEY Transfer Structure: J_3AMAD - Key Fields
J_3AMADVB AFS Material Master MRP-Data Posting Structure
J_3AMAD_MRP AFS Material Master: MRP SKU Data
J_3AMAD_NFA AFS Material Master: MRP Discontinuation Control
J_3AMAD_V Generated Table for View J_3AMAD_V
J_3AMAEPV AFS fields in order material view
J_3AMARA AFS Material Master Data MARA
J_3AMARC AFS Material Master Data MARC
J_3AMARC_GTS AFS SKU Commodity Codes
J_3AMARC_V Generated Table for View J_3AMARC_V
J_3AMARK AFS Merker-Definition for prod.orders
J_3AMARKD AFS Dialog structure for J_3AMARK
J_3AMARM_SKU Units of Measure for Material - SKU level
J_3AMASS ARUN mass selection (selection screans)
J_3AMASS_S ARUN mass selection (global data / structure)
J_3AMATDI AFS Material master dialog structure
J_3AMATTB AFS - materials for MRP / Order Release / Availability Check
J_3AMBEFU AFS Append structure MBEFU
J_3AMCAT Retail Data For AFS Material
J_3AMCEKPO AFS size data
J_3AMCHB_V Generated Table for View J_3AMCHB_V
J_3AMCHI2 AFS Append structure batches MCHA/MCH1
J_3AMDPM AFS Components structure
J_3AMDPM0 AFS Fields for RESB
J_3AMELD AFS MRP messages
J_3AMESG AFS message

Maruthi Ram Page 29


J_3AMFAST AFS Factory status (Source Alloaction)

J_3AMFASTT AFS Factory Status Short Texts
J_3AMHTNTP Generated Table for View J_3AMHTNTP
J_3AMKOL_V Generated Table for View J_3AMKOL_V
J_3AMLGN1 Material Data for Each Warehouse Number - Dimension related
J_3AMLGN2 Material Data for Each Warehouse Number
J_3AMLGN3 AFS Material Data for Each Warehouse Number
J_3AMLGT_SKU Material Data for Each Storage Type - AFS Data
J_3AMMDA AFS Material Master Data MARA
J_3AMMDC AFS Material Master Data MARC
J_3AMMGRDY AFS Grid dynpro item
J_3AMMP Material mapping profiles
J_3AMMPD Material mapping profile data
J_3AMMPT Material mapping profile descriptions
J_3AMMP_H Generated Table for View J_3AMMP_H
J_3AMMROU AFS Route determination
J_3AMMSD AFS Material master SKU sales data
J_3AMMSG AFS MM Message control
J_3AMODE AFS Product Grid Processing Modes
J_3AMODE_D Generated Table for View J_3AMODE_D
J_3AMODE_V Generated Table for View J_3AMODE_V
J_3AMODE_W Generated Table for View J_3AMODE_W
J_3AMODT AFS Product Grid Texts of processing modes
J_3AMPROT Log table AFS MRP (technical log)
J_3AMPROTA Customizing table technical log AFS MRP
J_3AMRPG1T AFS MRP Groups Texte
J_3AMRPG1V Generated Table for View J_3AMRPG1V
J_3AMRPG2 AFS MRP-Groups assignment: Group - Transaction
J_3AMRPG2V Generated Table for View J_3AMRPG2V
J_3AMRPG3 AFS Trans.Groups: Online-MRP / Conversion Type definition
J_3AMRPG3V Generated Table for View J_3AMRPG3V
J_3AMRPR AFS: Status of MRP-Run
J_3AMRPS SKU status in ATP and MRP
J_3AMRPS_V Generated Table for View J_3AMRPS_V
J_3AMRP_UE AFS J_3AMAD for direct input material master
J_3AMSAR AFS splitting rule for multistore-orders
J_3AMSAR_T AFS splitting rule for multistore-orders (text)
J_3AMSEA AFS Material master seasons
J_3AMSEAVB AFS Material master posting structure seasons
J_3AMSEG AFS Append Structure MSEG
J_3AMSKA_V Generated Table for View J_3AMSKA_V
J_3AMSKU AFS Batch Data
J_3AMSKUS SD consignation special stock display dialog structure
J_3AMSKU_V Generated Table for View J_3AMSKU_V
J_3AMSLB_V Generated Table for View J_3AMSLB_V
J_3AMSO AFS Multistore orders

Maruthi Ram Page 30


J_3AMSOD Multi store orders dialog structure

J_3AMSODA MSO Order data
J_3AMSOL AFS multi store order - explosion log
J_3AMSOMS MSO Help structure for Mixed items
J_3AMSONO MSO Node table
J_3AMSOR_V Generated Table for View J_3AMSOR_V
J_3AMSOSL MSO selection restrictions for stores
J_3AMSOV Multi store orders dialog structure
J_3AMSOVS SD Multistore Orders deliverd qty
J_3AMSPI MSO Price indicator
J_3AMSPIL MSO Price indicator
J_3AMSPIV Generated Table for View J_3AMSPIV
J_3AMSRF ARUN mass selection (range - fields)
J_3AMSRF_S ARUN mass selection (range - fields)
J_3AMSRT ARUN mass selection (ranges)
J_3AMSRT_S ARUN mass selection (ranges)
J_3AMSTAT AFS Material Master Status
J_3AMT06E AFS Additional data
J_3AMTCO ARun Management Tool Control Data
J_3AMTCO_T ARun Management tool control data
J_3AMVKE AFS Material Master MVKE
J_3AMVKE_SDG AFS Sales Data for Material: Target Group
J_3AMVKE_SDP AFS Sales Data for Material: Packaging Data
J_3AMVKE_SDS AFS Sales Data for Material: Status
J_3AMVKE_V Generated Table for View J_3AMVKE_V
J_3ANRFT AFS NRF code short texts
J_3AORBLC AFS key for blocking salesorders
J_3AORDR_S AFS additional fields for requirements from sales-order
J_3AORDST Delivery group order structure
J_3AORNA AFS - Structure for order view in dynamic list navigation
J_3AOSHE OSL schedule data
J_3AOSL Order Type specific data for sales organisation/distributi
J_3AOSLMF Order scheduling Grouping fields
J_3AOSLMO Order Scheduling modules
J_3AOSLMOD Order scheduling Rules
J_3AOSLMT order scheduling
J_3AOSLMV1 Generated Table for View J_3AOSLMV1
J_3AOSLMV2 Generated Table for View J_3AOSLMV2
J_3AOSLMV3 Generated Table for View J_3AOSLMV3
J_3AOSLW Workarea Structure for Order scheduling
J_3AOSL_V Generated Table for View J_3AOSL_V
J_3APBBD AFS Log of Planned Requirements Consumtion
J_3APBBDV AFS Allocat. Planned Requirements post structure
J_3APDAT AFS additional Fields for Pricing (Pricing on sched. level)
J_3APDIGD1 Structure for direct input grid (HEADER)
J_3APDIGD2 Structure for direct input grid (dimension)
J_3APDIGRD Grid structure for direct input

Maruthi Ram Page 31


J_3APDMMML AFS Direct PDM Interface Material/Plant list

J_3APDMNAM AFS Direct PDM Interface: PDM system name
J_3APDMTXT AFS DirectPDM Interface generic text string structure
J_3APEPR AFS Period profiles
J_3APERIOD AFS Split vendor capacity period
J_3APGA AFS Product Grid Applications
J_3APGAT AFS Texts of Product Grid Applications
J_3APGA_V Generated Table for View J_3APGA_V
J_3APGDI AFS Dialog structure Product Grids
J_3APGEN AFS Product grid entries
J_3APGENCD AFS Product grid entries CD
J_3APGHD AFS Product grid header
J_3APGHDCD AFS Product grid header CD
J_3APGTX AFS Product grid texts
J_3APGTXCD AFS PRoduct grid texts CD
J_3APIN AFS Pricing indicators for Pricing on Size
J_3APINT AFS Pricing indicators for Pricing on Size
J_3APLPR AFS Plant profiles
J_3APMP Plant mapping profiles
J_3APMPD Plant mapping profile data
J_3APMPT Plant mapping profile descriptions
J_3APMP_H Generated Table for View J_3APMP_H
J_3APOCAIN AFS J_3apocap include
J_3APOCAP Consumed Capacity for purchasing
J_3APOLITR AFS Political/customer restrictions
J_3APOLITV Generated Table for View J_3APOLITV
J_3APOPL AFS fields for common-popup
J_3APOPRO Protocol for Purchasing
J_3APOPROT Protocol for Purchasing
J_3APOQUO Consumed Capacity for purchasing
J_3APOSTAB postab for final sizing
J_3APRLOG AFS Print logic for components
J_3APROMAT AFS - Structure for expand productgroups
J_3APROT AFS log file for arun
J_3APSIS Parameters for SIS Interface
J_3AQCA AFS Quota Categories Check table
J_3AQCAT AFS Quota categories texts
J_3AQCA_UE AFS J_3AQDST for direct input material master
J_3AQDST AFS Material Master: Quota Category for Destination
J_3AQDSTDI AFS Material Master Dialog Structure Quota Category
J_3AQDSTVB AFS Material Master Quota Categories Posting Structure
J_3AQUALF Date qualifier
J_3AQUALFV Generated Table for View J_3AQUALFV
J_3AQUALT Qualifier texts
J_3AQUAN Structure with old/new qty per SL
J_3AQUODI Consumed Capacity for purchasing
J_3AQUOPR AFS MM Quota Protocoll
J_3AQUOTA AFS Quota quantity

Maruthi Ram Page 32


J_3AQUOTAB AFS Source Allocation - Batch Run Quota after simulation

J_3AQUOTAC Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
J_3AQUOTAR AFS update structure of quota
J_3AQUOTAS AFS Source Allocation: Quota structure to compare for
J_3AQUOTDI AFS Quota quantity
J_3AQUOTS AFS Quota quantity
J_3ARANGE Structure of a range table for a character (20) field
J_3ARBEFU AFS Append for RBEFU (Reservations inventory management)
J_3ARCAT_R afs Order number range (networks, production orders...)
J_3ARCHG_R afs Order number range (networks, production orders...)
J_3ARCPSE AFS Felder für RCPSE (Arbeitsplanselektion)
J_3ARCPSL AFS Felder für RCPSL (Arbeitsplanselektion)
J_3AREAC AFS access to the rule to release requirement
J_3ARECF AFS release parameters (additional fields for customer)
J_3ARECF_T Customer Free Release field Rule (text)
J_3ARECH_S ARUN flags, whether releasechecks should run
J_3ARECOFI AFS Fields for which Reason Code is required
J_3ARECOMM AFS Customizing Reason code SD
J_3ARECOMO Reason Code MOdules
J_3ARECOMV AFS Customizing Reason code MM
J_3ARECOSD AFS Customizing Reason code SD
J_3ARECOSV AFS Customizing Reason code SD
J_3AREFCSD AFS Reason Code Call
J_3AREFI AFS access to release-rule
J_3AREFI_S AFS access to release-rule
J_3AREMM AFS Reason Code Structure for Purchase Requisition
J_3AREORG ARun information about reorganisation
J_3AREPA AFS Release Parameters
J_3AREPA_S AFS release parameters (structure)
J_3AREPA_T AFS release parameter (text)
J_3AREPA_V Generated Table for View J_3AREPA_V
J_3AREQIO I/O fields for AFS planned independent requirements
J_3AREQM AFS Planned requirements - material master level
J_3AREQS AFS Planned requirements - SKU level
J_3AREQTYB AFS Source Allocation - Batch Run - p.r. type sequence
J_3AREQTYP AFS requisition type sequence
J_3AREQUIS AFS Select-option screen for requisition
J_3ARES append structure for Reasoncode
J_3ARESDI Reason Code Display structure
J_3ARESEKV Generated Table for View J_3ARESEKV
J_3ARESELK Allowed Catalogue per Module
J_3ARESELP Allowed Catalogue per Module
J_3ARESEPV Generated Table for View J_3ARESEPV
J_3ARESG_T AFS allocation release strategy (text)
J_3ARESG_W AFS allocation release strategy (possible values)
J_3ARESH AFS reschedule allocations
J_3ARESH_M AFS Requirement - Stock assignment
J_3ARESH_S AFS reschedule allocations
J_3ARESONC AFS Reason Code for Vendor change
J_3ARETASD AFS Allowed Tables

Maruthi Ram Page 33


J_3AREV1 AFS Reason Code Structure for Sales Order

J_3AREV2 AFS Reason Code Structure for Sales Order 2
J_3AREV3 AFS Reason Code Structure for Sales Order 3
J_3AREV4 AFS Reason Code Structure for Sales Order 4
J_3AREV5 AFS Reason Code Structure for Sales Order 5
J_3ARISKF AFS Risk factor
J_3ARISKFT AFS Risk factor: Short texts
J_3ARLIPS Delivery correlation deletion structure
J_3ARM06EU AFS Parameters
J_3ARMMG2 AFS Material master update flag
J_3ARND Rounding strategies for presizing
J_3ARNDT Rounding strategy descriptions
J_3ARND_H Generated Table for View J_3ARND_H
J_3ARND_V Generated Table for View J_3ARND_V
J_3AROMM AFS Structure for rounding procedure
J_3AROMMDI AFS Structure for rounding procedure
J_3ARORE ARun Rule for Rounding Allocated Quantities
J_3ARORE_T ARUN rule to determine how to round assigned quantities
J_3AROUFI AFS Vendor data for route exploration
J_3ARSCOD AFS Reason Code in Change documents
J_3ARSCODU AFS Reason Code
J_3ARTAS AFS assignment statistic to statistic group
J_3ARTGR AFS Allocation Statistics Group
J_3ARTGR_T AFS group of ratios to determine an arun-result (text)
J_3ARTIO ARUN ratio to determine the result of an arun
J_3ARTIO_S AFS ratio to determine the result of an arun
J_3ARTIO_T AFS ratio to determine the result of an arun (text)
J_3ARUNVAS AFS VAS data transfer structure VAS -- ARUN
J_3ARV130 AFS Special fields for RV130
J_3ASAC AFS Control Source Allocation
J_3ASARCB AFS Source Allocation - Batch Run - Vendor RC Messages
J_3ASASTR AFS Source Allocation Structure for selection screen etc.
J_3ASAVAR1 AFS Source Allocation Save Variants for Sort/ Selection Crit
J_3ASAVAR2 AFS Source Allocation - type sequence for variants
J_3ASBED AFS MRP dialog structure for SBED
J_3ASCDST Dialog structure for AFS EAN UPC numbers
J_3ASCM AFS structure for sc monitoring
J_3ASCOPY Size copy rules during dialog
J_3ASDDA AFS additional fields SD
J_3ASEAN Seasons
J_3ASEANT Seasonal processing texts
J_3ASEANV Season determination
J_3ASEAN_V Generated Table for View J_3ASEAN_V
J_3ASEAS Validity Periods for Presizing
J_3ASEAS_H Generated Table for View J_3ASEAS_H
J_3ASEA_UE AFS J_3AMSEA for direct input material master
J_3ASEB AFS Structure maxpos LB
J_3ASEL AFS Selection structure
J_3ASELLIF AFS Source Allocation User Exit Structure sel. Vendor
J_3ASELSTR Selection structure for selected statements

Maruthi Ram Page 34


J_3ASERG ARUN rule to determine the extention of arun-selection

J_3ASERG_S ARUN rule to determine the extention of arun-selection
J_3ASERG_T AFS rule to determine the extention of arun-selection (text)
J_3ASIMU AFS Parameters for simulation
J_3ASIMU_S AFS Parameters for simulation
J_3ASISDIS Presizing: distribution of SIS data
J_3ASISMAP Presizing: SIS data for mapping
J_3ASIS_S Presizing: structure for SIS interface
J_3ASIZCAT AFS Size And Category Selection For Mrp Display
J_3ASIZE_TAB Table of sizes
J_3ASKEY AFS Structure size - key
J_3ASKOR ARun skipped orders (lines, schedule lines)
J_3ASLBD_S ARUN mas - selection common data
J_3ASLCD_S ARUN mas-selection common fields
J_3ASLGH AFS Append-Structure SLGH (inventory sampling procedure)
J_3ASLKD_S ARUN mas - selection customer data
J_3ASLRG AFS rule to access requirements
J_3ASLRG_S ARUN rule to access requirements
J_3ASLRG_T AFS rule to access requirements
J_3ASLSD_S ARUN mas - selection stock data
J_3ASMKOL AFS Batch Data
J_3ASMSKU AFS Batch Data
J_3ASOALLD AFS Source Allocation Dummy Structure
J_3ASOFD_T AFS possible sort fields
J_3ASOFD_W AFS possible sort fields
J_3ASOFM AFS rule to sort requirement (function module)
J_3ASORE_S AFS rule to sort requirement
J_3ASORG AFS rule to sort requirement
J_3ASORG_S AFS sales organisation
J_3ASORG_T AFS rule to sort requirement (text)
J_3ASORG_W AFS rule to sort requirement (values)
J_3ASORT AFS Sort - Sequence (obsolete)
J_3ASORT_S AFS priorities determined by sortfields
J_3ASOSI_S AFS sort sizes
J_3ASOVA AFS rule to sort requirement
J_3ASOVA_S AFS values of sortfields
J_3ASPR AFS Spread profiles
J_3ASPRT AFS Spread profile descriptions
J_3ASPR_H Generated Table for View J_3ASPR_H
J_3ASRD AFS: Surcharge Increases/Decreases Percentages
J_3ASRDT Text Table for Surcharge Increases/Decreases Percentages
J_3ASRD_V Generated Table for View J_3ASRD_V
J_3ASTAT_R range of MRP Status
J_3ASTKO AFS-Fields for STKO
J_3ASTKO2 AFS: Additional data for BOM Header
J_3ASTKO3 AFS-Fields for RC29K

Maruthi Ram Page 35


J_3ASTPO AFS-Fields for STPO

J_3ASTPO2 AFS: Additional data for BOM item
J_3ASTPO3 AFS-Fields for RC29P
J_3ASTPO4 AFS: Appendstructure for additional AFS-Data
J_3ASTPO5 AFS: Appendstructure for additional AFS-Data
J_3ASTRG AFS rule to determine the status of an assignment
J_3ASTRG_T AFS rule to determine the status of an assignment
J_3ASUCA AFS supplier capacitiy
J_3ASUCAH AFS Supplier capacity header data
J_3ASUCAHB AFS Source Allocation - Batch Run - Vendor Capacity Header
J_3ASUCAHD AFS Structure for j_3asucah
J_3ASUCAHR AFS reference structure: update vendor header capacity
J_3ASUCAHS AFS Source Allocation: vendor capacity header f. compare
J_3ASUCAL AFS supplier capacity node data
J_3ASUCALB AFS Source Allocation - Batch Run - Vendor Capacity level
J_3ASUCALC Change document structure; generated by RSSCD000
J_3ASUCALD AFS Structure for j_3asucal
J_3ASUCALE AFS supplier capacity node data
J_3ASUCALR AFS Reference structure for j_3asucal
J_3ASUCALS AFS Source Allocation: vendor capacity level f. compare
J_3ASUCHE AFS Supplier capacity header data
J_3ASUCLE AFS supplier capacity node data
J_3ASZDA AFS size information for MM/SD tables
J_3ASZDAT AFS Display date include
J_3ASZDI AFS dialog structure sizes
J_3ASZDID AFS detail information
J_3ASZDIU AFS detail information
J_3ASZFE Fast order entry structure
J_3ASZFH Order entry header data
J_3ASZG AFS Size groups for Pricing
J_3ASZGB AFS dialog document data
J_3ASZGBU AFS SD/MM dialog structure interface header data
J_3ASZGD AFS generell data
J_3ASZGP AFS dialog item data (item level)
J_3ASZGS AFS generell structure sizes
J_3ASZGT AFS Size groups for Pricing
J_3ASZG_V Generated Table for View J_3ASZG_V
J_3ASZMD AFS Append for component structure
J_3ASZMENG AFS Quantity fields include
J_3ASZMM MM aditional data
J_3ASZMMET AFS Size item level
J_3ASZPA AFS append for subcontracting
J_3ASZPR AFS Pricing on size level
J_3ASZPR_MM AFS Pricing on size level (MM)
J_3ASZSD AFS SD data for size dialog (schedule line level)
J_3ASZSUB SD/MM Substitution
J_3AT000 AFS Condition Table for VAS determination usage K
J_3AT005 AFS Append Structure T005
J_3AT005_V Generated Table for View J_3AT005_V
J_3AT137 AFS Append structure for T137 (Industry sectors)

Maruthi Ram Page 36


J_3AT161V J_3AT161V dummy

J_3AT161VS A-run parameter transp. orders for T161V act. while PUT 45B
J_3AT161VV Generated Table for View J_3AT161VV
J_3AT176 Sales Documents: Customer Order Types by sales org
J_3AT176_H Generated Table for View J_3AT176_H
J_3AT176_V Generated Table for View J_3AT176_V
J_3ATDPD AFS Two-Date Pricing - Dates per Material
J_3ATDPDVB AFS Post Structure for J_3ATDPD
J_3ATDPH AFS Two-Date Pricing - Header Record (Off-Price)
J_3ATDPHVB AFS Post Structure for J_3ATDPH
J_3ATDPP AFS Two-Date Pricing - Price per Price group / material
J_3ATDPPVB AFS Post Structure for J_3ATDPP
J_3ATDRT AFS Two Date Pricing - Rules Description
J_3ATDRU AFS Two Date Pricing - Rules
J_3ATDS AFS Screen fields for Two Date Pricing
J_3ATEXT_S ARUN structure for displaying texts on screens
J_3ATMP Period mapping profiles
J_3ATMPD Period mapping profile data
J_3ATMPT Period mapping profile descriptions
J_3ATMP_H Generated Table for View J_3ATMP_H
J_3ATPALT ATP atlernatives
J_3ATPCOM Communication structure for AFS-ATP call
J_3ATPVD AFS ATP valid dates
J_3ATRADI AFS Transportation dynpro structure
J_3ATRAME AFS: Stock in transit / stock in transfer
J_3ATRAMEV AFS Posting structure J_3ATRAME
J_3ATVAK AFS additional data
J_3ATVAK_V Generated Table for View J_3ATVAK_V
J_3ATVAP Additional fields item category
J_3ATVAP_V Generated Table for View J_3ATVAP_V
J_3ATVASPV AFS VAS Packing Post structure with add fields
J_3ATVASSV AFS VAS Special Services Post structure with add fields
J_3ATVASTV AFS VAS Ticketing/Labelling Post structure with add fields
J_3ATVASXV AFS VAS Tick./Lab. add fields Post structure with add fields
J_3ATVAU Order reason by sales organisation / order type
J_3ATVAU_H Generated Table for View J_3ATVAU_H
J_3ATVAU_V Generated Table for View J_3ATVAU_V
J_3ATVCPA AFS : Sales Documents: Copying Control additional fields
J_3ATVCPF AFS : Billing: Copying Control additional fields
J_3ATVCPL AFS : Deliveries: Copying Control additional fields
J_3ATVEP Additional controls for AFS items
J_3ATVEP_V Generated Table for View J_3ATVEP_V
J_3ATVLK Delivery Types AFS extension
J_3ATVLK_V Generated Table for View J_3ATVLK_V
J_3ATVLP AFS additional data
J_3ATVLP_V Generated Table for View J_3ATVLP_V
J_3ATVST Display only A-Run prepared selection
J_3ATVST_V Generated Table for View J_3ATVST_V
J_3AUCCUPC AFS Vendor Informations:UCC, UPC(EAN) numbers

Maruthi Ram Page 37


J_3AUEKPO Change document structure EDI

J_3AUPDCAP AFS read/ update vendor capacity data
J_3AUPDFLG AFS: Update Flag
J_3AV137 Generated Table for View J_3AV137
J_3AV159A Generated Table for View J_3AV159A
J_3AV51VP Packing elements
J_3AVAKZ VAS generation flags
J_3AVAP AFS VAS Packing data in order
J_3AVAPV VAS Packing in order
J_3AVARE ARun Rule to Correlate VAS Items
J_3AVARE_T ARUN rule how to consider vas-items in releasechecks (text)
J_3AVAS AFS VAS input/output fields for maintaining Tick./Labelling
J_3AVASB AFS VAS data in Billing
J_3AVASBV AFS VAS data in Billing (Posting structure)
J_3AVASCCT AFS VAS Charge Code text
J_3AVASCCV Generated Table for View J_3AVASCCV
J_3AVASCG AFS VAS Customer Group
J_3AVASCGT AFS VAS Customer Group text
J_3AVASCGV Generated Table for View J_3AVASCGV
J_3AVASDIS AFS VAS internal table for display of vas tables
J_3AVASGP AFS VAS Grouping indicator for Grouping items in documents
J_3AVASGPT AFS VAS Grouping indicator for Grouping items in doc. text
J_3AVASGR AFS VAS Material Group
J_3AVASGRT AFS VAS Material Group text
J_3AVASHD AFS VAS Condition Header
J_3AVASHDV AFS VAS Header Post structure
J_3AVASKEY AFS VAS Key structure
J_3AVASKOK AFS VAS Communication Header
J_3AVASKOP AFS VAS Communication Item
J_3AVASMG AFS VAS Mix Group for Packing
J_3AVASMGT AFS VAS Mix Indicator text
J_3AVASMGV Generated Table for View J_3AVASMGV
J_3AVASMIV Generated Table for View J_3AVASMIV
J_3AVASP AFS VAS Packing data
J_3AVASPV AFS VAS Packing Post structure
J_3AVASS AFS VAS Special Services data
J_3AVASSO AFS VAS Special Services data in order
J_3AVASSOV AFS VAS Special Service in order
J_3AVASSV AFS VAS Special Services Post structure
J_3AVAST AFS VAS Ticketing/Labeling data
J_3AVASTA AFS VAS Ticketing/Labelling Text Types
J_3AVASTAT AFS VAS Ticketing/Labelling Text Types Text
J_3AVASTK TEXT KEY for value added service text access
J_3AVASTL AFS VAS Ticketing/Labelling Types
J_3AVASTLL AFS VAS Ticketing/Labelling Types text
J_3AVASTLV Generated Table for View J_3AVASTLV
J_3AVASTP AFS VAS Packing Types
J_3AVASTPL AFS VAS Packing Types Text

Maruthi Ram Page 38


J_3AVASTPV Generated Table for View J_3AVASTPV

J_3AVASTS AFS VAS Special Services Types
J_3AVASTSL AFS VAS Special Services Types Text
J_3AVASTSV Generated Table for View J_3AVASTSV
J_3AVASTV AFS VAS Ticketing/Labelling Post structure
J_3AVASTX AFS VAS Ticketing/Labelling additional data
J_3AVASTXV AFS VAS Ticketing/Labelling Post structure
J_3AVATL AFS VAS Ticketing / Labelling data in order
J_3AVATLV VAS Ticketing/Labelling in order
J_3AVATLX AFS VAS Ticketing/Labelling additional text data in order
J_3AVATLXV VAS Ticketing/Labelling in order
J_3AVBAK AFS Order Header additional
J_3AVBAKKO AFS additional fields order header
J_3AVBAP AFS item information
J_3AVBAPF Order Item Flow: Dynamic Division : AFS append
J_3AVBAPKO AFS size information for vbap communication structure
J_3AVBAP_S ARUN salesorder-schedule (structure)
J_3AVBDPA AFS size information (from VBAP) for Doc.Item View VBDPA
J_3AVBDPAE AFS data from VBEP for Doc.item view VBDPA
J_3AVBDPL AFS specific data from table LIPS for doc.item view VBDPL
J_3AVBDRPZ J_3AETENR on specif. data from VBRP for doc.item view VBDPR
J_3AVBEP AFS size information
J_3AVBEPEK AFS schedule line no.
J_3AVBEPKO AFS size information for schedule communication structure
J_3AVBEP_S ARUN salesorder-schedule (structure)
J_3AVBFA Sales Document Flow : AFS extension
J_3AVBFAD Document Flow - Dynamic Part: AFS Enhancement
J_3AVBFAE AFS : Sales Document Flow on Schedule Line
J_3AVBFAVB AFS : Reference Structure for XJ_3AVBFAE/YJ_3AVBFAE
J_3AVBLKP Additional fields for picking
J_3AVBPAKO Partner update id
J_3AVBPA_V Generated Table for View J_3AVBPA_V
J_3AVBPOK AFS additional
J_3AVBRP AFS size information
J_3AVBUE SD status on schedule lines
J_3AVBUEV SD status for schedule line update structure
J_3AVBUE_V Generated Table for View J_3AVBUE_V
J_3AVBUK Allocation run proceed
J_3AVBUP Allocation run proceed
J_3AVE01 AFS User exit structure for source allocation 1
J_3AVE02 AFS User exit structure for source allocation 2
J_3AVEBAN EBAN Entry data
J_3AVEDI Display structure for Vendor
J_3AVENDRC AFS Source Allocation: No Vendor assignment rc
J_3AVERC SA control table for error message display
J_3AVERS AFS Versions for distribution of requirements
J_3AVERSD Default Versions
J_3AVERST AFS Version texts
J_3AVERS_H Generated Table for View J_3AVERS_H

Maruthi Ram Page 39


J_3AVERS_V Generated Table for View J_3AVERS_V

J_3AVIET Afs Vendor Info record Size Informations
J_3AVKME_S AFS sales organisation
J_3AVM07M AFS Inventory Management Posting Structure
J_3AVMDPM AFS Copy of vmdpm
J_3AVMS_V Generated Table for View J_3AVMS_V
J_3AVOMM AFS data proposal MM
J_3AVTCOM AFS specific data (please check again for Rel. 4.0)
J_3AVTROAZ Generated Table for View J_3AVTROAZ
J_3AVTVRO Generated Table for View J_3AVTVRO
J_3AVV10 AFS Customer Group 10
J_3AVV10T AFS Customer group 10: Description
J_3AVV6 AFS Customer Group 6
J_3AVV6T AFS Customer group 6: Description
J_3AVV7 AFS Customer Group 7
J_3AVV7T AFS Customer group 7: Description
J_3AVV8 AFS Customer Group 8
J_3AVV8T AFS Customer group 8: Description
J_3AVV9 AFS Customer Group 9
J_3AVV9T AFS Customer group 9: Description
J_3AVWEST Generated Table for View J_3AVWEST
J_3AWEREL AFS Confirmations SD Confirmation control
J_3AWESBS AFS Goods receipt blocked stock on size level
J_3AWESBSV AFS GR blocked stock posting structure
J_3AWEST AFS Good receipt point
J_3AWPMAD Extended J_3AMAD structure (eng. chang man)
J_3AWPMADK Extended J_3AMADKA structure (eng. chang man)
J_3AWPMSEA Extended J_3AMSEA structure (eng. chang man)
J_3AWPQDST Extended J_3AQDST structure (eng. chang man)
J_3AWVBAP AFS Temporary fields during SD order processing
J_3AWVBEPD AFS dynamic fields schedule line
J_3AXKOMV AFS internal structure for pricing
J_3A_CM61V AFS: fields of structure CM61V
J_3A_FLADO AFS First level Contract Realease Docu
J_3A_PR AFS purchase requisition from SD
J_3A_VM07I AFS Append-structure VM07I
J_3GABEST Current Stocks
J_3GABGRF Removal Sequence - Activity Types
J_3GABGRFMAT Removal Sequence for Materials
J_3GABRMTART Settlement Indicator in CEM/MM per Material Type
J_3GADRESS Address Structure with Update Indicator
J_3GANZEIG Display Variants List Tool
J_3GANZVAR Display Variants - Link to INDX
J_3GARCHIV CEM Archiving Lists
J_3GAUSART Settlement Calendar
J_3GAUSATX Settlement Calendar, Acty Type Times, Language-Dependent
J_3GAUSSTR Output Structure for Interpolation Module

Maruthi Ram Page 40


J_3GAUTHA Append CEM Authorizations

J_3GBAMTART Allowed Material Types per Document Type
J_3GBAUL01 CEM-Specific Enhancements (Header + Item)
J_3GBELAMA Assign Sale/Repurchase for Material Deliveries
J_3GBELART Document Types
J_3GBELEGA General Data Fields for Document Header and Items
J_3GBELEGDATEN CEM Document Data SD Settlement
J_3GBELEGV Administrative Data for CEM Documents
J_3GBELK Document File - Header Data
J_3GBELKO Recipient Type per Document Type
J_3GBELP Document Data - Item Data
J_3GBELPS Structure for Update J_3GBELP
J_3GBELP_ALT Document Data - Item Data
J_3GBELP_M Minimum Number of Fields Required to Create Shipping Doc.
J_3GBELP_S Structure Shipping Document Item for Entry of Shipping Doc.
J_3GBENUTZ User-Defined Fields
J_3GBERGR (Recipient) Authorization Groups
J_3GBERGRT Authorization Group Texts
J_3GBESART Inventory Management Type
J_3GBESTFART Inventory Management Type
J_3GBESTFARTT Texts for Inventory Management Type
J_3GBKNA1 Append to Structure BKNA1 for Batch Input Customer Master
J_3GBKNA1A Append Structure for BKNA1
J_3GBLARTS Structure for Document Types
J_3GBLARTT Document Type Texts
J_3GCOFIX Account Determination Using Fixed CO Object
J_3GCOOBJ CO Objects
J_3GDEMEQUI Default Recipient for Equipment per Organizational Structure
J_3GDEMPERS Default Recipient for Personnel Performance per Org. Struct.
J_3GDIEQUI Append CEM Equipment
J_3GDRUCK CEM: Processing Programs for Print Control
J_3GDRUCK_PARAM Print Parameters per User
J_3GDYNPRF Help Fields for Screen
J_3GDYNPRO Screens to be Processed
J_3GEIVERP Owner/Administrator Leasing Types
J_3GEIVERS Owner/Administrator Master Record
J_3GEIVERT Owner/Administrator Description
J_3GEIVESS Structure for Owner/Administrator Master Data
J_3GEMPFBFART Assign Inventory Mgmt Type to Rcpnt Type/Actvty Type
J_3GEMPFT Recipient Type Texts
J_3GEMTLAD Assignment Recipient Types-Activity Types Default
J_3GEQBSTP Inventory Management Check per Equipment Type
J_3GEQIBI1 Structur IBIBEQUI Enhancement with CEM Data EQUI, EQUZ
J_3GEQUIA Append Equi. Master Record
J_3GEQUIS Include Structure for Equi. Master Record
J_3GEQUIVO Default Values for CEM Equipment Data
J_3GEQUMP Assignment of Measuring Point to Equipment
J_3GEQUNR_LOCK Structure for Blocking Equipment for Package Type
J_3GEQUZA Append for Table EQUZ

Maruthi Ram Page 41


J_3GEQUZS Include Structure for EQUZ

J_3GERLMTART Allowed Material Types
J_3GEVERPS Structure for J_3GEIVERP
J_3GFAKSP Billing Doc. Blocking Indicator Document Item CEM
J_3GFAKSPT Billing Doc. Blocking Indicator Texts CEM
J_3GFEQUI External Equipment Type
J_3GFEQUIT External Equipment Type Texts
J_3GFRISTBTLA Deadline Logic per Document Type, Trans. Type and Acty Type
J_3GFRISTLAZU Assign Activity Types to Deadline Surcharges
J_3GGBBKVB Sales Area per Company Code/Business Area/Plant
J_3GGBKOMA Append Structure for Comm. Table Bus. Area Determination
J_3GGBKOMI Include Structure for GBKOM
J_3GHBEST Historical Stock
J_3GIENUMV Internal/External Owner/Administrator Number Assignment
J_3GIMPTS Measuring Points Document Entry (Structure)
J_3GINBEL Customer Numbers Used in Documents
J_3GINDXST Structure for J_3GINDX Equipment Values for Class
J_3GINTFOR Formula Definition for Costing (Interpolation)
J_3GINTNA1 Formula Parameters for Costing (Interpolation)
J_3GJ000 Condition Table for Price List Determination
J_3GKAL0 Definitions for CEM Calendar Visualizations
J_3GKAL1 Selection Parameters for CEM Calendar Visualization
J_3GKAL2 Function Codes/Performs for CEM Calendar
J_3GKALEND Settlement Calendar
J_3GKALKU2 Internal Structure for Classes, Input Taken Place
J_3GKALS1 Structure Nametab for Calendar Visualization
J_3GKALSM Pricing Procedure Determination
J_3GKALSS Structure for CEM Calendar Visualization
J_3GKATAL Catalog
J_3GKATALS Catalog Structure
J_3GKATEIN Catalog
J_3GKATMER Catalog Characteristics
J_3GKATSTR Catalog Structure
J_3GKATZU Default Catalog Code per Resource Type
J_3GKLASI1 Include Structure for Class Enhancement (CEM)
J_3GKLATTR Structure for Calendar Visualization Attributes
J_3GKNA1A Append to KNA1
J_3GKNA1S Include Structure in KNA1 for CEM Project
J_3GKNDMO Conditions Modification on Screen
J_3GKOM CEM SD Communication Structure Price Determination Item
J_3GKOMALT Fields from Old Structure J_3GPRLKOP
J_3GKOMC CEM - Allowed Fields for Account Determination
J_3GKOMCV CEM - Allowed Fields for Account Determination
J_3GKOMJ CEM - Allowed Fields for Condition Structures
J_3GKOMJA Append for J_3GKOMJ
J_3GKOMK Price Determination Communication Header (CEM)
J_3GKOMKBV CEM Output Determination Communication Area Header Appl. V3
J_3GKOMKCZ Comm. Structure Account Determ. Header Cust. Modif. CEM
J_3GKOMP01 CEM-Specific Enhancements
J_3GKOMPCV CEM - Account Determination

Maruthi Ram Page 42


J_3GKOMUSR User Exit CEM Communication Structure Pricing for Item

J_3GKOMVD CEM: Pricing Communication-Condition Record for Printing
J_3GKONDMO Conditions Modification on Screen
J_3GKONZAB Group Mapping
J_3GKSCHLFRIST Deadline Logic per Condition Type
J_3GKSCHLUMB Assign Condition Types for Transfer Postings
J_3GKSTINC Include for BOM Header
J_3GLABET Activity Types/Limits per Document Category
J_3GLADEKE Loading Costs Indicator
J_3GLADEKT Texts for Loading Costs Indicator
J_3GLAMTART Activity Types per Material Type
J_3GLASE Allowed Activity Types per Document Type
J_3GLASE_M Generated Table for View J_3GLASE_M
J_3GLEIARS Structure for Activity Types J_3GLEIART
J_3GLEIART Activity Types
J_3GLISTVAL Auxiliary Structure for Output in the Form of Lists
J_3GLKAL Structure for Assignment of Calendar Functions
J_3GLKOST Default Loading Costs Indicator/Provision Fee
J_3GLVARTS Structure for Activity Type/Settlement Type Texts J_3GLVARTT
J_3GLVARTT Activity Type Texts
J_3GMATRIX Structure for Entry Matrix, Operator's Report
J_3GMATRIX_ALT Structure for Entry Matrix, Operator's Report
J_3GMCID Matchcode ID Choice for Selecting PSP Elem. for Proj. Def.
J_3GMCVBAP CEM SD Order Communication Structure in SIS
J_3GMCVBRP CEM SD Billing Documents Communication Structure in SIS
J_3GMCVS Communication Structure LIS CEM Shipping Document
J_3GMEMPF Dominance Indicator per Document Type/Recipient Type
J_3GMTART CEM/MM Inventory Mgmt per Material Type and Recipient Type
J_3GNUMKAU Assignment of Number Ranges to Order Types for CEM
J_3GPACHTV Lease Settlement
J_3GPAKK Package Header Data
J_3GPAKKT Package Description
J_3GPAKKTS Structure for Package Header + Short Text for Package
J_3GPAKP Package Item Data
J_3GPAKPS Structure for Update J_3GPAKP
J_3GPAKPTS Structure for Package Item + Short Text for Resource
J_3GPAKS Structure for Package BOM
J_3GPLKAT Assignment Price List - Condition Types - Catalogs
J_3GPLKOPF Price List Header
J_3GPMCO2 Cost Structure: Job Key Figures (PMIS)
J_3GPOSM Structure for BOM Items with Chars and Char. Values
J_3GPOSTAB Internal Item Structure
J_3GPRL CEM Entry/Output Fields for Price List Maintenance
J_3GPRLHD CEM Price Lists Condition Header
J_3GPRLHDV CEM Price Lists Condition Header Post Structure
J_3GPRLIST CEM Price List Data
J_3GPRLISV CEM Price List Data Post Structure
J_3GPRLKOK CEM Price List Communication Header
J_3GPRLKOP CEM Price List Communication Item

Maruthi Ram Page 43


J_3GPRLKOPA Append for J_3GPRLKOP with Include J_3GKOMP

J_3GPSTINC Include Structure for BOM Items
J_3GRF02D Include Structure Screen and Work Fields Customer Master
J_3GRF02DA Append to RF02D Work Fields Customer Master Record CEM
J_3GRIHEQU Append CEM Transfer Data Equipment Hierarchy
J_3GRILOCS Include Structure in RILOCP for CEM
J_3GRMCLX CEM Append for Classification
J_3GRSDSTABS_ALT Corresponds to Structure RSDSTABS Rel. 3.0F (Conversion)
J_3GSPAKP Structure for Resource Block
J_3GSTATUS Single Display-Relevant Status of Object
J_3GSTDANZ Users Allowed to Create Standard Display Variants
J_3GSTERNV Standard Allocation Table
J_3GSTEUM Internal Settlement/Writing Invoices (Tax Matrix)
J_3GSTLAKT Activation File/Buffer for BOMs
J_3GSTLKOPF Header Data for Equipment BOMs
J_3GSTLPOS Item Data for Equipment BOMs
J_3GSTR001 (Auxiliary) Structure for Stock Determination
J_3GT370S Structure Indicator for Catalog
J_3GT370ST Structure Indicator for Catalog Texts
J_3GT370TA Append to T370T
J_3GT370TS Include Structure in T370T for CEM
J_3GT370TX Generated Table for View J_3GT370TX
J_3GT685A CEM: Append to Table T685
J_3GT685I CEM: Include for Table T685
J_3GT685S Include Structure for Table T685
J_3GTBEST Temporary Stock
J_3GTBESTS Structure with Temporary Stock for Update
J_3GTCHLP Auxiliary Table for Joint Venture Trans. Calls (SAPMJ3GO)
J_3GTPMK Cost Key Figures of the Maintenance Order
J_3GTPMKT Texts for Cost Key Figures of the Maintenance Order
J_3GTVAKA Append for Table TVAK (Sales Document Types)
J_3GTVAKI Include for Table TVAK (Sales Document Types)
J_3GTVKO Customer Internal Settlement per Sales Organization in CEM
J_3GTVTAA CEM: Append to Table TVTA
J_3GTVTAI CEM: Include for Table TVTA
J_3GUMLENK Redirection of Account Determination
J_3GVBAKA CEM: Append to Table VBAK
J_3GVBAKI CEM: Include for Table VBAK
J_3GVBAKKA Append for SD Document Header Comm. Structure (CEM)
J_3GVBAP Additional Data CEM SD Document Item
J_3GVBAPA Append to SD Document Item CEM-Specific
J_3GVBAPAZ Append Structure CEM to WVBAP
J_3GVBAPKA Append to SD Doc. Item Communication Structure CEM-Specific
J_3GVBAPS Include Structure SD Order Item CEM-Specific
J_3GVBAPZ Include Structure SD Order Item Additional Data CEM-Specific
J_3GVBRKA CEM: Append for Table VBRK
J_3GVBRKI CEM: Include for Table VBRK
J_3GVBRP CEM Additional Data for VBRP
J_3GVBRPA Append with CEM Data for VBRP

Maruthi Ram Page 44


J_3GVBRPDA Append with CEM Data for VBRPD

J_3GVBRPS Include Structure Billing Item (CEM)
J_3GVBRPZ Include Structure Billing Item Additional Data (CEM)
J_3GVBRP_Z Frozen Data from VBRP Conversion
J_3GVERSI Tax/Insurance Data
J_3GVERSIS Structure for J_3GVERSI
J_3GVPMCO2 Generated Table for View J_3GVPMCO2
J_3GV_160M Generated Table for View J_3GV_160M
J_3GV_ABGR Generated Table for View J_3GV_ABGR
J_3GV_ABGRFMAT Generated Table for View J_3GV_ABGRFMAT
J_3GV_ABRMTART Generated Table for View J_3GV_ABRMTART
J_3GV_AUS Generated Table for View J_3GV_AUS
J_3GV_BAMTART Generated Table for View J_3GV_BAMTART
J_3GV_BART Generated Table for View J_3GV_BART
J_3GV_BAUS Generated Table for View J_3GV_BAUS
J_3GV_BEGR Generated Table for View J_3GV_BEGR
J_3GV_BESTFART Generated Table for View J_3GV_BESTFART
J_3GV_BESTMTART Generated Table for View J_3GV_BESTMTART
J_3GV_BLAR Generated Table for View J_3GV_BLAR
J_3GV_BLAR1 Generated Table for View J_3GV_BLAR1
J_3GV_BLAR2 Generated Table for View J_3GV_BLAR2
J_3GV_BLAR3 Generated Table for View J_3GV_BLAR3
J_3GV_BLART Generated Table for View J_3GV_BLART
J_3GV_COFX Generated Table for View J_3GV_COFX
J_3GV_DEBIQ Generated Table for View J_3GV_DEBIQ
J_3GV_DEBIR Generated Table for View J_3GV_DEBIR
J_3GV_DEMEQUI Generated Table for View J_3GV_DEMEQUI
J_3GV_DEMPERS Generated Table for View J_3GV_DEMPERS
J_3GV_EIGV Generated Table for View J_3GV_EIGV
J_3GV_EIVE Generated Table for View J_3GV_EIVE
J_3GV_EMPFBFART Generated Table for View J_3GV_EMPFBFART
J_3GV_EMTL Generated Table for View J_3GV_EMTL
J_3GV_EQUIVO_S Generated Table for View J_3GV_EQUIVO_S
J_3GV_ETYP Generated Table for View J_3GV_ETYP
J_3GV_FAKS Generated Table for View J_3GV_FAKS
J_3GV_FEQU Generated Table for View J_3GV_FEQU
J_3GV_J3GBE Generated Table for View J_3GV_J3GBE
J_3GV_J3GBM Generated Table for View J_3GV_J3GBM
J_3GV_J3GBV Generated Table for View J_3GV_J3GBV
J_3GV_J3GBV1 Generated Table for View J_3GV_J3GBV1
J_3GV_J3GBW Generated Table for View J_3GV_J3GBW
J_3GV_J3GDD Generated Table for View J_3GV_J3GDD
J_3GV_J3GDE Generated Table for View J_3GV_J3GDE
J_3GV_J3GPA Generated Table for View J_3GV_J3GPA
J_3GV_J3GPB Generated Table for View J_3GV_J3GPB
J_3GV_J_3GEE Generated Table for View J_3GV_J_3GEE
J_3GV_J_3GEV Generated Table for View J_3GV_J_3GEV
J_3GV_KSCHLFRIST Generated Table for View J_3GV_KSCHLFRIST
J_3GV_KSCHLUMB Generated Table for View J_3GV_KSCHLUMB
J_3GV_LADE Generated Table for View J_3GV_LADE

Maruthi Ram Page 45


J_3GV_LADT Generated Table for View J_3GV_LADT

J_3GV_LAMTART Generated Table for View J_3GV_LAMTART
J_3GV_LASE Generated Table for View J_3GV_LASE
J_3GV_LA_A Generated Table for View J_3GV_LA_A
J_3GV_LA_L Generated Table for View J_3GV_LA_L
J_3GV_LA_P Generated Table for View J_3GV_LA_P
J_3GV_LEIA Generated Table for View J_3GV_LEIA
J_3GV_MEMPFDOM Generated Table for View J_3GV_MEMPFDOM
J_3GV_MEMPFMIT Generated Table for View J_3GV_MEMPFMIT
J_3GV_PAK Generated Table for View J_3GV_PAK
J_3GV_PLK1 Generated Table for View J_3GV_PLK1
J_3GV_PLK2 Generated Table for View J_3GV_PLK2
J_3GV_T160M_01 Generated Table for View J_3GV_T160M_01
J_3GV_T160M_02 Generated Table for View J_3GV_T160M_02
J_3GV_T160M_03 Generated Table for View J_3GV_T160M_03
J_3GV_T160M_04 Generated Table for View J_3GV_T160M_04
J_3GV_T160M_05 Generated Table for View J_3GV_T160M_05
J_3GV_T685 Generated Table for View J_3GV_T685
J_3GV_TVAK Generated Table for View J_3GV_TVAK
J_3GV_TVKO_IV Generated Table for View J_3GV_TVKO_IV
J_3GV_TVTA_GRE Generated Table for View J_3GV_TVTA_GRE
J_3GV_ZETY Generated Table for View J_3GV_ZETY
J_3GV_ZUAB Generated Table for View J_3GV_ZUAB
J_3GWFCEM CEM: Default Values for Workflow
J_3GZETYPS Structure for Assignment Rcpnt Cat. - Ref. Type j_3g_zuetyp
J_3GZUABGR Reason for Acquisition/Withdrawal
J_3GZUABGT Reason for Acquisition/Withdrawal - Texts
J_3GZUEIGN Leasing Table
J_3GZUETYP Recipient Type Assignment
J_3GZVBAP Backup Table for CEM Data in Rel. 3.0
J_3G_RSDSTABS_ALT Tables and any Differing Field Names for Dynamic Selections
J_3G_T008 Generated Table for View J_3G_T008
J_3G_X031L_ALT Auxiliary Structure due to Conversion (see: X031L from 3.0F)
J_3R0 Payment with correspondent account
J_3RANEP_UPD Structure for update table ANEP
J_3RAOKOF OKOF classifier of Russia
J_3RAOKOFT OKOF description classifier of Russia
J_3RBS5_HELP Reference structure for balnce sheet supplement N5
J_3RBSEGEKBE Relation: FI-document position -> Delivery order position
J_3RBUE_BK_TABLE Transparent table for PurBook (ALV)
J_3RBUE_BOOK_1 Stucture for PurBook
J_3RBUE_BOOK_2 Structure for PurBook (ALV)
J_3RBUE_BOOK_IND Table for PurBook (ALV) NAMES for Num lines IND-<NUM
J_3RBUE_BOOK_NUM Table for PurBook (ALV) numbers of lines
J_3RBUY_BOOK_EXT Stucture for PurBook (ALV)
J_3RCLASSBWASL Asset transaction types classification
J_3RCLASSSAKNR General ledger accounts classification
J_3RCLOFI Clearing reversal logistic invoices structure

Maruthi Ram Page 46


J_3RCLOFIIT For J_3RCREV report structure

J_3RCLRSEL Vendor/customer open item auto clearing program structure
J_3RCLSOPT J_3RCREV selection screen structure
J_3RCOEP_UPD Structure for update table COEP
J_3RCOPSDK Open Item Data for Clearing Transactions G/L
J_3RDOPDEB Secondary index table for VAT
J_3RFANKA FI-AA class settings for CIS
J_3RFAS_SALDO Reconciliation Statement Russia saldo
J_3RFAS_TABLE Structure for Reconciliation Statement Russia
J_3RFAS_TURNOVER Reconciliation Statement Russia turnover
J_3RFBS5_ASSETS Assets are included into the rows of BS N5
J_3RFBS5_COLS Section columns of balance sheet supplement N5
J_3RFBS5_COLT Section columns of balance sheet supplement N5 (text table)
J_3RFBS5_FORMS Sections of balance sheet supplement N5 (FI-AA part)
J_3RFBS5_FORMT Sections of balance sheet supplement N5 (Text table)
J_3RFBS5_HEADER Header of Balance sheet supplement N5
J_3RFBS5_REPS Balance sheet supplement N5 (FI-AA) Structure for ALV-output
J_3RFBS5_ROWS Section rows of balance sheet supplement N5
J_3RFBS5_ROWT Rows of balance sheet supplement N5 (text table)
J_3RFBS5_SELCR Define Selection Criteria for Asset Classes
J_3RFBS5_SELCT Selection criteria for asset classes (text table)
J_3RFBS5_SELOP Selection criteria values for asset classes
J_3RFCAPREP Net book value increase of assets as a result of repairs
J_3RFCLOPT Structure for select-option J_3RCALD, J_3RCALK
J_3RFCLRDOC Vendor/Customer open item autoclearing report structure
J_3RFDEPRGROUP Depreciation group of fixed asset Russia
J_3RFDEPRGROUPT Depreciation gropus descriptions of fixed asset Russia
J_3RFDSLD Structure for ALV in J_3RFDSLD report
J_3RFF4ACCT Cash flow statement accounts
J_3RFF4CORR Manual correspondense for cash flow statement
J_3RFF4DATA Cash flow statement customizing
J_3RFF4DATAT Cash flow statement row texts
J_3RFF4EDIT Financial Statement Editor Interface Area
J_3RFF4PARA Cash flow statement additional parameters
J_3RFF4VERS Financial Statement Versions
J_3RFF4VERST Financial statement version names
J_3RFOKATO Classifier of the administrative and territorial division
J_3RFOKATOREG Relation OKATO -> Region, District
J_3RFOKATOT Classifier of the administrative and territorial division
J_3RFOKOFREG OKOF codes for assets wich need the state registration
J_3RFPAY_DATA General data for Payment Orders/Request print
J_3RFPAY_PART Payer/Payee data for Payment Order/Request print (RU)
J_3RFPCR_TREE Payment analysis tree vendors
J_3RFPDE_TREE Payment analysis tree
J_3RFPM_CITI Payment Medium: CITI Format, Specific Parameters
J_3RFPM_CITIRUR Payment Medium: CITI RUR Format, Specific Parameters
J_3RFPOFPRIV Official property tax privileges (Federal level)
J_3RFPOFPRIVT Official property tax privileges (Federal level) texts
J_3RFPROPTAXR Property tax rates
J_3RFPROPTAXV Property tax values in asset master record

Maruthi Ram Page 47


J_3RFPROPTAX_HELP Property tax report. Help structure

J_3RFPROPTYPES Property types
J_3RFPROPTYPEST Property types
J_3RFPRTEXEMP Exemption codes from property tax payment
J_3RFPRTEXEMPT Exemption codes from property tax payment
J_3RFPRTXPRIV Property tax priviliges
J_3RFPRTXPRIVT Property tax priviliges
J_3RFPTIMEDEP Structure for getting of property tax time-dependent fields
J_3RFPTREGION Regions and districts for property tax
J_3RFPTREGIONT Regions and districts for property tax
J_3RFSECTYPE Secondary events types customizing(reference) table
J_3RFSEC_ITEM Data for Secondary events for deferred tax
J_3RFSTOPREASON Reasons for asset shutdown
J_3RFSTOPREASONT Reasons for asset shutdown
J_3RFTAXFIAA_HELP Help structure for profit tax FI-AA part
J_3RFTAXRA Tax Accounting: Actual line item table
J_3RFTAXRO Tax Accounting: Object table
J_3RFTAXRP Tax Accounting: Plan line item table
J_3RFTAXRT Tax Accounting: Summary table
J_3RFTAXRVA Tax Accounting: Actual line item table
J_3RFTAXRVO Tax Accounting: Object table
J_3RFTAXRVP Tax Accounting: Plan line item table
J_3RFTAXRVT Tax Accounting: Summary table
J_3RFTAX_ACTVDET FI-SL activity group details
J_3RFTAX_ACTVHDR Activity group header
J_3RFTAX_ACTVTXT FI-SL Activity group texts
J_3RFTAX_ASSIGID Hierarchy assignment ID
J_3RFTAX_ASSIGIT Assignment ID texts
J_3RFTAX_ASSIGN Tax hierarchy assignment to company code
J_3RFTAX_ASSIGNE Tax hierarchy assignment to company code/ledger
J_3RFTAX_CHAIN Tax chains
J_3RFTAX_CHAIND Tax chain details
J_3RFTAX_CHAINT Tax chain texts
J_3RFTAX_CUST Tax accounting customizing
J_3RFTAX_DECROW Tax declaration rows
J_3RFTAX_DMEE Structure for DMEE Tree Type (Electronic Tax Report Russia))
J_3RFTAX_DMEE_EXHANGE Structure to Exchange Electronic TAX data with DMEE
J_3RFTAX_EXTRD Tax Extract Detail Lines
J_3RFTAX_EXTRH Tax Accounting Extract
J_3RFTAX_FRMT Electronic Tax Format Version's Entries
J_3RFTAX_FRMTS Electronic Tax Format Versions
J_3RFTAX_FRMTST Text table for Electronic Tax Format Versions
J_3RFTAX_FRMTT Text table for Electronic Format Version Entries
J_3RFTAX_HIER Tax Hierarchies
J_3RFTAX_HIERT Tax object hierarchies texts
J_3RFTAX_LINKD Tax Accounting: Table link details
J_3RFTAX_LINKH Tax Accounting: Table links
J_3RFTAX_MPRL Electronic Tax Report Mapping Rules
J_3RFTAX_OBJECTS Tax objects list
J_3RFTAX_OBJEDIT Tax Þbject hierarchy editor interface area

Maruthi Ram Page 48


J_3RFTAX_OBJSEL Tax object selections

J_3RFTAX_PBU18_SH_TAXOBJ Structure for call search help for Tax Object by CompanyCode
J_3RFTAX_UNCLASS Unclassified objects
J_3RFTOKOF Deprecation groups for OKOF codes
J_3RFTOKOFT Depreciation group descriptions for OKOF-codes Russia
J_3RFTSEL Structure for ListViewer in J_3RFUM26
J_3RFVBS5_COLS Generated Table for View J_3RFVBS5_COLS
J_3RFVBS5_FORMS Generated Table for View J_3RFVBS5_FORMS
J_3RFVBS5_ROWS Generated Table for View J_3RFVBS5_ROWS
J_3RFV_F4VERS Generated Table for View J_3RFV_F4VERS
J_3RFV_FRMTS Generated Table for View J_3RFV_FRMTS
J_3RFV_PBU_SHLP Generated Table for View J_3RFV_PBU_SHLP
J_3RFV_TAX_ACDET Generated Table for View J_3RFV_TAX_ACDET
J_3RFV_TAX_ACTV Generated Table for View J_3RFV_TAX_ACTV
J_3RFV_TAX_ACTVH Generated Table for View J_3RFV_TAX_ACTVH
J_3RFV_TAX_ASGID Generated Table for View J_3RFV_TAX_ASGID
J_3RFV_TAX_ASGSH Generated Table for View J_3RFV_TAX_ASGSH
J_3RFV_TAX_CHAIN Generated Table for View J_3RFV_TAX_CHAIN
J_3RFV_TAX_CHAND Generated Table for View J_3RFV_TAX_CHAND
J_3RFV_TAX_CHECK Generated Table for View J_3RFV_TAX_CHECK
J_3RFV_TAX_CHKE1 Generated Table for View J_3RFV_TAX_CHKE1
J_3RFV_TAX_CHKE2 Generated Table for View J_3RFV_TAX_CHKE2
J_3RFV_TAX_CHKE3 Generated Table for View J_3RFV_TAX_CHKE3
J_3RFV_TAX_HIER Generated Table for View J_3RFV_TAX_HIER
J_3RFV_TAX_LINKD Generated Table for View J_3RFV_TAX_LINKD
J_3RFV_TAX_MPRL Generated Table for View J_3RFV_TAX_MPRL
J_3RFV_TAX_SELF Generated Table for View J_3RFV_TAX_SELF
J_3RFV_TAX_SELS Generated Table for View J_3RFV_TAX_SELS
J_3RFV_TAX_SELV Generated Table for View J_3RFV_TAX_SELV
J_3RFV_TAX_SHLP Generated Table for View J_3RFV_TAX_SHLP
J_3RFV_TAX_SHLP2 Generated Table for View J_3RFV_TAX_SHLP2
J_3RF_ASV Structure for Reconcilliation Statement
J_3RF_BK_TOTALS Incoming Totals for Add. Sheets of Sales/ Purchase Ledgers
J_3RF_BK_TOTALS_LINE Structure for Sales/Purchase Ledgers incoming totals
J_3RF_BUDAT_RAN Range structure for posting date selection
J_3RF_CASHOR Structure for Cash Orders printing
J_3RF_DKSLD_ALV_DETAIL_LIST Structure for ALV detailed list for J_3RFDSLD/J_3RFKSLD
J_3RF_DKSLD_ALV_MONTH_LIST Structure for ALV list by month for J_3RFDSLD/J_3RFKSLD
J_3RF_DKSLD_ALV_STRUCTURE J_3RFDSLD report: display structure for ALV
J_3RF_DKSLD_NUMERIC_VALUES J_3RFDSLD/J_3RFKSLD reports: currency fields
J_3RF_DSLD_ALV_STRUCTURE J_3RFDSLD report: display structure for ALV
J_3RF_FORM4_ALV Form 4 display table (for ALV)
J_3RF_FORM4_VARS Auxiliary Fields for Cash Flow Statement
J_3RF_HASV Header for Reconcilliation Statement
J_3RF_HD_INV Invoice Header: Transfer Structure to Smart Forms
J_3RF_HD_KOM Invoice yead: Price Conditions to Smart Forms
J_3RF_IT_INV Invoice Item: Transfer Structure to Smart Forms
J_3RF_MONAT_RAN Range structure for reporting period selection
J_3RF_PBOOK Stucture for PurBook II

Maruthi Ram Page 49


J_3RF_PBU18_FIAA_SALVTAB Defin. of Internal Output Table for ALV in FIAA Rep. RABEWG
J_3RF_PLAT Additional information to payment order
J_3RF_REGINVD Structure for outgoing invoice journal
J_3RF_REGINVK Structure for incoming invoice journal
J_3RF_REGINV_DE Outgoing invoice journal transp tab for IBOOK ver 2
J_3RF_REGINV_K Incoming invoice journal transp tab for IBOOK
J_3RF_RFPOS Line Item data for Customer/Vendor/G/L Account
J_3RF_SALE_BOOK Purchase book line number for sale book position
J_3RF_TAX_BATCH Batch input auxiliary structure
J_3RF_TXT_DOC Document texts
J_3RF_UMKRS_RAN Range structure for tax group selection
J_3RKACT Assign Rules to Groups of Accounting Documents
J_3RKAID Activate Automatic Offsetting Account Determination
J_3RKKR0 Account correspondence - summary table
J_3RKKRN Interpretation check table
J_3RKKRN_V1 Generated Table for View J_3RKKRN_V1
J_3RKKRS Account correspondence line items
J_3RKKRS_ALV Accounts correspondence (for ALV)
J_3RKORRREP_ALV_HEADER ALV structure for J_3RKORRREP (header)
J_3RKORRREP_ALV_ITEM ALV structure for J_3RKORRREP (items)
J_3RKORRSC0_ALV ALV structure for J_3RKORRSC0
J_3RKPAC Account priorities for automatic interpretation
J_3RKPAC_V1 Generated Table for View J_3RKPAC_V1
J_3RKPAI Account priorities for account pairs
J_3RKPAI_V1 Generated Table for View J_3RKPAI_V1
J_3RKSORTH Sorting rule header
J_3RKSORTHV Generated Table for View J_3RKSORTHV
J_3RKSORTP Sorting rule positions
J_3RKSORTPV Generated Table for View J_3RKSORTPV
J_3RKSORTT Sorting rule texts
J_3RKSPLITH Splitting rule headers
J_3RKSPLITHV Generated Table for View J_3RKSPLITHV
J_3RKSPLITP Splitting rule positions
J_3RKSPLITPV Generated Table for View J_3RKSPLITPV
J_3RKSPLITT Splitting rule texts
J_3RKTBL_D_K Debet-Credit relations (totals)
J_3RKTBL_KRP Accounts correspondence
J_3RKTBL_PAC Accounts with priorities
J_3RKTBL_POS Debet-Credit relations (positions)
J_3RK_DOCUMENT_TABLE Document list for interpretation
J_3RK_GLK_ALV ALV structure for J_3RKORRGLK
J_3RK_NEW_INTERPRETATION_S New interpretation
J_3RK_OBSX_ALV ALV Display table for J_3RKORROBS(X)
J_3RK_WAERS Possible currency in CC
J_3RM11_HEAD Structure for M-11 data
J_3RM11_LINE line type for M-11 form
J_3RM4_HEAD M-4 form header

Maruthi Ram Page 50


J_3RM4_LINE line type for M-4 form

J_3RMLISTDOK List of document for mateial's sheet
J_3RMLISTDOKW Material overview report extend structure
J_3RMLISTMAT Table of materials for material sheet
J_3RMLISTMATW J_3RMOBVED report list materials ListViewer structure
J_3RMONTHACTIV Monthly depreciation flags for depreciation areas
J_3RMWOIN Material issues without invoices.
J_3RNDSINV Target use of ingoing invoice positions for AuC
J_3RNDSNKS Tax categories for AuC
J_3RNKSACTION Start-up for asset types
J_3RNKS_HELP Help structure for VAT in capital construction Russia
J_3RNKS_LAND VAT in a capital construction (Country specific settings)
J_3RNKS_TABW Generated Table for View J_3RNKS_TABW
J_3RNKS_TBSL Credit memo posting keys for AuC
J_3ROS6_ASSET_MOVE Asset internal trnansfers for Inventory card
J_3ROS6_HEADER The generated headings of inventory cards
J_3ROS6_SETTINGS Settings for inventory card printing (forms OS-6,NMA-1...)
J_3ROS6_SETTINGT Settings for inventory card printing (forms OS-6, NMA-1...)
J_3ROS6_TABLE1 Fixed asset information on the transfer date
J_3ROS6_TABLE2 Fixed asset information on the date of accounting acceptance
J_3ROS6_TABLE3 OS-6 revaluation
J_3ROS6_TABLE4 Asset nformation of: acceptance, internal moving, leaving
J_3ROS6_TABLE5 Changing of fixed asset ascquision cost
J_3ROS6_TABLE6 Repair costs
J_3ROS6_TABLE7 The brief individual characteristic of fixed asset
J_3ROS6_TABLE7D Table of contents of precious and semiprecious materials
J_3ROS6_TB5BWASL Movement types for table 5 of form OS-6
J_3RSDETAILTABLE The structure described documents data for report
J_3RSELL_BOOK Structure for sale ledger
J_3RSELL_BOOK_EXT Extended structure for sale ledger
J_3RSEXTRACTD Exctract details (obsolete)
J_3RSEXTRACTH Extract header (obsolete)
J_3RSL_BK_HTABL Table head for EXTRACT
J_3RSL_BK_TABLE Transparent table for SaleBook (ALV)
J_3RSODELIVERY Select-options for J_3RSINVOICE
J_3RSOINVOICE_SD Select-options for J_3RSINVOICE
J_3RSSIPMLETABLE Structure contained links between documents
J_3RSTORNO_NDSINV Documnets for deleting from table J_3RNDSINV
J_3RSTOTALTABLE Structure contained document chains
J_3RSTOTALTABLE_COMMON Common structure for total tables (export sales)
J_3RSTOTALTABLE_NEW New total table for export sales

Maruthi Ram Page 51


J_3RS_DISPLAY_TABLE ALV structure for export sales

J_3RS_KUNNR Structure for customer range
J_3RS_S_CURRENCY_RANGE Currency range
J_3RS_S_RNG_BLART Range structure for BLART
J_3RT007 Tax codes for capital construction and assets purchasing
J_3RT095B Additional accounts for revaluation
J_3RT1_HEAD Goods issue-transportation note header
J_3RT1_LINE Goods issue-transportation note item
J_3RT1_NAME Goods issue-transportation note: structure for page 2
J_3RTASSET Time dependent master record tax parameters of vehicles
J_3RTAX21_DGN Table of parameters Where the Document is Given
J_3RTAX21_DMEE Structure for Data Exchane between J_3RTAX21 and DME
J_3RTAX21_DMEE_HEADER Header Structure for Data Exchange between J_3RTAX21 and DME
J_3RTAX21_DT Table of parameters Document Type
J_3RTAXDEPRREP Tax group depreciation report structure
J_3RTAXHELP Help structure for VAT declaration program
J_3RTAX_SELTRFLD Selective field transfer
J_3RTAX_SELTRSRC Selective transfer source field
J_3RTAX_SELTRVAL Selective transfer values
J_3RTNTVEH Tax-free code of vehicle (358 asset of tax codex)
J_3RTNTVEHT Tax-free code of vehicle description
J_3RTPRTAX Preferential tax code of vehicle
J_3RTPRTAXT Preferential tax code of vehicle description
J_3RTRET Lock table for update retired asset during TranspTaxCalc
J_3RTSE Secondary index table for VAT
J_3RTSETMESS Message type setting
J_3RTSE_CODE Alternative tax codes for secondary events
J_3RTTRANS Tax rates of vehicle
J_3RTTYPVEH Vehicle tax type
J_3RTTYPVEHT Vehicle tax type description
J_3RTVEHICL Time independent master record tax parameters of vehicles
J_3RTVEHRIP Vehicle tax report structure
J_3RTVEHSELOP Transport tax Russia selection screen structure
J_3RV_HM15 General part of M-15 form
J_3RV_HT12 General part of TORG-12 form
J_3RV_PM15 Position for delivery note print form M-15
J_3RV_PT12 Position for delivery note print form TORG-12
J_3RV_ST12 Subtotal for delivery note print form TORG-12
J_3RV_TAX_FRMT Generated Table for View J_3RV_TAX_FRMT
J_3RV_TAX_FRMTS Generated Table for View J_3RV_TAX_FRMTS
J_3RV_TAX_FRMTSD Generated Table for View J_3RV_TAX_FRMTSD
J_3R_ACTTYPE_ACTIVITY Activity Type & Activity
J_3R_ALV_ROWSTR For row structure typed fields
J_3R_ANLZV Time dependent Asset data - completed with values
J_3R_CLFCT Customizing table for cluster tables
J_3R_CLFORM Legal forms
J_3R_CLFORMCMP Legal forms in company
J_3R_CLFORMT Description of legal forms
J_3R_CLFT10TXT Customizing Table for TORG-10 Text Types
J_3R_CLFT10TXTV Generated Table for View J_3R_CLFT10TXTV

Maruthi Ram Page 52


J_3R_CLNRELDAT Not relevant gathered data of Legal Forms

J_3R_CLNRELPAR Not relevant parameters and select options for Legal Forms
J_3R_COMPANYV Generated Table for View J_3R_COMPANYV
J_3R_EXCLUDED_FIELDS Exluded fields of Single Data Structure
J_3R_FORMV Generated Table for View J_3R_FORMV
J_3R_HIERARHY_ASSIGNMENT Hierarchy to company code assignment
J_3R_INV11 Gathered Data for Form INV11
J_3R_INV11_FSD Form Single Data for INV11
J_3R_INV11_S1D Section 1 Total Values
J_3R_INV11_S1T Section 1 Table Data
J_3R_INV11_SECT1 Gathered Data for Form INV11 Section 1
J_3R_INV18 Content of INV-18
J_3R_INV18_CONTENTS Contains several content structures
J_3R_INV18_FSD Single data for INV-18
J_3R_INV18_GROUPKEY Grouping key for INV-18
J_3R_INV18_S1D Section single data for INV-18
J_3R_INV18_S1T Section Table Data for INV-1
J_3R_INV18_S1TE Messages for Asset Handling
J_3R_INV18_S1T_EXT Section Data Extended with Grouping Keys
J_3R_INV18_SECT Section for INV-18
J_3R_INV1_1A Content of INV-1
J_3R_INV1_1A_FSD Single data for INV-1
J_3R_INV1_1A_GROUPKEY Grouping key for INV-1a, INV-1a
J_3R_INV1_1A_MESSAGES Messages of INV-1 INv-1A After Ouput
J_3R_INV1_1A_S1D Section single data for INV-1
J_3R_INV1_1A_S1T Section Table Data for INV-1
J_3R_INV1_1A_S1TE Messages for Asset Handling
J_3R_INV1_1A_S1T_EXT Section Data Extended with Grouping Keys
J_3R_INV1_1A_SECT Section for INV-1 INV-1A
J_3R_INV1_1A_SECT2 Section for INV-1 INV-1A
J_3R_INV1_CONTENT Contains several content structures
J_3R_INV1_CONTENTS Contains several content structures
J_3R_INV3_19 Gathered Data for Form INV-3/INV-19
J_3R_INV3_19_FSD Single data for INV-3/INV-19
J_3R_INV3_19_GROUPKEY Grouping key for INV-3, INV-19
J_3R_INV3_19_S1D Section single data for INV-3/INV-19
J_3R_INV3_19_S1T Section Table Data dor INV-3/INV-19
J_3R_INV3_19_S1T_EXT Section Data Extended with Grouping Keys
J_3R_INV3_19_SECT1 Gathered Data for Form INV-3/INV-19 Section 1
J_3R_INVC_ASSET_MOVE Asset internal trnansfers for Inventory card
J_3R_INVC_HEADER The generated headings of inventory cards
J_3R_INVC_S1 Fixed asset information on the transfer date
J_3R_INVC_S2 Fixed asset information on the date of accounting acceptance
J_3R_INVC_S3 Revaluation
J_3R_INVC_S4 Asset information:acceptance,internal transfers,retirements
J_3R_INVC_S5 Changing of fixed asset ascquision cost
J_3R_INVC_S6 Repair costs
J_3R_INVC_S7 The brief individual characteristic of fixed asset
J_3R_INVC_S7D Table of contents of precious and semiprecious materials
J_3R_INVC_TLINE Text line

Maruthi Ram Page 53


J_3R_LFHDR Legal form header

J_3R_LF_KEY Legal form key
J_3R_LF_SLINE Structure for storing the parameters for legal forms
J_3R_LF_UEXT Legal form user exit
J_3R_MESSAGES Messages of INV-1 INv-1A After Ouput
J_3R_MSG Message - Info Without Personnel Numbe
J_3R_OS Content of INV-1
J_3R_OS1 Content Structure of OS1
J_3R_OS14 Content Structure of OS14
J_3R_OS14_S1T Section Table Data
J_3R_OS14_S2T Section Table Data
J_3R_OS1A Content Structure of OS1a
J_3R_OS1B Content Structure of OS1b
J_3R_OS1B_S1D Section Single Data
J_3R_OS1_FSD Form Single Data
J_3R_OS1_S1T Section Table Data
J_3R_OS1_S2T Section Table Data
J_3R_OS1_S3T Section Table Data
J_3R_OS2 Content Structure of OS2
J_3R_OS2_SECT1 Section 1 for OS-2
J_3R_OS3 Content Structure of OS3
J_3R_OS3_CONTROL OS3 Control Structure
J_3R_OS3_S2D Section Single Data
J_3R_OS3_S2T Section Table Data
J_3R_OS4 Content Structure of OS4
J_3R_OS4A Content Structure of OS4a
J_3R_OS4A_S3T Section Table Data
J_3R_OS4B Content Structure of OS4b
J_3R_OS4B_S1T Section Table Data
J_3R_OS4B_S2D Section Single Data
J_3R_OS4_S3D Section Single Data
J_3R_OS4_S3T Section Table Data
J_3R_OS6A Content Structure of OS6a
J_3R_OS6A_REVALUATION Revaluation Data for OS6A
J_3R_OS6A_S1T Section Table Data
J_3R_OS6B Content Structure of OS6b
J_3R_OS_FSD OS Form Single Data
J_3R_OS_S1D Section single data for OS
J_3R_OS_S1T Section Table Data for OS
J_3R_OS_SECT OS Forms Section Data
J_3R_PBU_DIFFOBJ Difference objects which have settings for PBU18
J_3R_PBU_HIER Hierarchies which have settings for PBU18
J_3R_PBU_T004 Charts of Accounts which have settings for PBU18
J_3R_PBU_TCODES Transformation codes for data transfer to FI-SL for PBU18
J_3R_PBU_TCODEST Text table for table J_3R_PBU_TCODES
J_3R_PROPTAX Content of Property Tax
J_3R_PROPTAX_FSD Single data for Property
J_3R_PROPTAX_GRKEY1 Grouping Key for Property Tax (OKATO, KBK)
J_3R_PROPTAX_GRKEY2 Group Key for Property Tax (OKATO, Tax Rate)
J_3R_PROPTAX_GRKEY3 Group Key for Property Tax (Privilege)

Maruthi Ram Page 54


J_3R_PROPTAX_GRKEY4 Group Key for Property Tax (Property Type)

J_3R_PROPTAX_GRKEY5 Group Key for Property Tax (Exemption)
J_3R_PROPTAX_GRKEY_TITLE Grouping Key for Property Tax (Region, District)
J_3R_PROPTAX_S1D Section1 single data for Property Tax
J_3R_PROPTAX_S1T Section Table Data for Property Tax
J_3R_PROPTAX_S2T Section2 Table Data for Property Tax
J_3R_PROPTAX_S3T Section Table Data for Property Tax
J_3R_PROPTAX_S4T Section Table Data for Property Tax
J_3R_PROPTAX_S4_2T Section Table Data for Property Tax
J_3R_PROPTAX_S5T Section5 Table Data for Property Tax
J_3R_PROPTAX_SECT1 Section1 for Property Tax
J_3R_PROPTAX_SECT2 Section2 data for Property Tax
J_3R_PROPTAX_SECT3 Section1 for Property Tax
J_3R_PROPTAX_SECT4 Section1 for Property Tax
J_3R_PROPTAX_SECT5 Section1 for Property Tax
J_3R_REVERSED Extension structure for Sales and Purchase Ledgers
J_3R_SEL_SETTINGS_BY_HIER_ACTV Select settings by hierarchy code and activity group
J_3R_SIDATA Type for transform data during transfer to FI-SL for PBU18
J_3R_STAT ALV statistic
J_3R_STRDIVINFO Srtuctural division information in transfer (from-to)
J_3R_T030K Tax Accounts Determination
J_3R_T056P Reference interest table
J_3R_TORG10 Gathered Data for Form TORG-10
J_3R_TORG10_FSD Single data for TORG-10
J_3R_TORG10_GROUPKEY Grouping key for TORG-10
J_3R_TORG10_S1D Section single data for TORG-10
J_3R_TORG10_S1T Section Table Data for TORG-10
J_3R_TORG10_S1T_EXT Section Table Data dor TORG-10
J_3R_TORG10_S2D Section single data for TORG-10
J_3R_TORG10_S2T Section Table Data for TORG-10
J_3R_TORG10_SECT1 Gathered Data for Form TORG-10 Section 1
J_3R_TORG10_SECT2 Gathered Data for Form TORG-10 Section 2
J_3R_TPROPTAX Asset Data for Property Tax
J_3R_TPROPTAX_EXT1 With Group-key Extended Property Tax
J_3R_TPROPTAX_EXT2 With Group-key2 Extended Propoerty Tax Structure
J_3R_TPROPTAX_EXT3 With Group-key2 Extended Propoerty Tax Structure
J_3R_TPROPTAX_EXT4 With Group-key2 Extended Propoerty Tax Structure
J_3R_TPROPTAX_EXT5 With Group-key5 Extended Propoerty Tax Structure
J_3R_V_DIFFOBJ Generated Table for View J_3R_V_DIFFOBJ
J_3R_V_HIER Generated Table for View J_3R_V_HIER
J_3R_V_PBUOBJSEL Generated Table for View J_3R_V_PBUOBJSEL
J_3R_V_T004 Generated Table for View J_3R_V_T004
J_3R_V_T030K Generated Table for View J_3R_V_T030K
J_3R_V_T056P Generated Table for View J_3R_V_T056P
J_4A441V AFS - Additional Structure T.441V
J_4AARCM ARun report generation / templates
J_4AARCM_T ARun report generation / templates
J_4AARCP ARun selection screen generation / programs
J_4AARCP_T ARun selection screen generation / programs
J_4AARCR ARun selection screen generation / programs

Maruthi Ram Page 55


J_4AARCR_T ARun selection screen generation / programs

J_4AARCS ARun selection screen generation / fields
J_4AARCS_V Generated Table for View J_4AARCS_V
J_4AARCT ARun selection screen generation / used AG tables
J_4ABDBD_V Generated Table for View J_4ABDBD_V
J_4ABDBS_V Generated Table for View J_4ABDBS_V
J_4ABDSI_S AFS structure including update-view for BDSI
J_4ABDSI_V Generated Table for View J_4ABDSI_V
J_4ABSSI_S AFS structure including update-view for BsSI
J_4ABSSI_V Generated Table for View J_4ABSSI_V
J_4ACAPLN AFS Vendor Capacity Level-Node
J_4ACAPLNV Generated Table for View J_4ACAPLNV
J_4ACAPNOD AFS Vendor Capacity Node Description
J_4ACAPN_T AFS Vendor Capacity Node Description Text
J_4ACUMM AFS MM Customizing: Grid determination dates
J_4ACUMM2 AFS Global settings MM
J_4ADLNCC Dynamic list navigation - Color to fields
J_4ADLNEF Dynamic list navigation - Exclude functions
J_4ADLNFC Dynamic list navigation - Field catalog
J_4ADLNFCT Dynamic list navigation - Field catalog
J_4ADLNHC Dynamic list navigation - Top-Of-Page fields
J_4ADLNHCT Dynamic list navigation - Top-Of-Page fields Text
J_4ADLNHR Dynamic list navigation - reference for listheader
J_4ADLNLI Dynamic list navigation - List-ID
J_4ADLNLT Dynamic list navigation - List description
J_4ADLNPC Dynamic list navigation - Program control
J_4ADLNRS Dynamic list navigation - reference structure
J_4ADLNSC Dynamic list navigation - Sort control
J_4ADLNUFC Dynamic list navigation - Field catalog user dependent
J_4ADLNUVC Dynamic list navigation - Var. control cust. dependent
J_4ADLNVC Dynamic list navigation - Varianten control
J_4ADLNVI Dynamic list navigation - Varianten
J_4ADLNVL Dynamic list navigation - Variant layout
J_4ADLNVT Dynamic list navigation - Variant description
J_4ADLNV_V Generated Table for View J_4ADLNV_V
J_4AEBANX AFS Source Allocation - generated result
J_4AERRTAB EDI: Error structure for ORDERS/ORDCHG
J_4AFIFB Customizing Final Determination Procedure
J_4AFL06E AFS RM06E Dialog Structure
J_4AFLEKPO Afs first level Contract additionel Data
J_4AFLKENZ AFS flag for first level contract
J_4AFLST Afs first level Contract Dialog Strukture
J_4AFSBATX AFS final determination batch run name
J_4AFSRSBN AFS - append structure for RESBN
J_4AH160L AFS - Additional List for Purchasing Order
J_4AH160LI AFS - Additional List for Purchasing Order
J_4ALOGS1 No termination of Logging (if logrecord does not exist)
J_4ALOGSEL Log file: Structrue for dynamic select.
J_4ALOGSET activate / deactivate log-file
J_4ALOGTAB Log file for tables BDBS, BDBS_M, BDSI, BSSI, MCHB

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J_4AMAKAL AFS Material master: Valuation data

J_4AMRPS SKU status in ATP and MRP
J_4APPSFC AFS Defaults production control
J_4ARESH_V Generated Table for View J_4ARESH_V
J_4ASABVAL AFS Source Allocation Batch Run Description - Value Table
J_4ASAUSET AFS Source Allocation User Exit Description Text
J_4ASAUSEX AFS Source Allocation User Exit
J_4ASEADIS AFS season display
J_4ASEAND Season determination
J_4ASEAVAL AFS valid seasons to order
J_4AT430 Generated Table for View J_4AT430
J_4AT441V AFS - Additional Structure T.441V
J_4AT441_V Generated Table for View J_4AT441_V
J_4ATRANSP AFS Transportation table final destination
J_4ATRIN AFS Structure for Transp. internal use
J_4AUEKET Change document structure
J_4AVENDW AFS Assignment between Vendor and Plant
J_4AVFERT Default Values for Fert Generator
J_4AVFERTD Screen Fields for Production Generator
J_4AVFERTI Material Master: Organisation Levels
J_4AVFERTO Material Master: Organisation Levels
J_4KACT1 AFS Append structure for J_3AATPS (category)
J_4KACT2 AFS Append structure for J_3AATPP (category)
J_4KACT3 AFS Append structure for J_3ABDBS (categories)
J_4KACT4 AFS Append structure for J_3ABDSI (category)
J_4KACT6 AFS Append structure for J_3ABSSI (category)
J_4KATPVD Categories in ATP check
J_4KBEKPO Requirement category for Stock transfer
J_4KBOMBI AFS Batch Input structure for BOM item category information
J_4KBOMC Categories for BOM items
J_4KBOMH Categories help structure for field descriptions
J_4KBOMS Categories BOM items helpstructure
J_4KBVBAPK Categories
J_4KBVBEPK Categories
J_4KBWEFI Element arfeld-Zuordnung
J_4KBWEFT_L Texts Characteristic Values Elementary Fields
J_4KBWEF_T Elementary Fields
J_4KCATALOG Field catalog for dynamic fill
J_4KCATDYN Category field dynamic source
J_4KCATE Categories
J_4KCATR obsolete - use /AFS/DIM_RELS
J_4KCATR_X Generated Table for View J_4KCATR_X
J_4KCATS Category-Structure Table
J_4KCATV_R Range
J_4KCAT_BK Basic-Key-Structure-for all Category-Data-Tables (T-Gener.)
J_4KCAUTH1 Interface Structure 1 for category authority check
J_4KCERRIF Error log interface-structure for category-function modules
J_4KCFUN_L Short text for category-functionalities
J_4KCFUN_T AFS Functionalities (for categories and grid values)
J_4KCIF001 Interface-structure j_4kcats with value for each field

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J_4KCIF002 Short interface for check valid function modules

J_4KCIF003 Interface for category function modules (003)
J_4KCIF004 Interface for category function modules (004) UDCF-check
J_4KCIF005 Interface for category function modules (005) UDCF_H-get
J_4KCIF006 Interface for category function modules (006) UDCF_V-get
J_4KCIF007 Interface for category function modules (007) for Cust tree
J_4KCIFCAT Short interface for category-functions
J_4KCIFMRP Interface for MRP-category-functions
J_4KCIFRSC Interface for RSC-category-functions (Req.-Stock-Conversion)
J_4KCMRP MRP: Req.-Stock-Category-Allocation
J_4KCOVSD1 Generated Table for View J_4KCOVSD1
J_4KCOVS_L Short text for Coverage strategy (J_4KCOVS_T)
J_4KCOVS_T Coverage strategies
J_4KCPRC PRC: Planned Requirement Consumption (sales order into PR)
J_4KCRSC MRP Sourcing Proposals: Req.- into Stock-Category Conversion
J_4KCSFK Category Structure - Foreign keys for reference fields
J_4KCSFK_EXT Category structure foreign keys with additional fields
J_4KCSGR_L Category Structures - Short texts
J_4KCSGR_T Category Structures
J_4KCSGR_V Generated Table for View J_4KCSGR_V
J_4KCSIZ Categories
J_4KCSRC MRP Secondary Requirements Creation: St. - into Req.-Cat. Co
J_4KC_HLP1 Categories – Help structure (for diff. uses)
J_4KEBAN Categories
J_4KEBANCO Categories
J_4KEIFCAT Error log interface-structure for category-function modules
J_4KEKES Categories
J_4KEKET Categories
J_4KEKETCO Categories
J_4KEKPO Categories
J_4KEKPOCO Categories
J_4KERR_01 Small error info structure
J_4KERSRCG Error log interface-structure for SRC-get-function module
J_4KFSEL Screen fields to select REFT/REFF (reference field)
J_4KFSEL01 Screen fields to select REFT/REFF (reference field)
J_4KHHUDCF Generated Table for View J_4KHHUDCF
J_4KIFFV01 Interface for category field values (for function modules)
J_4KIFFVAL Interface for category field values (for function modules)
J_4KIF_USED_CATV Interface for used category-values
J_4KKOMDLG Categories
J_4KKOMG Categories
J_4KKOMPA Categories
J_4KKOMS Categories
J_4KLBEFU category interface
J_4KLIPS Categories
J_4KLIPSCO Categories
J_4KMCEKPO Categories
J_4KMMOD_T MRP-Modules (also value-table for domain J_4KMMOD)
J_4KMRP_DD Data-division-fields MRP-category-tab. (for table-generation)
J_4KMRP_MK More key-fields for MRP-category-tab. (for table-generation)

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J_4KOSHE Categories in order scheduling

J_4KPLKOC Categories routing header
J_4KPLKOS Categories for routings help structure
J_4KPMOD_T PRC-Modules (also value-table for domain J_4KPMOD)
J_4KPOPE Interface for user exits (errors) for category popup
J_4KPOPF Interface for category popup-fields (internal use)
J_4KPOPV Screen fields for Category Popup (and key fields of cats)
J_4KPRC_DD Data-division-fields PRC-category-tab. (for table-generation)
J_4KPRC_MK More key-fields for PRC-category-tab. (for table-generation)
J_4KRANGE one valid category-field-range with explaining text
J_4KRBEFU Append for RBEFU (Reservations inventory management)
J_4KRCAS Requirement-Category-Structure
J_4KRSC_DD Data-division-fields RSC-category-tab. (for table-generation)
J_4KSIFCAT Short interface for category-functions
J_4KSRCIF0 Interface for SRC-get function module(s)
J_4KSZDI Categories
J_4KSZGD Categories
J_4KSZGP Categories
J_4KTEST Test for Category Search Help
J_4KTXT064 Help structure for text table
J_4KUDCFD1 Generated Table for View J_4KUDCFD1
J_4KUDCFD2 Generated Table for View J_4KUDCFD2
J_4KUDCFLH Categories - User defined category fields (Language; Header)
J_4KUDCFLV Categories – User defined category fields (Language; Values)
J_4KUDCFM1 Generated Table for View J_4KUDCFM1
J_4KUDCF_H Categories – User defined Category Fields
J_4KUDCF_V Categories – User defined category fields (Values)
J_4KUPDFLG AFS: Category append structure for BOM items
J_4KV51VP Transporting Categorie data
J_4KVALCAT Valid Category (Stock or Requirement) with value and text
J_4KVALR Categories - valid requirement categories
J_4KVALR_CSGR Generated Table for View J_4KVALR_CSGR
J_4KVALS Categories - valid combinations
J_4KVALS_CSGR Generated Table for View J_4KVALS_CSGR
J_4KVAL__H Generated Table for View J_4KVAL__H
J_4KVAR__H Generated Table for View J_4KVAR__H
J_4KVBAP AFS categories
J_4KVBAPKO Categories
J_4KVBAPKOX Checkbox List for Maintaining a Item ( AFS/Category fields )
J_4KVBDPA AFS categories data from VBAP for doc. item view VBDPA
J_4KVBDPL AFS: category data from table LIPS for doc. item view VBDPL
J_4KVBEP AFS category structure
J_4KVBEPKO Categories
J_4KVBEPKOX Checkbox List for Maintaining SL ( AFS/Category fields )
J_4KVBLKP Additional data for picking
J_4KVBRP Categories
J_4KVBRPZ AFS categories from VBRP (J_4KVBRP) for doc. item view VBDPR
J_BALANCE_CHILE Structure used for balance sheet (Chile)
J_OBJCRT Help Structure for Creating Objects
J_PRODH_DISP IS-M/AM: Display Product Hierarchy Elements

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J_PROJ01 Generated Table for View J_PROJ01

J_PROPERTIES Name Value Short Text
J_STMAINT 'Active Status' Flags for Screen SAPLBSVA 0302
J_S_VARIANT Report Variant with Text and Parameters
J_VIEW01 Generated Table for View J_VIEW01
J_VIEW_FULL01 Generated Table for View J_VIEW_FULL01
J_VIEW_GEN01 Generated Table for View J_VIEW_GEN01
J_VIEW_SINGLE01 Generated Table for View J_VIEW_SINGLE01

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AFS T.CODE Description

/AFS/J5AI Source Allocation Schedule II
/AFS/LIEF_CHECK Delivery Check Report
/AFS/MCC AFS Mass Customer Change
/AFS/MCTE AFS SD Standard Analysis
/AFS/MD02 AFS-MRP: Single-item Planning
/AFS/MD04 AFS Stock/Requirements List
/AFS/MD09 AFS Pegged Requirements
/AFS/MD4C AFS Order Report
/AFS/MDC Mass Data Change of Documents
/AFS/ME2A AFS Confirmation report
/AFS/MMCUST Customer-specific messages AFS
/AFS/MM_MP MM Missing Parts Lists- Sub contract.
/AFS/MRP_CR_STARTER Check Report Starter
/AFS/MRP_S430 AFS Quantity and Distribution Tool
/AFS/MSC2 Batch Revaluation
/AFS/MSOEX AFS MSO order explosion/log
/AFS/NDIF_CHANGECOVS Category. Structure or Coverage Strategy.
/AFS/NDIF_MAP_CONV Convert Dims to Characteristics
/AFS/NDIF_MASS_REORG Mass Deletion of AFS Config. Data
/AFS/NDIF_MASS_UPD New Dimension Mass Update
/AFS/NDIF_MAT_CLASS NDIF: create material class
/AFS/NDIF_MAT_UPD Mass Update Report
/AFS/NDIF_RUNTIME Mass Update - Runtime Versions
/AFS/NDIF_SET_CONF Set Configuration Indicator
/AFS/NDIF_SKU_VAR NDIF: create SKU variant
/AFS/PIRMI Interface Flex. Planning / AFS
/AFS/PP01 Maintain qty distribution rule grid
/AFS/PP012 Check Quantity Distr. Rule Grid
/AFS/PRPK_DIST SD Quantity Distribution
/AFS/RS02 Maintain AFS Requirement Seasons
/AFS/RS03 Display AFS Requirement Seasons
/AFS/SA01 Cap Mass Data Changes I - Capacity
/AFS/SA02 Mass cap change dialog
/AFS/SA03 AFS Vendor Capacity Situation Report
/AFS/SA04 Capacity reduction after simulation
/AFS/SA05 Report for not assigned p.r.
/AFS/SEAS_TABLE_DISP AFS Display Season Condition Tables
/AFS/SPLITPO Change & Split PO, PO confirmation
/AFS/SS02 Maintain AFS Stock Seasons
/AFS/SS03 Display AFS Stock Seasons
/AFS/SSET_DISP Display AFS ARun Selection Set
/AFS/SSET_REORG Reorganize Selection Sets
/AFS/SUB_RULE ATP Substitution Rule
/AFS/SUB_T685_TS Assignment Text/Condition Type
/AFS/SUB_TVSU_V Substitution: ATP Locks
/AFS/SUB_TYPE Customizing Substitution Type
/AFS/T681F_JM Field Catalog Grid Determination MM
/AFS/T681F_JV Field Catalog Grid Determination SD
/AFS/T681F_KV Field Catalog Value-Added Service SD
/AFS/T681F_LV Field Catalog Season SD
/AFS/TAB_GENERATION ARun table generation
/AFS/TVAG Maint. Reasons for Rejection for AFS
/AFS/V_R2 AFS Rescheduling - analyze
/AFS/V_RA Back Order List
/AFS/WWW_PO_CONF Confirmation of Work Progress
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