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Song Analysis- Home by Michael Buble Michael Bubles Home can aptly be regarded as one of the finest and

popular songs he ever composed. It has attracted and still attracting a large number of music lovers all over the world. It was in 2005, Buble, the Canadian Musician, released this song in his album named, Its Time. Home was a combined work of Buble with Alan Chang and Amy Foster-Gillies, which later paved the way for various other covers by another artists. Many have praised the song of Buble thanks to its lyrics and enchanting singing. A close reading of the lyrics unveils the mind of the poet who feels alienated from his home country and from his then-fiance Debbie Timuss. Buble wrote these lines when he was on a tour to Italy where the separation from his beloved pained him too much, and he wished to get back to his beloved at the earliest. A close reading of the song explores certain other poetical devises such as the repetition of some phrases, images and the usage of figurative speech that add imaginative coloring to the song. While reading through the lyrics of the song, one gets various images of the male narrator of the song, his journeys, alienation, and his earnestness for reunion. From the narration, it is quite evident that the narrator is a busy man, travelling from one place to another and could not find sufficient time to reach home. He himself admits that his words are cold and flat and his beloved needs more than that. This also brings to us the image of a beloved, anxiously waiting for the letters and presence of her lover. The narrators words, I feel just like Im living someone elses life/Its like I just stepped outside (Lines 25-26) bring out the image of a discontented person.