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Don't Ask, Don't Tell 1.

State your topic for the argument research supported essay: This research paper undertakes a profound exploration of the United States military policy Dont ask, dont tell (DADT), according to which the U.S. military personnel are restricted from being inquired about their sexuality. According to DADT, people with a tendency to engage in same-sex acts may highly lack order and discipline and this tendency is not acceptable in the armed forces. Thus, under Dont ask, dont tell policy, the members of the U.S. military are not to be asked about nor allowed to discuss their same-sex orientation. (Burrelli) Significantly, there have been arguments in favor of as well as against the policy and a reflective analysis of the policy is required for a judicious judgment on the issue. Therefore, this paper analyzes the various aspects of the policy Dont ask, dont tell to determine a careful position on the topic. 2. State your position on the topic, for or against, agree or disagree. I strongly agree with the idea behind the policy Dont ask, dont tell as this policy will help the U.S. military personnel in emphasizing the need for order and discipline in the army. 3. Write a potential thesis sentence (needs to be more than one sentence) Although there are several criticisms raised against the militarys Dont Ask, Dont Tell policy both in the Congress and among the general public, the military is not prepared for this drastic change as the positive results of the policy are several. Significantly, the policy DADT has already become a central element of the military policy regarding same-sex acts, a relaxation on the policy is not acceptable to the U.S. military.