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Stinking examples from emerging cities

Lalur's war against waste

dumping of garbage by the Thrissur Municipal Corporation in Kerala 25 year long protest In 1994, three youths were suffocated to death Pollution of wells, cancers, skin diseases and intestinal disorders no lorry carrying waste allowed since last february

Kodungaiyur-the death trap

ecologically sensitive area 2000 tonnes of waste daily Even bio medical waste from the hospitals are being dumped here not just health problems, the smoke and smell have become a social problem

Full of violations
Rule 8 of site selection criteria under Schedule III of Municipal Solid Waste Handling Rules, 2000, states, The landfill site shall be away from habitation clusters, forest areas, water bodies, monuments, National Parks, Wetlands and places of important cultural, historical or religious interest .

Rule 9 states: A buffer zone of no-development shall be maintained around landfill site and shall be incorporated in the Town Planning Departments land use plans.

Rule 1.4 under the collection of municipal solid waste under Schedule II of Municipal Solid Waste Handling Rules, 2000 states: Biomedical wastes and industrial wastes shall not be mixed with municipal solid wastes and such wastes shall follow the rules separately specified for the purpose.