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Ms. McDonald. Room 402. mmcdonald@verbumdei.

us Economics/American Government/English 4

Classroom Policies & Procedures

The following policies and procedures have been carefully considered and are intended to maintain a classroom environment which is conducive to learning, and to encourage organizational skills. Failure to adhere to the following will result in an appropriate consequence.

Proper headings on all assignments Have all required materials at all times Blue or black pen on all assignments no pencil Quizzes/Tests missed due to an absence must be made up after school upon your return. Write home work assignments in student planner
o The student is responsible for obtaining assignments missed during an absence

Missing Homework Policy: o Homework is considered missing if not turned in when called for o Missing Assignments will earn a Homework JUG. No credit will be given for the assignment. o Incomplete assignments will earn a Homework JUG no credit will be given o Missing assignments due to an athletic/club activity are not excused and will earn a Homework JUG. Permission is required to:
o o o o o o o o Leave your seat Make a comment, ask a question, etc. Raise your hand and wait to be called on. Throw anything away in the trash Pass an object to a classmate Retrieve an object from a classmate Borrow anything from anyone Use classroom tissue Use classroom hand sanitizer

Language must be classroom appropriate.


Never interrupt, verbally harass, or insult others.

Be in your seat by the tardy bell

o You will not be allowed into the classroom if you are not in full uniform- shirt tucked in; tie is tight at the neck, etc.

NO food or drink no exceptions. Yes, that includes water.

o o Drinks may be placed on a nearby table or white board rail. Food must be put away in backpacks, not your pocket.

No personal items cell phone, hair brush, lip balm, beanies, etc Follow all rules outlined in your Parent/Student Handbook. Do not throw or toss any objects, including trash, in the classroom.

Remain quiet during direct instruction (lecture) and while I am giving directions. Remove your jacket and hang it on the back of your chair Wait for my dismissal, and push your chair in before leaving the classroom. You may not work on class/homework from other classes w/o permission.

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I have read and discussed the foregoing classroom policies with my son/ward.

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I have read and agree to adhere to the foregoing classroom policies.

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