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Believe in Yourself

By Rich Terfry aka Buck 65

May 18, 2007
Buck 65 is a hip hop artist with his own unique rhyme styling lyrical presentation.
e hails !rom Mount "niacke, #o$a %cotia.
& 'elie$e in one o! the most cliche a(ages there is) *you can make it i! you try+. &t+s 'een sai( a
thousan( ways now) *ne$er gi$e up on your (reams+, *'elie$e an( you can achie$e+. ,hese all
soun(s like things we say to ki(s when we (on+t know what else to say. But not only (o & 'elie$e
you can make it i! you try, & consi(er mysel! li$ing proo! o! the a(age.
-all it luck or call it 'eing unyiel(ingly stu''orn, 'ut &+$e pro$en it a !ew times in my li!e . an(
against all o((s . But isn+t that how it+s suppose( to 'e with these kin(s o! stories/
0hen & was eight years ol( & (eci(e( & was going to 'e a pro!essional 'ase'all player when &
grew up. ,here was no 'ase'all program Mount "nniacke #o$a %cotia an( & hate to say it, 'ut &
got no encouragement !rom my parents whatsoe$er. & learne( 'y watching games on t$. &+( throw
a tennis 'all against the !oun(ation o! my house !or hours an( hours on en(. & ha( no one to play
with. 0atching my re!lection in the screen (oor, &+( work on per!ecting my swing en(lessly.
0hen at 16, a man who worke( !or the 1ankees tol( me & was going to 'e a superstar, & (i(n+t
e$en !linch. & alrea(y knew that.
2 wrecke( knee put those plans o!! the rails. My attention quickly turne( to music which ha( 'een
a passion all along. 3ewer people sign ma4or la'el recor( (eals in a year than there are lottery
winners. 2n( again, e$eryone aroun( me . inclu(ing my parents . sai( it woul( ne$er happen
an( that & shoul( stay in school an( 'ecome a (octor.
1ou know, & truly think it was all that 5ne$er6 talk & was hearing that pushe( me the most. & (on7t
know what the heck that says a'out me.
0hen most ki(s hear that *!ollow your (reams+ line, & think they close their eyes real tight an(
hope that it will 'e there waiting !or them when they wake up in the morning. 0e (on+t tell ki(s
that it might take !i!teen years 'loo(, sweat an( tears. 3or me, that+s what it took. & always
'elie$e( & coul( make it. 2n( lo+ an( 'ehol(, a million screen (oors later, here & am, (oing what &
lo$e !or a li$ing.
&t coul(n+t 'e sweeter.
3or This I Believe, &+m 8ich ,er!ry, also known as Buck 65, in ,oronto.