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South Slavs definitely settled in the Balkan Peninsula, in VII century. Some of their neighbors were found there, and some were later migrated. One of the nation, which they took their name from their ancient homeland in the Balkans, were Serbs. This period was quite misty, but still, there are data on some events and personalities.
- Serbs were first mentioned in the foreign sources, in the 9th and 10th century. - The territories settled by Serbs go from West Morava and Ibar River to Bosnia and the Adriatic Sea. These areas are Raska (Serbia today), Bosnia, Doclea (Zeta; state of Montenegro today), Travunia (Trebinje town area; a part of Hercegovina territory today), Zahumlje (Hum; a part of Hercegovina territory today), Pagania (Neretva river area; a part of Hercegovina territory today).

- During this period, in the central parts of serbian territory, barons Vlastimir and aslav (Vlastimirovic dinasty) attempted to create a stable state, but because of threats from Bulgaria and Byzantium, and the weak successors, they failed.
- The first important Serbian state was created by the rise of Doclea, later called Zeta. Conflict with Byzantium led to the strengthening of Doclea rulers, thereby spreading the influence on surrounding Serbian territory. The peak Doclea experiencing in XI century, when Michael became king, and his son Bodin broader authority in almost all Serbian territory - Raska, Bosnia, Travunia, Zahumlje.

- Duklea declines during the weak Bodins successors, and over time the center of Serbian sovereignty moves to central regions, where it begins to stand out Raska prefects. During this period, in Bosnia is createed a separate Serbian state.