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= Intermediate COMMUNICATION: OF Vials Jill Hadfield ie f < bs = - Doane a Pew ite elcoy rte) muti l| a Intermediate COMMUNICATION Games Jill Hadfield photocopiable material Pearson Education Limited Edinburgk Gate, Harlow, Essex CM20 20E, England and Associated Companies throughout the world ‘www ‘© Fi Hagrield 1990 ‘This edition published by Addison Wesley Longman Lid 1996 ISBN 0-17-555872-8 Twelfth impression 2005 Permission te copy TThe material inthis book is copyright. However, the Publisher grants permission for copies ofthe pages in the sections entitled "Games material” and "Rules sheets to be made without fee as follows: Private purchasers may make copies for use by their ‘wn students; school purchasers may make copies for use within and by the staff and students of the school ‘only. This permission to copy does not extend to additional schools or branches ofan institution, who should purchase a separate master copy of the book for their own use, For copying in any other circumstances prior permission in writing must be obtained from Addison Wesiey Longman Lid. Printed in China NPCCI12 Contents List of games iii Introduction v Teacher's notes viii Games material 26 Rules sheets 123 Structural index 128 Lexical index 128 Acknowledgements Tam very grateful to the staff and students of the Languages Section of South Devon College of Arts and ‘Technology for providing a stimulating and creative work environment and a constant source of support, ‘encouragement, inspiration and advice.