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1 Studying the structure of animal and plant cell Problem statement: What are the structures found in animal and plant cells? Hypothesis: Certain structure can be found in animal cell only while certain structure can be found in plant cell only. Variables: a) Manipulated variable: Type of cells b) Responding variable: Structure of cells c) Constant variable: Quantity of reagent Apparatus and materials: Onion bulb, iodine solution, methylene blue solution, distilled water, glass slides, cover slips, a light microscope, scalpel, a pair of forceps, glass dropper, toothpick, mounting needle and filter paper. Procedure: 1. Prepare a slide of epidermal cells from an onion using the following steps: (P1) a) Use a scalpel to cut a piece of onion scale measuring 1 cm X 1 cm. b) Use a pair of forceps to strip the epidermis layer. c) Put a drop of water onto the middle of the slide and place the epidermis on the drop of water. d) With the help of mounting needle, cover the slide with a cover slip at 45o angle and observe it under a light microscope. 2. Put a drop of iodine on one side of the cover slip. Put a piece of filter paper at the opposite side of the cover slip to draw the iodine in to stain the cells. (P1, P2) 3. Use a piece of filter paper to absorb the excess iodine solution. (P5) 4. Examine the slide under a light microscope using the low power objective lens and then the high power objective lens. (P3) 5. Draw and label your observation. Record the magnification used. 6. Prepare another slide of animal cells, scrape the inside of the cheek with a clean toothpick and mount it on a slide with a drop of methylene blue solution. (P1) 7. Repeat step 4 and 5. (P4)

Imelda anak Nyaun/S.M.K. Serian

Result: Types of cells Epidermal cell of an onion Cheek cell


Imelda anak Nyaun/S.M.K. Serian