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Voice of Reason

Silence is Consent
Volume 1 Issue 3
The South Mississippi Tea Party was founded in 2009 by men and women dedicated to the restoration and maintenance of limited government. We are a true grass roots organization requiring no dues or fees, no applications, tests or formal membership. Our primary purpose is to attract those of like mind who wish to work together for a common goala free society governed by the rule of law. You know, some people are stealing and theyre making a big deal out of it. Oh, theyre stealing 20 pair of jeans or theyre stealing television sets. Who cares? Theyre not going to go too far with it. Maybe those people are so poor, some of the people who do that theyre so poor theyve never touched anything in their lives. Let them touch those things for once.Titanic Singer Celine Dion on Larry King Live in response to a question about post-Katrina looting in New Orleans, 2005.

July, 2013

The Good, the Bad and the Uninformed

Celine Dion My fathers generation grew up during the Great Depression. There were no government safety nets, no federal compassion and for many, poverty was inescapable. So its not surprising that during those times people were open to the idea of government programs to alleviate those conditions and indeed came the New Deal. That generation also fought a war for their very survival and won it. The resulting prosperity was steady and sure and by the time my generation came of age few had ever seen a hungry day. Fewer still, ever fed a hungry neighbor. There was no need. Government charity was now an accepted part of the American dream. Subsequently, charity expanded to include jobs, housing, child care, medical care, transportation and eventually even money and appliances. Poverty is relative, and what was left of it in this country made a definitive transformation. Real, chronic poverty was almost exclusively confined to the children of incompetent or degenerate parents. The new American poverty included those with houses, vehicles and television sets. And how did the faceless bureaucracy handle the children in real poverty? They gave the charity to the incompetent parents, or most likely, the one parent remaining. All it took to partake of the American dream was incompetence or fake incompetence. But government went even further. For those who found themselves in true dire straits due to circumstances beyond their control, they also found rules and regulations preventing them from seeking help outside of government. For instance, if Grandma agreed to watch the kids while Momma worked, she might find herself classified as a day care center and forced to comply with all the regulations. Bake sales and lemonade stands became subject to health inspections and permits. Self-help from family and friends became

subject to government intrusion whether or not it actually did intrude. Government charity became so entrenched that a recipient didnt even have to be an American to share in the dream. We have a name for those who think charity by proxy is a good thing. These are people who relieve their prosperity guilt by taking comfort that those less fortunate will be provided for with someone elses money. We call them liberals, most of whom are uninformed about the long term consequences of their generosity by proxy. But there are other people who know better. We can divide these people into two groups. One group sees how destructive this charity by proxy is to individual freedom. They do not care to have their lives lived for them, their charity dispersed to others by force or to buy pretzels and beer for those in line ahead of them in the supermarket. They prefer to overcome their own hardships and prefer others to do the same. They enjoy a sense of individual accomplishment when they do so. They may choose to excel or they may choose not to and live a more simple life. These are the people we generally call conservatives or libertarians. The other group also sees how destructive charity by proxy is to individual freedom. But that is their goal because they increase their power by limiting it to others. These are the people who promote government charity, say all the kindest things and act offended when their motives are challenged. And for the last 50 years they have been quite successful in doing so. We call these people progressives. There is one factor that unites conservatives and liberals and that iswe all love our country. Progressives do not. They are at work to undermine the moral fabric on which we were founded. But liberals see this as liberating. Conservatives see this as a path toward anarchy. And the quick cure for anarchy is tyranny. But what should a liberal or uninformed voter think? They are constantly bombarded with messages in the media, in entertainment, in their schools and even in their churches, all heavily slanted toward a progressive ideology. There is no better explanation as to how these progressives operate than what I found in a comment section of an article long forgotten. I copied it because it was so profound. It comes from an anonymous Vietnamese ex-patriot; My wife, family-in-laws (sic.) and direct families in North Vietnam have the highest honor and respect for Ho Chi Minh. They consider him among the greatest of all Vietnamese. If you truly know how communism controls the masses, then you would better understand why the North Vietnamese would think this way. Communism doesn't have to hold a gun to your head and force your beliefs. Rather, the communists take the choices of what you could believe away so you only know one thing to believe. Our featured quote is from a talented but ignorant liberal. It is an emotional statement made by someone who feels compassion, but for the wrong party and at a safe distance. The rational approach to compassion would be directed toward the small business owners or homeowners who had been robbed. It is unknown whether or not Ms. Dion sent a donation to Katrina victims, but it is certain that she did not invite the looters to her house for an all-you- can-grab shopping spree. Ms. Dions quote is revealing in that its the poor people deserving of the compassion, even if theyre robbing, raping or murdering someone. She only knows one thing to believe regardless of how ridiculous that belief is. A liberal that thinks this way is probably too far gone to reason with. But there are others who are not. We should think back to when we werent so politically educated to understand their mindset.

Before we shake our heads at such ignorance we should keep in mind the psychological concept of investment. When one has held a certain belief for a long period of time it is a difficult task to change that belief when it is proven false. Changing an ideology is almost as difficult as changing a religious belief. Since its inception the Tea Party has been relentlessly vilified and demonized by the progressives. Since progressives have successfully identified as liberals, any counterattack by conservatives on progressives is seen by liberals as an attack on them. About a year after my active participation in the Tea Party I noticed that we were spending a lot of effort preaching to our own choir. While this motivates those who think like us into action, it does not win many converts. Voice of Reason is the effort to reach out beyond our own choir. Its our expanded Tea Party meeting, open to everyoneincluding liberals. When the Board approved this publication I told them it would be 8 months to a year before we could expect a well-rounded, participatory publication. They gave me a direction to stay locally focused on key issues such as property rights, education and political corruption. Bert, Barry and I are committed to its success. But it has to be a joint effort of all members and we must take this message beyond the walls of our own meetings rooms. How long do you really want to read the writings of just the staff and a few Board members? This is your chance to preach beyond your own choir. I would suggest that many uninformed voters buy the progressive line because they only know one thing to believe. We should avoid ridiculing that and concentrate on education. Some of us may not be open to educating liberals. It seems like such a daunting task; but we live, work and associate with them in our daily lives and when we get to know them beyond their ideology, we find most share common concerns with us. If we understand that many of them only know one thing to believe and are not irrevocably hostile to a disciplined citizenry, then we can better determine how to approach them---or better still, allow them to approach us. Two-hundred years ago Thomas Jefferson wrote to Charles Yancy, "If a nation expects to be ignorant & free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was & never will be. Our partisanship ought to be reserved for progressives and our time should not be wasted on loopy folks like Ms. Dion. But we must recognize that politically uninformed people are not the enemy. They are merely obstacles to the restoration of our Republic that need to be moved. You can help move them through your participation in this forum and distributing it to all the contacts on your email list and social media sites. With the exception of demonstrable domestic enemies, we are all Americans. We all want the best for our country. As the Administrations scandals continue and their destructive policies are implemented, we may have a much easier time of getting our point across to those that would not otherwise give us the time of day. Keep it true, keep it sincere and keep it simple. We will restore our country regardless. Our mission should be to restore it with the least amount of damage. Dick Lancaster, Editor

Chairmans Message
Hello Again Fellow Patriots, What exciting times we are experiencing right now. Our group continues to grow with passionate, dedicated people who love liberty. If you have been missing the meetings, I can honestly say that our last few speakers have been some of the best of our whole existence. And, to make matters ever better, we have a jam packed schedule of outstanding speakers lined up for the next few months. Coming up at our July 15 meeting we have some great things coming your way. Angela Burks Hill, a State Senator from District 40 out of Picayune will be our featured speaker. She is well known for her knowledge and understanding of Common Core and will give us a detailed explanation of how it works and why we should oppose it. Set your calendar and dont miss it. This will again be another fantastic night of information that can be obtained nowhere else since the New Media isnt covering this story- we all know why. We plan to invite our local State Representatives to hear and participate in this discussion. Unbelievably, at that same meeting we will have two other speakers: One will be Scott Petrowski whose Biloxi home was invaded by Homeland Security. He will give us a play by play of the horrible experience and tell us about the outcome- with actual audio from the invasion itself. It doesnt get any better than that. Also that night, we will hear from Robert Deming III, one of the newly elected Biloxi City Council members who will give a short synopsis of the proposed baseball park and field questions regarding the pros and cons from the audience. Needless to say, this will be a great night. I am really excited and looking forward to it. Make plans to attend and bring someone with you. I promise you will not be disappointed. Dont forget to bring canned goods and/or some sweet snacks for our concession stand. All is very much appreciated. Many who missed Jon Riveras presentation have heard how great it was (see review below). So, we are working to get him back in the next few months. Stand by. God bless America. All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. We remain silent no more. John Rhodes, Chairman, South MS Tea Party

Meetings: The South MS Tea Party meets twice a month on the first and third Mondays at 6:30 PM. At the first Monday meeting, coming up next on August 5 we present a video, usually on American history and afterward open the floor for discussion. It will be held at the St. Martin Community Center on Lemoyne Blvd.

A guest speaker is usually on hand on our third Mondays after which our group sets its current priorities, discusses topics defined by the speaker or brought up by the membership. Chairman John Rhodes message outlines the July 15 meeting agenda. This meeting is held at the DIberville Recreation Center behind DIberville Elementary School on Brodie Rd. Meeting time is 6:30 PM. Coming up on August 19 our guest will be Randy May, Director of Act! For Mississippi (AFM), the state branch of Act! For America (AFA). The national group was founded by Brigitte Gabriel, a southern Lebanese Christian who grew up through the Muslim takeover of Lebanon. AFA is all about national security and defending freedom by exposing the threat of radical Islam, sharia law, and the political ideology they represent through education and awareness. AFM is the state chapter implementing everything Act! for America stands for with a focus on establishing a civilian counter terrorism network to protect this state from domestic threats. Randy came to Mississippi to help with the Katrina recovery, met and married his Mississippi wife and stayed. He is Election Manager for Hinds County and Byram, MS, organized the Tea Party Rangers in 2009and is a member of the Vietnam Veterans of America, The Military Order of the Purple Heart and the Trail of Honor. If you are concerned about the encroachment of Islamic fundamentalism in this country and state, dont miss this event. Bible Study: The South MS Tea Party Bible Study is held every Wednesday at 7:00 pm at the Cedar Grove Community Center off Lemoyne Blvd. It is led by our chaplain, Warren Gaffney. All are welcome. Light refreshments are served. American Heritage Series: On Friday evenings at 7:00, we are showing more episodes of the David Barton American Heritage Series at Northside Assembly of God, on Lemoyne Blvd. across the street from the St. Martin Community Center. Don't forget to bring a canned or other non-perishable food item to all of our meetings and events. We will donate them to one of our local food pantries. Speaker Roster: If you have a topic of interest that you would like to speak on at a meeting, please let us know. We would love to hear from some of our members. Presentations must be in written form or on a PowerPoint and must be no longer than 20 minutes. Topics need to be pre-approved by the board. Gun Safety Classes: Diana Stack, a certified Mississippi and NRA instructor is offering Enhanced Concealed Carry and Basic Safety classes to Gulf Coast residents. Contact her at

Bullz-I Sports shooting range on Hwy 98 in Lucedale offers NRA and Enhanced carry classes as well as reloading instruction. Reloading classes are coming up on July 13 and the 20th. Military and veterans are discounted 50% on range fees and 10% on related supplies on Sundays through September 8. Contact them at 601 947 1739 or visit their website at Contact Us: If you would like more information about our group, please call 228 222 2902. You will hear a recorded message about upcoming meetings and events. Visit our website at for all the latest news relevant to our mission. Forward this issue of Voice of Reason to your friends and invite them to come to meetings or to go to our website to sign up to our phone and email list. The South Ms Tea Party does not give out your contact information to any third party for any reason. Nor does VoR. ************************** Networking: I would like to tell you about a program that is available for you to find out more about issues in Congress. It is from The Heritage Foundation and you can read more at See the message below received by one of our Tea Party friends in Hattiesburg: [On Monday, June 24 we began] our weekly call to inform you about the issues we see coming up in Congress. You'll have the chance to ask questions and hear about the work other Sentinels are doing. Here are the details: Monday nights at 5:30pm EST, dial-in number: 1-800-757-3718 You can also add your phone number to this list to be connected to the call automatically. We look forward to having you each join us for the strategy call. Thank you for all you do for congressional accountability. We would not be able to influence critical battles in Washington without each of you. It looks like you can join in on these calls every Monday at 4:30 Central Time. I would encourage you all to go to the website listed above to read more. Remember, Action Matters! Monica Boudreaux, Secretary

Lou Derscheid Passes

Some really sad news. One of our Board Members and fellow patriots, Lou Derscheid passed away. He was an outstanding foot soldier in the war for Liberty. He will leave a tremendous hole in our fight. Today he is free of the evils of this world and stands beside his Creator. For more information you may go the Sun Herald website. We are planning to take up a collection at the July 15 meeting for either the family or a charity of their choosing. Lou Derscheid

Please keep Lou's wife, Jeri in your prayers during this very sad and trying time. He can now fight the fight from a better place. Thank you Lou for all of your kindness, friendship and courage. John Rhodes, Chairman

As a movement and local group, we all mourn the loss of our friend and fellow patriot, Board Member Louis Derscheid. My wife, Lisa, and I attended his wake and joined with so many of his family and friends to comfort and encourage his wife, Jeri. You can imagine that the next few days and weeks will be difficult for Jeri and her family. So please pray for the grace and comfort of Almighty God to blanket them at this time. Warren Gaffney, Chaplain

June Meeting Review

The June 17 meeting was opened in the usual manner with the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of the National Anthem. All veterans were asked to stand and were presented with a small American Flag. New members and first time attendees were introduced. Our guest speaker was Jon Rivera, a retired USAF Lt. Col who served for 41 years. He spent 3 years as an Air Force Cop and the next 8 as an Intelligence NCO. After he was commissioned he served 31 years as an Intelligence Officer. Jon has served in or traveled to all but 4 countries in the world. His last two positions were the Director of Intelligence in the 10th Air Force and Senior Reserve Intelligence Officer for Air Force Cyber-Command Provisional at 8th Air Force. He currently serves on the Board of Keesler Credit Union in Biloxi. As a retired intelligence officer, Jon was able to elaborate on some recent international headlines that the media chose not to probe and he offered a little frustration to questioners on some issues that are still classified and could not be explored. However, what he was able to present were facts and insights from a rare perspective as a front line participant in the cyber wars. He wasted no time in defining our enemies and ended the list with, And the USA against ourselves, referring both to policy and attitude. Terror wars only end when one side is eliminated, Rivera stated confidently. But he didnt appear as confident in the agencies we use to fight it and the power these agencies have assumed over the last decade. There are three federal agencies exempt from the Bill of Rights; the IRS, the NSA [if it restricts itself to overseas intercepts] and after Boston [referring to the Marathon bombing], the FBI. The retired cyber spy paused for a moment to let that sink in. He didnt mention the current scandals involving these agencies, allowing the audience to draw its own conclusions. Jon Rivera

Today, June 17, 2013 is a Monday, he said. June 17, 1776 was also a Monday and day for day it will track that way for the next few years. Rivera saw symbolism in that curious fact, implying that 2013 may be just as significant as 1776 as a year that is forever remembered. Whether its a year of reclaiming our freedom or losing it is up to us. What can we do? asked a member. Youre doing it, Rivera replied. He reminded us that coming together with a common goal in small groups is how the American Revolution began. He sees a similarity in the Tea Party/Patriot movement and those who pushed for a new form of government in 1776. Here are the highlights of LtCol Riveras presentation and Q&A: On 9/11: Most people assume 4 planes were involved in the 9/11 terrorist attack. Rivera said there were many more planes involved. When President Bush ordered all aircraft out of the skies that day the other planned attacks were thwarted. One of those planes, en route to San Francisco from the east coast landed in St. Louis where 6 Arab men deplaned. They were again spotted in Dallas where they disappeared. On Benghazi: There were several safe houses in Benghazi, among them the so called consulate. Rivera got the sense from information coming out of several think tanks that the Benghazi incident was all about supplying arms to Syrian rebels. The bad guys were supposed to kidnap the Ambassador and hold him for ransom. As reported in conservative news sources, the Administration knew about this four days in advance. Unfortunately, Ambassador Stevens was subdued with an overdose of heroin and died. Rivera speculated that this was a political move orchestrated by Valerie Jared. Obviously, things did not go as planned and when the Ambassador died, the ensuing chaos concerning the rescue stand-down is well known. It is also known that the Africa Core Commander, General Hamm was relieved of duty immediately following the incident. Rivera was told that Hamm had some choice words for Defense Secretary Leon Panetta over the stand-down and thats why he was relieved of command and escorted back to Washington under armed guard. We wont know the truth until the whistle-blowers come forward, he said. On China and the Cyber War: China has satellites with the capability of taking out ours and did so during the late 90s. A Chinese J-8 fighter collided with a US EP3 electronic surveillance plane over the South China Sea in 2002. The EP3 was forced to make an emergency landing 100 miles away on Hainan Island. This became known as the Hainan Island Incident and Rivera said the Chinese completely dismantled the plane before returning it after a brief stand-off between the two countries. They got a lot of information from that plane, he said. The pilot should have ditched in the sea. Jon told the audience that the Chinese have the source codes for the Norton security system and Windows. They have a sub base in Cuba, their instructors work with the Iranian cyber army and China sends its technicians to inspect downed US drones wherever they may fall, including Pakistan, Afghanistan and the more famous Iranian soft landing.

The Chinese think the best way to attack us is not to attack us directly, but rather where we are the weakest. Consequently, they are attacking us economically. Their current efforts include a very intense effort against our banking system through denial of services meaning interrupting and overloading computers. They rarely engage directly, content to use cut-outs such as North Korea to harass the US. On the Boston Marathon Bombing: Five days prior to the bombing explosions were heard coming from a rock pit north of Boston. The Saudi national, first reported as a person of interest was a low level Saudi royal family member who posed with Michele Obama in a photo as shown in the local Boston newspapers. Later, according to open source news reports, he visited the White House. Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran had also posed with this Saudi Prince in a photo, although Jon did not elaborate further. On Obama: Evident from his demeanor, Jon Rivera is not a big fan. Six years ago when Obama was a serious candidate for President, the British Colonial voting records were burned in Kenya. If you read the Declaration of Independence, said Rivera, And look at the complaints against King George III, you will find Obama has committed every one of them except quartering troops in American homes. With his background in cyber security, Rivera reminded the audience that once something is on the internet it is out there forever. Even if it has been removed it can still be recovered. Google The Wayback Machine and you can find many of these long-gone postings. In response to a question on voting security, Rivera said that all but Washington State has closed voting systems on their machines, meaning they are not accessible on the internet and cannot be hacked. Are there really 35 terrorist training camps in this country? Came a question from one attendee. There probably many more not reported by law enforcement, Rivera replied. One of them located just north of Montgomery, Alabama was discovered in 2005 by the FBI. The Obama Administration does not monitor Islamic terrorists. Go to if you want more details on that. The final question concerned the CIA and the FBI. Can we really trust that theyre on our side? Follow the money, was his simple answer. Jon Rivera was one of the most interesting speakers weve had for a while and he could have kept most of the attendees far over our allotted time. But he did accept an invitation to visit us again in the near future. If you werent there to see him on the 17th, make it a point to come to his next presentation. You will not be disappointed.

Where They Stand

Answers from Legislators
If youve written or emailed a legislator, an appointed official or a local government servant and received an answer, send it to us so we all can see where they stand on the issues. You should include your name, date

and the question you posed. We will edit the legislators response for space and publish it in an up-coming issue of VoR. Commentary on these responses is welcome by you or readers and will be published in subsequent issues. If youve contacted a legislator and received no response, please let us know that as well. From: US Senator Roger Wicker Question/Issue: Immigration Reform Responding to: Donna Cox Date: 6/27/13 There is a critical need in the United States for an overhaul of many aspects of our country's immigration system as well as increased border security and real enforcement of existing laws. In April, a bipartisan group of eight U.S. Senators introduced the "Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act," S. 744. This compromise developed by the so-called "Gang of Eight" was a reasonable place to begin the conversation of immigration reform, but S. 744 is inadequate in many areas. I oppose passage of the immigration bill. From the outset of this debate, I asserted the interests of Mississippi's citizens and maintained that the full Senate must be allowed a thorough and open legislative process. I offered a number of amendments to toughen enforcement and accountability requirements and crack down on sanctuary cities. Although several amendments passed which strengthened the original bill, the legislation remains deeply flawed and would not truly reform America's immigration system nor stop the current onslaught of illegal immigration. Immigration reform must begin with border security. Absent a secure border, the problem of illegal migration will only worsen, and threats to homeland security will only grow. In addition, effective interior security is crucial to the success of the entire immigration system. This means putting in place dependable infrastructure and technology, including a national E-Verify system. It is important that Congress establish a permanent tool for employers to verify the status of prospective employees. I oppose amnesty and believe that there must be substantial consequences for those who break the law. No individual in the United States illegally should bypass those who have waited years to enter the country legally. Undocumented aliens should not have access to federal benefits, nor should they be permitted to compete with American citizens for employment. Be assured I will keep your views in mind and will continue to advocate for sound immigration reform based upon border protection and strict enforcement of our country's laws US Sen. Roger Wicker

From: US Rep. Steven Palazzo, District 4 Question/Issue: IRS Scandal To: Roberta Pethtel

Date: 6/28/13 Thank you for contacting me to share your thoughts regarding the ongoing investigations into misconduct by the Internal Revenue Service. As your Congressman, I am committed to putting the needs of Mississippi families first, and knowing your views and ideas on federal legislation is critical in order to best represent you. To this extent, your comments and ideas are always appreciated. At a time where the American people have severe apprehensions about trusting anything their government does, actions like these continue to further divide our country. Like you, I have very little trust in this administration and the unelected bureaucrats who run it and want answers on who instructed the additional scrutiny against tea party and right wing groups. I believe that the wrongdoing by the IRS reaches far deeper than has been discovered so far. Please rest assured, I will not allow those who have targeted groups based on their ideological beliefs to get away with this illegal practice. To date, several hearings have been held by the House of Representatives on this issue and they will continue until Congress gets to the bottom of this problem and punishes those responsible. -Rep. Steven Palazzo, MS Dist. 4

Rant on the State of Our Nation & Citizenry

By Mike Impey, Ocean Springs Alderman, Ward 6 Quite often now, after listening to the content of a days opinion presented as "news" on our airwaves, I find myself dejected at the course of our country and many of its citizens. We have an administration in Washington which has consistently demonstrated a complete disdain for the brilliant work of our founding fathers. These men gave this great nation two of the most awesome documents that this world has ever known ... the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. My thoughts often go to that famous last line of the Declaration as I listen to some of these talking heads on radio and television, "And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor." For the most part, this generation of so called leaders knows nothing of self-sacrifice in the service of the public good. They serve only themselves and their twisted ideals. We also have a significant portion of the populace that supports these people because they are concerned only with what handouts or benefits they might receive. These poor souls see nothing wrong with this because it is free and if they do not take advantage of it then someone else will. Well ladies and gentleman, it is not free. It never has been. These things which you are taking advantage of are being paid for by your responsible neighbors who are gainfully employed. This is being done through the confiscatory taxes being taken from their paychecks. I for one have never even gotten a thank you nor do I expect I ever will. The founders were willing to sacrifice everything they had, and in many cases did, for their beliefs and principles. These were principles that were founded in their reliance on and belief in God. The people

currently serving in the highest offices of this land, along with those in the media who champion their misguided causes, have thoroughly distorted the values and principles upon which our republic was founded. Yes, this includes the president. If you doubt this, I would challenge you to look at the Declaration and read the following passages.... "the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them" ... "in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions," ... "with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence". These men mentioned God throughout this document and recognized His importance in the future of this nation. George Washington said, "It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible." and "Mankind, when left to themselves, are unfit for their own government." He also said, "We are persuaded that good Christians will always be good citizens, and that where righteousness prevails among individuals the Nation will be great and happy. Thus while just government protects all in their religious rights, true religion affords to government its surest support." He knew that without guidance from a higher power, and when left to their own devices, the average man will eventually stray from the noblest of ideals to pursue their own goals. Imagine if this document were written today. Because it references God and was being produced by our government some genius would try to have it declared unconstitutional. I am by no means a constitutional scholar. But I would like to think I have been blessed with at least a modicum of common sense. On the other hand, I have heard some who claim to be constitutional scholars speak that I am not sure have even read the documents. When you study the papers and writings of the founders you will find their belief in a higher power runs throughout. Now, some 200 plus years later, our people have forgotten or intentionally disregarded the warnings of these founders. We have strayed so far from the original intent now that I am not sure we could even find our way back. When we abandon the Constitution as the ultimate basis for all of our laws, then anything goes. George Washington realized this when he said, The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon." At every twist and turn of the issues being presented before our government today, rights are being infringed, constitutional guarantees are being ignored and the average person goes on blissfully unaware. Please, please, please I would encourage everyone to get involved in whatever way you can. Become more informed and at the same time make sure you are passing these unique American traditions along to your children. When discussing issues with someone you disagree with at least be thoughtful and civil about it. This is where those in power gain ground. They start these debates on various topics and then stand back to watch as their surrogates make these nonsensical arguments. People argue today instead of debate. They let things become personal and at the end we find ourselves divided or fractured into our little groups. Agree or disagree, lets all return to being Americans. The founding fathers did not all agree. But in the end they did what was best for the country and not just this group or that group. If the nation we know and love is to get back on course where it belongs, we must have an informed active citizenry. Fellow citizens, we are in danger of no longer being governed but instead being ruled and instead of citizens we are once again in danger of being subjects. Below you will find links to copies of our United States and Mississippi Constitutions as well as educational materials for your children. Most of it is sent to you at no cost. Consider it a legitimate return on some of your tax dollars. God bless you and God bless the United States of America. Secretary of State for Mississippi Delbert Hosemann

Get your FREE Pocket U.S. Constitution Send a self-addressed stamped envelope with $0.65 postage to: NCCS 37777 W. Juniper Rd. Malta, ID 83342

Major New Laws Effective July 1st

Open Carry Weapons
While Governor Bryant signed into law HB2, the open carry law due to take effect on July 1, Hinds County Circuit Judge Winston Kidd issed an injuction to prevent the law from implementation pending a hearing scheduled for July 8. The lawsuit was brought by Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith, Sheriff Tyrone Lewis and State Sen. John Horhn, D-Jackson, among others who argued that the law was vague, and would endanger law enforcement and citizens alike.

Judge Kidd

DA Shuler-Smith

The law was passed to clarify Mississippis existing open carry statute. Attorney General Jim Hood issued a nonbinding legal opinion June 13 saying guns would still be banned on school and college campuses, and law-enforcement officers could ban the open carry of guns in courthouses and other public buildings. Hood also said people would still be able to ban weapons on private property. It is disputed whether or not a County Circuit Judge has the authority to prevent the law from being implemented and efforts to have the Mississippi Supreme Court rule on the issue are under way. The challenge came late, allowing only 30 minutes for the Attorney General to address it. The Clarion-Ledger reported Jody Owens, an attorney for the Southern Poverty Law Center, said those seeking to block the law are trying to stop mayhem. MS AG Jim Hood If the law is allowed to take effect it covers all weapons including knives but mandates these weapons must be carried in a holster or sheath. Congressman Steven Palazzo told WDAM in Hattiesburg that he has reservations about the new law. Im a strong supporter of the Second Amendments right to bear arms. Im a concealed carry permit owner myself, I own a lot of firearms, but theres just something about strapping a pistol to your side and walking around in public, said Palazzo. It would make me personally as a father of three young children kind of uncomfortable, so I dont know what they were trying to do. I think their intent was to clarify a law that was already on the books, but I havent seen an issue. I havent seen anybody walking around the state with a

gun, but I do know if Im in a restaurant and someone comes in with a gun on their side Im probably going to, you know, get out of there as quick as possible and take my family and business elsewhere.

Prayer in Public Schools Allowed

SB 2633 allows student led prayer in public schools. It is sure to be challenged by anti-religious interests. State Sen. Chris McDaniel, said he is confident it will stand up to any lawsuit. What this does, he explained is make clear that the expressive conduct [student prayer] is not that of the state. If the conduct is not that of the state, then the Supreme Court has said that speech is protected speech, even if it's religious. So, the ACLU, if they claim it's unconstitutional, they're dead wrong and we look forward to our day in court, if that's the case.

This law requires physicians and midwives to collect umbilical cord blood from mothers under 16 when they are suspected victims of sexual abuse or statutory rape. Mississippi is the first in the nation to do so.

Sen. Brice Wiggins Challenge

Our featured speaker at the May meeting was Mississippi State Senator Brice Wiggins (Rep., Dist. 52). While up to speed on most issues of concern to us, he did receive a bit of backlash from the audience members for his support, or at least his non-objection to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) coming soon to schools throughout the state. Unmoved by our rejection of CCSS, the Senator issued us a challenge: Question--- We agree that MSs education needs improvement----we are last in the nation. We agree that our standards must be raised. The MS Constitution, written in 1890, requires us to educate our citizens. What solution or options do you or the group propose to address our education problem in the state? (I understand vouchers but that is who and where. I mean what and how our children actually learn so they can compete at the highest levels). I am totally committed to hearing and pushing for any such solution to our problem. There were far fewer responses than I had hoped, but thats understandable for a brand new publication. Even so, we should take advantage of every opportunity to influence our lawmakers when they issue such direct challenges; so few of them take the time to visit and invite our participation. Im going to extend the response period to next months August issue. I hope more of you will take advantage of it. Here are the responses generated by Senator Wiggins challenge: Barry Neyrey responds: Common Core [State Standards (CCSS)] actually lowers education standards. People should not assume that CCSS are higher than current standards. Doing nothing is better than institutionalizing CCSS. The number

one reason school systems want to do common core is that the federal government, under Race to the Top is paying teachers and schools to implement it. To improve our schools, we should reject federal government programs and money completely. DOE was created in 1979 and there has been no improvement and apparent degradation [in our schools]. We should let school districts hire the best people they can. We should limit as much as possible the power of labor unions to control school operations. They can negotiate pay and benefits and that's it. They should have no say in hiring and firing and promotion. Those functions should be left to the principle. Schools must stop teaching to the test. There's a name for that teaching strategy I'll have to look it up again. We can set fundamental literacy reading and math standards and test to allow students to move up and graduate but nothing more than that. Basically we should return to pre-1979 style education systems. Now that institutional racism is gone we don't need federal government control anymore. We do need ways to measure the performance of entire schools and school districts. I think old fashioned achievement tests would do for this since teachers wouldn't be measured by the outcome; only schools and school district administrations. Dick Lancaster responds: There can be little improvement in Mississippi schools if the remedy is to fiddle only with the curricula. It can certainly be made worse by doing so and CCSS is an avenue toward that end. If you will review the story of the Moss Point School Districts lesbian problem in the June issue and read the follow-up in this issue, you will find that these stories arent about lesbians, bullies or First Amendment rights; its about cultural rot. Once a state accepts federal funds it loses its independence, sets itself up for bizarre lawsuits and is forced to comply with expensive, complicated mandates. Federal money is an addiction and no junkie can improve long-term until the drug is removed. Anything the State junkie does while still under the influence of the federal dollar is bound to fail in the long run. There is no point in outlining improvement with the needle hanging from our arm. The only thing we can do is attempt to keep things from getting worse. Thats what the Common Core debate is about. The August issue will feature the CCSS initiative and the parasites it will bring with it. Other responses: I would suggest that the MS Dept. of Education do some research into home school curriculums for starters. Ask Mr. Senator Wiggins what was wrong with the standards before the Common Core Standards?

Moss Point School District Still Silent on SLPC Threats
In the June issue (Volume 1, Issue 2) we reported on the alleged bullying of a Moss Point Jr. High School student who claimed to be a lesbian. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) became involved and is now

representing the 16 year-old in an effort to force the school district to adopt a bizarre SPLC program promoting the gay agenda in all of its schools. Bert and I both contacted the SPLC in May for a follow-up and neither of us has heard back from them. Moss Point school officials have not been cooperative. When I contacted the school districts attorney, Henry Pate on June 26 he told me that he does not discuss school affairs with anyone. I asked where we could get that information and he repeated his line adding that the school does not discus pending litigation. So its still in litigation? I asked. Pate responded, I dont discuss litigation or the young ladys affairs with anyone. I reminded him that he doesnt represent the young lady, the SPLC does, to which he suggested I contact the SPLC. They wont talk to me. You wont talk to me. How are taxpayers to know how you plan to spend their money on this issue if no one will talk? As I said, Pate responded. I dont discuss school litigation with anyone. Good day, sir. So we know this case is still being litigated. If the school district has its way, taxpayers wont know how much of their money is being spent and to what end it is being spent until after it is spent. The Moss Point School District has had some other recent legal problems. In April the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Inspector General concluded that the Moss Point School District misappropriated $3.2 million of $24 million from FEMAs Katrina fund. They were charged with sloppy accounting, non-compliance with federal rules and taking non-competitive bids on work. This left minority and women owned businesses out of the loop as well as something the Inspector General identified as labor surplus firms which may mean illegal aliens were not invited. Last year a jury found the district liable in a 2009 sexual harassment suit filed by former principal Tonya Jackson-Hall. And there is an on-going, on line petition drive by to have Superintendent Maggie Griffin and Principal Joanne Pettaway fired over the lesbian bullying incident but neither women were in their present positions when the alleged conduct took place. Further research into the SPLCs activities along with other progressive allies on this one issue revealed a pattern throughout the country of school shake-downs. These organizations have the same agenda; to inflict the promotion of the gay lifestyle on the schools and to punish objections. The pattern is to use an agenda pawn, a student that has allegedly been bullied or denied some sort of right or access, then threaten a federal lawsuit on the clients behalf and beyond. To settle, a school district must not simply remedy the complaint of the aggrieved pawn, but it must institute policies that promote the gay agenda on the entire school district. Jason Marsden, executive director of the Matthew Shepard Foundation. explains how this works, This case (which follows) also showed that one student in the system, with just a little bit of support, was able to make a profound and lasting difference for all future students in the school system.

This 2011 case to which Marsden refers involved the Camdenton R-III School District in Missouri which was forced by the ACLU to stop filtering gay websites in its school libraries. We are proud to have been a part of making sure LGBT students enjoy the same constitutional rights as any other students and that free access to useful educational resources has been restored by this settlement, said Marsden. Obviously, the agenda pawn was used to open up these porn sites not only to her, but to the entire school district. Having had to visit these websites for this research I can tell you they are not all educational, even the educational ones. Belly Billboards and Concealed Carry In 2011 the SPLC threatened a Hoover, Alabama school for banning a 15 year-old girl from wearing a t-shirt with the slogan, Gay? Fine by me. The school officials banned the provocative clothing to avoid incidents of bullying which is prudent and sensible given the climate of alleged bullying claimed by the SPLC. But Sam Wolfe, the same attorney threatening the Moss Point School District for bullying said, Students constitutional rights dont stop when they walk through the schoolhouse gates. We will do whatever it takes to protect those rights. The school district caved. It is not an unusual case. School officials attempting to limit provocative clothing to prevent incidents of bullying are often sued for First Amendment rights violations. Provocative behavior that invites a backlash such as bullying cannot be addressed by schools without inviting a First Amendment lawsuit. This catch-22 is made possible by school districts accepting federal funds. Even indirect funds such as student aid subject schools to federal law through which most of this abuse is inflicted. In another t-shirt fight in Cincinnati, this one banned for a Day of Silence event for gay awareness held in April, Lambda Legal went to bat for a boy wearing a Jesus is not a homophobe slogan on his t-shirt. Were glad that [the boy] is able to wear his shirt on April 20th, Christopher Clark, a lawyer with Lambda Legal, a non-profit law firm, said in a press release. However, a students First Amendment rights are not restricted to one day of the year. We will continue to fight .... And that is the pattern with all of these agenda pawnsto spread the victory around to all at all times. What would you expect a school district to do if a student brought a stun gun to school? Expulsion? Arrest? A gay student did just that in an Indianapolis school and was expelled. He sued. He won.

[The student] is known as a flamboyant dresser and Larry Yarrell, the [schools] principal, said school staff had been trying to get him to tone down his accessories. If you wear female apparel, then kids are kids and they're going to say whatever it is that they want to say, Yarrell told The Star. Because you want to be different and because you choose to wear female apparel, it may happen. In the idealistic society, it shouldn't matter. People should be able to wear what they want to wear. Here again is a competent school official trying to instill the realities of life into a student. And here again the student becomes the teacher educating the educator of just how powerful the gay agenda has become. Same SexDouble Standard In 2002 some students razzed a young Mormon girl saying, You have 10 moms, the girl shot back, Thats so gay. That sent the young California homophobe to the principals office. She got a warning and a notation in her file and suffered throughout her remaining school years as the Thats so gay girl. Her parents sued. The case dragged on for 5 years. They lost. Heres what Judge Elaine Rushing ruled: All of us have probably felt at some time that we were unfairly punished by a callous teacher, or picked on and teased by boorish and uncaring bullies. Unfortunately, this is part of what teenagers endure in becoming adults. The law, with all its majesty and might, is simply too crude and imprecise an instrument to satisfactorily soothe deeply hurt feelings. Thats wise council, but it doesnt apply to the gay agenda where federal courts routinely protect agenda pawns from deeply hurt feelings. The judge also rejected the familys claims that the school did not do enough to protect the girl from the subsequent harassment, called bullying when inflicted on gay students. If the family had not told everyone that [their daughter] had been given a referral for saying 'That's so gay' then no one else would have known it either, and she would not have been referred to as the 'That's so gay girl. So if its a bullied Mormon student, its the familys fault. If its a gay boy who wears female dress to school and carries a stun gun to ward off the consequences of his provocative behavior, its perfectly understandable. The Power in Pettiness GSA is the acronym for Gay-Straight Alliance and it is becoming a popular vehicle to introduce gay culture into the schools at all levels. Usually introduced in the form of clubs, like the glee clubs or science clubs, they are said to promote tolerance of all lifestyles. But of course, it is the gay lifestyle that is being promoted. When challenged by school districts that see through the tolerance faade revealing the more edgy sexual and political activism, there is no shortage of left wing civil libertarians willing to crusade for the First

Amendment rights of the agenda pawn. The Federal Courts have been very generous to those with rights. But try to start a gun club. With a zero tolerance for guns now the norm in most schools, it follows that there should be zero tolerance for the 2nd Amendment as well. And there isexcept for stun guns carried by gay students. On July 1st new laws became effective in Mississippi; among them a students right to voluntary prayer in school. But Bear Atwood (a female Bear), director of Mississippi's ACLU chapter, argued that students who do not wish to pray would still be a captive audience. She told the Christian Science Monitor that the new law could also lead to procedural issues and unwanted favoritism, such as with school administrators selecting which students lead prayer in announcements or before a basketball game. But Ms. Bear isnt at all bothered by captive students to the gay agenda; and she monitors that issue closely, as we shall see. In addition to this blatant hypocrisy there is an obsessive effort by gay agenda proponents to ingratiate themselves into our schools and set their ideology in concrete; and they will take their arguments to the extreme in absurdity. They do this because it works. Last January a 14 year-old Ocala, Florida girl reached out to the ACLU when the school refused to sanction a GSA club. In May she got her club. A 14 year-old with the power to bully a school is a dangerous thing. And where would a young girl find out about GSAs, the ACLU or the power she possesses to force a public school to do her bidding? Well, they did win that lawsuit freeing up those educational gay websites. Also this year a Southern California school which does have a GSA was sued by the ACLU for persistent censorship of the club. The ACLU attorneys letter reads in part, Indeed, the clubs very name has typically been truncated from Gay-Straight Alliance to GSA when morning announcements are read over the intercom, with the words gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer omitted entirely. Imagine omitting the Q-word in morning announcements when addressing students. Thats censorship. Now imagine using the word over the schools PA system. Well, thats cruel and abusive. So either way a school district goes, its wrong, it gets sued and it capitulates. Very clever. A Pennsylvania school allowed a GSA group to meet but it wasnt formally recognized prompting the ACLU to file suit because, Not having [formal] recognition hampers communicating about the club and fund raising, examples of resources used by other recognized organizations. Not to mention it makes these GSA groups appear more mainstream and harder to get rid of. And in that same state, another school capitulated after the ACLU and another group founded by, an activist - for humans and animals alike filed suit accusing the school of a federal violation of the Equal Access Act. One Winner that Lost In another California case back in 2005 a young lesbian student was suspended for public displays of affection with her girlfriend so frequent and blatant that she had to be transferred to another school in midyear to separate the two love birds. Of course, her mother had to be notified of the suspension and the reason.

But her mother didnt know her daughter was gay. This upset mom and the suspended student so they sued the school district for letting the cat out of the bag. The case lasted two years and the school district won. But the taxpayers lost $400,000 in legal fees theyll never recover. Better to capitulate and save the taxpayers a lot of money. Very clever. Freedom to Resent While such nonsense over the legal aspects of the gender issue is absurd to the point of amusing, it must be remembered that at the center of these absurdities is a real child. It is easy to forget many of them do not fully understand the motives of their legal allies. Even so, those that are born into a rough lot in life must be taught to understand those who were not, lest they have to carry around ACLU and SPLC phone numbers in perpetuity for protection against hurt feelings. Any attempt, no matter how altruistic to drastically alter the lives of the many to accommodate the very few breeds resentment. And there is no law against the freedom to resent---unless a clever lawyer could work it into those wispy hate laws somehow. Defenders of the Potential Victim In our last two cases under review, sexual confusion reigns. A Mississippi boy who identifies as a girl was allowed to wear a dress to his graduation by the South Panola School District. Yet somehow, the ACLU got involved with this non-issue. According to the Clarion-Ledger, Mississippis ACLU boss, Bear Atwood told the paper that the ACLU plans to monitor the students progress. And this leads to some questions. Why is the ACLU involved? How do they monitor a students progress after graduation? And why would the ACLU tell the newspaper about it? Whats the problem? The story ends there. We did not follow-up on the motives of the ACLU because the paper wisely omitted the students name. Unwisely perhaps, they did use her/his photo. We can only assume the ACLU stands ready over this childs life---just in case. Where Do I Go? In one of the saddest stories uncovered, Maines highest court is to decide where one of its students can go to the bathroom. The 15 year-old boy, who has identified as a girl from an early age and looks like a girl was allowed to use the girls restroom until the school received a complaintas if they didnt see that coming. Evidently, this was discriminatory under Maines Human Rights Act which forbids sex discrimination. The students case was taken up by Maines Human Rights Commission where a lower court ruled the schools choice to allow the student to use a staff restroom was reasonable. But the student, or his handlers appealed and the case is currently at the highest level. What is the agenda here? Isnt it reasonable for an acting girl with boy equipment to allow girls with girl equipment an expectation of privacy? If for no other reason than to avoid harassment; isnt it wise to keep the

girl with boy equipment out of the boys restroom? The school accommodated this student as best they could with the dilemma handed to them. Doesnt this deserve commendation rather than a lawsuit? And what of the other students? Is every one of them forced to accommodate this one individual? Yes, indeed. This is basic Marxism, the ultimate bully. If one must suffer, all must suffer. True equality. Celebrate DiversityAccept Absurdity The issue of gender identity as a legal concept is relatively new and schools and courts are finding it difficult to provide reasonable remedies. Certainly, there are reasonable solutions, but those are all ancient having been implemented prior to the civil rights laws in the mid-60s. Those laws brought with them categories of Americans; the diversity thing. In the beginning, there was Male and Female (this is not a Biblical reference, it is the check box section of a federal procurement form), Black, White or Other. It became apparent that Others resented being lumped in with other Others and that check box grew to include American Indian, Pacific Islander, Native Alaskan, Asian and the catch-all, Hispanic--among others. As the categories of ethnic choices grew (there has never been an American category), it was inevitable that the Male/Female check box would have to expand. Today, on many job applications and other official paperwork you may choose Male/Female or Choose Not to Identify. Last August the FBI background check form which must be submitted before purchasing a gun, added a hyphenated category requiring buyers to fine tune their ethnic identity. There is no simple White/Black/Asian, etc. Now gun buyers must be Hispanic White/Black,etc. or Non-Hispanic White/ Black, etc. Look for the same in the gender boxes. Identities such as Non-Gay Male/ Non-Gay, Transgendered Female/ Lesbian, Choose Not to Identify as Male, and so on. So far, we are allowed to keep our religious affiliations private but how long before a check box for that appears? This is illustrative of the absurdity of American sub-setsthe diversity thing. But unless we break it down into its basic nonsense, it all seems acceptable. It has been in place for 50 years. Unless a citizen is pushing 60 or more, there is not a time in their life when they filled out a government form as just a plain old American with no race to declare. And this acceptance, for lack of a pre-civil rights existence, is why this absurdity doesnt seem absurd to many, if not most Americans. But it is the front gate of the social rot. Other gates exist such as the justice categories. Social, economic, environmental, climate, all of these subjustices are nothing more than justice with fancy names. The names are necessary to advance the selected justices agenda. So after just a small review of the on-going gay agenda in other parts of the country, especially the identity issue where a boy can identify as a girl and hang out in the girls restroom (and other assorted girls only locales), does it not follow that a white man can enter a minority set-aside program if he identifies as black? Yes, it does follow logically and legally, but it will never happen. Unlike sexual orientation, ethnic orientation is not a protected or even recognized condition. But whos to say a white man cant claim some black blood if he so declares? Is the government going to check his genealogy like the Nazis did?

The fact is that all of those anti-discrimination laws were originally targeted at traditional white males perhaps justifiably given the stated goals of the Johnson Administration, but more than likely it was a votegrab strategy. Regardless, just like the categories, that targeted group also grew to eventually include traditional women and minoritiesincluding traditional, conservative gay people. On a practical level, it is now acceptable to discriminate against conservative ideology no matter what the race, sex or orientation. In almost all of these cases under review it is not the student that is being championed. It is what the student can contribute to the agenda that matters. The victims in these stories were identified and in many cases, glorified. They are civil rights heroes and heroines. Our own Moss Point victim is no exception. Their handlers provide them fame and a pioneering sense of power in bringing down these institutions that were so mean to them. These Gay-Straight Alliances will serve to preserve that power and offer an opportunity to bring more students in alignment with their ultimate goalthe destruction of our free society. The schools are where most tyrannies begin. Ours have been infected for 50 years and the cancer has now metastasized. Our domestic enemies no longer feel the need to cloak their agenda. Why? Because they now have an abundance of support from those they have taught and championed over the last half century. These adults, raised and educated in the progressive schools actually believe up-side-down is right-side-up. Some will figure things out as they mature but the left is working hard in our schools today to make sure that doesnt matter. In way too many instances the schools themselves are pushing the agenda, especially when these brainwashed high school students become teachers. In Tennessee, students at Columbia State Community College are treated to an agenda barrage so intense that theyve sought legal help to protect their grades. Professor Linda Brunton considers students who dont agree with her homosexual views to be uneducated bigots who attack homosexuals with hate. To educate them she assigned them to wear the rainbow ribbons on and off campus for a full day to experience discrimination, then report on it. Hopefully, theyll all have a hate story to report and come around to the professors side. If not, they fail. The legal team representing the Tennessee students opposed to Ms. Brunton, the Alliance Defense Fund also represented a student at Missouri State University forced to participate in a letter-writing campaign to lawmakers in support of gay marriage. These stories are legion and show how the political process is corrupted when the left bullies students and schools to support the absurd agendas from unions to diversity issues. The gay agenda is part of the overall effort to destroy the traditions and culture of the country and is currently the favored avenue in which to do it. Patrick Dubbs, Superintendent at the Cincinnati school where the Jesus T-shirts became such a massive legal and financial headache said this, Im having real hard time seeing how this got to this point. Well, wake up, Mr. Dubbs. At some point youve got to realize the inmates run your asylum. And our own Moss Point School District will suffer the same fate. They take federal money. They lose, the students lose, the taxpayers lose. The progressives win. You would think by now they would have learned something. After all, they are a school. Dick Lancaster, Editor

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