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Secret Knowledge Revealed!! Join the Outer Guild!

The Guild Offers All! Power and Manifestation Channels!

We are now offering Channels to manifest through. Not only do we empower you. Through Guild Teams, we provide ways for you to achieve all your goals. Wealth, Success, Healing, Ascension and much more. We have a Team to guide you step by step. By following Guild protocols and working with a Team, you are almost guaranteed success. More Guild firsts! The only complete magical empowerment system ever offered in history!

Get involved now, change your life today! No fantasy here, direct help to make you reach your personal goals and manifest your desires!! What are you waiting for? Join now!!

Learn Secret Methods - Access Free Books, Courses - Get Information Only Guild Members Can Access - Secret Knowledge and Training! All Available to Outer Order Members Only!

Access all Guild newly developed product support and free additional training. Learn to use all Guild products to their highest level!

Information that can only be shared in Private! Too powerful and blunt for the masses. Hardcore, Kick-Ass, In Your Face occultism that the general public CANNOT HANDLE!!

Regular Membership and the Apprentice Program requires a strong degree of dedication. We understand most people cannot commit to this degree of dedication for one reason or another. For this reason we are offering an Outer Guild Membership - Jedi School Membership. Show your support for the Guild by donating $20.00 yearly and assisting the Guild as you can when you can. No obligations or requirements!

The simple, easy act of becoming an Outer Guild member empowers all your magical practices. You become connected to the Guild's positive energies and they assist you in all areas of life. It cannot get any easier.

Special Exclusive Outer Guild Member Page loaded with Member Only information! Secret Information others charge thousands for, you get free!

But, there is no obligation or required commitment choose!

Do nothing more or help as you

LOTS OF FREEBIES!! Free Books, Courses, Training and Secret Knowledge No Other Offer!


IGOS Classic Book Series

Very crude ugly badly copied PDFs for informational purposes only. These are NOT Mysterious Books or empowered in any manner past magically protected from from theft. These are registered to each buyer with encoded identification and cursed for those that steal the information. All these books are copyrighted and owned by IGOS.

All these books are copyrighted and owned by IGOS. Make sure to visit the Guild at

Make sure to visit the Guild at