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28 PrimaryField=1 SecondaryField=2 GroupField=3 TagField=4 [DATA] word definition part of speech high-frequency lament grieve; express sorrow verb * lampoon ridicule verb languid weary; sluggish; listless adjective languish lose animation; lose strength verb languor lassitude; depression noun lank long and thin adjective larceny theft noun largess generous gift noun lascivious lustful adjective lassitude languor; weariness noun latent dormant; hidden adjective lateral coming from the side adjective latitude freedom from narrow limitations noun laud praise verb * lavish liberal; wasteful adjective lax careless adjective leaven cause to rise or grow lighter; enliven verb lechery lustfulness; impurity in thought and deed lectern reading desk noun leeway room to move; margin noun legacy gift made by a will noun * legend explanatory list of symbols on a map noun legerdemain sleight of hand noun leniency mildness; permissiveness noun leonine like a lion noun lethal deadly adjective lethargic drowsy; dull adjective * levity lightness noun * levy impose (a fine); collect (a payment) verb lewd lustful adjective lexicographer compiler of a dictionary noun lexicon dictionary noun liability drawback; debts noun liaison officer who acts as go-between for two armies libelous defamatory; injurious to the good name e libidinous lust full adjective libido emotional urges behind human activity noun libretto text of an opera noun licentious wanton; lewd; dissolute adjective lieu instead of noun Lilliputian extremely small adjective limber flexible adjective limbo region near heaven or hell where certain souls ] noun limpid clear adjective lineage descent; ancestry noun lineaments features of the face noun linguistic pertaining to language adjective lionize treat as celebrity verb liquidate settle accounts; clear up verb


noun of a person


are kept; a prison [slang

list tilt; lean over verb listless lacking in spirit or energy litany supplicatory prayer noun lithe flexible; supple adjective litigation lawsuit noun livid lead-colored; black and blue; enraged loath averse; reluctant adjective loathe detest verb lode metal-bearing vein noun lofty very high adjective * loiter hang around; linger verb loll lounge about verb longevity long life noun lope gallop softly verb loquacious talkative adjective lout clumsy person noun