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DUANE EDWARDS Email: Phone: 207-680-0833 North Dam Mill - Biddeford, ME 04005 Bassist Duane Edwards is an accomplished musician currently residing in Biddeford, Maine. As a result of his musical exploits, Duane has performed all over New England and far up north in New Brunswick. He studied jazz at the University of Maine at Augusta under the tutelage of Boston bassist Greg Loughman, Thelonious Monk Institute Award recipient Steve Grover, the composer Richard Nelson, and saxophonist Frank Mauceri. Duane has also studied with jazz heavyweight Ben Allison. He can be found in a variety of groups with styles ranging from rock to jazz to cuban. Outside of performance, extreme or otherwise, Mr. Edwards is on faculty with the River Tree Center for the Arts, National Music Workshops, and Midtown Music. EDUCATION Bachelor's of Jazz and Contemporary Music 2003 to 2007 University of Maine at Augusta Augusta, ME Performance Concentration Graduated Magna Cum Laude High School Diploma 1999 10 2003 Rockland District High School Rockland, ME Graduated Cum Laude TEACHING EXPERIENCE 2008 - Artist in Residence - Vinalhaven School, Vinalhaven ME. Working with ‘another Artist in Residence, we presented the link of poetry and music. Students were shown ‘new ways fo express themselves through art and encouraged to do so. 2006 to present - Private Instruction, Double Bass, Electric Bass, and Guitar. Currently teaching at the River Tree Center for the Arts, National Music Workshops, Midtown Music, and from home. Also runs ensembles at the River Tree. Previously taught at Northern Kingdom Music in Rockport, ME where 50% of clientele were gigging as a result, 2002 to 2003 - Assistant Teacher, Rockland District Middle School - Rockland, ME. Part of an independent study while taking college courses under the High School Aspiration Program. Conducted and taught parts to each section of the orchestra. PERFORMANCE EXPERIENCE tardet) Primo Cubano - Brunswick, ME. -2008 to present ' The Evan King Group - Portland, ME - 2008 to present Keith, Edwards, Bamette / Avant Coast - Maine/New Hampshire - 2008 to present Jazzy Chaz / Tom DelRossi Quartet - Augusta, ME - 2004 to present Highball Jaz Trio - Augusta, ME -2006 to 2009 The Frank Mauceri Quartet / Jazz For a New Society - Brunswick, ME - 2007 to present Johnny No Shoes - Hallowell, ME. - 2006 to present University of Maine at Augusta Jazz on Tour Ensemble - Augusta ME - 2006 to 2007 University of Maine at Augusta Café Ensemble - Augusta, ME - 2005 REFERENCES, Greg Loughman Contact: 1-(617)-851-3825 Steve Grover Contact: 1-(207)-462-1876