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9.1 Comparing solid pollutants in the air of different environment Problem statement: How to compare solid pollutants in the air of different environment? Hypothesis: The higher the level of pollution in the environment the more the amount of solid pollutants. Variables: Manipulated Air from different environments Responding Amount of solid pollutants Constant Time Materials and apparatus: Cellophane tape, slides, Petri dish and microscope Procedure:

(P1) 1. Prepare and label five slides A, B, C, D and E. (P1) 2. Stick a piece of cellophane tape with the sticky surface facing outward on each slide. (P1) 3. Place the slides at five different spots in five types of environment. a) Slide A in a close Petri dish b) Slide B attach to a lamp post in a car park c) Slide C in an open field d) Slide D in a classroom e) Slide E in an air-conditioned room (P4) 4. Left all the slides undisturbed for a week. (P2) 5. Collect all the slides after one week and view each slides under a microscope using low power. (P3) 6. Record the observation.

Imelda ak Nyaun/S.M.K. Serian

Result: Slide A The environment In a close Petri dish Observation

Attach to a lamp post in a car park

In an open field

In a classroom

In an air-conditioned room

Imelda ak Nyaun/S.M.K. Serian